Rich Bitch Pt. 03


I hope you enjoy this story.


Back to work but with a glow

Ivan picked me up Monday morning at the regular time. We treated each other like nothing had happened over the weekend. We were again employee and employer with me being the boss. But my heart and other parts fluttered every time I looked at him, remembering his beautiful dick in my pussy.

As soon as I had a few spare moments I IM’ed Kiko.

Me: ‘Where did you get your body hair removed?’

Kiko: ‘Kay’s Dermatology. Give her my name so I can get credit. Can we have lunch tomorrow?’

Me: ‘Will give your name. Can’t do lunch, I’m booked solid tomorrow. Call me?’

Kiko: ‘When can I call?’

Me: ‘Will text you. Sorry can’t meet. I really want to. What about later this week?’

Kiko: ‘I am slammed.’

Me: ‘Can I call you at noon? I am eating lunch in my office today. I had so much fun Saturday.’

Kiko: ‘Us to. Call is about another outing.’

Me: ‘Can’t wait.’

Later in the morning after making an appointment with Kay’s Dermatology I texted Ivan:

Me: ‘Can you work late tonight?’

Ivan: ‘Sure. Just tell me what you need.’

Me: ‘I have an appointment at Kay’s Dermatology at seven. Pick me up at 6:30. Thought you could have dinner while I get some work done. Dinner on the firm.’

Ivan: ‘Sure. No problem. Wonder what that work is?’

Me: ‘You get one guess.’

At lunch, I called Kiko. Kiko answered, “Hi, Sofia.”

I giggled, something Miss Ricci never did. “Hi, my friends call me Sof.”

“Nice touch. Did you get an appointment with Kay?”

“Tonight, at seven.”

“Are you doing laser everywhere?”


“Good, I think that will please the boys. Here is what Ivan and I have planned. I have a monthly party at my place. I live in the same complex as Ivan. I am in 401B. This month is poker night a week from Saturday night. I usually provide some kind of entertainment. This month we want you to be the entertainment. It is a chance to introduce Sofia Yurin. What do you think?”

I was somewhat giddy thinking about being entertainment for a bunch of guys. I giggled again, “Sof is excited to be introduced to yawl’s friends. What are you thinking?”

“We are thinking that Sofia Yurin, the highly emotional divorced cougar, had a bad date and calls her new friend Ivan to drop by for comfort. Ivan agrees, and Sofia crashes the party. I invite her to stay and play poker. I think you can figure out what to do from there.”

I asked, “What will you be doing?”

“I serve and usually am part of the entertainment.”

I informed, “I don’t know how to play poker.”

Kiko laughed in the phone, “I have a feeling you can learn in time for the party. But the idea I have is for you to lose and stay in the game by offering something besides money. The buy in is $50 and when you lose the $50 you are out of the game.”

I laughed, “I got it. So, I have two weeks to get a hairless pussy, a new wardrobe, become a middle-aged emotional woman, brush up on my Russian, learn to play poker, think of a believable false life story and learn how to seduce young men.”

Kiko also laughed, “Yep, shouldn’t be a problem for a female entrepreneur like you. The seducing part is easy. Just show up dressed like a wanton huzzie and with your body that takes care of itself. Want some help with a wardrobe?”

“That would be good. I really have no idea what an emotional cougar looks like.”

Kiko asked, “Do you have a thin see through bra?”


“What is your bra size?”

“I am a 38F.”

“My gracious Sof. I knew you were large but gracious me. Those things of yours stick out like a 24-year old C-cup.”

I laughed, “Best money can buy. If you ever want to know where to get it done, I can help you.”

Kiko said, “I’ll keep that in mind but for now I am fine. Looks good on you but I don’t have the build for big ones. We need to have a girl talk sometime soon.”

I said, “We really do. Let’s try to do it before the poker party.”

Kiko said, “Let’s do it.”

I said, “Need to run. Got companies to run. Talk to you later. And Kiko, thanks.”

“My pleasure. I am going to enjoy corrupting you.”

That night Ivan carried me to Kay’s Dermatology. I gave him an envelope with a thousand dollars cash. I said, “Here, this is to help you and Kiko with expenses. She called me about the poker party. I appreciate this, and I don’t want to be a freeloader on you two. At least where money is involved. Please make sure she takes what she needs for expenses and let me know when you need more.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“I am going to get a cooking lesson this week also. I am taking your rules to heart. My rules at work, your rules at your place.”

“Yes ma’am.”

It took the dermatologist a lot longer than I thought to do the first of several treatments to remove body hair. The dermatologist assured me that in a week I would be healed, and each would be easier and take manisa escort less time. She gave me a cream to apply for the week and told me to leave the area alone, including staying out of the sun for a week. She wanted me to come back the next week if it wasn’t as smooth as the rest of me by then. The dermatologist had stayed late for me, spent a lot of time and I gave her a huge tip.

When I got into the car, Ivan asked, “How did it go?”

“I think good. I will know for sure in a week.”

“Did it hurt much?”

“Not compared to other things I have done. Thanks for asking, Ivan.”

Ivan smiled at me in the mirror and nodded.

The next day at lunch I got a prescription for clear light blue contacts from an optometrist. He said they could be picked up on Friday.

Later that week, Sally and I had lunch together. I told her about my past weekend with Ivan and Kiko and my upcoming adventure.

She said, “I must admit I am envious. It sounds like you are beginning to enjoy your life.”

“I really am. I’m not looking for anything permanent. I just want to have fun. Speaking of that I want to find out something.”

Sally smiled, “Anything I can help you with.”

“How did you take Henry in your ass like that? Doesn’t it hurt?”

Sally smiled, “It does initially but with some practice it makes for intense experiences. The key is not to fight it. Just let it happen. You need to get your asshole accustomed to having something in it. Once you get used to it, a man’s penis shoved in feels really nice. For me it intensifies my orgasms. There is also a feeling that you are doing something special for your man or men.”

“Really! How do you get used to it?”

“Go get varying sized anal plugs and put them in periodically. Make sure you use lots of lube. Start small and work up. Some women like them even if they aren’t going to have a man do it. Try using one when you masturbate. You will find that you can program yourself to have orgasms with something in your ass.”

“So, you really enjoy it?”

“I do. Henry and I mix it in as a curve from normal sex. Whatever that is.”

Sally and I were becoming really good friends. I felt like we could discuss anything. It also seemed to me that she was getting more comfortable letting me in on the most intimate parts of her life. I had never had a friend like this and I liked it very much. I felt good to be a part of her life and discussing my feelings. I realized I had been keeping them submerged for most if not all of my life. It felt good to open up with Sally.

As Ivan drove me home Friday night, Ivan gave me a package from Kiko. When I got home I opened it. There was a note from Kiko, “See how you like this. I just wanted you to have an idea what I thought a hard-up cougar would wear. Up to you, you may find something you like better. See you next Saturday. Can’t wait.”

I laid out the outfit. There were three pieces. Panties, well very little bity panties, bra and what looked like a long pink tee shirt. I got naked, looked in the mirror. My pussy was healing nicely. Most of the redness was gone and, in its place was nice smooth white skin. If you looked closely you could still see little bumps and a dark shadow. I had a feeling with each treatment, there would be less dark shadow. I spread my legs and for the first time really saw what my pussy looked like. It was fat, with protruding labia. It looked like it could take a tree trunk. It was almost the opposite of Kiko that had no folds just a small thin slit that was all white with a thin line in it.

I decided that maybe some men would like this. I put on the panties. I guess you would call it a thong as it barely covered my labia, my fat pussy oozed out either side of the gusset and slipped in the crack of my ass. It felt funny. This would take some getting used to. I had always worn full sized panties. Then the bra. It had black translucent cups that barely covered the bottom half of my breasts with a black lace strip that ran just above my areolas and attached to thin black lace straps. There was a seam providing a little extra support. But my big puffy pink areolas were clearly visible, and my nubs were barely contained.

Then the dress or tee shirt. It fit very tight, I could barely get into it. The short-sleeved top just covered the bra straps and cup, leaving a lot of breasts showing. It was very tight across my broad hips. I was sure that Kiko had guessed the size incorrectly. If I pulled it down it hit me mid-thigh but any movement the tight skirt rode up.

I texted Kiko:

Me: ‘Thanks for outfit but the dress is very tight.’

Kiko: ‘That is the way cougar wear it.’

Me: ‘Really. Okay.’

I try out the cougar outfit

On Saturday, I worked at the office then went shopping. I rarely shop. Usually I had other people shop for me. I bought a blonde wig. I wore it to an adult store and bought a package of three anal plugs and lube. I then went to the mall, again something I rarely did. I decided the average kütahya escort cougar wouldn’t shop at my normal stores. I bought a couple of outfits I thought looked good on me and would pass as a cougar outfit.

After I had dinner at home, I tried on my new outfit. I wore a red bra that wrapped around the waist and pushed my breasts up and in. The red dress plunged in back to my waist and had a deep V in front that didn’t cover the red bra when I sat down. The jagged hemline hit just above mid-thigh. I also put on a pair of thigh-high stockings, whose top was visible at the hem and a pair of red high heels.

I then put in the blue contacts and the blonde wig. Looking in the mirror, I thought this was how a cougar would look. I wondered how the boys next week would like it. Then like any good technologist, I decided I needed a trial run. I promised Proctor not to do the thing I had done with Mort. And I couldn’t because my dermatologist told me to leave my pussy alone until Tuesday. So, I decided to go to a bar and see if someone would try to pick me up, but I wouldn’t leave the bar with them. Remember my goal was to test the new outfit.

I went to an upscale hotel bar down town. I thought this would be safe. I got there a little after eight. I sat on a stool at the bar. The bartender served me a glass of wine. He then asked, “Are you looking for some action?”

I took this as a good sign that my cougar outfit was authentic looking. “Not right now. Thanks for asking.”

I sat at the bar for about fifteen minutes when the first guy approached me. He said, “Hey beautiful. Want some company?”

I didn’t like his looks. There was something that made me uneasy. I said, “No thanks, I am waiting for someone.”

He said, “Well, screw you. I was willing to pay you good money.”

I took this again as a good sign but wanted nothing to do with this guy. I flipped into Mercedes mode, “Get away from me! You have made a mistake.”

He walked away without saying anything else.

I sat for another fifteen minutes, had almost finished my glass of wine. I decided that I would call it a night with enough evidence that my outfit was right. Just as I finished the last swallow I heard, “Are you waiting for someone? If you aren’t I could really use some company.”

The man was about my height and age and had a very pleasant face. He wasn’t handsome, bald and a little heavy, but he looked like a sweet guy who did need some company.

I gave him my now much more practiced pleasant smile. “I’m not waiting on anyone and would love some company.”

He smiled back and said, “Can I buy you another glass of wine?”

“That sounds good.” The bartender was listening and placed the wine on the bar. He said, “It might be easier to talk at a table.”


We moved to a table. Before we sat I said, “My name is Sofia. What is yours?”

“My name is Bob. Nice to meet you Sofia. That sounds like your real name.”

“It is,” I lied.

“You aren’t a working girl, are you?”

“I’m not a prostitute if that is what you mean by working girl. I am an office worker. I am recently divorced and just wanted some company.” I was testing my story for Kiko’s party.

Bob smiled really big. Then thought, “I’m sorry for smiling. But this seems like fate. I travel a lot for business. My wife and I are going through a rough time. I just really wanted to talk. I was willing to pay for sex just to have someone pretty to talk to.”

“You think I am pretty?”

“Absolutely. Surely you know you are beautiful. I love the outfit.”

“Thanks. After a divorce, you begin to question everything. Let’s just talk. Tell me about your situation.”

He talked for ten minutes before I had a chance to say anything. He was a traveling salesman and was away from home a lot. He sold computer networking equipment which I knew a lot about, but I managed to act ignorant of technology. That was hard. He was sure his wife was having an affair.

He said, “I can’t decide whether to get evidence on her and leave her when I do. Or pretend it isn’t happening and hope for the best. Did you have that problem?”

Now this was where I knew I didn’t know what to say. How could I? I married for business and never loved Mr. Freedman. I did respect him but no love.

I finally said, “Have you ever loved her?”

He said, “Oh, I still love her. I really don’t blame her, assuming she is.”

I said, “What do you have to lose by just asking her? Divorces are rough.” I wasn’t in any position to give advice but wanted him to think through what he planned to do.

He said, “Would you like another glass of wine?”

I said, “One more but then I have to go home.”

He went and got us some wine. I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t ogling me the way I thought he should. But I decided that was because he was stressed. As he sat the glass in front of me it happened. He got a good look down my dress and my bare chest. I liked this.

Bob said, “You are a beautiful malatya escort woman and I love your dress.”

“Thank you, Bob.”

“How was your divorce?”

I had to flesh out my story on the fly. “We had a miserable marriage. We married too young and I don’t think we were ever really in love. Just too young. Puppy love I guess. We kept trying to make it work but that only made it worse. By the time we got around to the divorce, we had both cheated on each other and we just wanted it over. While the divorce was hard, it was such a relief to have it over.” It was a mix of truth and fiction.

He said, “So how long have you been back on the field?”

“Only a few months.”

“How is dating?”

“Easy to get dates but harder to find anyone I am really interested in.” This was true.

Bob smiled and again glared at my pushed-up breasts. “I understand that. You are one sexy women. You should be selective.”

I was getting anxious to do something intimate with this man. This was such a new feeling for me and I was struggling with the conflict this caused in me. I asked, “Have you ever cheated on your wife?”

“Yes. It has always been like this. Off on a trip and usually with a pro. So, it has always been one-night thing. I am afraid she has a more permanent affair going on.”

I asked, “But you don’t know who it is?”

“No, but I do have an idea. I think it is a friend from church. She looks at him in a, well you know, this, ah, look.”

I smiled, “I know what you mean.”

I was finishing my wine. He said, “Are you ready to go home?”

I said bluntly, “Would you like a blow job?” I knew this wasn’t very smooth. This was harder than I thought it would be.

He said, “Well sure. If you want to do that for me.”

I said, “There is a unisex bathroom around the corner with a lock on the door. Let’s go there.”

He said, “Not very romantic but exciting. Would you rather come up to my room?”

“No, I just want to give you a blow job. I like you Bob and would like to do this for you.” And that was true.

We went to the bathroom. I turned to Bob and he pushed the straps of my dress off my shoulders. The top of the dress dropped to expose my bra which had mounds of flesh flowing out the top and middle. He pushed the bra off my covered nipples. He leaned back and took a long look. I felt a thrill being treated like this. I was beginning to think that Sofia was an exhibitionist. Very different from Mercedes.

“You have beautiful breasts. They are so full and soft.” He had placed his hands on each of them. My head fall back as I enjoyed the intense feeling on my sensitive breasts. He bent and suckled each nipple. I could feel the hard nubs extending from the soft pink large areolas. I moaned and almost had an orgasm. I think my breast were more sensitive now than before the cosmetic adjustments.

I reached down and found his belt. I unbuckled and unzipped his pants allowing them to drop to the floor. I slipped his underwear to his knees and wrapped a hand around his penis. He was hard already. He wasn’t nearly as large as Ivan. I was now more experienced about size. I considered him average. After all, I had now seen four penises in my adult life.

I kept my hand wrapped around his penis as I kissed him. We were about the same height. After a lengthy kiss, I dropped to my knees. With my hand still wrapped around his shaft, I worked on the head. I was trying some new techniques. Of course, I had done my research and knew the head was very sensitive. With the other hand, I gently rubbed between his legs. He had small balls.

Bob said, “Sofia, that feels so good.”

I swelled with pride. I was becoming fond of fellatio. And I loved men’s penises. I liked the effect I had on men. I liked them staring at my new body. I liked giving them pleasure. I liked sex. Funny it took me to middle aged and pretending to be someone else to find this out.

I moved my hand allowing his entire penis to enter my mouth. My lips were pressing against his stomach. My tongue circled the shaft and teased the head. He moaned. I put one hand on his hip and the other raised my skirt. I was so turned on, I hoped just rubbing the outside of my panties would be enough to give myself pleasure respecting the dermatologist’s direction. It did. I had a nice orgasm.

I rocked my mouth back and forth on his penis. He then matched my rhythm with small back and forward movements. I could sense he wouldn’t last long like this. I started to feel the pulsing that was a warning that he was ready to explode in my mouth. I timed it perfectly. He shot the first load in my mouth without any of his jizzum escaping. Again, I was proud. I swallowed his cum. I enjoyed the taste. It tasted like victory. I was becoming good at this. I licked up all his discharge. I pulled his underwear up and then his pants. Still on my knees I buckled his belt and zipped his pants up. He helped me to my feet.

He then kissed each nipple one more time and mumbled, “Fabulous.”

I pulled my bra back in place as he pulled the straps of my dress back on my shoulders. He took me in his arms and we kissed. I felt the urge to ask him to take me back to his room and let me spend the night. I wanted to fuck. But knew this wasn’t a good idea.