Property of the RC Ch. 05


Property of the RC – Chapter 5

Bitch Emily Gets a Makeover

Dr Emily Koumides had not been seen since she left college to visit a students apartment the night before. Now as Marcus the Repatriation Company investment manager opens the tailgate of his SUV no one recognises the collared slut who crawls out as the college lecturer. Stripped of her clothes and wearing a brown leather dog collar the woman has been stripped of everything she was and has been legally given a new identity of Bitch Emily.

Bitch Emily had never been happier, not just because the plug in her ass was releasing a constant dose of the drug Bliss into her, but also because the micro chip implanted behind her ear was telling her she was a “Good girl.” She obediently crawled behind Marcus as he led her back to the apartment.

As they waited for the elevator she knelt at his feet, the elevator doors opened and a young couple walked out. The guy paid no attention to Marcus or Bitch Emily, but the girl who followed behind stopped. She herself wore a metal collar around her neck, and in keeping with the Rules for Sluts she wore a simple wrap dress which was fastened to leave her tits exposed.

“How cute,” she said as she patted Emily’s head, “What’s her name?”

“Bitch Emily,” replied Marcus, “She’s new, I just got her chipped at the vets.”

The guy turned and clapped his hands “Come on slut.” he said.

“Sorry got to go,” giggled the girl and then she knelt down, “oh look she’s got stitches behind her ear.”

Then she whispered to Emily, “Remember your real name, no matter how much they fuck with you.”

As she stood back up she spoke again more loudly this time, “Perhaps she can lick my pussy later.”

Marcus turned and watched the girl scamper off after her man wondering what all that was about, and then he ushered Bitch Emily into the elevator with a gentle prod from his shoe.

In the elevator Emily tried to think about what the girl had said, “Remember your real name.” but every time she thought of her old surname the feedback chip told her she was a “Bad girl.”

Dr Emily Koumides “Bad girl.”

Dr Koumides “Bad girl.”

Dr Emily “Bad girl.”

Emily “Bad girl.”

Bitch Emily “Good girl.”

Bitch Emily liked being a good girl, so when Marcus undid his pants and took out his cock she instantly put it in her mouth. Every time she bobbed her head down on it she was rewarded with the words “Good girl.” inside her head.

It was only when he pushed a little deeper into her throat and she started to gag that she heard “Bad girl.” she tried to pull back a little but Marcus with his huge hand pushed her head back.

Bob, suck, “Good Girl”, Bob, suck, “Good Girl”, Bob, suck, “Good Girl”, gag, “Bad Girl.”

They soon arrived at their floor and Marcus put his cock away. Bitch Emily couldn’t believe it, she wanted his cum in her mouth, she wanted it so much, like more than anything else. She had never felt like this before.

She dared to speak, “Can I have your cum?” looking up at him begging “Please?”

Marcus chuckled to himself, he knew the side effect of the drug ‘Bliss’ was that women’s metabolism altered so that they craved cum, and now he was teaching Bitch Emily a valuable lesson, that cum has to be earned.

Perhaps the old Dr Koumides would have understood the science behind this, how the drug inhibited natural hormone production creating a deficiency in the female metabolism that can only be supplemented by consumption of cum. But Bitch Emily just knew she needed to taste his cum.

At the apartment door he pressed the buzzer and Slut Suzy opened the door. Bitch Emily on all fours could just see her spike heeled ankle boots.

“Well here you both are, what took you so long?” she asked, “You get her fixed now?”

“Oh this one will be no trouble for you now.” answered Marcus as he walked through the door, with Bitch Emily obediently following.

“What do you mean no trouble for me?” Slut Suzy was puzzled by this phrase. Her nipple chain dangles once again jiggling as her tits rose with her breathing.

“I mean,” said Marcus “that I want her to stay here with you so that you can get her up to speed.”

“OK.” said Suzy, she had taken in new girls several times before and helped groom them into something a little more useful for their new owners.

“You know the deal, I’ll need extra rations, if I’m splitting my Bliss with another bitch.” Suzy was always looking for an opportunity to get a little extra dosage from Marcus, especially now that her own high earning days were behind her as she approached 40.

Marcus reached out and grabbed a pierced nipple with each hand and tugged hard, “You’ll do as your told and I’ll decide if you deserve extra,” he hissed “or I’ll have you plugged and chipped like this dumb bitch too.”

Slut Suzy nodded meekly, after being put firmly back in her place.

Lucy sat and watched all of this unfold from the sofa, she was used to her Mom getting too cocky with Marcus and knew how it always ended. çorum escort But what really had got her attention was the fact that her college lecturer had now been plugged and chipped.

“You got her plugged and chipped?” She squealed in delight, “Really? Let me see!”

Marcus spun Bitch Emily around showing off the jewelled butt plug and then the stitches behind her ear where the control chip had been implanted.

“IQ of a 7 year old says the Vet, 12 hours a day she gets drugs in her ass keeping her nice and obedient.” he stated matter of factly.

“And the other 12 hours?” asked Lucy.

“The others 12 hours we take the plug out and she will do anything to get us to put back in again.”

“What about the chip?” asked Slut Suzy bending down and taking a closer look behind Bitch Emily’s ear, seeing 3 neat stitches.

“Well at the minute I’ve got it set to feedback and reinforcement,” explained Marcus taking his phone out and opening up the control app. “But I can also alter her mood, make her horny, punish her with a headache, make her orgasm, make her never orgasm, endless possibilities.”

Lucy sat up even further, “That’s so cool wait till I tell the other girls at college what you did to Dr Koumides.”

Bitch Emily looked at her, Dr Koumides, yes that’s who she was. As soon as she had this thought, “Bad Girl.” said her feedback chip, and this time it gave her a sharp little headache too lasting for a second.

Marcus sat down, Slut Suzy sat next to him, her legs draped over his, “Now lets see what assets she’s got, did she bring a bag with her last night?”

Lucy pulled a small bag from the pile of clothes that Bitch Emily had arrived in the day before and handed it to him. Marcus opened it up, and tipped it out on to the table.

Bitch Emily watched, her head fuzzy from the headache and still tripping in the drugs she was imbibing, hardly even aware that this was her property the three others were now raking through.

Marcus, took the car keys.

“You drive here bitch?” he asked.

“Erm, yes, I guess so.” answered Emily, “Good girl.” said the chip in her head.

“Mercedes?” he said looking at the key fob “What colour?”


He picked up a single door key.

“This your apartment?”

Emily nodded “Good girl.”

He picked up her driving license, and looked at her address, then pocketed this with both sets of keys. He picked out a small roll of bills, counted $100 dollars and pocketed that too. All that was left was a bank card and some loose change. He handed the card to Lucy.

“Okay Lucy, why don’t you take the new bitch shopping, get her some better clothes, and maybe get her some jewellery done.”

“Really?” Lucy replied her eyes lighting up again, “That’ll be so much fun.”

She looked at Bitch Emily kneeling patiently watching her possessions being divided up.

“But I cant take her round the mall with her crawling on all fours like a dog.”

“Hmm,” agreed Marcus “maybe not. Let me dial up her IQ a little bit”.

He took out his phone again and accessed the app controlling Bitch Emily’s implant.

He dialled up her IQ to a teenager.

“There you go,” he said with a smile “It’ll be like taking your little sister shopping now.”

Bitch Emily felt a change, her brain felt a little less fuzzy, she could concentrate for more than a few seconds, someone had said shopping, she loved shopping. “Good girl.” came the affirmation from her chip. She giggled a little, and wide dumb grin appeared on her face.

“Me and your Mom will drop you off at the mall on the way, while we drive back to her apartment to see if there’s anything worth our while there.”

Marcus was racing away with his thoughts now, the apartment was in a nice part of town, and probably worth quite a bit, he could see a tidy profit already from Bitch Emily. Although he knew he’d have to tell his boss and the local Repatriation Company gang might want to use the apartment themselves rather than sell it off.

“Right, the pair of you get dressed, you’ve got 5 minutes.” he said looking at Lucy and Bitch Emily.

Lucy sprung up from the sofa, “Come on Emily, you heard him, we need to get dressed for the mall.” Then she led Emily into her bedroom.

Slut Suzy watched them leave the room and then she saw her opportunity to earn the $100 dollars off Marcus, she undid his pants, took out his big black cock and began to suck him deep and hard.

Marcus thought how much better this was to the faltering, gagging blow job from Bitch Emily earlier, he liked Slut Suzy, even though she was getting close to retirement (The Repatriation Company usually retired women at 40 from active service), she had over the years learnt how to blow him just how he liked it.

He was hoping her daughter Lucy would be just as good when she turned 19 and became eligible for ownership. Hell the three of them together would be great he thought, Slut Suzy, Bitch Emily, and Lucy, all sucking his cock, desperate for his drugs, denizli escort and his cum.

It was with this thought that he emptied his balls down Slut Suzy’s throat. Her need for cum had been fulfilled, even though she hated the way her life had turned out after the collapse of her husbands business, the one positive for Slut Suzy was that black cum tasted so much better than that of her pathetic loser husband’s.

Marcus showed his appreciation for another great blow job by handing her the hundred dollars. He knew her too well.

Lucy and Bitch Emily walked back into the living room, now dressed for an afternoon shopping, in near identical clothing. Pastel pink mesh crop tops, with bubblegum pink vinyl mini skirts, white knee socks, finished with wedge heeled sandals.

Marcus admired them both, the clothes looked entirely appropriate on the 18 year old Lucy, but on the 25 year old Bitch Emily, they were clearly a little too young for her. He noticed the underwear through the mesh crop tops, both were wearing pink push up bras.

“You found her some clothes in your wardrobe then. You look great together, but you know she’s an owned slut now, so her underwear has to go, slut rules remember!”

It had been an easy mistake for Lucy to make, as a free young adult she was allowed to wear what she liked, so had dressed Bitch Emily the same. But as an owned Slut, Repatriation Company rules applied. These stated that an owned Slut had to either wear no underwear, or just wear her underwear to go out. Either or, but not both.

Had Emily done something wrong, her control chip kicked in telling her she was a “Bad Girl.” over and over, and she felt another sharp little headache growing stronger, this paralysed her in fear, and the dumb drugged smile she had started to fade.

Lucy and Slut Suzy took it upon themselves to remove her crop top undo her bra and pull down her knickers. Slut Suzy handed the items to Marcus, he discarded the bra, after taking a quick look at the size, as it was after all one of Lucy’s bras, and the balled up the knickers.

Lucy noticed him look at the size label, and still wanting to make a good impression on him, she blurted out.

“It’s one of my old bras, I’m a C cup now.”

Marcus took no notice, he reached out and pinched Bitch Emily’s nose, she instantly gasped for breath and he pushed the knickers in her mouth.

“No underwear Bitch.” he stated.

Bitch Emily nodded, “Good girl.” ran through her head, the headache faded, and the dumb bimbo smile returned to her face, perhaps a little awkwardly now her mouth was filled with pink lace.

They gathered their things and then the three of them left the apartment, in the elevator Bitch Emily got to see her reflection in the mirrored wall.

Her hair and been put into 2 pigtails, her face made up in bright teenage make up, and her permanently erect nipples were poking through the mesh of the crop top, while the skirt being a little too small for her, didn’t sit on her hips like it did with Lucy, instead it was higher up her waist, meaning the hem barely covered her ass cheeks.

Marcus put a hand on her ass and quickly found her plug, which he gently rubbed, sending waves of pleasure through her.

Slut Suzy saw the attention Marcus was giving Bitch Emily and started to kiss him.

Lucy wasn’t impressed by any of this.

“Honestly, it’s like thirty seconds to the ground floor can’t you control yourselves?”

By the time Marcus had walked his little group to the parking lot his cock was throbbing.

He took out the keys to Bitch Emily’s Mercedes, and then pulled the knickers from her drooling mouth.

He was going to ask which one was her car, but by chance his own SUV looked like it was parked next to the only Mercedes in the lot. He pressed the key fob, and with a blip the lights flashed to confirm this.

So another question popped into his head,

“Nice car, you ever been fucked on the back seat?”

“No don’t be silly,” giggled Bitch Emily.

Marcus pulled her skirt up even further exposing her fully.

“Get in the back, now.” he instructed.

Slut Suzy led bitch Emily round and opened the back door pushed Emily in backwards so she lay on her back, and then as Marcus came round to position himself between her now splayed legs, Slut Suzy opened the other back door and got behind Bitch Emily, cradling her head between her thighs.

In an instant Bitch Emily felt Marcus enter her, with every thrust her feedback chip told her she was a “Good Girl.”

Slut Suzy gave her, her own encouragement.

“Fucking in the back of a car, you’re a real slut now, bitch.”

Marcus finished by pulling out so just the very tip of his cock was in Bitch Emily’s pussy, when he came the cum started to ooze out around the tip, ensuring a fair amount fell onto the cream leather seats as a permanent reminder. Slut Suzy took a few globs of this and smeared it thickly on Bitch Emilys cheek, knowing she would have to leave it there diyarbakır escort to dry as she walked round the mall.

Lucy waited behind the car idling flicking through her phone, she took a couple of pictures of the scene and a couple of minutes of video but she wasn’t too interested. She was glad to see them finally finish and she got in the front seat next to a Marcus for the short drive to the mall.

When they got to the mall, Marcus pulled up outside the main entrance, and Lucy and Bitch Emily walked in arm in arm almost skipping with excitement. Lucy loved shopping and the chance to dress her new playmate in slutty clothes was just so exciting. Bitch Emily was buzzing from stimulation, the drug pouring into her ass, her recent fucking, and the feedback chip in her head.

As she walked into the mall new sensations followed these, she noticed the bounce of her tits as she walked, she’d only ever taken off her bra to sleep before, a slight ache in her calves from the 5″ wedge heels, the constant rubbing of her nipples through the mesh crop top, the cool feel of the breeze on her ass cheeks beneath the ridiculously short skirt, and the wet trail of cum which ran down her thigh from her pussy.

As they entered the mall they started to get a few looks, they looked like sisters identically dressed at first, then on a second look people could see one was a little older, and certainly not a teenager.

The fact that Bitch Emily wasn’t wearing any underwear and her ass and tits could clearly be seen didn’t attract much attention. It was of course common for owned sluts to be seen in public, and the rules didn’t permit them to wear underwear so there were several other collared women being taken around half naked or scantily clad.

In fact the top floor of the mall was reserved for sluts and their owners only, rather than the family friendly lower floors. The stores on this top level were suitably adult themed, sex shops, tattoo parlours, and fetish wear amongst others.

But for the moment Lucy was happy enough to take Bitch Emily in the lower floor teen fashion stores. She was attracted to anything short, or brightly coloured, pinks and day glo neons especially.

In the first store she picked out a few items and took Bitch Emily to the changing rooms to try them on. She insisted that they both shared the same changing cubicle which Bitch Emily wasn’t used to but agreed would be fun, and then once they tried on a new outfit she made Bitch Emily walk up and down the changing room aisle to see what the reaction of people would be.

Between them they picked out a dozen assorted crop tops, and mini skirts before taking them to the cashier. The sales assistant wore a steel collar around her neck and was wearing 6inch heels, a tight satin knee length skirt, and a white sheer blouse which was transparent enough to show her ample tits to the required amount stipulated by the RC store owner.

She took a snooty tone immediately with the two girls, this was a teen fashion store, she didn’t like sluts coming in here and lowering the tone, they belonged on the third floor.

“Did you find everything you need?” she asked “we have an offer on training bras today.”

This was obviously meant as a put down, both to Lucy in her heavily padded push up bra, and to Bitch Emily who had her tits on full show beneath the mesh crop top.

“Fuck you.” replied Lucy.

The smile dropped from Bitch Emily’s face, she had been having a fun time so far, but now she felt a little silly dressing like a teenager, showing off her tiny tits, “Bad girl.” came from her feedback chip, picking up the change of mood.

The sales assistant reminded her of the receptionist at the vets, all eager to please but slightly dismissive with it. She looked at her name tag, Tramp Gabby, it stated. Bitch Emily made a point to remember it, but the thought instantly went out of her head as another pulse of Bliss shot into her from her anal plug.

“What did you say?” asked Tramp Gabby.

“Erm, she’d like to fuck you.” answered Bitch Emily in a bit of a haze now, and with her idiotic bimbo smile returned.

All three of them laughed at this.

“Who’s paying?” Said Tramp Gabby picking up a barcode scanner from the counter and bringing it up to head height.

“Me.” Bitch Emily bowed her head a little and moved aside her collar to display the barcode tattoo on the back of her neck.

The snooty sales assistant looked dismissively at this, “Sorry we’re not in your strip club now honey, cash or card only.”

“No silly, were using your bank card.” said Lucy hoping this might impress the sales assistant.

She handed over the bank card and with her other hand out of sight of the sales assistant picked a fancy bracelet from off the counter and handed it to Bitch Emily behind her back.

They were both still giggling about the whole experience as they left the store.

“Ok, now let’s get you some clothes for work.” said Lucy leading Bitch Emily into another fashion outlet.

“We need to get you out of those stuffy trouser suits.”

This store was full of variations on the office slut daywear uniform, tight skirts, and sheer blouses, row upon row of them. Lucy picked a few selections out and again got Bitch Emily to try them on for her. They were acceptable but there was something missing.