Red Cheeks

Big Dicks

The weekend was fast approaching, and I was starting to feel excited. I had booked a room in a motel in a city two hours drive away from my home town. Up until now my sir and I had only met in the company of others, others issues had often detracted from the play, but this weekend he was going to meet me on my own for the first time. Instead of having to share, I would get all the attention. No one else’s problems were going to get in the way. That was a most unusual thought, both exciting and a little nerve-wracking. To be honest I wasn’t sure quite what to expect.

The week passed painfully slowly, simply because I wanted it to go more quickly. Finally Friday arrived and tomorrow I was off to my naughty rendezvous. Friday evening was spent preparing myself for sir. I had to ensure my kitty was smooth and hair free. I plucked and shaved everywhere I needed to. I packed an overnight bag with just the essentials, underwear; toiletries a change of clothes and of course my wet blanket, because I know I will make a wet mess. Then I slipped between my cool sheets for the night.

Early the next morning I dressed and slid into my car. My kitty was already damp and my heart was going a hundred miles a minute. I had over two hours to think about what was going to happen and imagine the scenario that was going to play out.

I pulled into my motel and checked in; heading to the room that was to become my regular when I made this journey across the hill. I stepped into the cool room and closed the door and the curtains behind me. Put my things away ensuring the room remained tidy looking. I spread the wet blanket over the white cover on the bed and poured myself a drink of water. I sat on a chair located in the corner of the room and relax for a few minutes before my instructions arrive via text message.

“I will be there at 2 pm, I expect you to be naked with your blindfold on, wrist and ankle cuffs on and kneeling next to the bed, facing the door.”

I took a deep breath and headed to the shower with two goals in mind, to relax and ease the nervousness and to prepare my body to enjoy the fun to come. I was really uncertain as to what was going to happen. This was the first time we were going to play alone together and while we had chatted via text about what I expected Betturkey and wanted from our session I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen or how I was going to feel. I lathered up and rinsed off at least two times, made sure my kitty was still silky smooth. After stepping out and rubbing my body down with the white motel towels I brushed my teeth and made my way to the living area.

Opening my overnight bag, I pulled out my black leather ankle cuffs and taking each one I wrapped it around each ankle, sliding the buckle in place ensuring they were snug but not too tight. Next I wrapped my wrist cuffs around each wrist sliding the buckles into place. After the final buckle closed my breathing calmed and I began to relax. I slid on my robe and relaxed for a little while allowing my mind to wander to the events to come and find myself in the beginnings of sub space. Checking my watch it was almost two. I carefully slipped it off and left it on the table, picking up my blindfold and kneeling in my appointed spot. I took a deep breath and slid the blindfold into place and waited.

Without my sight my other senses were heightened and I was on edge listening for the key in the lock or the footsteps outside the door. There was an element of fear in this, does anyone else have a key, is it going to be sir, will there be anyone else here to? Did I close the curtain properly? What’s going to happen? I have no idea how long I waited kneeling beside the bed. Time slowed to a snail’s pace and every small noise made me jump.

Finally a key slid into the lock and I was keenly aware of the click as the door unlocked and slid open, then closed. My breath quickened and my kitty was so moist I was beginning to feel my juices escape my pussy lips and slide down my inner thigh. I almost leapt out of my skin as I felt the warm breath of air caress my ear,

“Hello, lovely lady.”

“Hello, sir,” I breathed.

“Are you ready for me?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” I replied.

His hand slid down rested on my shoulder briefly before sliding down my back.

“Stand up.”

I stood a little shakily arms loosely behind me not restrained just resting these. I drew a deep calming breath as his hand continued its journey downward smoothing over my bottom Betturkey Giriş cheek and slipped between them, testing the moisture levels. A desire filled sigh escaped my lips and pleasure flowed through me from his intimate touch.

“Well, you certainly are ready for me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” I breathed.

A gentle press against my shoulder and I knew what was expected, I was grateful my wrists were not restrained as I moved forward and bent over the bed, knees resting on the edge, my head resting on my hands. Sir’s hand moved ceaselessly over the pale cheeks of my bottom. I knew what was coming but nothing prepared me for the sudden sting of that first slap of his hand on my cheek. The sting lasting much longer than the impact. I took a sharp breath and held it until the sting eased. The breath I let out was one of contentment as I started my descent into the bliss of subspace. Sir continued with the bare hand spanking of my stinging cheeks. First one cheek and then the next, with increasing intensity and strength. Impacts tempered with the soothing feel of his hand smoothing the skin. My cheeks were becoming very red and hot. Sir slipped his hand between my thighs and it was almost immediately drenched in my wetness. Sir continued to slide his fingers between my pussy lips, finding the tender nub of my clitoris gently working it with a single finger. Taking me right to the brink of an intense orgasm before removing his hand and slapping me once more, hard on each cheek.

I moaned in frustration. Sir stepped back, and my mind went into overdrive. What was going to come next? We had talked about the implements and toys that I would like to experience. A cool implement slid over my hot cheeks long and thin.

“Do you know what this is?” Sir asked.

Behind my blindfold I concentrated hard on what I could feel sliding over my cheeks. Sir brought the implement down firmly on my buttock and the flat flick of the leather tip gave me the answer I needed. After catching my breath, I replied

“Your riding crop, sir?”

“Very good, little one.”

Sir then proceeded to use it to further colour my formally pale cheeks. My pussy juices were dripping down my thighs as the crop warmed my backside. Impact after impact, my mind was miles away riding a wave of sensation.

I sighed deeply as sir stepped away again briefly returning and sliding another long thin object over my burning bottom.

“Now you know what this is don’t you?” “The last four strikes will be with this.”

I knew what it was, and I knew it was going to hurt, sting so much I wouldn’t be able to breath for moments at a time. The cane.

The cool wood of the cane rested on my hot bottom, then sir lifted it, I held my breath in anticipation, sir brought it down quickly and the after it impacted my skin a brief moment of calm before the intense sting caused me to hiss the air through my teeth and hold it as my body, brain and bottom processed the pleasure pain. Three more strokes followed in quick succession, I was flying as sir deftly spread the sting across both cheeks. Finishing with a firm hand pressing the stinging lines covering my red-hot cheeks offering some relief.

“All done, little miss.”

Sir’s hand slipped into my now dripping pussy finding that ultra — sensitive nub, now swollen and desperate to cum. Sir’s insistent fingers worked my clit into a frenzy and I lost myself in the sensations and pleasure that flowed over my body overwhelming my senses. A flood of cum surged from me saturating sir’s hand and the blanket below me and I moaned the absolute bliss I felt.

I relaxed into the bed and turned so I could hug my sir to thank him properly for my pleasure and to feel his arms around me.

“Thank you, sir, thank you so much.”

My now very red bottom cheeks felt hot and stung, they ached as I sat on the bed and I knew that the cane lines would create a memory that I would be reminded of for the next few days.

I desperately wanted to thank sir in a more intimate manner, but it was not to be just yet. Sir settled me onto the bed. After such intense sensations I was sleepy, he gently unbuckled each of the cuffs and placed them on the table, kissed me, tucked me in and slipped out of the door.

I woke hours later with a smile on my lips and a deep satisfying ache in my bottom and pussy. Rolling over I checked my phone and smiled at the text I found there.

“You were wonderful.”

I blushed and replied quickly.

“Thank you, sir. You were amazing. I can’t wait until next time.”

I gingerly sat on the edge of the bed and carefully dressed, preparing to head out to find dinner a secret smile playing on my lips the entire time.