Rachael’s Awakening Ch. 04


I hope you all enjoy this next chapter. It has been a sheer joy to write.

Rodger and Rachael walked out of Fredrick’s and headed west toward their next stop, which was Victoria’s Secret. As their time was limited, as a result of Rachael’s first time service of Rodger’s needs… Rodger kept a quick pace that Rachael was struggling to keep up with. Finally, she just stopped walking… which was almost a sprint… in a vain attempt to keep up.

“Sir? Sir! Please. Can we slow down just a bit and get some water? My throat is very dry from walking so fast.” Rachael stopped and leaned against the railing along the side of the walkway and tried to catch her breath.

Rodger turned around when he realized that Rachael was no longer at his side, and saw her leaning against the railing. He hastened back to her as a frown began to etch its place between his thick brows.

“What do you mean by not asking me to walk slower Pet?” Rodger had brought his head close to Rachael’s as he spoke.

“I did Sir, but you did not hear me.”

Rachael found that she had bristled slightly at Rodger’s tone as she turned her head to face him as she also spoke in low tones. There were couples with small children standing close to them on either side, and it would not do to be overheard.

“I didn’t mean to rush you Rachael. Are you all right? Would you like some ice water? Never mind child, don’t answer. I’ll be right back Pet. Wait here.”

Rachael only nodded as Sir went over to the nearest juice bar, just a few steps away, and came back with a medium cup of ice water. She saw the amount of ice in the cup and tried to hide the shiver that ran up her spine as she thanked Sir and then drank deeply of the cold water.

The shiver she tried to hide was from the memory of last night… when Sir had removed the plug she was wearing and had placed some of ice cubes inside her dark place in order to speed its re-constriction and return to normal size. Another shiver ran through her as she remembered how the cubes had felt and the cold temp of the water as they melted.

She instinctively clenched the cheeks of her bare ass together under cover of her skirt as that feeling came back to her and as she heard Sir’s low soft chuckle, thus convincing her that he had remembered it also.

“Feeling better now Pet? Shall we continue on? We still have a lot of shopping to do here, and there is one more place at which we will be stopping before we reach the house again.” Rodger grinned widely, almost wickedly one might say, as he thought of the evening he was planning.

At her nod, Rodger took the cup of ice from her hand and then gently took hold of Rachael’s elbow and the couple leisurely strolled the few remaining feet to the well-known ladies intimate apparel store.

A young sales woman, about Rachael’s age, approached the couple and correctly assumed that Rodger was the one to whom she should speak first. She asked how she could be of assistance, or did Sir have specific needs. Rachael, feeling a bit put off by this chit’s attitude of dismissal, cleared her throat as she prepared to speak.

“Excuse me, Miss…?”

That was as far as Rachael got before Rodger grabbed her arm, just above the right elbow and ushered her into the nearest dressing room. His fury was marked on his face, and barely contained in the low words he spoke.

“Do not ever interrupt me like that again! Do you hear me? You are never to just speak out unless you are spoken to directly… by anyone. I see I should have started with the most basic of basics. I was hoping I could have passed them by. Apparently I was wrong.

“You will wait here while I do the shopping. When I return, you will model everything for me and have nothing to say about my choices for you. Now, turn around and present your backside to me.”

Rodger’s back was ramrod straight as he stood and watched as Rachael turned around, presenting her backside to him. As she stood before him, he turned the dressing room chair around. Then, bending his head slightly, he spoke in a low ominous tone against her ear.

“Assume the position Pet. And put your ass high in the air. Make no noise or utterance of any kind… for if you do, I will take off my belt and your bare ass will feel it.”

He stood up and then slipped his hand into the pocket on the right side of his jacket and withdrew the plastic baggy he’d put in there earlier in the day. He reached in and pulled the tube of lube out and uncapped it.

“Spread your cheeks open Pet, and pull them wide until I tell you to let go. The lube is cold… so do not clench until I say you can.”

Rachael only nodded, fearing to so much as answer with a soft ‘yes sir’. She felt hot tears falling, but she could do nothing but let them fall onto the chair seat. She felt the cold lube coat around the base of the butt plug and begin to trickle inside so it could aid in the plug’s easy removal.

She felt Sir tug on the base, and she instinctively clenched the muscles in her ass cheeks. Rodger görükle escort brought his hand down swiftly against one cheek and she felt the heat radiate from the smack. She felt more cold liquid as it seeped into her stretched and aching anus and then she felt the plug being slowly… agonizingly slowly… removed.

First it was pulled out just a bit then she felt Sir push it back into her. She then felt the bulbous end moving in and out of her anus… letting it close slightly and then being re-stretched as it opened as he pulled back on the base. Rodger pulled and pushed the plug in and out a few more times before he decided it was time to completely remove it.

Rodger pulled on the base of the plug and watched as the bulbous part began to slip out of Pet’s ass again. He had looked at his watch when they entered the dressing room and realized that she had been wearing it for almost two hours. It was time to remove it and he thought of a way not only to remove it in the time frame he had allotted for her to get used to wearing it… but also as a way to discourage any more unseemly outbursts as the one that had happened out front.

He poured more lube around the rim of Rachael’s stretched anus and waited just a minute or two while it slid inside in order to ease the removal of the rest of the plug. He placed his left palm against her left cheek and pulled the plug the rest of the way out. He then wrapped it and quickly placed it, and the tube of lube into the baggy and put it back in his pocket; then he reached for the cup of ice he had brought in with them.

“Be still Pet,” is all he said.

He dropped a few of the cubes into Rachael’s anus and then reached into the front pocket on the left side of his jacket and withdrew two foil-wrapped wet naps. He opened one and slowly wiped away the excess lube then wadded it up and placed it back in the foil package.

Patting her right ass cheek, Rodger then told her she could let go now and that she was to stand up, turn and face him. Letting go of her ass cheeks, she quickly stood and turned to face him, just as she had been told.

Rodger bent and placed a kiss on Rachael’s face, put the other foil-wrapped wet nap in her hand, and then moved back until he once again stood at his 6 foot 4 inch height. His face showed his pleasure with Rachael and how well she had done.

“You did very well Pet, very well indeed. Now, while the ice helps to constrict that which has been stretched by the anal plug, you will need the wet nap in your hand to wipe the water with. As further punishment for speaking without my expressed permission, you will get undressed and wait for me to return with the things I select for you to try on.”

With those words, Rodger turned and went out of the dressing room, closing the door behind him. He stood by the door for a few seconds to see how soon Rachael would do as told and start to get undressed. When he didn’t hear any movement, he opened the door and stuck his head back in.

“Get undressed girl… now! And do be quick about it. I’ll return shortly and you will model for me the items I select. Now get that blouse off before I step in and rip it off.”

With those words ringing in her ears, Rachael quickly began to unbutton her blouse and then placed it over the back of the chair; then she unzipped and removed her skirt. Turning it inside out, she placed it over the seat of the chair and then sat back down to wait for Sir to return.

‘What am I doing walking through the mall, wearing no panties while a butt plug fills my ass? Have I lost my mind?’ Rachael’s mind raced as she sat there and she felt her face turn hot with embarrassment.

‘I have to admit that while it is not something I would normally do, it is a free feeling! And that doing so at Rodger’s request, does make me feel excited.’

Rachael shook her head to clear the thought and she was amazed to find that she didn’t really mind doing as He requested. In fact, she felt nervous chills coursing through her body as the fact she was so ‘accessible’ to him registered. She also was discovering that she liked knowing He liked to touch her.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the dressing room door and when she did not answer, it opened and the young girl from earlier stepped in, her arms filled with lingerie. Rachael sat there, feeling more than just a little embarrassed, and watched in fascination while the sales girl put the items into neat piles on the bench that was in front of the mirror.

The girl turned and handed her a short terrycloth Brushing Robe. It had been at the bottom of the stack, folded so the man who had selected all these lovely items hadn’t seen it.

Rachael smiled her thanks at the young woman as she stood and slipped into it. Although she was wishing the chit would hurry up and leave, she was stunned at the array of items that were being set out, waiting to be tried on. She tied the sash on the robe, realizing as she did so, she was beginning to feel upset at Rodger for bursa escort bayan leaving her alone like this for so long.

The sales girl straightened up after she placed the last item on the bench then turned around. She glanced at Rachael, smiled, and then exited the room, closing the door behind her. A few more minutes passed and this time there was a firmer knock on the door.

This time Rachael got up from the chair, shrugged out of the robe then opened the door. There stood Sir, his arms filled with more items than Rachael could remember seeing, let alone daring to try on, for most of her days.

She held out her arms as Sir opened his, letting the clothes spill everywhere. He then moved behind Rachael, dragging a now free hand across her shapely rear as he pulled the door closed behind him.

“Stand straight for me Pet. You have a beautifully shaped ass. Has anyone ever told you that before?”

Rachael stood straight and still as shivers ran through her body at Sir’s touch. His compliment had caught her by surprise.

“No Sir. No one has ever said something like that. Thank You, Sir.”

“Open your legs Pet. I want to see how wet you are.”

Rachael promptly did as Sir asked and she felt that now familiar thrill shoot through her as his two fingers once again sank past the second knuckles when he inserted them into the pool of warm wetness he knew he’d find within her pussy. He breathed deeply as the musky aroma of her arousal wafted up to his nose. Her scent intoxicated him… it made him want more.

Just as Rachael was getting used to having Sir’s fingers inside her, He quickly removed them and brought them up to her lips. With no words being spoken between them, she knew Sir was expecting her to open her mouth and suck her juices from his fingers. She immediately opened her mouth and waited while Rodger slipped them between her open lips, then she gently closed her lips around his fingers and began to run her tongue around, over, and between each finger.

Rachael had never before done anything like what Rodger was having her do. She had never even dreamt of tasting herself as she was doing now. As her tongue rolled over and under each finger, she watched as Rodger’s eyes closed and a soft smile crossed his face. She was surprised to see this reaction; and that knowledge made her happy. She found the taste of her juices was not all that unpleasant. She was beginning to like it.

When she was done and he was satisfied, Rodger began to slowly pull his fingers from between her lips. This allowed her lips to gently kiss the tip of each finger before it left her mouth completely. Rodger smiled as he reached down to gently pinch the nipple of each breast. He marveled at how hard they were and knew Rachael was turned on.

“In time Pet,” he spoke softly. “In time.”

He quickly unbuttoned his sport coat and sat down on the chair Rachael had vacated when she had stood up to let him into the dressing room.

“I want to see the boy shorts on you first, Pet. There should be six or eight pair there, so show me each pair and I will decide which colors look best on you and we will buy those plus a few more in each of the best colors.

“You will also find some Garter belts and stockings, not pantyhose, that are made to be worn specifically with suspender garments. I abhor pantyhose, so get used to not wearing them around me, or if/when we are going out. You are to wear the Teddy’s with garters, or the Garter belts at all times.

“And, very soon you will learn/be learning to sit in such a manner so I always have access to you.

“Now, put on a Garter belt and stockings before you put on a pair of the boy shorts. I want to see how you will look if and when I tell you to only wear the Garter and stockings and nothing else. Let’s get started shall we?”

Rachael quickly put on the Garter belt and attached a pair of the stockings. Then, she stepped into the first pair of boy shorts and turned to look back at her reflection. She was horrified at what she saw! The lower portions of both cheeks of her ass were visible and highly exposed! Her face suffused with a pink color and a warm glow.

Rodger, who was struggling to keep a straight face, lost it completely when he saw Rachael’s expression in the dressing room mirror when she saw the cheeks of her bottom were so exposed. His laughter only served to make Rachael’s embarrassment deepen, and she grew redder.

“Don’t try and cover yourself Pet. It won’t work. These shorts are cut and designed to show just what they’re showing. Besides, I will want to touch or stroke your exposed cheeks at will. These ‘shorts’ allow me that privilege.

“Now, step out of the red ones and then hand them to me. Then repeat the process with the black ones, the white, the blue, and finally the pink ones. I have sent the girl to see if she can find some in Burgundy, Fuchsia, and Lavender.

“And let’s be quicker this time.”

The next half hour passed quickly. Rodger decided on bursa escort the black, blue, and the pink pairs; and decided against the red and the white ones. He stuck his head out of the dressing room door to hail the salesclerk to see if she had any luck in finding the other two colors.

She came to the door and told Rodger she had secured the other three colors from boxes in the stock room, and as he nodded he told her to start a ticket. They were only just beginning.

The next hour flew by and the pile of clothes Sir was buying Rachael was growing. He purchased 12 pair of the boy shorts/booty shorts, lingerie bags for her stockings, 7 pair of thigh-high stockings, 4 more garter belts, 2 corsets, and a few bras! She tried not to be embarrassed, but the amount of money Sir would be dropping in this store was becoming staggering!

As another hour passed, Rodger told Rachael to leave the Garter and stockings on, put on her heels and get dressed because Bradford would be waiting outside the West doors by now. As Rachael stepped into her skirt, she was aware of how slick her inner thighs were as they rubbed together and she knew she was soaked inside. She slipped her silk blouse back on and buttoned it quickly, then hurried out to the sales floor to meet up with Sir.

As she came out of the dressing room area, she saw that Bradford was loaded down with bags and that he and Sir were waiting for her. She hurried her steps just a little bit and Rodger slipped his arm around her waist, ushering her in front of him and gave her a slight but gentle push toward the doors into the mall and toward the waiting car.

A light rain was falling as it had on the day when she first discovered that box on the floor of Sir’s closet. She never thought that by looking into that box that she would find herself drawn into the world she suddenly found herself in. She didn’t know whether to be scared, excited, nervous, or all of it in small degrees.

Rodger quickly ushered Rachael into the back then slid in next to her. They felt the car rock slightly as the trunk lid was firmly closed and then the front door opened. A blast of freezing air filled the car as Bradford slid in under the wheel and waited for Rodger’s instruction. The powerful engine turned over and soon heat was felt against Rachael’s ankles and she eased her legs toward it.

“All right Bradford; as you are aware of the last stop, let’s step on it. We are running about a half hour behind, so I called from the store and Mikala is waiting, but will remain another forty-five minutes. Traffic permitting, we need to hurry so let’s be off.”

With that said, Rodger pressed the button over his head and the privacy panel slid up and into place. He reached forward and opened the refrigerator door in the mini-bar and took out the chilled bottle of champagne and popped the cork. He poured two glasses and without words, handed one to Rachael. Then he turned to face her and spoke softly.

“Well My Pet, did you enjoy the day so far? Tell me what you’re thinking, please. I want to know.”

Rachael quickly swallowed the mouthful of cold bubbly amber fluid before she spoke. She wanted to pick her words wisely; she didn’t want to just blurt everything at once. She didn’t think Sir would understand if she did.

“Well Sir, I can honestly say that I have never had anyone buy me such lovely clothes or lingerie. Or so much of it! Good heavens! I don’t know where I’ll wear it all! I am more than a bit flabbergasted by the amount of undergarments. I do want to know why You went to so much extravagance Sir. I do not know how I’ll ever repay You.

“Is this a common occurrence between Dom and sub? Is it customary or expected for a sub to be pantiless in public? Or to be wearing a butt plug in public? Is this something that all Dom’s do?

“As to my enjoying the day; yes, I did.”

At this point, Rachael had to lower her eyes as she felt the heat rise to the surface again and she was sure it showed on her face.

“Permission to speak freely Sir?” She waited for Rodger’s reply, but he only nodded.

“There was one point that I enjoyed most of all and it surprises me still. I’m sure You know the point I’m referring to?” She cleared her throat before she continued again, and then took a long drink of champagne, almost draining the glass.

“I enjoyed having You cum in my mouth and throat Sir. It surprises me still just how much. I never dreamed I would ever do anything like that…let alone be able to do it. I was so afraid I would embarrass You or worse yet… disappoint You because, or if, I couldn’t.

“It became important to me to do it just right. I really wanted to please You. That was my only goal; my only thought.”

Rodger suddenly leaned forward and took the empty glass from Rachael’s fingers, and then he placed both of them in their pre-cut coasters on the bar top then turned to face the young woman at his side. Gathering Rachael into his arms, he pulled her into his lap and began to nuzzle his face along the side of her neck as he kissed the soft warm skin and his fingers began to undo the buttons of her silk blouse. Rodger pulled the blouse loose from the waistband of the skirt and after undoing all the buttons; he opened the silk blouse and exposed her bra-clad breasts to his gaze.