Ready Maid Family Bk. 03

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Book Three opens with with Sara talking about wanting a baby, which leads to the introduction of another new character, Wilbur Talbot. Wilbur’s an 18 year old east Texas buck that Sara has had the hots for for a while, and now that he’s legal, she’s going to make him her’s…at least, that’s the plan…

* * * * *

Ready Maid Family Book3

Four Months Later

Early September


Julie looked out the window of Sara’s Hummer as they sped down the road toward town. She had jumped at the chance when Sara had asked her if she wanted to see how things were going with the ranch. It had been almost a month since she’d had a chance to get out of the house, and she was starting to go a little stir crazy.

“I talked to Lucille the other day.” Sara said as she pulled to a stop behind the car in front of them at a red light. She grinned as she looked up at the Mama Lucy’s billboard off to the right, then frowned when she noticed that one corner was peeling up. She made a mental note to call the sign company later.

“Yeah, what’s she up to?” Julie asked.

“She’s talkin’ about expandin’ the shop and putting an addition on the dinin’ room cuz business had gone up at least six fold in the last couple months. They already got two ovens, but she says they need more tables for the traffic their gettin’.” Sara told her as she turned the corner and headed down the narrow two-lane road paralleling the ranch. “She wanted to know if they should knock out a wall and have one big open room, or just cut a doorway and split it into two.”

“What did you tell her?” Julie asked as they turned into the driveway and drove toward the buildings in the distance.

“I told her she should double whatever she was thinkin’ about, and put in two new dining rooms, one for families, and one for the sports crowd. I figure they could put half a dozen plasmas around, and keep people sittin’ fer hours on game days.”

“Not a bad idea.” Julie said as they pulled up to the house. “What did she have to say?”

“She said she’d think about it.” Sara said as she shut off the engine and got out of the Hummer. “But what she called about, was she wanted to see if you’d shoot some more of those little commercials you did for her. She’s adding some new stuff to the menu, and she wants to highlight ’em. She wants the same thing you did last time, fifteen-second spots of just the food, fading into that tag line, ‘Are you hungry yet?’ Which is flat fuckin’ brilliant if ya ask me.”

“Then she surprised the shit outta me. She said she’s got people callin’ and askin’ her where she got ’em. They wanted to know the name of the production company that made ’em.”

“No! You’re fuckin’ with me, right?” Julie laughed as she walked around to the front of the car.

“Serious business. And she ain’t the first one to ask either.” Sara said as she pulled a set of keys from her pocket and opened the front door of the house, waving Julie inside. “A guy from one of the Savannah stations called last week and said they got people askin’ the same questions. So I figured it was time to talk to you about what the hell yer gonna do about it.”

“What do you mean, what am I going to do about it?” Julie asked. “I shot those with my phone for god’s sake, and edited them in movie maker. I don’t know how to do a real commercial. Besides, I never even got paid for…”

“Yeah, funny you should mention that.” Sara laughed, reaching in her back pocket and pulling out an envelope. She held it out to Julie.

“What is that?” Julie asked, just looking at it.

“Well, there’s seven checks in here. One from Dawson-Carson Consulting for production work, and the rest are royalty checks from the TV stations we’re runnin’ the ads on. That’s really a kickback that usually goes to the ad agency, and averages seven to ten percent of revenue every time the ads are run. We’re runnin’ ’em on the mornin’ news, then the talk shows, and again durin’ the soaps and the evenin’ news at one to three hundred bucks a pop, depending on the timeslot. They’re made out to Bedford-Carson Productions, but you can change the name if you don’t like it.”

“Jesus Sara, there’s almost sixty thousand dollars in here.” Julie said as she flipped through the checks.

“Yeah, not bad for a couple hours work, huh?” Sara laughed. “I was thinkin’ we could get your company setup, on paper at least, then we start tellin’ the TV stations where to direct inquiries. I’m pretty sure you’ll have more work than you can handle in no time.”

“I don’t know, Sara. This seems like a big st…”

“I know, but it’s a huge opportunity for you too.” Sara said, taking her hand. “We can put that on the back burner for now, but at least think about it.”

“C’mon, lemme show you around.” She laughed as she led her across the room. “The house is almost identical to the place in Weston. I just gave the builder the original blueprints to work off of, but there’s a few differences. The master bath is bigger and has a fancy bahis siteleri assed shower and a bidet in it. All the bathroom’s got ’em, that was Syl’s idea. And the kitchen is about ten feet wider with a double oven and a shitload o’ other stuff build in. That was Syl’s idea too.”

“This is beautiful, Sara! Where did you ever find someone to design something like this?” Julie asked.

“Gage drew up the original layout, then him and Margo spent a year arguin’ over the little details, which I was glad about, cuz there’s a shit load of closet space here, and in Weston. When they got it where they both liked it, they took it to an architect, and had the blueprints done.”

“He said you loved the house in Weston.” Julie told her as they moved from room to room. “And now I can see why. I’m glad you could bring it with you, not many people get to do that.”

“Yeah well, including what I put out for the land, I’m a little over a million into this little project.” Sara said as she opened the back door and led her outside. “Just the land is worth five times that, and by the time I get done with the buildings, Syl is gonna have a nice little retirement package waitin’ for her.”

“You’re giving all this to Sylvia? Does she know about this?” Julie asked as they got close to the barn. “She may not go for that. She likes to earn her keep, you know, pull her own weight.”

“Oh, she’s gonna do that, I promise.” Sara laughed. “She’s gonna be runnin’ this place in a year or so. The way she took to Junior, and the way she takes care of him tells me that she can handle runnin’ an operation like this. We get her a couple good hands to do the heavy shit, and she’ll do just fine.”

“There’s somethin’ else I wanna talk to you about.” She said as they walked through the barn. “There’s a kid in Weston. His names Wilbur, an’ I…fuck, there ain’t no other way to say it…I’m in love with him. I have been for a while. We never done nothin’ sexual, he just turned eighteen the other day, but we been playin this little game fer a couple years…without talking about it…an’ I wanna go see if he…I wanna see if he wants to do it fer real. I already talked to Syl about it, an’ she’s all hot on the idea…”

“Of course she’s hot on the idea.” Julie laughed, turning Sara to face her. “But are you sure that turning her loose on an eighteen year old boy is such a good idea? He may not survive it, you know how she gets…”

“Yeah, but she’s not the part I’m worried about.” Sara said, looking at the floor. “I am. I didn’t tell Syl this part, but I gotta run it by somebody I trust, and I can’t talk to Gage…”

“Are you going to ask him to come back here with you?” Julie asked.

“Yeah, but I already told Syl that, and she’s okay with it.” Sara said, then was silent for a long time.

Julie waited, knowing that she would say what she needed to when she was ready.

Sara finally looked at her and started to speak.

“I stopped taking the pill a couple of weeks ago, that’s why I ain’t been comin’ around to get any lovin’ from Gage lately.” She said, trying not to smile. “And if we leave tomorrow, I’m gonna be ovulatin’ by the time we get there. So I’m talkin’ about lettin’ a randy eighteen year old buck shoot live ammo at my nest fulla fertile eggs…an’ what I wanna ask you is, am I fuckin’ crazy, or what?”

“No, I don’t think you’re crazy.” Julie laughed. “I think you sound like a thirty-six year old woman that hears the alarm on her biological clock going off like Big Ben, and is looking for a way to shut it off. But I have a few questions before I give you my final answer.”

“First.” She said, leading her over and pulling her down beside her as she sat on a bale of hay. “Are you going to tell him that you’re planning on making him a daddy, if so, when?”

“Second, when are you going to tell Syl, cuz I’m pretty sure she’s gonna notice when your belly starts to swell up. Cuz on your skinny ass, you ain’t gonna be able to hide it.”

“And third, what are you gonna do if he’s not interested? You sound like you have a major hard-on for this kid. Are you going to be able to handle that kind of let down?”

“I didn’t think about that last one, at least I didn’t admit it to myself.” Sara said, grinning at her. “But that might be why I want Syl to go with me. There’s other shit I’m gonna need her to help me with, but that may be the real reason…just in case he says no.”

“I been thinkin’ about how to ask him about how he’d feel bein’ a daddy. I mean, I can’t just go get knocked up and drive away. He’d have to marry me, an’ make me an honest woman, so our baby would have his daddy’s name. I was plannin’ on just fuckin’ him till he was stupid in love with me, then hit him with it.”

“Subtle, but effective.” Julie laughed.

“I’m still tryin’ to figure out how to tell Syl.” She said, looking over at her. “It seems like no matter what I do, I don’t see it turnin’ out good, leastwise, not for me…”

“Well, if she’s okay with you wanting canlı bahis siteleri to bring this kid up here, and I’m assuming you’re going to be sharing him with her, it’s not that big a stretch to think that she’d be okay with you having a baby with him.” Julie said, leaning back into the bales behind her. “She was okay with me getting pregnant with Gage, she just didn’t want to do it with me. And if you want the truth, I was disappointed when she said no. I was looking forward to us having our babies together…you know, like sisters or something…”

“Yeah, I knew you were disappointed when she said no. I’m pretty sure she did too. But she was serious when she said that she’s gonna help. She thinks that baby is half hers anyway, since her husband is the daddy and all. God help the kid when he finally shows up, cuz Mama Syl is gonna spoil his ass rotten.”

“I’m having a girl, I can already feel it. So she can spoil her all she wants, as long as she sticks around.” Julie laughed, standing up and brushing straw off her butt. “Right now, Syl, Gage and you are number one point one in my life.”

“Little Sage here.” She smiled, patting her belly. “Is number one. You’re gonna feel the same way, and Syl will accept that. But you’re gonna have to be honest with her. That’s the only way you’re gonna last, and I think you know that as well as I do.”

“I can’t tell you how to tell her what you want to do. All I know is, you’re gonna have to do it before you commit to this plan of yours.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinkin’ too. I guess I’ll just have to figure it out.” Sara said as she got to her feet. “I mean, I got a day and a half before I gotta do anything, that should be enough time, right?”

“This from the girl that’s already been thinking about it for at least two weeks.” Julie laughed, taking her hand and walking toward the door. “Who knows, maybe he’ll get you both pregnant, then you won’t have to worry about it…”


Sylvia was stretched out on a mat doing sit-ups when Sara walked into the workout room. She was wearing a sportsbra, a pair of panties and her sneakers.

Sara stood in the doorway, watching her abs ripple as she twisted her torso from side to side as she powered though each one.

She smiled when she heard her mutter, “Sixty.”, then rolled over on her side and started doing legs lifts.

Sara’s heart beat faster as she watched the long muscle on the back of her thigh flex as she raised her leg. She had to stifle a gasp when she moved her eyes up higher, and she saw her asscheeks moving under her panties.

“Hey, how long you been standing there.” Sylvia laughed when she rolled over on her other side and started another set.

“About five minutes, I just got back from showin’ Julie around over at the ranch.” Sara said, trying to act calmer than she was. “You about done here?”

“Yeah.” Sylvia grinned. “I just wanna do another set of pushups. You wanna lay on my back, maybe gimme a little added resistance?”

“Aw, yer just showin’ off now.” Sara laughed as she pulled her shirt over her head, then unhooked her bra and shook it off. She walked over as Sylvia rolled over onto her belly, and turned so she was facing her feet, then sat down on her butt and laid back on her.

“Yeah, but it really does help.” Sylvia said as she lifted her legs behind her, crossing her ankles as she raised her upper body slowly, then started pumping them up and down in a steady rhythm. “Having your extra weigh really works my pecs, so my tits are a lot firmer than they used to be. They don’t sag as much as they used to.”

“That’s cuz you dropped a couple cup sizes, and there ain’t as much meat hangin’ off ya, not because yer addin’ new muscle.” Sara said as she stared up at the ceiling. “But you need to start backin’ off a little. You done went past toned, and yer pushing hard at buff. You keep up like yer goin’, and yer gonna look like one o’ them…”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking the same thing.” Sylvia panted as she slowed down. She moved her hands closer to her body so she was working her arm muscles more. “I’ve been doing fewer reps this week, I’ll cut back some more, and start adding more carbs and fat to my diet.”

“Thanks, I liked that layer of surface fat you used to have, and I’d really like you to put some of it back on.” Sara said, putting her hands down beside her. She put her hands on the floor and started lifting in time with Sylvia, taking some of her weight off her. “Think you could handle puttin’ ten, maybe fifteen pounds or so back on for me?”

“Hey! If you’re gonna do that, I might as well stop.” Sylvia laughed, then lowered them to the floor.

“What? I was just joinin’ in. You know, workin’ my traps and triceps a little. I gotta stay in shape too ya know.”

Sylvia laughed as she rolled to one side suddenly, making Sara tumble off onto the floor. She rolled the other way, then spun around, pulling her legs under her as she sat up.

“You really want me to put some canlı bahis weight back on?” She asked, running her hands over her belly, then down over her legs.

“Yeah, not alot, just enough to give you that smooth look again.” Sara said as she got up on her knees in front of her, running her hand lightly over her mid-section. “You don’t want this six pack to show all the time, that ain’t sexy, least not to me. And them guns yer packin’ are startin’ to get scary hon…”

“What? You don’t like the amazon look?” Sylvia laughed, bringing her arms around in front of her and tightening her biceps and triceps. Her chest and shoulder muscles bulged at the same time, and Sara gasped at the display.

“Yeah, I like watchin’ it in the movies, an’ on TV.” Sara said, leaning closer, and running her fingers over one arm. “But I don’t like it in my bed. I like soft and smooth when I’m makin’ love with ya, not hard and all pumped up, like yer gettin’. I’m sorry sweetie, but I want my woman back.”

“Okay, I guess I have been gettin’ a little crazy, you know, goin’ overboard with all this.” Sylvia said as she got to her feet and held her hand out to Sara. “But it just feels so good, ya know? I’ve never been in this kind of shape before Sara, and when I look in the mirror, I don’t even know myself sometimes.”

She paused and pulled Sara to her feet, then put her arms around her waist.

“The other part of it is, when I play with myself in the shower after I workout…oh god, I cum so good. It’s un-fucking-believable, Sara.” She said, looking at her with a fire in her eyes. “It’s not just my pussy, my whole body sings…the same thing happens when we fuck, or just make out. I feel so…alive…”

“That’s the endorphins.” Sara laughed, slipping out of her arms and leading her out of the room. “The word means a morphine-like substance originating from within the body. You produce ’em when you workout, so you just been ridin’ a nice natural high, an’ not even realizin’ it.”

“So you wanna take a shower with me, maybe tell me a little more about…”

“No, I wanna take a shower with you so I can play with you, and maybe see just how good I can make you cum after a workout.” Sara laughed as they stepped into the bathroom. She pushed her shorts off and grinned at her. “Now get nekkid, I’ll get the shower runnin’.”


“Spread ’em.” Sara said, turning Sylvia under the showerhead, then pushing her toward the shower wall.

Sylvia leaned forward, pressing her hands against the wall, working her feet back, and spreading them a little.

Sara stepped close behind her, reaching around with one sponge mitt, and stroking it slowly over her stomach. Her other hand slid slowly up over her arm, then back down the underside.

“Jesus baby, I can’t believe the change in you, even though I saw it happen.” Sara said softly as she washed her. She could tell by Sylvia’s breathing that her soft, gentle caresses were arousing her.

Sylvia moaned, arching her back as she ran a soapy mitt over her tits, running it around the bumpy ring of her areole, then pinching the nipple.

“Oh god, that feels so good.” she whispered, pushing her breast into her hand.

“You like that sweetie? Does my hand feel good on your titty?” Sara purred as she cupped the soft, fluffy mound.

“Mmmm hmmmm.” Sylvia grunted, humping her ass back at her.

“Keep yer legs spread, baby.” Sara whispered huskily as she pumped more soap on the glove, stepping up closer behind her. She straddled her leg, grinding her pussy mound against it.

Sylvia moaned as she slid her feet back, spreading them wider. She moaned again as Sara slid the soapy sponge over her tits, then dragged it slowly down over her tummy, stopping as she reached the close-cropped vee of her pubes. She ran the glove up and down over the soft hairs, then slid it down quickly, brushing it over the clean shaved lips of her pussy, withdrawing it just as quickly.

“Oh god!” Sylvia gasped.

“You wanna cum, don’t you baby?” Sara whispered, leaning in close to her ear. Her hand ran down across Sylvia’s stomach, dipped into the curly hairs of her pubes, then drew back, making her groan. “You would have cum already if you were doing this by yerself, wouldn’t you greedy little slut?”

“Oh, you bitch!” Sylvia panted. “I shouldn’t have told you what working out does to me. Please, just get me off. I need it Sara. Please?” She begged, her head hanging down, her legs beginning to shake.

“I know, but I like seeing you like this.” Sara whispered huskily in her ear. “I think you like this better than when I eat you out, or make you squirt. That’s just a cum. But when you get off like this, everything in clicking, you’re cruisin’ on that endorphin high, and your whole body just sings.” Her hand dipped down, the rough sponge brushing across the fleshy lips of Sylvia’s pussy, making her whimper. “This is the real reason you spend so much time working out now, isn’t it. Admit it. I’m not going to let you cum until you do.”

“Noooooo.” Sylvia whimpered, humping back at her. “Please.”

“No what, baby?” Sara whispered as she moved the glove back up over her stomach, running it over the heaving mounds of her tits again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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