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**This is a 100% true story, as told to me by a friend of mine after it happened. The events unfolded the same way, the names have been changed to protect the innocent**

Logan Hartlay grew up in Dallas, TX and for the first seven years of his life, he lived with his father and grandparents in Highland Park, a suburb of the city that is known for its money. Highland Park residents are what are known as “Old Money”. They have been rich for generations and will be rich for generations to come. Logan’s grandparents were no different, living in a veritable mansion, servants, nannies (Logan had 3 growing up!), and they spoiled their only son, Erich, to no end, mostly due to several miscarriages early on in their marriage and doctors from all over the world telling them that a baby was not in their future, so, when Erich came along, as you can imagine, he was the toast of the family. As Erich got older, he developed a pretty wild streak, wasting no opportunity to rebel against his parents, and when he chose a girlfriend, she was no different.

Sadie was a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak. She was from a very poor family, and Erich’s parents strongly disapproved of her. Strongly disapproved was an understatement. She did not have the right “blood-lines” they told Erich, and the more that they tried to stop him from seeing her, the more that he would sneak out for trysts with his teenaged lover.

For Sadie, Erich was a possible escape from what she thought was Hell. A drunken, jobless father, a mother who blatantly flaunted her infidelity, all living in a trailer on the outskirts of their town, which sat about 15 miles outside of Dallas.

Sadie learned early on that she had to use her sexuality in order to get what she wanted, and she certainly did not lack in the sexuality department. When she was just 13 years old, Sadie was a large C cup with a round ass and could get into bars and not get ID’d, she looked well over 21 when she applied make-up and wore her mother’s slinkiest dresses, which she did quite often.

Fate brought them together during a high school football game, and at halftime of that game, not an hour after they had met, Sadie had Erich’s virginity in her back pocket and he wrapped around her finger.

Sadie really began to worry Erich’s parents as she began to exude very strange tendencies over the several months that they were together. She would call, then just hang up the phone, so much that they changed their phone number twice, she would drive her Dad’s beat up old Buick by the house at all hours of the night and just park out front of their house for hours. The police were dispatched by his parents house many, many times in order to shoo her away, but that just made Erich try to be with her more and more. Then, the worst happened. Erich informed his parents that Sadie was pregnant.

Erich Hartlay’s parents begged and pleaded for Sadie to get an abortion, to no avail. Sadie was 15, and Erich 16, and for their son to have a baby at his age was an affront to their posh lifestyle and haughty circle of friends. The baby, a healthy 7lb, 6oz boy, came in July, and Erich’s parents paid for Sadie to have the baby out of town, sequestered in a small town where no one knew who they were. Then, the unthinkable happened. Sadie disappeared.

The nurses brought the bouncing baby, whom Erich and Sadie had named Logan, in for his morning feeding, and found an empty hospital bed. A search of the room found that she had taken whatever belongings that she had with her and was gone. Calls to her home found a disconnected phone, her family claimed to have not seen her back at their trailer. Sadie had just disappeared.

With the help of his parents, Erich raised Logan to be a fine young man. Erich completed school, graduated college and landed a high paying job with a consulting firm in Dallas. Erich also raised Logan with strong ideals.

Rebekkah became Logan’s step-mom when he was 7 years old, and he loved her. She was the best thing to ever happen to both Erich and Logan. She filled the role of mother to Logan quite nicely, and when Logan became big brother to Andie when he was nine, Katie a year later and his little brother, Mackenzie (Mack) when he was twelve, Rebekkah never did change her attitude towards him, Logan called her “Mom” and meant it, and she referred to him as her son, and she meant that.

Logan got great grades in school and was a four sport letterman. While most of his friends in high school drove expensive imports to school and carried no-limit credit cards, Logan earned his money working at the local grocery store and although Dad provided a car for him, it wasn’t a BMW or Mercedes like his buddies’ cars, but that never bothered him, he and his Dad were best friends and he never lacked for anything, plus he knew that his Dad was looking out for him.

Probably the best and proudest moment of Erich Hartlay’s life was when his oldest son accepted a full scholarship to the University of Texas, gaziantep ofise gelen escort located in Austin, TX and then went on to graduate SMU School of Law. Logan graduated near the top of his class and there was a bidding war amongst law firms in order to get this hot-shot attorney in their fold. Logan joined a major law firm in Dallas and began practicing his specialty, Divorce.

The phone rang late in the evening and Logan got up to answer it.


“Hey, buddy,” It was Logan’s dad, “What are you doing?”

“Getting ready to hit the sack,” Logan replied, “I’ve got a soccer game early tomorrow, and I worked far too many hours today!”

“Well, your Grammy brought over a letter for you that I think that you really need to see, can you come after your game tomorrow?”

“Dad, this is pretty lame attempt at getting me to your house,” Logan exclaimed, “I told you that I don’t want y’all doing anything special for my birthday tomorrow!”

“No, son,” The tone in his voice told Logan that he was serious; “There really IS a letter for you, no return address, nothing. You’d think that it is top-secret government documents the way that Grammy is acting!”

Logan chuckled into the phone, his grandmother always steered herself to the melodramatic.

“Alright, old man,” Logan sighed, “I’ll be there tomorrow after the game.”

“Great, Loge, do two things for me.” Erich asked.

“Sure, Pops, what?”

“Your sisters and brother are really excited about your 26th birthday and have something special planned, so act surprised, and two, make sure that you bring over that new girl of yours!” Logan’s father added the last bit of his sentence in a lecherous tone.

“Freakin’ pervert!” Logan exclaimed, then his voice dropped to a whisper, “Dad, I’ll make sure that she wears a really, really tight shirt!”

Logan hung up the phone to his father’s roars of laughter.

“Who was that?” A voice from behind him came.

Logan turned to the voice. Melinda was the latest in a long line of girls that Logan brought through his loft apartment. The difference, Logan feared, was that he was really starting to like her, maybe even that dreaded “L” word! She and Logan had been together about three months and she practically lived with him, ever since he fell for her when she was hired by the firm in the corporate law department. Melinda also was an attorney, and an SMU Law grad. He loved the way that she looked, Melinda was 5’9″ tall, weighed about 120lbs, long, straight blonde hair (the carpet matches the drapes), full, natural ‘D’s, with the most sensitive pink areolas capped by corn kernel size nipples that would send her into a frenzy just when Logan blew onto them. She was shaved, save for a blonde landing strip, and her frequent work-outs kept her stomach flat, and her body was just the right amount of muscular.

Logan whistled lustily as he took her in.

Melinda was leaning against the door to the bedroom, wearing her panties and one of Logan’s dress shirts, open in the front to expose her round cleavage and flat stomach. Logan felt a twinge in his boxers as his cock leapt to life.

“Dad.” Logan said. “He was telling me how he wanted to cover you in peanut butter and pretend that he was a cracker and scoop you all up!”

Melinda’s left hand moved to her breast and she tweaked her exposed nipple while her right hand rubbed her pussy over the top of her panties.

“Does Daddy want to play with Me-lin-da?” She said in her most incredibly sexy pouty voice.

Logan stripped off his boxers and his thick; nine inch tool nearly hit him in the stomach. Hunter stands 6’2″, and weighs in at 195lbs. Hard workouts in the gym five days a week, soccer four days a week and at least 30 miles a week of jogging makes him look like he was carved out of stone as every muscle in his body is clearly defined. Melinda drove Logan crazy and his cock throbbed in anticipation.

Melinda dropped the shirt that she was wearing, and slowly pulled her panties down, teasing Logan.

“Are you going to..come…here, loverboy?” Melinda cooed as her hands rubbed all over her body and through her hair. She slowly walked to him and gently pushed him down on the couch in the living room. Melinda grabbed Logan’s hand and placed it on his own swollen cock.

“I love to watch you play with your self!” She whispered in his ear as she controlled the tempo of his masturbation. While Logan was slowly sliding his hand up and down his long shaft, Melinda padded to the stereo and turned it on, putting on a CD that she liked. Melinda turned back to Logan when she was satisfied with her selection and began a slow seductive dance, teasing him. She would grab his free hand and bring it to her breasts, then push it away. Melinda turned her back to him, and showed her fat pussy lips to him, but would scurry out of arms length when he would touch her. All of the while, Logan gaziantep öğrenci escort slowly stroked away at his massive cock.

Melinda then knelt between his legs and began to nibble on his thighs, and then lovingly lick his skin as she came closer and closer to his heavy balls. With her hand, Melinda moved his nut sack up and began to lick at his asshole, slowly at first, and then she plunged her tongue into his ass and wildly sucked at his sphincter ring. Melinda’s hand replaced Logan’s own on his cock and she increased the tempo of her masturbation of him. She leaned up and took his cock head into her mouth and ran her tongue around it. Logan groaned in ecstasy. He had been the recipient of thousands of blow-jobs, but this girl here was the absolute best that he had ever had, noisy, sloppy wet, just perfect.

Melinda tickled Logan’s balls with her right hand, jacked him off with her left hand while sucking away at his cock with her gorgeous mouth. Not one inch of his cock wasn’t dripping with her saliva and soon he began to feel the boiling in his balls. Melinda seemed to feel this herself and got up and straddled him, her back to him, and lowered herself onto him until her pussy engulfed his raging hard-on. Slowly she began to rock up and down, but very soon, she was raising herself until the head of his cock was nearly completely exposed and then she would ram down on his shaft until he was buried to the hilt in her dripping wet honey-hole.

Melinda ripped into a monster orgasm as she rode Logan cowboy style. Her shrieks were loud and he could not hold on much longer as Melinda ground down onto his meat-pole and gyrated her hips up and down and in circles. Logan gripped her hips and began thrusting into her in earnest as he felt his own load approaching the point of no return. Melinda timed it perfectly, and as he began to wail in ecstasy, she dismounted his huge penis and turned to him and choked down all but an inch or so of his rigid penis into her hungry mouth.

Logan lost control as he watched his girlfriend engulf his cock; slick and dripping with her own love juices, and wildly bob up and down on it. Melinda’s eyes met his as he shot a long, thick stream of cum right down her throat. Logan felt like he would not stop coming as he shot jet after jet of hot love juice into her mouth and down her throat. Melinda’s eyes never left Logan’s as she fought to down every last drop of her man’s choad. A stream of cum dribbled down his shaft as he rode the final waves of his monster orgasm. Melinda continued to suck his cock, cleaning his penis of all of her pussy juice and cum that she could not swallow. Finally, she pulled his rod from her mouth with an audible pop, kissed him on the forehead, and told Logan to hurry up and get to bed for round two.

Logan grinned as he felt his cock twitch back to life as he watched her walk toward the bedroom, her delicious little hard muscled ass swaying back and forth.

Logan pulled his Toyota LandCruiser into his Dad’s driveway the next day. Although only mid-morning, it was nearly 90 degrees and sweltering. July in Texas is brutal, and this summer was no different, almost two full weeks of 100+ temps every day.

The front door burst open and Rebekkah came out, smiling and waving, ushering them into the house.

Rebekkah was Logan’s Dad’s age, 42, and looked fifteen years younger. She was about 5’5″, with curly strawberry blonde hair that hung down to the middle of her back, she and Erich were avidly into fitness and Rebekkah’s appearance showed it. She wore a form fitting, pale blue, simple polo shirt with a short tennis skirt that showed off her firm thighs and her feet were bare. Rebekkah had taken a quick liking to Melinda and the two of them already had there heads together, giggling like school girls as they made their way up the walk. Melinda had on her typical summer attire, flip-flops and tiny shorts, with a spaghetti strap tank top that accentuated her big breasts.

“LO-OO-GG-AN!!!” A voice shrilly screamed as he walked into the foyer. He turned to the voice just as he saw his oldest sister, Andie, launch herself at him.

“OOF!” He gasped as he caught his sister and she wrapped her legs around his waist and covered his cheeks in play kisses.

“Whoa!” Logan exclaimed as his other sister, Katie, jumped on his back and began planting wet smooches on his other cheek.

After a round of hugs and a handshake from his father, Logan asked what everyone was so excited about.

“Happy Birthday!!” Both girls shouted in unison, and they each grabbed one of his hands and led him into the families’ dining room.

Logan’s family had decorated the room with streamers and balloons. Logan’s little brother was lighting the last of the candles as he walked into the room, a huge grin on his face. Logan’s’ grandparents were there, as well as some of the neighbors, and several of his sisters’ friends. They all broke oğuzeli escort into a rather off key, if not enthusiastic rendition of the birthday song. Everyone had a gift for Logan, and he made the rounds to ever person there, thanking them for coming, oohing and aahing at their gift for him.

“Come her, boy, and give Grammy a kiss!” Logan’s Grammy and Grandpa sat in the great chairs that were arranged around the room. She was still beautiful, and, of course, dressed like the stereotypical Dallas socialite. Hair piled on top of her head, big, dangling earrings, heavy make-up, even heavier perfume, rings on every finger.

“Well, don’t forget your letter.” She whispered to him, “There isn’t even a return address!” Grammy sniffed, turning her nose into the air. Logan kissed her on the cheek and gave her a big hug.

“Grub’s on, pool’s wet!” Erich yelled from the patio.

“DAD! Where is that letter?” Logan yelled to his father. Erich gestured to the kitchen.

Logan grabbed a letter from the counter in the kitchen and examined it closely. It was carefully written in a woman’s hand, addressed to him at his grandparents’ house, no return address. Logan looked around, feeling antsy, and chastised himself for feeling that way. With trembling hands, he slowly tore open the letter.

Logan took a deep breath and looked outside at the pool area. His oldest sister, Andie, who was well on her way to being an absolutely stunning young lady, had invited several of her girlfriends over and they were lying on the pool chairs, sunning themselves. Katie, his mom and Melinda were chatting by the BBQ grill while Dad turned some burgers. Melinda had changed into one of Rebekkah’s suits, a hot pink bikini that showed off her golden tan. The top was way too small, as her big tits nearly spilled out of the top and sides, straining the fabric. She definitely was getting attention, all heads were turning as she and Katie took a seat next to Andie and her friends and began to hand out plates of food. Out of the corner of Logan’s eye, he saw his mom playfully swat his dad on the arm as he was watching Melinda’s nearly naked ass, the material of the swim suit barely covering her buns. Erich grinned and shrugged, giving Logan’s mom a kiss on the cheek. Mack, the comedian of the family, was entertaining his grandparents and some of the neighbors with some story. Logan could see them laughing as Mack flailed his arms about.

Logan inhaled deeply and let his breath out slowly as he concentrated fully on the letter, he was chastising himself for feeling the trepidation that he felt, but he couldn’t help it.

Inside the envelope was a piece of paper that looked like it had been printed from a color printer. Balloons adorned the top and bottom portion of the paper, framing the middle of the white page. In the center was written:

I was never there, but I never missed one of your birthdays! Contact me @ *******

That was it. Nothing else. Logan knew immediately that it was his real mother, trying to get in touch with him after all of these years. He shoved the letter into his soccer bag and went out to the pool.

Grammy waved him over to her side.

“What was in the letter?” She asked.

“One of my old college buddies,” Logan lied, “He just knew my old address and sent me a birthday card, that’s all, Gram.”

Logan made his way to his Dad’s side as he put a second burger on a plate and handed it to his son.

“You shouldn’t fib, Loge.”

“That obvious, Dad?” Logan asked.

“Y’wanna talk about it?”

“I am 99% sure that it was her, Dad.” Logan told his father the contents of the letter.

“The biological?” That was the reference that the two of them used when referring to Logan’s real mother. Logan’s Dad said this in almost a whisper. Erich had a very difficult time getting over Sadie after she disappeared. Logan knew all of this, and never brought up the subject of his real mother.

“What are you going to do?” Erich asked.

“Well, I don’t want to hurt Mom, and I don’t want Grammy to have a heart attack!” Logan sighed. “I don’t know, Pops, I guess that I have some thinking to do!”

“Daddy!” Andie’s voice interrupted any further discussion that they had on the subject. “It’s hot; can we all go in and watch some movies?”

“Sure, baby,” Erich stated, putting an arm around his oldest girl and kissing the top of her head, “In fact, as hot as it is, I think it is a good idea for all of us to do so.”

“Logan, you can sit by me!” One of Andie’s girlfriends piped up.

“No, Logan, sit by me!” Another added. “Mr. Hartlay, I’ll save you a seat!”

The girls giggled and ran off, with little snippets of Andie’s friends telling her that her brother and her father were ‘sooooo’ cute floating on the air.

Logan and his father looked at each other and laughed. The letter subject was not brought up again as the Birthday Party spent the rest of the afternoon in the media room, watching movies on the big screen TV, and eating popcorn.

Later on that evening, Erich and Rebekkah were picking up the final traces of the birthday bash and cleaning the patio area.

“Wow,” Rebekkah groaned, lifting her arms over her head and stretching hard. “I am really tired.”

“Well, I was hoping for a whirl in the hot tub, my sweetie.” Erich said, eyeing her lustfully.

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