Quinceanera y Tres

Black Lipstick

Juan Pablo paused in his kitchen to look out into the street where a short procession was passing. He always enjoyed watching the Quinceanera festivities, it reminded him of when he was young, how he wanted to act so grown up. Now, outside the young boys… young men wore their finest suits while their girlfriends wore fancy gowns, some wearing makeup for the first time. And then there was the one girl wearing the white bridal gown, just turning fifteen, the center of attention as they walked from church to the dance.

Juan had no daughters but watching this Quinceanera he thought of Maria’s, the daughter of his housekeeper. Yes, it was just three years ago Maria wore the white gown in the finest celebration the town had ever seen. Juan was happy to have financed the affair for Christina, his devoted housekeeper and her daughter. Even if Christina’s husband had not left her those years ago, they’d never been able to afford anything like the celebration Juan provided.

And now, as Juan watched the procession move past his house and on up the street he was about to realize the return on his grand investment. It was just over three years ago that Juan stood in as Maria’s father and danced with her. Even then, with her beautiful face and budding body he had to force himself to remain in control, reminding himself with each step of the dance that at that moment he was her father. Of course now that she turned eighteen, “Quinceanera y tres,” Juan whispered, things were very different.

He moved over to the door into the housekeeper’s quarters and gently knocked. Taking a deep breath he prepared himself. Knowing Christina would be gone, he waited to be greeted by Maria. Over the past few weeks he wondered about this very moment, he wondered just exactly how Maria would greet him on this important day. Would she be adorned in the white gown she wore three years ago, or would she wear one of her newer dresses, or would she simply be dressed as she might simply going to the market.

Juan heard a sound and watched as the door knob slowly turned. Taking a deep breath he stood motionless as the door opened and he looked upon Maria. She was completely naked.

Taken aback by her boldness he said, “Maria, you should be wearing something.”

“Why, isn’t this what you came for.”

She was right of course. She knew about the deal her mother made for her Quinceanera. Three years ago it seemed like such a far off thing Juan supposed, but now it was resentment he saw in her eyes. Such a different look than the way she looked at him as they danced at her celebration.

Biting bursa eskort his lower lip, Juan calmed his temper and let himself simply enjoy the sight of the young woman. Yes, he should have expected her resentment, he had driven a very hard bargain with Maria’s mother. Of course twenty thousand dollars was a considerable sum to pay for the celebration three years ago, but, understanding the price of virtue, Juan now knew he got the better end of the bargain.

Maria was short, with long dark hair that now cascaded down in front of her, partially hiding her small breasts. She was an athletic girl throughout high school and now that she was going to college, she remained active. She was muscular, but still maintained a feminine curve at her hips and thighs. Letting his eyes flow over her body, Juan paused at the thick patch of dark pubic hair. He reached out and let his fingers lightly brush through the surprisingly soft curls.

“You’re not the first to touch me there,” Maria informed him.

“I’m not?”

“No, my boyfriends have touched me there, they touched me all over,” she replied.

“You are very beautiful, I suppose most of the boys want to touch you.”

“Men too, men have touched me, they made me come and I made them come too.”

Such impertinence, Juan nodded toward the bedroom and said, “Shall we?”

“I just wanted you to know I’ve done things. I am not the virgin you think I am, I’ve sucked my boyfriend’s… I’ve sucked his cock. And he went down on me,” she said as she walked into the bedroom.

“But he never…” Juan didn’t finish his comment, he simply nodded as he stared at her patch of pubic hair.

“Only because he didn’t have a rubber, I wanted to, but…”

Juan quieted her as he grabbed her shoulders and firmly sat her on the edge of the bed. As she sat watching him, he kneeled and then moved his hands down to her thighs. Sliding his hands between her thighs he pushed them apart.

Maria seemed to resist for a moment and then, she relented, letting him spread her legs. Although she didn’t resist him, Juan could feel her holding back, trying not to respond as he began kissing her thighs. He slowly moved closer and closer to her, feeling her body begin to tremble as she tried to resist the sensation, as she tried not to feel what he was doing to her.

Then he quickly moved his head and touched his tongue to her lips, pressing it into her pussy. Juan savored the tart taste of her purity, letting his tongue linger inside her, moving in small circles, feeling the soft, wet flesh and then sliding over bursa escort bayan the firm tissue that confirmed her virginity. He then turned his attention to Maria’s pleasure.

Moving his tongue up along her soft, flowing labia, he found her clit and slowly caressed it with his tongue. He moved his tongue over and around it as Maria finally began to respond, pressing her hips up just slightly. While he used his tongue on her clit, he slowly pushed a finger into her, lubing it up in her wetness, he began pressing it into her as she lifted herself upward.

Juan sucked her clit in between his lips as he moved his finger in and out of her. As he withdrew his finger, he pulled firmly upward trying to stretch the opening some. He felt Maria become more wanton with her movement and her breathing quickened. Moving his tongue over her clit faster and faster, he could feel her lift up, her muscles straining as she moaned loudly and the collapsed in orgasm.

Pushing his finger deep into her pussy, Juan felt her squeezing him, her pussy contracting and then expanding over his finger. He paused his tongue, moving it away from her clit as her climax slowly subsided. Finally, when her contractions stopped, he slipped his finger out of her and then looked up at her face.

“Has any of your boyfriend’s done that to you?”

She shook her head, “No, not like that.”

Juan then stood up and slowly removed his clothes as Maria scooted up onto her bed. She trembled a bit, a mixture of fear and perhaps anticipation. He did notice her watching him, and as he moved onto the bed she reached out to touch his erection.

She clumsily began to stroke him, trying to display her ‘skills’ while she belied her inexperience. Juan let her toy with his cock for a while asking, “Do the boys like it when you do this?’

She nodded.

“Do they come all over you?”

“Oh no, I do it so they come on themselves. If I ever let them stain my clothes,” she paused and smiled, “I don’t guess that is a problem now.”

Juan simply looked at her as he moved over between her legs. He was more gentle this time as he used his hands to push them apart. Kneeling before her, he ran his fingers over her clit and then down into her opening, pushing in and out until she was very wet. He then leaned forward and whisper, “This may sting some. I will try to be gentle.”

He took hold of his cock and began pressing it to her lips. Maria then reached down, pulled her lips apart and then nudged his cock toward the opening. Watching her face, Juan pressed görükle escort slowly into her pausing each time she seemed to wince. When his progress halted, he took a deep breath and pressed hard, feeling a resistance and then suddenly breaking through as he heard Maria whine.

He didn’t move for a while, until he sensed Maria had calmed a bit, then he slowly withdrew. His next few thrusts were slow, but as he continued he knew he was losing control. It had been a long time since he had been with a woman, a very long time since he was with one so young and tight. All too soon he felt the pleasure surge through his cock as he arched his back, pushed deep into Maria and came, spurting his cum deep into her body.

Juan knew that Maria’s mother had timed this meeting by her daughter’s cycle, yet he let his mind picture her with a swollen belly. He let his cock slowly shrink and then slide out of Maria’s pussy as he thought of his cum inside her. He would enjoy the rest of the day knowing he was part of her, a deep part of her, at least until her body absorbed what he left behind.

Finding a towel on the bed, Juan wiped off his cock, cleaning the little bit of blood from it before pulling on his underwear. Glancing down at Maria he noticed she was sitting on a towel. Maria, pulled the towel up tight and then closed her legs. She rolled onto her side and watched as Juan got dressed.

“My boyfriend’s cock is bigger than yours.”

“Ah, then I think this may have been a good thing, you think?”

She looked at him, and then nodded her head to the side. “Perhaps. Tell me, how can I teach him what you did with your tongue?”

“Oh, you liked that.”

“Oh yes, and it didn’t hurt a bit.”

“Well, let yourself heal for a few days and soon the other won’t hurt, but what I do with the tongue took some time to learn. You can tell him what you like, but be careful, if you act like you know too much, he might become jealous. Perhaps you can give him some time to learn, just let him practice. But always, always make him wear a condom.”

“I didn’t with you.”

“That is different, your mother made sure the time was right and it has been a long time since I have been with a woman, long enough to know I cannot make you ill. Don’t let anyone…”

“I know, I know.”

“You know, you know,” Juan finished getting dressed and then finished, “you know, there are so many things you simply don’t know. Oh how I wish I could teach you, but sadly, my bargain is done.” He walked to the door, turned, blew Maria a kiss and the returned to his house. Stepping into his kitchen he wondered how long Maria would remember her first time.

Looking back through the window he saw some of the people walking down the street, away from the Quinceanera. The young men and woman all dressed up, acting so grown, yet knowing so little. If only, if only they knew.