I ran from him and cried but he kept after me till finally i could run no more an fell to my knees in a heap, nearly defeated. He drew near to tower over me and prove how little i was how pathetic and small. But something stopped him… 0_o it was me? Daddy began to whisper in my ear. Reminding me of my greatness and the power i held, how strong and smart i was. Daddy held my hand and stood behind me. As Daddy stood me to my shaky feet the meanie looked less mean… he looked less strong, less better than me, less of a man… he looked more like a… a… *giggles and dries tiers* like a fish with no bowl, just floppin about… it was a dream after all. My grip on Daddy’s hand tightened as i drew more strength from him and stood my ground until the dream ended.

During the dream i began to whimper, moving restlessly as my tormentor chased me. The whimpers increased but i stopped moving as he cornered me… Daddy woke to my sleepy cries for help and wrapped an arm around me. Pulling me close Daddy whispered in my ear. My whimpers slowed. Holding me tight Daddy spoke to the depths of me. I straightened, pushing into my Daddy’s chest with no more whimpers. A faint chuckle squeezed past my lips and Daddy smiled.

Daddy video porno kissed my ear and said “Oh baby You are safe. Daddy loves You.” With that my eyes fluttered open. “Mmmm good morning Daddy.” Calling this wonderful man Daddy was not out of some happenstance of birth but rather a choice. My Master keeps me safe an looks after me, he takes care of me. He is more then my Master so even though i am 32 years old i regularly call him my Daddy. He calls me his baby girl hehe though i am by far not a child anymore i struggle in a lot of childish ways at times. I squirm softly in the strong arms of my Daddy. With a chuckle he squeezes me tightly saying. “Good morning my wonderful girl. How is my beautiful little one this morning?”

“Good Daddy”

“I had a bad dream but it turned good (:”

“Oh baby, I am sorry You had a bad dream… I want to make all Your bad dreams go away so that my baby sleeps so good all night long.”

“But You did make the bad dream go away Daddy!” squirming in Your arms to turn and look at You. “You made the bad dream not bad.” resting my head on Your chest.

You kiss my head and enjoy the feeling of my warm body against Yours. You feel protective and stronger when i am enveloped in Your arms it feels natural sex izle to protect me and keep me safe, to guide and lead me. You piece together my obvious distress and my ensuing calm. You smile, that You were able to protect Your prize even in her dreams. Your hands begin to roam my body. Exploring me.

I moan softly and begin to shift and move against You. My soft body rubbing against Yours. Belly pushing against Your ever hardening cock. I could feel Your desire and mine built just as quickly. My thighs were beginning to get slick with need. My breaths becoming shallow and desperate. “Daddy *panting* Please Daddy. I need You to fuck me please?”

“Of course sweetheart.”Your hands grabbed my ass and drew me up so my lips met Yours easier though still falling short. My wet pussy in alignment with Your hard shaft. Angling Your hips You easily found my wet slit and with even less effort slowly pushed in. Feeling my hot morning cunt devour Your thick shaft. The walls of my cunt all puffy and hot and swollen. “Mmmm what a good girl You are honeybunch. You’re Daddy’s good girl aren’t you baby?”

“Yes Daddy! *panting* Yes! Fuck me Daddy Please take my pussy, it’s Yours! All of me is Yours!”

Losing all desire to ever sleep again You swiftly rolled on bedava porno top of me, not missing a thrust. Driving deeper now than ever. Your hard rod plunging deep to my very core. “My girl! MINE!” You growl, taking my body as the gift it is.

Within moments I begin to plead for my release. Plead with my Daddy to let my cunt soak the bed. Oh the power my Daddy holds over me! “Daddy! Please!!? Please may i cum for You!?? Daddy! I need to cum! Please!!”

Those words, the sounds of need and desire, the lusty anthem of desperation and want. They cascade over You driving You to Your end. “Oh yes baby, cum for Daddy. Cum on Daddy’s cock baby. Mmmm Good girl, soak Daddy’s balls with Your cum sweetheart. Good girl! What a Fucking good girl! Feel it baby feel Daddy take You, own You, possess You, release You!!”

Every sellable bringing its own pleasure as Your words drew my cum from me. My pussy quivering and spasming around You. “Daddy, please…*breathless i whisper* Please Daddy cum inside me. Mark my very core Daddy. Claim me…”

The sated words of Your breathless sweet girl where Your final straw. With a last thrust of Your cock You sent Your cum rocketing to my depths, to the center of me. Marking me, claiming what was Yours, taking what was given. Taking the prize Your trophy Your petal.

Looking Down at me You see the need still painted on my face even as i myself do not know of it. Floating happily on the waves of my diminishing cums and Your cock pulses inside of me sharing my heartbeat…

ROUND TWO: FIGHT!! *giggles”