It had been almost two months since the divorce was final between you and your ex-wife Angie. God she had been a conniving woman, full of anger and jealousy. She was been so mad when her ex-husband (though the divorce hadn’t been final at the time) had hooked up with me. As I wait for you to get home, I’m thinking about the life you lead with her, and the child that you still share. Custody was split, but that was okay with you and I because, after all, every young couple likes to have fun. The kind of fun you can’t have with a seven year old lingering around. I love her loads, but sometimes, I’m glad she’s at mommy’s house for the night.

I’ve been looking at porn pictures all day long, and you know it. You’ve already promised me that I’ll be punished for being a bad girl. When you left work, you sent me an instant message to undress, light the bedroom candle, put on my collar and my blindfold, and chain myself to the leash at the end of the bed. With the leash connected at my neck, I can sit, but not stand. You said I had been very naughty; I’m not supposed to be turned out without your permission, and I’m really not allowed to play with myself either, but I told you about the two orgasms I had today using the vibrator. You weren’t pleased with me at all. As I sit there, leaning against the bed, my fingers go to the collars around my neck. I don’t always wear two, only when you tell me to. The first is a chain necklace, fastened at the back with a small Master lock. This is my symbol of pride, though I never tell anyone what it means. It never comes off, except when you allow it, and it symbolizes my submission to you. The second collar is a leather choker with a simple buckle and a d-ring in the front. The leash is hung here, and I don’t dare move or touch myself, because I know you will be even more displeased.

So I wait, for what seems like hours, though I know it will only take you thirty minutes to arrive at home. I sit very still, my heart racing, my pussy wet with anticipation. I can hear one of the cats yowling outside the bedroom door, but it does not seem nearly as loud as the silence beyond. I am waiting with baited breath for the sound of the front door, perfectly still to please my Master.

At last, after waiting forever, I hear the door in the front of the house open and close. Hurriedly, I re-arrange my position so that I am on my knees, my legs spread, with my head bowed to show my respect to you. One of the first things you told me when I became yours was that this was something I must do when I have been naughty. It shows you that your slave is doing just what you asked, and is ready to receive what may come to her. I sit, but you are obviously not in any hurry to punish me, because it is several minutes before you open the bedroom door and come in, closing it behind you quietly. You walk past me, though I cannot see you, and I hear you rustling around the bedroom. I remain silent, as I am supposed to, for a good slave does not speak unless told to.

“You were a very bad girl today.” You say to me now, coming to stand before me. I know you are there, because I can smell the cologne you alt yazılı seks wear. The one that always entices me to do such naughty things. You reach down, and pull me closer by the leash and I let out a little gasp. “Weren’t you?”

“Y…yes Master.” I reply, my face hot.

“I am pleased to see you listened enough to remain where I told you to.” You say now. “But unfortunately, you must be punished before you are rewarded.” You unclip the leash and insert your finger through the D-ring, pulling me up onto my knees. “Why am I still dressed?” You ask, and using my hands to feel, I stand to remove your shirt. I made the mistake once of staying on my feet, and learned well the lesson then. Now, knowing you do not allow me to stand unless you tell me to, I sink back to my knees to unfasten your belt and pull your pants and boxer shorts down to your ankles. You step out of them and kick them aside. “I want you to taste me.”

“Yes Master.” I say, using my shaking fingers to grab your cock and lean forward to pull it in with my lips. You give a moan of pleasure and I feel happy that I am pleasing you. I move back and forth smoothly, keeping my teeth away from your tender penis (another hard lesson learned). You entangle your fingers in my hair and push me faster. At first, I think you’re going to make me swallow your cum, something I hate doing because I nearly always choke on it. But, just as you are about to climax, you push me away and I give an involuntary shudder. I drop my face again, waiting for your next command.

“Get on the bed.” You say. There is no tenderness in your voice now. I know the time has come to take my punishment, and I hesitate. “Now.” I can put it off no longer. I crawl up onto the bed like you told me to. “Now, get down on your hands and knees.” You tell me. I do as you instruct, still unable to see, and still shaking; partially from my horny emotions, and partially from anticipation. There is no fear, though I know what is coming next. You run something along my spine and I shiver; you have taken our your leather flogger. This is one of your favorite ways to punish me because it makes me moan so loudly. I feel it coming just before it happens. In a strong blow, the first strike hits me and I moan loudly. You do not reply, but strike again. You never hit me too hard, just hard enough to get the point across. I’ve been a bad girl, and you’re teaching me a lesson. This is all part of the training, you say during these times, to perfect your slave.

I count the blows to twelve, and then I feel my arms weaken. Without meaning to, I move away. You stop immediately and I can feel your eyes on me.

“You moved. Did I tell you it was time to move?” You ask. I am still breathing heavily, but I manage to reply.

“N…no Master.” I say now.

“Well we’ll need to prevent that for the rest of your punishment, won’t we?” You ask. I nod in compliance, though I dread what this means. Before I can react, you handcuff my wrists to the bed-frame and tie me securely down. I cannot move, but rather than being afraid, I am so turned on I can’t focus on anything porno 92 except the heat of the room and your presence.

“Please Master,” I beg, “I was a bad girl.”

“Yes, you were a very bad slave.” You reply. Then you begin flogging me again. I moan again and again, and cry out a few times. You hit me thirteen more times before you cease, and I can feel my body shiver. I am close to an orgasm, but you haven’t pushed me over the edge yet. You untie me, and loose my hands from their cuffs. “Roll over.” You tell me. “You took your punishment very well. I think it’s time to reward you.”

I roll over without speaking, and lie on my back, between our two sets of pillows, still in darkness from the blindfold. I am very conscious of the fact that we are both naked, and that you are so near. I let my hand trace down my stomach and into my pussy, which is very wet from my juices. You spot me quickly. “You are not to play with yourself.” You remind me, yanking my hand away to handcuff it again. I give another moan, this time out of longing, but I don’t dare try to use the other hand. You soon cuff that one so that they are spread to my sides. Then, you begin to tie me up again, using fifty feet of rope for each side of my body, making sure I am secure in my bonds. My knees are up, and my legs spread as far as I can spread them. My pussy is openly displayed for the pleasure of my Master and my body shakes with pleasure. I lick my lips, and daring to speak I say;

“Master, may I taste you again.”

“Yes, of course.” You reply, and you straddle my face so your dick touches my lips. I lick the tip at first, tasting the salty pre-cum that waits for me there, and then I take your whole dick into my mouth and begin pumping. I have never told you so, but I am always torn on this part. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I don’t, but I always do it to please you. The more pleased you are, the better off I am, because if I please you you call me a good girl and there are rewards. You moan in pleasure as I let you fuck my mouth, and then pull away before you cum, determined to save that for last. I try to move closer, to get your dick back into my mouth, but you just give a little chuckle and say;

“In time, slave. For now, it is time for the rest of your punishment, and then your reward. Shall I reward you by letting you orgasm?”

“Yes, please Master.” I say, my body shivering for the longing of an orgasm. I cannot move very much at all, and being restrained is a major turn on for me. I give another shiver, feeling as though someone has lit a fire between my legs. You reach down and run your hands along my slit, and I gasp, wishing for you to plunge your fingers into me and bring me to pleasure. But you won’t; not until you’ve tortured me a bit first. It’s one of your favorite punishments, too.

I hear you pull something from your nightstand, and then the whirring of the vibrator that I love so dearly. I realize that I am breathing very heavily, and that my mouth is dry and my pussy is wet. You lie down between my spread legs and run the vibrator along my sensitive pink tissue. I writhe xvideos porno with pleasure, awaiting the moment you will let me cum. For now, I lay, as still as possible, trying to be a good slave while you torture me. You turn the vibrator to high, and the sound grows louder. You run it down past my clit (my favorite spot for you to hold it) and shove it into my dripping pussy. I cry out in delight as the vibration makes my whole body shiver. I can feel it rubbing against my insides as you move it in and out. It brings me close to my orgasm, but I force myself to hold back because you haven’t given me permission yet.

But the torture grows worse. Once satisfied with the position of the vibrator, you lean down and began toying my clit with your tongue. This sends my body into spasms and a warm, tense feeling fills me. I am about to orgasm. I let my body take over, but just as I edge to the explosion, you stop and pull the vibrator out. I shudder, and open my mouth to beg you for my orgasm.

“You are not to orgasm until I give you permission.” You tell me now and I nod.

“Yes Master.” I say in response, but you do not resume your torture of me. I have a feeling you are waiting for me to beg you to give me the ultimate pleasure that cumming brings. “Please Master, will you let me orgasm?”

“Yes. You have been a good slave in asking.” So you come back with the vibrator and shove it back inside me. My body, already so close to orgasm, rush like fire in dry brush. Your tongue against my clit brings me into full excitement and I explode inside. My back arches, and you press your face further against my box, licking all my juices up. I am unable to move for a long moment as I continue to spasm, your tongue and the vibrator still working me through my orgasm. At last, I relax, and start coming down, but you don’t stop. You continue with the vibrator, enjoying the way my body jerks with horniness after such a magnificent orgasm. At last, when I am just on the verge of begging you to stop, you do and you turn the vibrator off. “Are you ready to please me again?” You ask, and I nod eagerly.

“Yes Master!” I say. “Let me please you. Please do me hard and fast so that you may feel ultimate pleasure.” You do not respond, but instead crawl up between my legs, using your arms for support to lean over me, and then use one hand to run your dick up and down my slit, preparing me for another orgasm. I shiver, and then cry out in surprise as I always do, when you shove your handsome dick into my pussy. You lean in to kiss me, and then your hips begin to move. I can taste my own cum on your lips and it turns me on again. You ride me hard, and I moan often, so very close to orgasming again. You pull out the vibrator and press it hard to my clit, which makes me wet all over your dick. You fuck me so hard I think my brain is spinning, and then, we orgasm together.

My pussy tightens around your rod just as you cum, shooting your load into me. We both shudder and gasp, sweat glistening over our bodies, something I can feel but cannot see. You reach up and pull of the blindfold and I squint in the candlelight for a moment before my eyes adjust to the light.

We kiss again, long and tender, and I savor the taste of my juices on your lips. Another lesson learned, and another night’s memory. It is then that a naughty thought crosses my lips and I give you a mischievous smile. I can’t wait until tomorrow.