Rachel’s House Ch. 01


Rachel was my favourite person, this tall brunette with the dark brown eyes and the curvaceous figure was a woman I had known, in every sense of the word for many years. Our mutual tastes were what had first brought us together but over the years this had developed into a real and deep affection.

In her flat one evening, lying back in my armchair I could hear Rachel plainly, although her voice was soft, it was clear and precise in modulated tones. She was breathing slowly but deeply and she still seemed a little on edge. Only an observant person could tell from her body language that she was quite tense.

-A sensitive person like yourself could handle the needs of someone like me, I know it.


-There is a place in the country left to me by a distant uncle, it’s very lonely, you could do whatever you liked there and no one would know.

-Go on?

-Well, the occasional bondage games we have played at are all very well but we have only really scratched the surface. Now that my late husband’s will has left me financially well provided for there is the opportunity for me to indulge in my wildest fantasies.

I really have come to trust you completely John, and there is nobody else that I would ask this of. I know you care for my welfare and you have the necessary knowledge of women and more particularly me, in spite of, or maybe because of my special needs.

I need your help first of all to set up this house to my special requirements and you have some idea of the sort of thing I have in mind.

Then afterwards, if you feel you can tackle it, I want you to enslave me in all senses of the word. Constrict my body, punish me, confine me, beat me, above all humiliate me.

-How could I do that?

-Because you have done much of it before.

-I don’t mean that, the whole idea appeals to me and turns me on of course but what about my job, I need money to live on.

-I could employ you at a better salary than you could ever earn as a lecturer.

-What a tempting görükle escort prospect there’s only one major snag I can see, I am far more limited in ideas than you are.

-That doesn’t matter, I have had this in the forefront of my mind ever since I heard that I was to inherit. I have thought it all out, you wouldn’t have to use any imagination at all, I have enough for both of us, I don’t even have to tell you myself, it is all written down for you.

-And when I get bored with it and want to stop?

-That is taken care of as well believe me I’ve thought of everything. I have even taken full account of the particular appetites that I know you have yourself. I ‘m very sure that you will be kept amused in the most seductive ways that I can devise for you.

-How can I refuse such an offer then?

We sealed the bargain with a little light bondage and some delicious foreplay with her lithe, bound and willing body. After we had orgasmed together we fell asleep in her king-sized bed.

The house was set in twenty acres of its own grounds behind a boundary wall with security gates, in addition there were several walled gardens and enclosures abutting the house.

The house itself had many rooms on three floors and reminded one of a rather neglected Edwardian hotel with a large conservatory at the back.

Refurbishing and setting this up the big house required a lot of very tedious planning, organising of builders and craftsmen plus a great deal of tiresome shopping. We set to and put every effort into its completion and any time our spirits were inclined to flag we found refreshment our anticipation of the end result.

At last the building was finished and we inspected its many rooms together, they were all tastefully furnished and the whole was centrally heated throughout.

-It’s pretty comfortable Rachel, you could house a complete national conference here.

-It isn’t properly finished, though, we’ve now come to the most interesting part but you bursa escort bayan can leave that part entirely to me.

I had to finalise my affairs at the college and liaise with my successor. I also had to check up on my flat, register with an agency and get them to find a suitable tenant for it.

After a week I hurried back to Rachel’s House.

I could notice a great change as soon as Rachel opened the door to me, oriental carpets filled the large hall and the whole place had taken on a particular opulence. Little touches made it far less of a developer’s showroom and added to its feeling of opulence and comfort.

-The ground floor ballroom has been changed into a gymnasium and I have made sure that it has been fully fitted out. All the reception rooms, bedrooms and also the cellar have all been properly equipped.

We had a scratch meal in the kitchen and we soon adjourned to her bedroom where we lost no time in renewing our physical acquaintanceship.

The next day I was given a full tour of the refurbished house and the extent of Rachel’s imagination surprised even me. It was a delight for those of us who valued bondage. Every room was either manifestly given over to a celebration of it or had its purpose cunningly disguised behind curtains and panels.

Rachel then gave me the book, which detailed every part of the house and grounds and dealt lovingly upon its provision. All that was left to me was to sample its facilities.

I looked at her naked and open, her arms were pulled cruelly back behind her, strapped together at both wrist and elbow. She was attached to the wall by heavy leather straps under her armpits buckled to two eyelets set into the wall. Straps which tightly circled her thighs just above the knees were buckled to two further eyelets in the wall. These bonds spread her thighs and the pink lips of her vulva wide open to reveal the dark recesses of her vagina between . Her heavy breasts hung down, their nipples standing up like fleshy red pegs, bursa escort engorged with desire. Her mouth was stopped by a leather gag that cut into her cheek it was so tight. Behind the leather, pressing on her tongue was a steel plate furnished with blunt spikes that effectively prevented any attempt at speech. She breathed heavily through her nose. I marvelled that she was able to be so sexually aroused under so much discomfort, yet it was she, and not I who insisted on the unrelenting tightness of the bonds, the straps cut into her silken flesh as if to tame its passion. I was extremely excited. My penis, hard at first had softened as I concentrated on binding her limbs and torso and strapping her to the wall, it now jumped to attention as I surveyed her helplessness and I felt my power over her.

God but she was inviting!, a proffered fruit waiting to be raped.

I took as much time as I was able before I pushed my eager prick into her waiting well lubricated slit but I had been excited for too long and I soon spent my spunk into her. Her eyes flashed and as I withdrew from her I knew she was still unsatisfied, not having had long enough to reach an orgasm. I looked at her trembling, unsatisfied body, drop by drop my sperm fell to the floor from her tightly-stretched open, gaping cunt. I walked away, leaving her bound tightly to the wall in her need.


Edwina had a drink poured for me when I went into the lounge, her chestnut hair fell fully to her creamy shoulders, her short green silk tunic clung seductively to her slender figure setting off the glint of gold reflecting from her collar and wrist cuffs. She kneeled in front of me,.

She was one of the surprises I had not expected when Rachel had first proposed her wish for slavery to me. In fact Edwina was only one of twenty further delectable girls who had willingly put themselves completely under my power at Rachel’s instigation. She had said that no slave girl should have the exclusive attention of her master, she should have to compete with many others as attractive as herself the result was that I had acquired a harem of beautiful girls each one as masochistic as Rachel. These beauties spent their time between pampering me and being abused and bound for my amusement and sexual delight.