Rest Stop Slave Ch. 02


This is another fantasy about being forced to be a sex toy in a rest stop. If you don’t have any interest in such a thing please don’t leave negative feedback. It involves male-on-male sex and more..

Well, I find myself on the road yet again, and am hoping for more dirty fun like I had at the rest stop in California a few days ago.

I’m in New Mexico just across the border from Arizona. It’s not a long section of the state between Arizona and Texas, but there’s something about New Mexico that causes my cock to stir. The rest stops here are so dirty, so old, so horribly maintained. I always fantasize about something dirty and fun happening when I stop at them, and this time is no different. I always plan ahead for any possible fun that may come my way when I’m on these road trips. In my hotel room a few hours earlier, right before packing up the car, I squeezed a good sized amount of vaseline up my ass. I love the feeling of that slippery stuff in my ass as I’m driving, and you never know when some quick sex will be in order.

I’m heading from Newport Beach, California to San Antonio, Texas for work, and as usual, I’m driving. And, as usual for this area in the summer, it’s HOT outside; not too shocking considering it’s the desert.

I have my driving shorts on, my stretchy ones that barely stay on me when I stand up, like a gang member’s pants; hanging down so I have to hold onto them. Of course, I could actually wear shorts that fit correctly but these make me feel naughty, like I need a good spanking and some punishment for wearing such loose-fitting shorts. I don’t use the AC on this trip, trying to acclimate myself to the surrounding hot weather, so I don’t have a t-shirt on, or any shirt; just my loose-fitting shorts and flip-flops. Since I go through drive-thru fast food places, I don’t really need to wear a shirt. I work out regularly, and I have to do that the older I get. Once I turned 40 I found that I need to work out more and more to keep myself in top shape. I have a good physique and I’m not embarrassed to be seen without a shirt on, in fact, it turns me on to know that both men and women look at my shirtless torso when I’m at the beach or walking into a rest stop somewhere along the road.

Speaking of fast food drive-thru, too much ice tea means that I have to find a rest stop, and soon! I’ve had some interesting (i.e., naughty) experiences in New Mexico rest stops in the past, and I’m coming up on one that was particularly hot and nasty for me last fall. As I’m pulling in, my cock starts instinctively hardening as if it has a mind of its own (don’t they all?). It’s pressing against my loose shorts and is definitely giving me the “tent” look in front, which might be a little awkward as I walk to the men’s room. Luckily, there are only two cars here, and one of them is a Buick, so I might be either safe, or out of luck this time. As I peel myself out of the car seat, my back is totally sweaty, even though I have a towel draped over the leather seat. Sweat is literally running down my back and sides and I can feel sweat drops rolling down my shorts to my ass cheeks, which are already sweaty enough.

It’s hot out; hot, hot, hot. Needless to say, the rest stop is even hotter than it is outside, being un-air-conditioned and with no air movement inside at all. I stop to read the local history in the lobby like I always do, even though I probably have it memorized by now. I’m greeted by the same dirty walls and dirty edges of the floor where you can tell that someone just sort of slopped a wet mop around and called it a day. The janitor’s closet door is slightly ajar and the light is on in there, but I don’t see anyone around. As I walk into the men’s room I can tell that someone is in the end stall but both urinal spots are open so I grab the first one with the super low urinal. Being 6′-5″ tall, I’m not sure why I took that one instead of the regular height one next to it, but it’s too late now. I don’t have underwear on so as I pull down the front of my loose shorts the back of them also goes down a bit, exposing the top of my naked, sweaty butt cheeks.

It feels so good to finally be relieving myself after that super big ice tea that I got a couple of hours ago. I’m probably about five seconds into peeing when I hear footsteps coming into the room and it sounds like they stop right behind me. I keep expecting to see someone next to me at the other urinal but as I turn around I see a really short, young guy with some sort of pajama-looking pants on and he’s standing behind me waiting for the low urinal. Or, I think that he’s waiting for the low urinal until I feel hands on my waist!

He says, “sorry, I couldn’t help myself, your sexy, sweaty back was just too inviting.”

I try to turn around but I’m still going into the urinal xvideos porno so I try to concentrate but it’s getting hard to do as he again starts rubbing his hands over my sweaty back and waist, lowering his hands to my ass inside of my shorts. He’s rubbing my sweaty ass cheeks and squeezing them and rubbing the sides of my waist, and he starts probing my asshole with his middle finger, sliding it in and out, and then two fingers go in my slippery hole as I’m trying to finish peeing. He then reaches around and he grips my cock and holds onto it as I’m peeing and two of his fingers are moving in and out of my ass! My cock starts getting bigger and bigger as he’s stroking it, using my own piss as lubrication, and he’s squeezing it as I’m still peeing a steady stream. My shorts fall down totally exposing my ass to him; my sweaty, naked ass. He moves in closer and he must have pulled his weird pajama pants down because I can feel his cock head bouncing around and pushing in-between my sweaty, slippery ass cheeks. He’s pushing against my back and ass and his cock is poking into my ass and sliding between my cheeks.

He still has a grip on my cock and I’m finally finishing up with emptying my bladder and now my cock is getting harder and harder as I no longer have piss shooting out of it. He SLAPS my naked ass cheek with his other hand a few times. Spanking my sweaty ass cheeks really makes me feel dirty, like the naughty boy that I am and that I need a good spanking as punishment. I know that it must be really loud in that tiled room when he slaps my wet butt cheeks, too. And, there’s still the guy in the end stall that must be the older guy with the Buick outside, what is he thinking now? The young, short guy pulls me back into him and his cock spears my asshole and goes all the way up my ass in one move! He’s got a super long cock for such a short guy.

“Whoa! Hey, what are you doing?”, I whisper, not wanting to make too much noise, as I sort of step out of my shorts and hang them on a rusty nail above the urinal that must have been holding a sign at some point. He keeps fucking my ass as I’m awkwardly stepping out of my shorts and now I’m 100% naked, dripping with sweat, and some stranger is fucking his big cock into my asshole! It’s so hot that his low-hanging balls are slapping against mine as he slams into my tight little hole and up against my ass, making a slapping sound over and over, whap, whap, whap, whap, every time he slams all the way into my hole.

He quietly says, “I can’t help it, your cheeks are just so sexy, all sweaty and slippery, and I can tell that you must have lubricated your tight hole because when I was fingering it I could feel that there was some sort of lubrication in there and I rubbed it around your asshole so it was nice and slippery and my cock could slide right in. My cock is really gliding into that tight shit hole of yours, bottoming out.. Mmmm mmmmm, ohhh, your ass is so tight, it feels so good fucking into it in this dirty rest stop bathroom, having my cock head bottoming out deep up your tight pink hole.”, he says. “You’re such a dirty guy, making your asshole slippery for me.. mmmm.. it feels so good.. I know you want me to keep fucking your ass.”

“Shhhh, not so loud”, I say. “Just get this little rape fantasy of yours over with and I’ll be on my way. It does feel good though, your cock is reaching all the way into me, snaking in and out of my tight little hole, bottoming out way up inside of me, mmmmm.. That feels so good; keep fucking me, keep fucking into my ass with that big, fat cock of yours, you little ass-raper. Your cock feels so good spearing into my poor, little raped hole when you bounce off of my sweaty cheeks like that, punishing me with your fat cock, stretching my poor little asshole out, raping me in this dark, dirty rest stop. It feels so good when you pull your dick all the way out and then RAM it all the way back in again! I can feel your soft cock head squeezing between my wet butt cheeks and on my asshole and then your entire cock is pounding deep up inside of me so fast and hard! Do you like raping my asshole? Does my poor little pink hole feel good wrapped around your fat cock? Huh? Do you like that?.. Mmm.. uhh.. I know that I do, you’re fucking me so hard.. Do you like forcing your big cock in-between my sweaty cheeks and all the way up my shit hole, packing my shit way up inside my colon? Do you like raping some 43-year old naked stranger’s asshole? Do you like it when I talk dirty, talking about packing the shit up in my ass and your long cock bottoming out deep inside of me? You must like it, I know that I like it. Keep raping me, keep using me as your dirty fuck hole, your dirty sex toy to do with what you want. Use and abuse my asshole, I’ve been a naughty boy and I deserve this yabancı porno good, hard ass-fucking. I can tell that you like my tight hole because you’re really pounding into me so hard.. mmm.. uuhhh.. ohh your cock.. is so hard.. it’s bottoming out in me, packing the shit up deep in my ass.. mmm.. Is there shit on your cock head when you pull it out? It’s reaching so far up inside of me.. uhhh uhh.. mmm..”

He answers, “I can barely reach your asshole because you’re so much taller than I am, good thing my cock is longer than yours is or I wouldn’t get much of it in your ass otherwise. If you weren’t crouching down and pushing your bubble butt out I wouldn’t be able to bottom out in your sweet ass. I didn’t think you were 43 years old and I don’t really care, I just wanted to fuck your beautiful ass. Your cheeks are like a figure skater’s butt cheeks, so balloon-like and perfect, and you’re so dirty and nasty.”

“I won’t be able to keep this up too long, I’m going to shoot so much hot cum up your ass that you won’t need any lubrication again today”, he says, while slamming up against my ass, pushing me into the dirty wall above that low urinal. His hand is still on my cock, gripping it, twisting it, stroking it. My cock is as hard as a rock and is being pushed against the dirty wall but his hand is taking most of the abuse against the wall. His other hand is spanking my right butt cheek and it’s making a sharp cracking sound, really echoing in that tiled bathroom. I wonder what the old guy in the end stall is thinking. Maybe he’s thinking that he’d better keep quiet so this kid doesn’t rape his ass like he’s doing to mine now.

He starts speeding up and before too long he pulls me tightly into his chest and unloads an epic quantity of hot cum deep up in my abused asshole.

“Ahhhh! I’m going to cum in your dirty, little asshole! Here it comes!” His pajama bottoms are draped around his feet on the floor of the men’s room in that dirty, old rest stop; his hips are bucking and pumping against my sweaty ass uncontrollably as his orgasm hits and his big cock is buried up my hole as he starts shooting a huge load of hot, young cum deep in my ass.

“Do it, man, fill my tight little hole with that hot cum of yours”, I say. He’s really spraying his load deep up my ass, it feels like a hose is squirting in my ass! I can feel every pulse of his hot, sticky, slippery sperm shooting up inside of my abused asshole.

“Fill my raped asshole with your dirty, hot sperm!”, I say, not trying to be quiet like before. “It feels so good to know that you’re treating me like a sex toy and using my asshole and pumping your hot cum in it. Cumming deep inside of some stranger’s asshole like this, mmmmm.. it feels so good, so hot.. keep shooting me full of your sperm!”

He looks like he’s 19 or 20 years old and it’s exciting having such a young guy fucking me and cumming into my ass like that since I’m over twice his age. He sure has a long cock for such a short, young guy and he really knows how to use that monster of a dick. He must have done this to other unsuspecting guys here in the past to be so smooth and so good at it.

Obviously, he knew that I was up for a good fucking by not wearing a shirt and by having such loose-fitting shorts on. It’s worked out perfectly in the past to dress like this, it’s like it’s a symbol for wanting to be raped, or it has been for me. I got a hell of a good, deep, long, hard ass fuck and a huge load of fresh, hot cum in my ass to enjoy the feeling of as I continue my drive east. I can’t wait to squirm around on his cum leaking out of my ass as I drive. I’ll probably have a hard-on the whole way to San Antonio, fingering my slippery asshole the whole time, licking my fingers and tasting his salty sperm in my mouth along with my own ass juices.. mmm.. using his cum to jerk my cock with.

He’s taking a long time to pull out of my ass after cumming in me, which I don’t mind at all. His cock is so big that it felt like I was shitting every time he pulled that thing all the way out, before he rammed it back in again, filling every nook and cranny of my colon. It’s a sexy feeling being gripped from behind like this by a total stranger with his softening, fat cock still wedged up my asshole, especially one that has just shot his hot sperm in my shit hole. My sweaty back and ass cheeks are pressed against his chest and he’s breathing hard on the back of my neck and in my ear, panting and breathing his hot breath, licking the back of my neck and back; it’s making me wish he was ready to fuck me again.

Well, I spoke too soon. I feel him pushing his softening cock deeper in my slippery, just-fucked ass and he starts pissing in me!

“Hey! What the?”, is all that I can get out before he really starts spraying yaşlı porno his hot, dirty piss in my ass, pushing his cock in and out like he’s trying to fuck me and piss in me at the same time! And, it’s working because I can feel his monster snake getting hard again, sloshing and squeezing piss and cum out of my asshole as he keeps going and going, just standing behind me, grabbing onto me tightly and shooting his hot piss up my ass! Obviously, I can’t hold it all in and it starts squirting all over and now he’s fucking his dick into me as he’s pissing, using me as his dirty urinal.

I can’t lie, it feels great, I love being used and abused and raped by strangers like this young guy. I feel his piss start to taper off but now he’s got a raging hard-on again so he just keeps fucking deep and hard into my abused asshole again. This time he’s going to last a long time, so long that he wants to try something different. He brings me to the end stall where there is indeed an older guy in there and he’s been listening, and jerking off, and his cock is sticking straight up in the air! He looks shocked when the kid opens the stall door and the old guy is sitting there on the toilet with a short, fat hard-on sticking up in the air! The kid turns me around and the old guy grabs me by my naked, sweaty hips and just pulls me down on his fat cock.

“Wow! Hey, what.. OHHH AHHH UHH..! Your cock is splitting me in two! It’s so fat that it barely fits up my ass! It’s so fat… OHH! Uhh uhhh.. my asshole is being stretched out!..”

The young kid is laughing at me and he starts pushing down on my shoulders, forcing me down on that fat, freak dick that old man has. I’m crushing against the old man’s lap and wow, that dick is really filling me up, my tiny, little hole has never been stretched like this before, and it feels sooo good. I love being used and abused by strangers like this. The young kid starts pulling my head towards him and he starts fucking into my throat. I’m gagging on that thing as I keep bouncing up and down on that old guy’s cock, slapping against his lap.

The old guy pulls me down on his cock and starts shooting waves of hot cum deep into my already-abused asshole. He really fills me up with his dirty sperm, which starts dripping out as soon as the young kid grabs me and spins me around to face the old guy and spanks my ass and bends me over so my face is in the old guy’s lap! I’m bent over and I’m being forced to clean off and suck the dirty, old guy’s fat cock that was just in my dirty, shitty, cum-and-piss-filled asshole. As I start doing that, the kid starts just hammering into my bent-over, sloshing asshole! Bottoming out doesn’t even come close to describing the abuse that this kid was giving my poor, raped, dirty asshole! He’s slam-fucking me like a machine over and over, really packing the shit up my ass again. He grabs my legs and lifts me up like I’m a wheelbarrow and he’s plowing into me like he’s possessed. He fucks me so hard that I think that I’ll accidentally bite this old guy’s cock off as my head is being used as a handle to force my mouth on his cock.

They both cum at the same time and I’m filled from both ends. The kid has my feet off of the floor and I’m balancing on the floor with my hands on the floor over the old guy’s lap as he’s sitting on the toilet cumming in my mouth. It’s so hot and thick.. mmm..

Then, the old guy grabs me, spins me around so my ass is facing him and forces me down on his cock again. It isn’t long before he’s forcing his hot piss deep up my abused, stretched-out asshole! The younger guy then sits on my cock as I’m sitting on the old guy’s lap being filled with his piss and the young guy starts bouncing up and down on my rock hard cock! An ass sandwich and I’m in the middle. I shoot my load in the young guy’s ass before too long and he stands up and presses his ass against my face and I clean him up, tasting my own cum and his ass juice.. mmm..

They let me go after that and I tried to gather myself enough to remember to grab my shorts that were hanging on the wall so I didn’t just walk out of there in a daze, buck naked and dripping cum and piss out of my poor, formerly-tight asshole. The young guy gave me his e-mail address in case I was ever in that area again, which I will make a point of doing in the near future. I can’t wait to feel his big cock slamming into my asshole again. Hopefully there’ll be more people next time to really give my asshole a workout and use me as their dirty, nasty fuck toy and use my poor, little abused asshole as a urinal. I’ve got so much cum and piss on and in me that all I can think of is just keeping it on me and letting it dry in the heat.

I’m such a dirty boy, I’m already looking forward to finding another rest stop before I get to San Antonio and being raped again by strangers. Maybe there will be a prison bus at a rest stop and I’ll be raped and abused by a dozen horny prisoners on a hot, dirty rest stop bathroom floor who will all use my asshole as a urinal after fucking me hard and filling me with their dirty, hot sperm. I can only hope.