Ritual Deflowing on Halloween


Bobbie lounged in the bubble-filled tub, wiggling red-nailed toes absently. One dainty, well-manicured hand idly stroked the pink-tipped nipple poking merrily out of the foam. The other hand disappeared from view under the water, its current occupation obvious from the ripples in the water as well as the dreamy expression on her face. As she stroked herself, she fantasized about the night to come.

Her fantasy was brought to an abrupt halt when the bathroom door swung open. “Bobbie, quit fooling around and get out of there before you wrinkle.” The speaker, a tall, muscular young man of around 25, turned to exit, but threw a parting shot over his shoulder. “If you hurry up, I’ll give you a quickie before we get you ready.” The words spun her into action. She stood, bubbles dripping from her curvy wet body, collecting in the tiny strip of carefully groomed hair that guarded her most personal treasure.

She disdained a towel, stalking after Matt in all her glorious femininity. Knowing her as he did, he headed straight for the bedroom, sure she would be right behind him.

“Lay down,” he ordered. “We don’t have much time.” Bobbie obediently sprawled across the king-sized quilt, spreading her legs wide. Matt reached one finger to touch her. As he expected, her pussy was completely drenched- and not from the bath. “This shouldn’t take long, you’re halfway there already.” He grabbed her ankles and yanked her across the bed toward him. He knelt between her widespread thighs. She quivered in expectation, knowing well the pleasures in store for her with the merest flick of his oh-so-talented tongue.

Matt leaned close to her, blowing gently on her exposed flesh. He rubbed a single fingertip across her delicate tissues, pressing inward gently on her intact hymen. “This will be nothing more than a memory after tonight, Bobbie. Are you sure you are ready for the ceremony?”

“Mmmm…” she moaned appreciatively. “Are you… kidding? I’ve been… ooh, I like that… waiting for this day… do that again… for three years. I am so ready to be fucked.”

“It’s more than that and you know it. The ritual shedding of virgin blood on Halloween is a tradition dating back hundreds of years.” As he lectured, his fingers teased, brushing against her pouting lips softly, then with gathering strength. “You have been chosen for this honor, don’t take it lightly.” He circled her clit with one knuckle, never quite touching where he knew she needed it most. “It escort bayan would serve you right to leave you wanting until the ceremony tonight.” At her shriek, he laughed. “No, sweetheart, I wouldn’t do that to you.” With those words, he swooped down, licking the juices from her responsive body. He applied himself to his task, and in moments she was crying her pleasure to the air.

After her pulse returned to normal, Bobbie spoke. “You know, we have such a strange relationship. How many other 18-year-olds are married to the man of their dreams for three months and still virgin?”

“It was so special that you were chosen for this ceremony. I couldn’t keep you from it just to have you a few months early. But I didn’t want you to move away when your parents left, so marrying you seemed the only answer.”

“Don’t you regret the fact that some other man will have me first?”

“A little, I suppose, I’m only human, but this ceremony is so important to the well-being of the tribe that my selfish whims are unimportant. Besides,“ he grinned, “I will have you forever more.”

Later that night…

Bobbie looked around curiously. She had never been present for a night ritual before. The enormous stone altar in the center of the clearing no longer resembled the familiar object she had seen for years. There were candles everywhere. The stone altar was draped with a black cloth decorated with intricately embroidered symbols. A few were familiar- including one she recognized as the fertility sign- but most were unknown to her.

For the first time since she was chosen for the ritual, she felt afraid. Did she truly want to lose her virginity in front of all the people who were, even now, arriving for the ceremony? Would she disgrace herself with tears or screams at the inevitable pain to come? Would her partner- still unknown to her- look at her body and be unmoved?

There was a part of her that wanted nothing more than to slip away into the trees and escape her destiny. Yet, at the same time, a traitorous tendril of excitement shivered through her. Knowing that soon she would be summoned to the alter by the priest, her dress removed, and her nubile young body shown to the gathered crowd in all its glory before she took her place, as had hundreds of girls before her, to willingly shed her virgin blood for the good of the tribe. Knowing that finally, she would be allowed the pleasure of a hard cock in her waiting pussy.

Finally, altıparmak escort bayan the moment was at hand. The dark-robed high priest summoned Bobbie to his side. Through the shadows, she could see another figure on the far side of the fire. That would be her mate in this ritual. She could not see his face beneath the hooded robe he, like herself, wore. The priest pulled Bobbie’s sheer cape back over her shoulders, and then reached for the zipper at the front of her simple dress. Slowly, he pulled the zip down, his knuckles brushing the flesh beneath. She shivered as the cool night air caressed the skin he bared. As the hand continued its downward journey, the valley between her firm breasts was revealed. Next was the smooth skin of her abdomen, and here he paused. His hand slid back up, pushing aside her dress to reveal one perfect rose-tipped breast. He circled the point with his thumb, and then pinched the tiny nipple tightly between thumb and first finger. Bobbie moaned softly, her nerves tightening to a fever pitch.

Apparently this was what he had been looking for. He released her nipple, returning his hand to the zipper dangling at her belly. Slowly and ceremoniously, he slid the zipper down, over her mound, and past the glistening curls that guarded her soon to be vanquished virginity. His hands returned to her shoulders and shoved the dress down until it fell to the ground, leaving her nude but for the sheer cape and flickers of firelight.

The watching crowd stayed respectfully silent as Bobbie was led to the stone altar. She was helped onto the black velvet cloth, her cape spread around her. Her body was arranged in such a way that her open thighs were spread for the crowd. Knowing her part well, she slowly spread her legs wide, allowing the priest access to her virgin- thought hardly untouched- hole. With a single finger, he pressed inward on her maidenhead until she gasped with the sting. For the first time all evening, he spoke. “She is virgin. Let the ceremony begin.”

The black-robed man who would be gifted with her blood stalked slowly toward her. His face was hidden behind the hood, but his cape was thrown back over his shoulders, showing a magnificently nude body. One of her fears, at least, was erased. He was fully erect, a long, smooth eight inches of pleasure waiting for her.

He knelt between her legs, a pagan beauty with the dancing firelight playing upon nilüfer eskort his glorious skin. He ran one hand slowly down her body from neck to thigh. As she quivered in anticipation, the crowd chuckled softly. Both of his hands went to her breasts, kneading gently. The hands seemed familiar.

At his next action, a gentle pinching of her tender nipples, the suspicion grew stronger. Her eyes flared as a knuckle rubbed her clit in precisely the manner she liked best. The priest intervened. “Enough play, the time for the ritual is at hand.” He continued, but his words were lost to Bobbie. Her senses were focused intently on the body above her.

The man slowly lowered himself to cover her. As his flesh met hers, suspicion crystallized into fact. She knew this body- knew it intimately. “Matt?” She whispered softly, in gathering hope.

“Of course. Did you really think I would allow another man to claim you? You are mine.” As he spoke, he thrust against her. There was a moment of discomfort, nearly pain, but she was too flooded with relief for it to register. He slid home, burying himself inside of her. “You will always be mine. I love you.” He punctuated his words with deep strokes, touching her womb with every thrust.

After months of celibacy, he could not last long, but neither could Bobbie. Within a matter of moments both had reached the first shared climax of their life together. Matt gave her and himself a moment to recover before he slid off of her and helped her to her feet. As he turned to face their audience, the blood mixed with their combined juices on his powerful cock bore mute witness to the successful completion of the ritual. Bobbie was limp with relief and sexual satisfaction. He held her up with one arm around her shoulders.

Following tradition, his cape was removed following the ritual. When Matt was revealed as the man in question, a murmur of approval ran through the assembled crowd. The priest shouted, “It is done!” In a quiet voice, he added, “Okay, you two, go home and fuck like minks all night. See you later.” He again raised his voice. “The ceremony is finished. Thank you all for attending. The calendar of meeting times will be posted on the website, as usual.”

Matt and Bobbie, of course, went home and started on the list of things they had been forbidden to do for the past three months. Nine months later, as Bobbie relaxed for a moment between her contractions, she asked, “Think we should ever tell this baby where she was conceived?”

Matt chuckled. “Not a chance, sweetheart, not a chance. And with any luck, she will lose her virginity before she gets old enough for the ritual in the first place. I don’t think I could stand and watch my daughter get fucked in front of fifty people.”