Tracy feels my lips sweep the side of her cheek, as my chest presses against hers. My hand holds around her neck, touching lightly and firmly, feeling her hair graze the outside of my fingers. My head is tilted slightly, as we look into each other’s eyes: your green eyes are large, with excitement and suspense, and mine are steady, flashing blue. I lean in to kiss her and she opens her mouth to greet me. My tongue pushes against hers, and I push her against the wall, sliding my hands down her shoulders, down her arms, feeling the softness of her skin. I close her eyes, breathing in the sensation, and then open them again, wider, with a smile on her face. I smile back, pushing hard against the strings that hold her pink nightgown to her shoulders. The strings slip down to her elbows and stop, with her dress caught between us, my body presses too tightly against hers to let it fall to the floor. Her breasts are exposed to me, and I lower my hand to one and squeezing it needfully, pushing my lips back against hers. Tracy moans softly.

I move away from her and watch as her pink covering slips to the floor, leaving her fully naked before my eyes. Tracy walks towards me, her steps slow and precise, her eyes staying locked on mine. ” Raise your arms,” She says to me. I obey. Tracy lifts my shirt over my head, and she kisses me teasingly as she tosses it behind me. Her smile is gone, she looks completely focused on what she wants. Tracy slips to the floor, unzipping my pants, sliding them down my legs, and then returns to push down my briefs. I step out of both when she stands up to face me. I walk towards her, but she backs away slightly, not afraid, but reluctant. We stare at each other as we get closer to the wall. Tracy stops, her back pressed against wall, I push against her, my hands cupping the sides of her shoulders, our lips embraced in a kiss, my stomach pressing against hers. Tracy feels her legs lose their strength, and I help guide her to the floor. ” There’s a bed,” I say.

” I don’t care,” She says. I kiss her stomach, looking down at her legs, where they meet, at the short patch of hair marking the center of her pussy. I kiss slowly up her chest, moving my hands around her breasts, enjoying the sight of them so close to my face. It’s all that I need. I push her legs apart, which she holds with some resistances, and slide in-between them, slowly working my way up her body. I come to rest above her face, pressing my hand down underneath her, feeling the coarseness of her pubic hair against the smoothness of her folds. Tracy looks at me angrily, as if I’m torturing her. I grip my penis in my hand, position it at her opening, and then thrust inside of her. Tracy closes her eyes, tilts her head back, and lets a smile shape her lips. ” Yes,” She moans. Attached to her, I move my hands up her body, and squeeze her breasts, and then drop my left hand to the floor for stability. I start thrusting inside of her, in slow, short thrusts, as her pussy stretches to accommodate my girth. Her hips gyrate Sex hikayeleri slowly with the rhythm of mine. ” Mmm,” She mumbles. I breathe heavy breaths, but say nothing.

I think about her, and all that she has accomplished, everything that she has done, and how I’m fucking her here, in a hotel room, under an assumed name. And how she loves it. How she wants this from me. And how she has brought me to this. I’ve changed with growing wealth, with my businesses, and with all the success all I want in this one moment is to fuck her, here, on the floor.
” I want to ask you for your help?” Tracy asks me, smiling. Her eyes grow more brilliant with each thrust. ” Ok, What do you need?” I say, smiling back. ” What can I do for you?” ” I want to move back to Nashville. Our son is going to Vanderbilt. I will need a job and a house.” She says, smiling. I’m pushing harder and faster inside of her. I lean against her body, push her legs further apart, and squeeze her breast tight with my palm. ” Good, I will make all the arrangements and have a moving company move you.” I say into her ear, ” I love you.”

Tracy knows that this excites me, because I ram into her hard and deep, causing a heavy breath to escape from my mouth, which she hears against her ear. ” Thank you.” She says as I cut the rest of her words from her mouth with another powerful thrust. She moans as I push as all the way in, and then slide out again for another push. Her fingers digging into my back, pressing me hard against her, feeling her breasts and her stomach tight against me. I feel her legs stretch wider as I slide all the way into her , each thrust harder, deeper, filling her. ” Oh God,” She says, feeling the first wave of ecstasy build in her and rising up without defense. My knees press hard against the floor, balancing each thrust, making every movement more full and lasting. Just a little bit more, just a little bit more and she will be orgasming with me inside of her.

I start convulsing, enjoying the thought of ejaculating into a beautiful woman and the mother of my three children. I think, she is noble with her pursuits, now cares for nothing more than having me cum a full load of semen into her. ” You’re close,” She says.
” So are you,” I reply. I’m over the incline, and now I’m running down hill, trying to hold it back just a little longer, while trying to release it as quick as I can. One shot spits inside of her. Her body is all that I know. Her body pressing against my body. Our bodies joined at our midsections. I shoot a second load into her. Tracy thinks about the power I have. She thinks about all that I’ve accomplished. I shoot again, and she releases against me. And I fall on top of her, relieved, the sweat of our bodies mixing, her breasts pressed against me, my fluid inside of her, and hers around me.

Tuesday afternoon I was in my office, Tracy walks in closing the door and locking it. I look at and smile. She walks up behind me placing her hands on my shoulders and starts to rub her Sikiş hikayeleri thumbs over the back of my neck. She hears a soft moan escape from my lips. Without a word between us, she got the encouragement to slip her hands under the collar of my shirt and rub my shoulders and my chest. I lean back in my chair to accept her touch, and she leans over to kiss my neck. When I reach over my shoulders to hold her, Tracy knew she wasn’t wrong. She knew she had made the right choice, and she is going to miss being able to see whenever she wants when she moves to Nashville. Then I spoke, my first words since she had walked in: ” This is a nice surprise, I will miss seeing you around Dallas. I will need to make trips to Nashville off and on. I might not let you leave at all!” Tracy replies, ” What if I don’t want to leave?”

I return her reply with a soft sigh. I swiveled my chair around to face her, so she slides onto my lap, straddling me, grinding her hips just a little to let me know her intentions. She can tell at that moment, I’m just as excited as she is. Tracy leans in for a kiss, which I return just as hungrily as hers. Her breathing has all but stopped. She can only think, about last night. I lift her shirt and find her bare breasts with erect nipples and she hears me take in a deep breath. Next thing she feels is me sucking on them, first one, then the other. This is one of her weaknesses and a shiver runs up her spine. Tracy guesses that gave me encouragement, because I slid my hand down the front of her pants finding her hot and moist.

Tracy is not sure what happened next. Her mind is so foggy that it’s hard to remember. Maybe I pushed her off my lap, maybe she stood up on her own. But as she got to her feet, my hands are on her elastic waistband and her pants are down around her ankles. I push her back up against the edge of my desk and start to lick her clit. ” OH MY GOD, he’s going to send me over the edge! I just know he is… And how do I explain the river that is bound to erupt?” Then my tongue flicks over her clit again and she loses her mind. Her hands wrap around my head holding me in place, and her legs spread open wide. She can’t pull me close enough to her. No matter how close I am, she wants me closer. My face is buried in her crotch and she is ready to explode, wave after wave. She is going to squirt and she can’t control it. She can’t stop me if she wanted too, she does not want too. The orgasm comes from deep inside of her, and she squirts a river, not once or twice, but three times.

Tracy utters a sigh of regret. She isn’t ready for me to stop but I pull away. She must have totally disgusted me. Tracy took me by surprise as my face drips of her juices. I look at her and said, ” Now you’re gonna get it!” Honestly, it sounded more like a promise than a threat. I lift her off my desk turning her around. I place my hands on her back, pushing her over so she is leaning across the top of my desk, her ass in the air. Tracy is not sure when I lost my shorts, but Erotik hikaye she feels the tip of my cock pressing entrance to her pussy. My hands are on her hips and she knows I’m ready to thrust. Instead, I’m teasing her. She feels the head of my cock enter her slowly, then I pull back. Again, I enter her with the head. Tracy can’t figure out what I’m waiting for. I’m driving her mad!

Finally, with a sudden upward thrust, I slam her pussy, only once. As soon as I’m buried inside her, I stop. She feels my entire cock filling her as I impaled her. Perhaps I need a moment myself in doing so, I’m increasing her anticipation. She is not sure if I know it, I’m a master at teasing, at making her wait and she is ready to beg. Tracy wants to feel the hard multiple thrusts and the deep strokes, it’s been far too long and she wants to seriously get fucked and fucked hard again like last night. Tracy is one second away from begging! My cock is buried all the way inside of her, and my hand slides around the front to find her clit… It’s very sensitive from the licking I just gave her. Tracy wants to grind her ass into my cock, and grind her clit into my fingers, but she is frozen as she accepts this amazing assault on her body. Tracy is ready to give in and break the silence, plead with me to fuck her, and then I give her the fucking she has been waiting for. Stroke after stroke hard and deep bouncing her off my desk, her tits dancing in rhythm. OHHH~ this is better than anything she has experienced recently.

I’m going to make her squirt again! She is so close…she does not want me to stop…she hears a voice that sounds like hers, but Tracy doesn’t remember speaking… ” Please don’t stop! Fuck me harder, fuck me faster but please, whatever you do, DON’T STOP.” Here it comes, another wave of juices…Her pussy contracts as she squirts again and she hears me moan. Tracy knows it’s not my undoing, being buried deep inside of her as the walls of her pussy tightens, massaging my cock. I thrust hard to keep my shaft buried when she clenches again, I mount her, leaning my chest on her back wrapping my arms around her grabbing her breasts, with a moan and a final hard thrust, my balls resting against her clit, my hands on both her breasts to hold myself in place, she feels my cock throbbing and jerking as I empty my balls sending stream after stream of cum deep inside her.

It takes five minutes, for us to catch our breathes, I pull out. I fall back into my chair, sweat covering my body. My breathing starts to slow down, as does hers. We both begin to regain composure. Tracy sat on the floor at my feet. Tracy doesn’t want this moment to end. As I collect my breath, she gently begins to rub my thigh, my knee, my calf, then the soles of my feet since I lost my shoes sometime during our fuck fest. It feels so good to have this contact with me again. Tracy has to pinch herself to make sure she isn’t dreaming. This isn’t a dream! Her dreams never end up this good. This is all so erotic for her and she wishes it didn’t have to end. Tracy looks up at me then says ” John, I leave next week for Nashville.” I reply ” Give your husband some kind of excuse, spend the weekend with me in Nashville in your new home.”