Putting Out


Always having a plan is over-rated as I found out in my senior dating life. A few years after my husband died, I decided to try online dating thinking I would find someone about my age to spend time with. Maybe my target men were looking for younger women, or I just wasn’t their type—curvy, but needed to lose a few pounds. Very few guys showed interest; I just wasn’t making any headway with my approach.

When younger men messaged, I blew them off thinking they were fake or looking for money. Sam didn’t let up so easily. We chatted, talked on the phone and set up a lunch date for Memorial Day weekend. I decided to play it cool and not make the age difference an issue. It seemed to work; we hit it off and set up a dinner date a couple weeks later.

Because it was a weeknight, I figured that we would have a nice meal and get to know each other better. We were experiencing a heat wave, so I went inside the restaurant to wait. It wasn’t long before I saw him drive up in his old minivan which had no working air conditioner. Sam entered with a cheery attitude, a dimple in his cheek and a beautiful smile. (Gen-X guys seemed to have the nicest teeth; I don’t remember anyone getting braces when I was a kid.) He wore his hair a bit long, this time in a ponytail. I rose for a welcoming hug then sat channeling my nervousness by dangling my sandal from manicured toes.

We talked and laughed over excellent food at an Asian place we both wanted to try. We went over the day’s work, our families, and our high-mileage cars; we both liked swimming for exercise. He had joint parenting time with teen sons; I lived alone in a edirne escort house that was too big for one.

There was no place to walk or hang out in the neighborhood, and the heat made sharing a kiss in our cars out of the question. Soon we would be out of there headed to our respective homes. I hoped for a quick kiss then a drive home following the sunset. When the check came, I grabbed it saying, “I’ve got it”.

“What,” asked Sam. “Do you want me to put out?”

We were both professional people—equals, and I knew from reading dating articles that many men appreciated a woman’s offer to the split the bill, or pick up the tab. I figured it was my turn since he paid for lunch on the first date; it was only fair. He was surely making a joke, but I heard myself respond with, “Condoms”.

“You’re on. My house is a little messy, but it’s close. We’ll need to make stop on the way,” Sam replied grinning. We were out of there in no time, me now in my car in a state of disbelief over what I agreed to. Oh well, I guess I might as well enjoy it, I told myself. I trailed behind, and as promised, we detoured into a drugstore parking lot. He gestured that he’d be right back while I waited with the engine idling. A couple minutes later Sam bounded out with a little plastic shopping bag, a six pack of beer, and big smile.

I followed the van into the driveway of his ranch house on the outskirts of town. We entered the house through the garage filled with bikes, sporting equipment and an 80’s Corvette that wasn’t going anywhere soon. Now in the kitchen Sam was dripping with sweat. He offered me a beer elazığ escort which I declined then popped one for himself taking a couple big gulps.

“You need a shower,” I said.

He came back with, “All right, but you’re coming in with me,” on the way to the bathroom. I ducked into a room that was probably his bedroom and stripped. This was not exactly how I imagined a romantic interlude to get underway. I took a deep breath and gently pulled back the shower curtain stepping in behind Sam. His eyes were closed, and water ran down his bare chest, slight beer belly and cock.

“Hand me the soap,” I said, my large tits and full bush sliding against his back and ass.

“Damn,” he replied looking back and passing the soap. I squirted a dap of liquid into my palm and reached around for his cock which lengthened and hardened with a few strokes. I could feel the firmness of his balls under my hand as he moved through my encircled fingers. Just as the water temperature slowly went colder his whole body stiffened and his cock spasmed under my grip. I felt the momentary heat of the cum in my palm before it washed away. With a breathless, “Fuck,” Sam turned off the water and slowly turned around taking me in a full embrace.

We stepped out, Sam withholding my towel until I spun around for his review of my dipping wet body. My nipples were erect from the cold water. “I’ll have that beer now,” I announced grabbing the towel.

Sam’s towel came undone as he fell onto the couch in exhaustion. He pulled me tightly against him saying that the hand job was awesome. Before I could say, “You’re erzincan escort welcome”, his hands were on either side of my face and his lips on mine. It was our first real kiss; his lips were firm and his tongue hot. Our shared breath smelled of craft beer.

As I moved onto his lap, he stripped off my towel and threw it on the floor. We were now face to tits; he began to suck drawing out each nipple while my pussy lips swelled. He came up for air as I sighed and arched my back. He slipped his hand between us to my engorged pussy now dripping, saying, “Oh girl, let me inside you”. I glanced at the condoms on the coffee table and watched wide-eyed as he unwrapped one and slipped it on. Then he shifted low as I lifted and slowly mounted his cock feeling him deep inside.

It felt so good being filled by his cock, his teeth finding my nipples which made me nuts. I moved over him slowly, the tension building toward orgasm; I wanted to feel it as long as possible, but I couldn’t last long. His hands went to my ass cheeks; I straightened my body and held firmly to the back of couch. With his first thrust I lost all control and cried out, “Oh god!” I felt my pussy juices flowing with each shock wave and thrust of his cock. Soon his whole body stiffened for his own release; I moved slowly as he shouted in pleasure. With a sigh, he slapped my ass and motioned me off.

I laid back and put my knees together feeling the soft glow in my pussy, Sam’s hands caressing my shins. We finished our beer over exchanged glances and air kisses, our heart rates gradually returning to resting state. Before long it was time to find my clothes, get dressed, and go home; we both had work the next day.

“You know, I would have never expected our date to be so much fun,” I confessed, saying my goodbye.

“Next time, I buy,” smiled Sam, giving my ass a slap on the way out the door.