Rain and Heat Ch. 02

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Thank you for reading. You may like to read the earlier piece, or start here. And comments are always welcome!

Talaya gently rubbed her face against Baily’s chest. She absently ran her fingers through the fine chest hairs. She found his nipples – ridiculously small to her, but still able to harden to her touch. She raised her head and looked into his face.

“This isn’t real, is it? It can’t be real. I’m in your flat. I’m in your bed. I’m lying naked on your chest. You’re naked. We’ve just made love. Did we make love? I don’t know if I believe it myself. And I don’t think I’ve even kissed you yet.” She looked down into his sleepy eyes. She kissed his soft lips. Lips brushing lips, tongues on lips, exploring teeth, tongues brushing, exploring each other. It was a long kiss. Tingles spread from her lips down her body to fingertips and toes. She felt a slight stirring in her pussy again.

Baily looked up at the woman resting on him, taking in her thick dark hair and her strong eyebrows over piercing eyes. Her eyelids were naturally darker than the skin of her face, making her eyes even stronger. Her nose was straight and long, her lips generous and soft. Not a conventional beauty; a beauty from a far-off time. He could just feel her nipples on his chest. He reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“This is real. This is realer than real. At the moment, you are the whole world. The stars and planets. Nothing else was real before this.”

Talaya laughed, but not unkindly. “Wow. Now I know it isn’t real! I think I’ll be waking up tomorrow with the usual view, out my own window and with a massive hangover. You must be a dream – but a nice one!”

Baily’s words had had an effect, however. He’s pretty taken with me, she thought. He is a nice one. She was happy to lie on him and look at him. Her body enjoyed the touch of the sheet above, his warm skin below. She noticed the hair on his thighs brushing her legs.

Baily’s words had had an effect on him as well. Wow, a bit over the top, perhaps? Or a lot? I am definitely in love, he thought. Well, she’s articulate, she’s gorgeous, and she seems happy with me. He just lay there and looked up at her. This, is good, very good.

“Feed me,” she suddenly said.

“Feed you?”

“You’ve taken lots of pictures, and my virginity, I think you could get me something!”

Fair point. “Errm, what would you like?” Baily tried to recall any food in the flat that was safe for visitors. “I’ve got… some bread that’s fresh…”

Talaya laughed again. “Sounds just like my fridge upstairs. Not a lot that’s ready to go. Toast will be good. I can wait!” She rolled on her back, lifted a knee and stretched her arms above her head. Her breasts flattened gracefully on her chest. She gave him a long languorous smile. Baily was awestruck. You are a level higher than the Met-Art girls, he thought.

Talaya heard the zwishing sound of a breadknife, the clack of a toaster, an efficient clatter of plates and butter knives. At least he knows how to use a kitchen, she decided.

Hot toast on a warm plate. Butter on a dish. A tall glass of juice each. He impressed her. He offered her a slice as the butter began to melt on the toast. “Mmm, nice bread!” she mumbled as she ate. “And thanks for the drink. This is just what I wanted. Why are you staring at me?”

Baily was caught again. “You’ve… there’s butter on your lip.” He reached out to touch the golden streak as it lay with a few crumbs on her soft skin. At the same time she had put her tongue out to collect it. She found his finger instead. She ran the tip of her tongue along his fingernail, around the fingertip, then ducked slightly and sucked his finger into her mouth, all the while staring into his eyes. Baily felt shimmers go through his body. He was awestruck, again.

“My God, Talaya, you have magic in you.”

Talaya’s eyes twinkled.

* * *

He awoke. It was dark. They had dozed again, slipped easily into sleep together. It had been early evening when they had been talking and eating and gazing at each other; now it was dark, the room full of soft yellowy light from the street lights. Talaya had slid off him but her head was still on his chest. He could feel her light breathing against his skin. He brushed the hair away so he could see her bare shoulders and back, soft curves in the dim light.

He absently stroked her shoulder. She sighed in her sleep and rolled the shoulder. He ran his nails lightly down her back and she wriggled in response, making sleepy little noises. He ran a hand down her side nearest him.

Eyes shut, somewhere between asleep and awake, she wriggled up onto his chest. Baily continued to caress her sides and her back. Her breathing was stronger now and she was starting to push her hips up and down in response to his gentle touches.

“Hnnn. Hnnn, mmm,” she murmured as he brushed his fingertips down her back to her bottom, taking in the graceful curves. She wriggled her way up his torso and swung her legs either side bahis siteleri of his hips. She rustled her pubic hair against him.

He could now caress most of her legs. He ran his nails up one side, then the other, then both at once, over her calves, behind her thighs, her buttocks, up her back, along her neck and into her hair. Each stroke was returned with a wriggle, a shrug and a moan of pleasure, mounting in intensity each time. Then a hand grabbed his wrist and put his hand up on her bottom.

He took the hint. Running his hands down her crack, he could feel the heat emanating from her cleft. He ran over her wrinkled anus and into her pussy. It was slippery with her juices. Her hairs were plastered down with them. Opening her soft outer lips exposed even more. She had spread her legs wide, so her wet vagina was an easy find, her inner lips opening easily. She made a long purring, moaning sound and rubbed her mound against him. He ran fingers into her warm channel.

“Get another condom,” she whispered into his ear.

While he opened the packet and worked out which end of the contents was which , Talaya distracted him with her breasts. With her hands either side of his head, she could brush the nipples over his stubbled chin and his nose. They were excited by everything they touched. She lowered one then the other into his mouth. Instinctively he suckled each dark nipple and mouthed the soft curve of flesh as it brushed his lips. Then she would bend down and kiss him slowly, sleepily. It was as though she and he were dreaming the same dream.

His cock was ready, standing up from his torso, and he held her hips still to find her warm wet centre. With fingers to help, he found her vagina and gently slid up into it. At the same time she eased herself down onto his shaft. “MmmMMMhmmm, ahhhhh,” Was that from him, or from her?

She rocked back and forth on his cock, sometimes curling down and giving him sleepy kisses, sometimes arching her back to spread her proud breasts and shake her mane of hair. Baily rested his hands on her hips or pushed them up to knead her breasts. Left alone, her teats swung in time to the rhythm of their thrusts.

In the dusky room, they fucked like lovers. She bent her head and they kissed deeply. Her long hair spread over his face, mixing its scent with the scent of their fucking.

She whispered to him, “Come. Come in me. Come for me.” She had paused and was letting him thrust his cock up into her wide open channel. He was now ramming into her fast, his hips slapping against her wet thighs.

“Oh fuck, Talaya, you’re incredible. You feel so wide and wet for me. You feel fantastic!” Talaya smiled. “Just come, lover.”

Baily’s muscles were tensing. His cock was flying in and out of her. His balls were rising with expectation. “Ohhhh, I can feel… God it’s close… ohhh, aaahhh, AAAHHH!” He paused at the top of his stroke, deep inside her, feeling his come ripple out. “Oh fuck, Talaya! Talaya, I love this. I love you.”

“Mmmmm, s’nice. Kiss me.”

She slumped onto his torso, tucked her hair back behind one ear and kissed him. She opened his lips with hers. Tongues slowly brushed, caressed, explored. She hadn’t come, but hadn’t wanted to. She’d enjoyed the intimacy and sharing the pleasure. She hadn’t opened her eyes for the whole lovemaking.

* * *

She woke up. It was her body, her smell, but not her bed. Lying on her back, one leg was over Baily’s solid thigh, her hand was resting on his shoulder. The warm yellow light came in from the street outside, along with a sense of rest. A far-off car drove away, a distant truck changed gears, but otherwise there was silence. She stroked Baily’s shoulder and played with his hair. He slept. Playfully she rocked his hip with her foot. He made indistinct noises, rolled on his side and stayed asleep.

She studied him. He was slim, with nicely made arms and long fingers. He had a little chest hair across the top of his chest, and a line going down the middle. This met a line of hair coming up from his cock, currently flopped to one side. This line matched Talaya’s pubic hair, which tapered up at the top. She smiled to herself at the comparison.

Her foot was now near his cock and she lightly flicked it with her toe. It fell lifelessly back onto her foot. She wriggled her toes under his balls and rolled them around. In his sleep he moved to give her more access. She worked them more and watched them rise, then settle again. She ran her hand over her thighs, feeling the slight shifts as her leg rubbed his groin.

That felt really nice. She moved herself round on the bed so that her other foot was resting on his chest. On her back, knees bent, she could run her hands over her thighs, under her buttocks and into her own warm cleft. It was tacky from her come earlier in the night, so she put some spit on two fingers and worked them around her pussy.

The tingles racing down her legs made her toes curl; the sensation of Baily’s warm skin under her toes sent sensations racing back. Her canlı bahis siteleri fingers spread her lips and explored the complex wrinkles of her inner folds. She stretched the upper flaps to expose her clit and lightly flicked it, making her heart race. She moved down to the larger fleshy parts to feel her fresh juices already seeping out and dampening her skin. A finger found its way down and delicately into her vagina. It was still a bit tender from her first ever penetration that afternoon, and a second that night. She went around the little knot that closed her hole, but didn’t go in.

She could notice her outer lips getting soft and puffy with her arousal. She put in two fingers to spread them, then three, then four. She was now rolling her hip up and down and strumming her clit. Her juices were spreading across her buttocks. She lightly scratched around her anal ring, smearing her fluids across it. She was breathing hard. Her skin glowed. Her climax was building.

She suddenly felt a need to feel Baily’s cock inside her. The wriggles of her toes in his bush had produced the beginnings of a hard-on. She sat up and found another condom.

She rolled him on his back and he mumbled something. His cock was sticky and scented with his come, while his hairs had her smell on them. She started rubbing the cock to hardness, but her hand needed some lubrication to move easily. When she dribbled over his cockhead, she felt his body respond.

“Oh. Tssallayy…. good…” Baily was only partly awake.

She needed the cock up inside her. She hurriedly put the condom on and swung over him. She was looking down his legs and facing the darkened window as she sank onto his pole. Her cunt was startled by the sudden entrance of Baily’s shaft, but her orgasm started building up again almost immediately.

She pulled at her puffy outer lips, already stretched by the cock inside her. She stretched up the hood of her clit and rubbed its little shaft. She panted harder, shorter breaths. her skin was hot to touch. Hot waves built up inside her and crashed over her. Her climax took hold of her.

She held her breath as tremors shook her body. She felt a tiny trickle of sweat go down her back and into her crack. Baily’s hands gently came up and rested on her buttocks.

Talaya slithered down and over and beside him so she could look into his sleepy face. One breast was squashed between them, one was on his chest.

“God, I love you, Baily.”

“Mmmnmm.” Baily nearly woke up.

* * *

They shivered. In the early morning, they found themselves huddled in each other’s arms. The quilted cover was missing and they had only a sheet for warmth. With the curtains open, the window had let yesterday’s heat escape. Talaya got up and went to the window, taking the sheet with her. Baily sat up, somewhat startled. He saw her silhouetted against the dawn light: slim legs, curvy hips, one generous breast in profile.

“Mmm, beautiful sight. I know what our next photography can be: you in a sheet against the window.” Talaya gave him a drowsy smile. She enjoyed the idea of proudly displaying her body for the camera again. She felt endowed with strength and love, and sexual power. She looked out at the small, dewy park across the road, the broad bands of colour across the lightening sky, the parked cars in the yellow street-light. Her hand against the cold damp glass made her catch her breath.

Baily had found the quilt and was wearing it. He came up behind her and wrapped them both in his warmth. He managed to pull the sheet off her so they stood skin to skin. He kissed her shoulder. Talaya purred and leant against him. In the warmth a male hand slid round her and pressed into the soft flesh of her middle. It dived briefly into her belly button then started up to her breasts.

“That’s nice, lover but I don’t think I can- “

Baily gently interrupted. “Don’t think, just enjoy. You can tell me to stop if you like.” Her hand gave her away, brushing over his then finding its way down her front and into her hairs. “I’m just going to taste dessert early. Now, bend over.”

The short, simple order sent a thrill through her, just like the first time they fucked. Part of her had wanted him to use her and abuse her. Instead they had made love (her first time) in the most wonderful caring way. Was it really only twelve hours ago? She bent over, already aroused again. She felt the cold air falling down the window.

Baily kept the cover over them both and knelt down behind Talaya. As he did so he scratched his nails from her neck all the way down her back, over her buttocks and down the backs of her thighs. She shuddered with pleasure.

He was now behind her secret entrances. To make her open her thighs more, he tapped them, like a mare being shod. A moan escaped her lips as she obeyed his wish.

Under the cover, a cascade of scents washed over Baily. Older sweat, fresh sweat, the smell of earlier climaxes (her first come had dried to flakes on her thighs, which Baily licked off delicately). canlı bahis A fresher scent of new arousal was already growing stronger.

Baily ran his palms up her thighs to her buttocks, then spread her cheeks to expose her inner lips. He nuzzled into her, licking down to her clit and up to her vagina. Talaya mewed with delight and spread her legs wider.

Now he could kneel underneath her legs. He could faintly make out her strong thighs meeting her dark hairs, her soft tummy hanging slightly, her firm generous breasts swinging to her movements. He pleasured her thighs, running his fingers up and over the curve of her bottom.

Talaya’s skin tingled with excitement. She could feel the warm cover over her back and the chilly glass against her hands. She could feel Baily’s fingers exciting every nerve of her legs and pussy lips. She could feel his tongue roaming in the folds of her inner lips while fingers spread her juices up around her anus. She felt her ring respond to the touches. She wiggled her approval.

She felt a finger pressing the wrinkled skin and ease into her hole. At the same time another finger was entering her vagina. She felt pinned between the window and Baily’s assertive fingers, and was loving the mix of sensations. She brought her hand over to her clit and rubbed it strongly. The anal finger pushed further in as her ring flexed. The vaginal one probed the soft layers and folds of her channel. Her climax started to build.

Baily felt immersed in her. Her legs started to quiver either side of him, her anus and her vagina were clenching and relaxing above him. He could feel her pussy lips move as she rubbed herself to orgasm. He kissed and licked her lips and buttocks, adding his saliva to her juices. The scent of her arousal filled his nose.

Talaya’s climax suddenly washed over her. Her cunt clamped onto Baily’s fingers, her thighs clamped onto his head as a dizzying hot wave spread over her body. Her breathing stopped momentarily.

“Ah, ah, ahhhhh!” she felt a wonderful release, stronger than the earlier orgasms. her skin felt on fire. She wasn’t sure if her legs would stay up.

“”Fuck that’s good. Soooo gooood. Where’s your cock?” she slurred.

“It’s here, but I haven’t got a condom.”

Talaya wracked her brains. When was my period? Am I fertile or not? Should he just fuck me anyway? Part of her body wanted to be fucked, wanted his seed inside her.

“Rub against my clit. I want to feel your cock.”

He carefully put it up to her wet pussy lips. She guided it between the inner lips and up to her clit, feeling the shaft and its thin skin. It felt good, but her clit was too tender for even the gentlest stroke. Her legs were complaining too.

Still under the cover, she knelt down, then twisted around to face Baily. Impulsively she crouched over his rampant shaft and kissed its head. Stroking the soft skin of the shaft, she licked and kissed the smooth top of the helmet. She could taste his come, some of her come and a faint tang of condom.

Baily was loving the new arrangement. He ran his hands through her long hair and over her back, slightly damp with sweat. Tingles and sparks leapt down his cock and into his legs as belt her lips and hands work on him. He felt his balls being gently rolled and teased. it all felt wonderful, there was just one tiny problem…

He gently pulled her head up. “Baby you feel fantastic, and I don’t want you to stop, but I’ve come twice already. I may take a while to…”

She looked up his torso, trying to make out his features in the dimness under the bedclothes. Then she saw herself in her mind’s eye.

I’m an ex-virgin as of yesterday; now I’m under a blanket, oozing come, crouched on the floor, sucking the neighbour’s cock. Have I missed something here?

It was too much. Giggles bubbled up inside her. She slid her way up his body to kiss him, and the laughs came out of her. Laughter and tears of joy. Baily picked up on her mood, and also got a sense in the pause, of just how crazy it had become. His smile became a laugh. They ended up stretched out on the floor, her on top, feeling each other quietly shake with laughter, somehow still under the cover.

* * *

The morning shone. Yesterday’s rain had cleared the air and every plant was filling the space with its perfume. Every sign and building was washed and gleaming. Even the grass verges of the street sparkled. The morning sun warmed Baily’s skin as he walked down the street. He stopped to raise his face to the sun, then laughed as he recalled the girl he met walking along the exact same way, only yesterday. She was waiting in his flat now, lying naked in the morning light.

Baily had noticed an early-opening cafe near their flats some time before. The staff were just putting out the bright red chairs to start the day. The smell of coffee and something toasting invited him in. A few minutes later he was hurrying back with coffees in a tray, croissants and baklava jostling in a stiff paper bag.

He tapped on his own front door. “Talaya, are you awake? It’s me, Baily.” He could hear familiar music floating through. That’s a Putumayo disc, he thought to himself. Does she like world music too? This is getting better and better! He knocked again.

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