Queen Stephanie


Chapter One

He was walking around the lake, trying to lose the extra 30 pounds of girth his 35 year old body had added since college. His mind wandered over many such subjects as it often did during such hikes. He was a home town kid, one who had gone off to college and returned to work after graduation. A rich man monetarily, but a poor man who deeply regretted not already having a wife and children. Especially children, he could do without the wife, but wanted children.

Coming up were two beautiful women, without his glasses, their faces were not clear yet, but one could tell that it was likely mother and daughter. Just as they passed, her smile reminded him.

“Stephanie?” he asked, turning around rapidly. It couldn’t be, he hadn’t seen her in 15 years, since college. She had been a vision of glory in high school. He had been the high school football star. They had gone to lunch countless times, which he remembered seriously pissing off his long-time girl friend at the time. And the visions of him reaching from behind her in Latin class and first rubbing her neck and then her ample breasts flashed before him. Well, he had flirted pretty damn seriously with her, but he had never really cheated on his girlfriend. Stephanie had constantly called him a tease because he would not follow through with his flirtations. She always made fun of the fact that he was “in love” with another at such a young age. How foolish and knave he had been, she was right.

“Yes? Do I know you?” she replied.

“It is me, Jim. From high school,” he stammered, hoping she didn’t notice his nervousness. He had to think straight instead of being too busy dreaming how damn good she looked. Even better than in high school, he thought.

“Jim, Jim Crist? Is that you?” she queried. “It is so nice to see you again,”

“What ya up to? Are you in town again?” He quizzed wanting to continue on.

“Stephanie, let’s go,” the older lady demanded. “I thought we were walking.”

“Yes mother. Sorry, I must go. Good to see you,” she replied and with that they were disappearing behind the corner of the tree line.

Wow, I thought to myself. Amazing how some folks don’t change at all, for that matter improve with age. While others, grabbing the 30 pounds of girth hanging below his chest and straining through his once 20-20 vision, do.

Chapter Two

“Guess who Jim saw the other day?” Bill needled knowing the company present. Jim sat on his side, alone as always, as a single man he rarely brought a date to these monthly dinner gatherings. Sure he dated and had plenty of one night stands, but rarely did he find a lady that he could comfortably bring to this table. The table itself was set immaculately and the candles in the candelabra gave almost a mystic view of the lake only a few hundred feet away from this mansion with Doric columns. Mark and Maggie sat on their side, all prim and proper. They now portrayed the epitome of the town’s snobby social class. Both had been whoremongers in their past, but now pretended as if it had never happened. Bill sat smugly at the head of the table with what this topic he introduced was about to bear. His wife Cynthia sat at the other end leering angrily at him.

“Who would that be Bill?” quizzed Maggie, the only one not letting the subject drop as the only one not already in the loop.

“Stephanie Braziel,” proclaimed Bill now giddy with anticipation.

“That whore!” said Maggie. “I hope when you saw here you turned and ran the other way.” She instantly leered at Mark daring him to utter a word. That whore had almost broken up their engagement for good. One wild night with Mark had indeed broken off the engagement. Only months of begging and Mark’s willingness to be cuckolded had gained back Maggie’s hand. Of course, the relationship and he had paid dearly for the imbalance ever since.

“Dear, must we use that language at the table? I’m eating,” complained Mark.

“Shut up Mark, don’t try to change the subject just because you are uncomfortable with it,” demanded Maggie. “Maybe you learned to think of the ramifications of your actions.” Damn, Jim thought, I couldn’t take that bitch, I’m glad it is him and not me.

“They passed each other on his walk around the lake. She was with her mother. I wonder what she is doing in town,” Bill wondered aloud tossing the bait back out there. “He said they both looked pretty damn good.”

“I don’t know and I don’t care what she is doing. All I know is that Jim, as far as I know, is the only male in this group to show any common sense and decency when it comes to her flirtations,” said Cynthia. She leered at Bill knowing full well why he brought this up. Just to get a reaction out of Maggie. Yes, she was a snoot, but she was her snoot and one of her longest and best friends. She also knew that Bill had also screwed this little wench, around tenth grade, long before they had ever known each other. She knew in his sick mind this was his way of reminding her of that.

Jim just sat back and took the whole thing in. görükle escort There were no secrets in this closely knit group. The men had all discussed all prior conquests, heck, he had been there when each of the other had drunkenly fallen in lust with Stephanie. Bill’s fling was long before when they were all much younger. He certainly could have stopped Mark from his deal with the devil, but he hadn’t. That ordeal happened at their fraternity house, hell on Jim’s damn couch, while they were both in college. Stephanie just happened to show up at one of their numerous fraternity parties and again Jim turned her down. Again he was “in love” with the woman of his dreams. She settled on Mark since he didn’t have the will to fight her flirtations. Jim just figured it wasn’t any of his business if Mark cheated on his fiancé. Hell, what was he thinking; he probably hoped it broke the two of them up.

Cynthia was Jim’s vision of beauty. He had told her how beautiful she looked, in front of her husband of course, each of the four times she was pregnant. She had surely thought he was just trying to be polite, but he had certainly meant it. She just looked like a vision of godliness to him and he knew how great a mother she was to her children. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, the babies had added the pounds to her once above average figure, but it was just something about her that made him soft. How such a wonderful woman and human being had ever married a jerk like his best friend Bill astounded him. Animal magnetism, he guessed.

Maggie he had no use for. He wouldn’t put up with her for a second if she tried to talk to him that way. He guessed she must have knew better. He just put up with her because Mark was a good friend.

“Mark, why do you stand up for that bitch,” slammed Maggie now obviously pissed and stewing. “She went off and married that Jamaican. Not only that, my sorority sisters told me all about her. She was really into group sex. They said that she often had sex with up to ten guys at a time, including everybody at the Pike house one night. They also said that she preferred big cocks. She would beg for big black cocks.”

“Maggie, I’m fucking eating here,” replied Mark now obviously pissed as well. “I don’t care what the fuck she did or does. She is way behind me now. I DO NOT give a damn. Am I going to have to pay for my past transgressions every damn time this bitches name is brought up?”

Bill smiled evilly as his work was done for the moment. He winked sadistically at Jim and Jim just shook his head, not really in disbelief of what had just happened.

Chapter Three

They were sprinting up and down the court. Jim dreamed to himself that he was ready for the NBA the way he was shooting today. “Nobody can stop me,” he screamed as he torched the net for what must have been his tenth three-pointer of the game.

“Yea, yea, lucky damn shot,” mused Mark now huffing and puffing out of control with his hands propping the weight of his body up at his knees.

“Damn, look at those bitches,” exclaimed Tony as he saw two beautiful women, one blond and one black woman playing with two blond haired kids. “You can see that blond’s thong sticking out of the top of her shorts. Umm, Umm, boy if I wasn’t married I’d tear all into that.”

“Oh shit,” exclaimed Mark suddenly recognizing the blond Tony was ogling. “I gotta go guys. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Oh come on man, just one more game to twenty-one,” begged Tony. “Shit, punk ass mother fucker. Oh well, guess we’ve all had enough. The old lady’s cooking something for dinner anyhow.” And with that the game broke up and everybody started to leave.

For some reason, maybe the life springing forward in his shorts, Jim was really taking his time drinking his Power Aide and cooling down. Now that all the guys were gone, he was left to ponder to himself. Was he gonna go over and talk to her? Whose kids were those and who was the fine looking black woman with her. Damn, did he really think that? Fine looking black woman? If he sat there long enough he wouldn’t even have to get up, as they were moving his way.

Finally he thought what the hell. It can’t hurt to talk to her. “Hey Stephanie, imagine seeing 1 you here. You following me around?” he yelled across the court as he was still seated up against the fence downing his drink.

“Hey Jim,” she replied and smiled. “Pretty big coincidence bumping into you again. I didn’t even see you sitting there. Were you guys just playing ball?”

“Can we play, can we play?” asked the two boys. Before a reply could be issued they were off with the basketball. The girl he thought to be the nanny running off with them.

“Yea, we just got over,” replied Jim. “Are those your kids?”

“No, no,” replied Stephanie while laughing. “I’m just babysitting my sister’s kids. She thought I might enjoy the company since my kids are back in Jamaica.”

“Feel free to have a seat,” mentioned Jim. “I was just relaxing.”

“I don’t know, Jim, my mom bursa escort bayan doesn’t think I should talk to any, well, any men,” answered Stephanie. “I’m getting a divorce. She says I shouldn’t date or see anyone for at least a year. That is what some psychologist friend of hers says. I don’t know about a year, but I’m not even divorced yet.”

“Darn, I’m not looking for a date, Stephanie,” lied Jim. “I’m just trying to see how a long time friend is doing.” Well it was only partly a lie. He knew he would fuck her right there, date or no date, if she wished. She was basically pouring out of her outfit. He could see right through her halter top and her nipples were hard. He joked in his mind if the wind was causing that or she was happy to see him. Her shorts barely covered her crotch. It covered so little in fact that you could see her thong poking out the top in the front, just like they normally do in the back. If she hadn’t shaved her pubic hair you would be able to see it, he thought, trying to sneak a peak if he could see some stubble. In its staid was a little tattoo of a rose. Stop it, he yelled in his mind. He had to stop thinking that way or he’d get a hard on right there.

“Well, I’m sure she’d have no problem with that,” replied Stephanie as she sat with her knees lifted and her arms over knees.

Oh god, don’t do that he thought. He was sure he could see her lips. And not those she was talking out of. He wasn’t hearing a word as he was almost in a trance. He was just dreaming about what he would do to those lips. Those sweet, beautiful, pouting lips. Oh god. She shouldn’t be torturing me like this.

“Did you know my husband was a Jamaican? I’m not embarrassed I married a black man.”

“Yea, I heard,” replied Jim. “And if it bothered me that much I wouldn’t be sitting her talking to you.” Again he lied, it did make his stomach cringe for some reason when he imagined her screwing a black man.

“I didn’t think you would be that way. I just know a lot of the snooty bitches we went to school with would be aghast. Would you like to meet my lady in waiting?” asked Stephanie enthusiastically. “One of the benefits of marrying a King, well a drug lord who proclaimed himself the king, is that you get plenty of servants to look after you. That one there is my number one servant, Chantauga.”

“Chantauga, what an interesting name,” laughed Jim. “Sure, I’d like to meet her.”

“Chantauga, come her for a moment. The boys will be fine,” yelled Stephanie. “Isn’t she about the most beautiful woman you have ever seen?”

“Well, yes, she is very beautiful,” replied Jim loud enough now for Chantauga to hear. And this time he didn’t have to lie. He did find her very beautiful. She wore a similar skimpy outfit not leaving much for the imagination.

“Chantauga comes from true royal blood. She will soon marry one of my husband’s, well, ex-husband’s brothers when she turns 21 in two years,” explained Stephanie. “I just think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. It is pretty fun having someone like Chan, I call her that for short, around to take care of any whim I may have.”

“Yes, I bet it is,” replied Jim, wondering just what the hell she meant.

“My lady, don’t you think your mother will be wondering what is keeping us?” asked Chan with an almost British accent. “I don’t wish to be in trouble again.”

“Yes, you are probably right,” acquiesced Stephanie. “See what I mean? I don’t know what I would do without her. Well Jim, it was certainly fun talking with you. It had been so long.”

“The pleasure was mine. Feel free to stop in and see me anytime,” offered Jim not sure why the heck he was offering. “I live down there on the lake on the east side of the old Cottondale mansion.”

“Wow, nice area,” replied Stephanie not trying to hide the fact she was impressed. “I just might. I’d love to catch up a little more with what’s happening in Adamsville.”

And with that they headed off while gathering the children.

Chapter Four

It was another night of late night porn for Jim. In recent months he had grown almost addicted to it, an almost nightly occurrence. Tonight he was back at his favorite website. It was one that had stories and images of cuckolds. Up until a few months ago, he didn’t even know what one was. Now he jacked his cod dreaming he was one. He had no idea where this fascination had come from, but outside a few hundred yards away in a van, where a computer closely followed his every move, Queen Stephanie did. Her men had sent e-mails and pop up ads of cuckold pictures and stories, with a heavy dose of interracial sex. They had especially bombarded him of scenes of white men being cuckolded by women who were slaves of big black dicks. She watched him through one of the cameras they had installed in his house. He was lying on his back with his lap top on his chest, frantically pounding his pud.

Tonya read the exact story that was appearing on Jim’s computer screen right that moment.

Mark laid terrified as bursa escort this big black bull started to mount his wife, whose cunt gaped open right above his face dripping on his lips from what he could only imagine was a fresh fucking. She had warned him that she was bringing a man home tonight, but he didn’t know he was gonna be black. ‘Please baby,’ he begged for mercy. ‘I can’t do this.’ “Shut the fuck up,” she said. ‘You can and you will. You knew all along I wasn’t that wet from being happy to see you. From now on, your gonna get your cum directly from the source, and a lot of it.’ And as the wife laughed, her big black stud rested his big black cock on the cuckold’s virgin lips. ‘Go ahead bitch, lick it and get it hard,’ he commanded.

And with that, Stephanie opened her eyes to see Jim quickly jerk the lap top to the side and explode all over his chest and stomach. She watched intently for a few seconds and when he dipped his fingers in his cum and put it to his lips, she knew it was time.

Bang, Bang. Bang, Bang, Bang. Jim rose up with his cum still splatter all over his body. He looked at the clock and it was nearly midnight, “Damn, who would be fucking knocking this late. He quickly ran into the bathroom and wiped himself on before quickly jumping into a pair of boxers.

“Master Jim! Master Jim! It is me Chan,” she cried. “You must come. Lady Stephanie is crying. She is having doubts about leaving her husband. She is scared and doesn’t no what to do. Please hurry, she is in the car.”

And there Jim was, standing at his front door in his boxers. He wondered if she could see the cum residue on his chest and lips, “Where is she? Tell her to come in.”

“She didn’t want to impose sir. I will try but I don’t know if she will come,” replied Chan.

Jim went and threw on a long sleeve shirt and headed out to the car. It was a Rolls Royce. Geez, her husband must not be too upset he thought. “Stephanie, come on in,” he demanded. “Let’s not sit out here in the cold.”

“Oh Jim, I don’t want to be a pain. But I don’t know who else to talk to,” cried Stephanie. “I have no other friends here and I couldn’t possibly talk to mother about this.”

“Nonsense, it me no pain at all,” he lied and with that he escorted her into his house with his arm around her while Chan seemed to disappear. I guess she’ll find her own way in.

They sat on the couch and talked for at least a couple hours. First about her husband and her fear of being alone. Then about odd things. Finally she said, “Wait, I’ve got something that will take the edge off.” And with that she produced a ganja joint. After a few tokes started to take effect she came clean, “Jim, I gotta be honest. I came here tonight because I am so horny I could scream. Chan can only be so much help, I want a man.”

“What would your mother think?” jested Jim.

“I don’t care what she thinks,” replied Stephanie. “I gotta let you know, however, I’m not your average girl. I’m into some pretty nasty stuff. You think you can satisfy me?”

“I certainly hope so,” replied Jim. “And if not I’ll die trying.”

“Oh fuck, my kind of man,” she exclaimed and took a deeper drag on the joint. “Inhale this stuff has deep as you can. This is special weed that will make you hornier than hell. It will keep you hard as a rock, also.” Then she dropped it on him, “I just have two rules.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?” asked Jim as he took another puff.

“You must do everything I say without question,” replied Stephanie. “I am the master and you are my slave. To be exact, my tongue slave.”

“I guess I can live with that,” joked Jim, not sure what the hell he was getting in to.

“And second,” she ordered, “you may not talk unless spoken to and if you are spoken to your only reply is to be, Yes, Master. You think you can handle that?”

“Yes master,” he conceded with a grin.

“Oh baby, you are gonna have the time of your life tonight,” cooed Stephanie. “I promise you; tonight will be like no other prior in your life.”

“Oh, you don’t know,” Smack! Jim coiled and stopped mid-sentence as he was slapped right across the face. “Ouch.”

“Nobody gave you permission to talk freely slave,” barked the master. “Do you want your master to fuck you tonight?”

“Yes master,” he weakly replied.

“Good, then shut the fuck up and get undressed,” she ordered as she gave him the last toke on the blunt. “Oh slave; it appears your cock is hard already. You must be happy to see master.”

“Yes master,” he replied.

“On your knees, slave,” she yelled as she pushed his now naked body to the floor. She had already removed her outer garments and now hovered over him in only a bra and thong. “Do you like what you see, slave.”

“Oh, yes master,” he replied.

“Do you want to see my ass slave?” she hissed as she turned it towards him.

“Oh, yes master!” he replied and with that she started pulling down the thong.

“Would you like to lick my ass slave?” she wickedly asked.

“Yes master,” he replied.

“Good, you catch on quickly,” she ordered. Go ahead. Kiss my ass. Stick your tongue in my ass. Oh yea, baby that’s it. Lick as deep as you can.” And with that she spread her cheeks to let his tongue penetrate deeper. “Oh god you do that well, have you done it before?”