Road Tripping Pt. 11

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Readers, this a fictional road story set in the 1980’s, before cell phones and the internet as we know it today. All sexualized characters are fictional and over 18. This is part eleven of what I hope will be a many part series.

It was a dark gray dawn that Molly awoke to, with a steady light rain falling on the tent. Molly got out from under the blankets to do some stretches in the cool air to try and work out a knot in her lower back.

For a few minutes Lou slept, breathing peacefully until he woke to the lovely sight of Molly’s ass while she was bent over before she straightened up and cracked her back for the second time this morning.

“Good Moring Molly. There is a lovely moon out today. He half yawned out to her. How are you feeling this morning?”

It took Molly’s coffee starved brain a moment to get his joke, before turning and looking down at his smiling face saying. “You dirty minded man, how are you on this cold and rainy morning?”

“I am good Molly. Is your back, ok?”

“I am stiff and not in a good way, but I will be fine in a little while, once I get warmer.” She reached over and put on one of his heavy shirts, to warm up, as Lou went to one of the bags for fresh underwear, socks, and a plain t-shirt.

“I think it is still early Molly. Do you want to have a wake and bake before we face the world today? Lou went to look out the tent door at Andromeda and it had to be before seven AM he figured. The hour time change had left them getting up early today. If you need a warm bed tonight, we can get a hotel?”

Molly finished getting the sweater over her head and putting his flannel shirt back on and told him while pulling a joint out of her bag. “No, I will be fine once I get warm. She passed him the lit joint and said exhaling. Let’s pick up all in here so it is safe for tonight and we can eat soon in a warm booth. I want pancakes and COFFEE!!” Molly added with a look of mild desperation as the caffeine monkey screamed to be fed!

“I need some soon too, but do you want to grab a shower first after our early morning fun?”

“Yes, I do need one before we go out and see the world. I need to wash my hair and it won’t matter today if it doesn’t dry with this weather.” Molly reached into one of the bags and put one of Lou’s baseball hats on over her head with laugh.

The tent cleaned and all was up and safe on the air mattress. Andromeda was all packed up before they went to shower and were surprised it was only 7:15 when they headed out.

By eight they were in the same warm booth as yesterday getting double stacks of buttermilk pancakes to go with MUCH coffee. They watched the weather on a TV as they ate and saw it was going to be a day like when they met Sara, cold and rainy.

“It’s going to be shitty all-day Molly and even though it’s Saturday I don’t think we’ll be busy. I am thinking about getting less then we normally do so we don’t get stuck with a lot of food for a week. What do you think?”

“I agree. We don’t need to be trying to keep meatballs on ice for a week through Arizona. That could end very badly!”

Molly scrunched her nose and made a face as she refilled her coffee for the third time. “Beer will still sell, and I will get us some sausages to cook up for us and friends and put them on our hot dog rolls. Do you want some peppers and onions to go with them?”

Lunch was sounding good and the check for breakfast hadn’t come yet.

They told they waitress they would see her again tomorrow before they started west and planned to be in Arizona in two days and then California a few days later but said they would be back this way in the next few months, with a smile to warm the cool rainy morning.

They headed out and went to the exit they had been told the big mall was at. Just at the end of the exit was an oil change chain store just opening for the morning at 9:10, as Lou rolled into the lot.

While they did the oil change on the car, they were talking with the workers who commented on its age and condition, along with noticing the Delaware plates.

They were talking with the manager, Hector, and they told him they were on their way to California and asked if they had a branch near LA that they could visit as he handed them a frequent oil change bonus card and punched it twice for them.

Hector laughed and said: “My cousin, Manny, just took over our affiliate on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Hey, can I ask you guys to do me a favor? You got that big wagon, and some extra room can you bring Manny these two boxes, they’re just records?”

He showed them that there was only paper and not anything they could get arrested for in the boxes. It would save me a fortune in shipping for a bunch of paper only the company cares about, but he needs them for June first. He will hook you guys up out there and I will call him later and let him know you will be there in about a week.”

Molly said they were happy to help, and they sealed them in Maraş Escort trash bags. They would be back this way in about a month and see them again for their oil change and anything else they needed, as they checked and topped off all of their other fluids and Hector gave them a half price deal for all and punched Lou’s frequent user card twice more.

They all left with smiles and Lou ran to the doughnut shop next door for three coffee’s for the crew and ten doughnuts after he and Molly took one each for their trip to the mall.

They got to the mall for around opening at ten and went to the Sears first so Lou could look in the garden center for a spade and a small hand rake and some other things he thought he might need. Next they went looking for some more clothes. Lou needed some more socks, and he found some more shorts on sale. Molly bought 2 white cotton sun dresses for herself and a smaller one for Sara.

Out in the main mall they found a camping store that had one pair of hunting underwear pants in Molly’s size, and she got them for cool days in a skirt or just plain cold days!! They got some more fuel for their grills and some other supplies they thought they might want. Lou found a pair of decent binoculars for fifty dollars and got them for some stargazing and sightseeing.

Both looked at the bookstore but knew if they went in they could be very late to the lot today. They headed to Andromeda and got to the entrance for the lot tenth in line fifteen minutes before the opening.

It looked to be less than half the cars at the opening yesterday, but Hailey, Irv, Val, Ed, Donna, and Maggie all were within twenty cars of them, and all were able to easily park together in the vendor area and work to get their vehicles together in the best way possible on this now steadily raining day.

Molly got the grills going while Lou, Irv, and Donna got everyone’s tarps together for maximum coverage on this shitty day. Hailey was happy to help them get the two dozen sausage links going on her grill for them while Lou cut up the peppers and onions for anyone who would want those, or they could use some of their meatball sauce. Within ten minutes people were asking if those were for sale.

The day was slower with the lighter crowds in the rain but there was steady stream of customers, so all stayed busy between runs to the van for bowl and joint hits, until around 1:30 when another friend of Maggie’s came to them with a problem, and they had to go for a while.

Lou and Molly did not ask what they had to do but both told them that if any help was needed they would be here for them. Donna left their grill for all to use but Andromeda now became the new smoking lounge.

In midafternoon all had been selling well and the sausages had all been consumed with any leftovers going to a few hungry eyes ordering other food. They knew these would sell out here, but they were too much work for every day.

Hailey and Molly went Up front in Andromeda to smoke and chat for a bit when the rain had gotten heavy after three, and they had given out most of their trash bags for give instant rain gear to all they could.

Molly got out the new sun dress she had purchased, and Hailey liked them and said she had some like that to wear around the house on hot days, while lighting a joint she had rolled from another bag they had gotten today.

I just got these, and I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to wear. I know Lou will love to see me in it too. Molly added with a wink and knowing grin.

Hailey understood. They were in Love.

We have a bunch of extra clothes that don’t fit either of us anymore. When you out there after the shows you have to stop up and we will give you some stuff that will never fit either of us again. I was just going to donate it, but we can see what might fit you and Lou.

That would be awesome. The road out here seems hard on clothes, and I bet whatever we wear digging in Arizona will be ready for the trash can after. We just really plan to bum around the state for the break between shows and plan to camp either near the Redwoods or giant Sequoias. Is your house near any of these parks or places? I’ve never been there before, and Lou was only there for three days in LA as a kid.

“We live about four to six hours from LA depending on traffic which is a sight to see.” Hailey shook her head.

“I know what you mean. I’ve been to New York City dozens of times driving plus just having to get through or around it can be a nightmare!”

Hailey gave her an understanding nod and continued: “We have a house on eight wooded and too overgrown acres. It is a great place, and we would love to have you up there for a couple of days and I bet you and Lou will need a break and a roof for a few days by then.

“Thank You we would love to come and stay with you and if new can help you in any way we’d love too.”

“Cool and when you want too, Sequoia national park is a few hours from our Maraş Escort Bayan place and our friend Katy works there as a Park Ranger and she will find you a good place to camp and where the good places to see are.”

“There are mostly hippies living around us on plots of land up to ten acres each and since our kids moved out we have extra room.”

“That so cool. We have will have been on the road for almost a month by then and we will love the indoor beds.” Hearing the rain pick up in intensity on the roof of the car as Molly lit a second joint.

“After we leave from the second set of shows in May we are going back east and will be on the road until we meet up with our friend Sara and camp with her near Gettysburg we think or somewhere nearby. You will get to meet her sometime either before July or during that month when she will be traveling with us for the whole month. We both can’t wait to have her with us again.”

Hailey saw the look in Molly’s eye that this was far more than friendship with her and the way she expressed it Lou was a deeply involved as she was. “That’s so cool Molly, We love having close friends out here on the road too, but it is difficult to meet cool and safe people who are not judgmental.”

“I Know. That is why Lou and I love all of our friends out here so much. We all kind of rescued Sara in Philadelphia, when she was dumped out in the lot, by now ex friends who meant her harm. It’s a long story, but she ended up staying with Lou and I and we all became very close.” Molly kind of blushed and looked down still a little worried how people might take her unusual lifestyle with Lou.

“Molly dear don’t worry. I completely understand and like I said both Irv and I are looking for cool and open people who might like to join with us in some exploration of ourselves.” Hailey’s hand stroked Molly’s in a slow and sensuous way after passing her the almost done joint and looked deeply into her eyes with her own light blue ones surrounded by her long, dirty blond hair.

Molly smiled with both her eyes and lips back at Hailey’s eyes. She looked to be in her early forties, but She had said her children were grown. Her long hair which had a few gray streaks and was halfway down her back. She was built a little like April with her breasts hanging a little low and soft after having seen very few days in bras for the last twenty years.

Her lips parted easily when Hailey’s soft full lips closed over hers and their tongues met and stroked the others for the first time. Their first kiss was only for a few seconds before they broke to look into the other woman’s eyes and reassures themselves they were not misreading their signals, or the chemistry was wrong.

The look in their eyes and the four nipples straining against their t-shirts under their open heavier clothes told both women to continue as their lips met again.

As they embraced their hands went under their heavy shirts to hug the other closer while their tongues held a slow dance and their hard nipples softly ground against the others.

They broke apart, both breathing heavily and with a fire rising in their eyes and the damp pussies beneath both pairs of jeans.

“Wow Molly, we better stop there, or the rain will not be loud enough to cover the noises I want to make with you.”

“I know what you mean. Five more minutes of making out with you and we’ll be naked across the front seat and both our men will be jealous.” She lightly laughed at the end.

“Then they will have to take care of each other, Hailey laughed back getting another joint out to calm herself a bit, from the make out session. “Is Lou open to another Man Molly?”

“He has fooled around a little with other guys but is not as experienced as I am with women. I will tell you a secret, I took his virgin ass for the first time with a strap on just a few days ago with Sara helping and then he fucked her virgin ass for the first time. We ALL had a real good time that night!” Molly added with her eyebrow raised as Hailey looked on in mild surprise at what she had told her.

“Holy Shit Molly, that is so fucking hot!” Hailey fought to keep from squeezing her own breasts watching Molly’s sway under her shirt and fought to keep her hand out from under her now warm jeans.

“We all can have a lot of fun if you like, and I will be honest with you. My tubes are tied so there is no danger or me getting pregnant. We just are looking for some safe, clean, friends for some casual fun and exploration of how good we can all make everyone feel.”

“Cool, I’m on the pill, and I want to wait a few more years before I have any kids. I’m only twenty-three and Lou’s only a year older and we both want to see some of the world and learn more about what we want to really do with our lives. Like you said also we are looking to meet other cool people for fun casual times and learn more about ourselves and grow as a couple in our sphere of love as we like to call it since Escort Maraş Sara’s joining us.”

Molly took a deep hit and moved in and shared a slow and deep shotgun hit with Hailey and let their tongues meet and wrestle with the others again. After they broke both were red-faced and breathing heavy as Hailey leaned back against the door from a bit of a head rush from the pot and excitement.

“We better get out of here before we are naked! I will tell Irv to come over and smoke soon with Lou and we should tell them about hanging out at our place for a few days but only hint of how much WE want to play and see how nature works with them!”

“I like the idea and I’d bet Lou’s horny mind is already wondering about us being in here for so long. I will tell you later about another couple we know who we have not been with but hope to hang with for week during July Tour all together. Megan and I have made out a little up front here and the ladies room at two shows. Lou kind of guessed it but said nothing until we were alone. He also knows when to keep his mouth shut, which I appreciate.”

“I’ve always seen him treat you well and all of the other people out here respectfully. I am happy you have found a good man among all of the losers out here and everywhere else.”

“I know Hailey! I have been with enough guys who were not worth the time before Lou, and I am so glad I met him I am the happiest I have been in my life!”

Molly and Hailey kissed briefly one more time before exiting into the driving rain on their tarps. Hailey quickly ducked around the back to get to see Irv while Molly went to see Lou huddled with two others near the grills and waiting for food while staying dry.

Lou could see she was a bit of a mess from hanging out with Hailey and he could tell both women were very stoned when they got out. She sat down on the tailgate and got herself a water and asked Lou for a burned hot dog once the two people waiting were set.

“Little bit of the munchies Molly? Lou teased, how is Hailey doing? Hope you guys had fun smoking in there.” He finished with a laugh handing out four hot dogs and a meatball sandwich before giving Molly a well done one.

“I am very high Lou, but I’ll be ready to take over for you after I eat some. Hailey is going to send Irv over to smoke when they are quiet, and she is not too stoned to be left alone.”

Molly finished the first hit dog quickly while Lou got kept another charring for her as he got someone else two others quickly. “I was wondering if you two had passed out up there from too much good pot after you were gone for twenty minutes it felt like.”

“They invited us to come and stay with them for a few days after the first set of shows, before we go camping if we like and they have a friend who is a Park Ranger in Sequoia National Park, who can help us with a good campsite.”

“That’s awesome Molly, it will be nice to have a place to rest for a day or two and we can help them if they need anything done after being away for so long.”

“I told them we could help them with anything they liked, and they have some extra clothes that don’t fit either of them for us if we like. They have a home in the woods she said and have eight acres so it will be nice either way and maybe we can run into the woods some night for some fun!” She smiled and raised her eyebrow without telling him if it would be two or four running into the woods.

Molly went to eat her second dog and Lou went to wait on another customer and think on what she had said. It was cool that they had a place to stay for a few days and now a connection at one of the big parks out there.

He could also tell Molly was more than just stoned when she and Hailey emerged from Andromeda. It was wet and cold, but Molly and Hailey’s Nipples were rock hard when they came to the back of the wagon and Lou could tell Molly was more than a little excited in her eyes, and not just at the thought of a few days staying in their spare room. More had been discussed at least while they smoked but he said nothing. She would tell him more later when they had some time and privacy.

About a half hour after Hailey had left, Irv got a chance to come over and smoke with Lou. They went into the car while Molly kept stirring the meatballs and talked with some kids they were letting hang out and warm themselves for a few minutes. Tommy and Janet from last night had hung out for a half hour staying dry with them like that earlier during heavy showers and had met many of their other friends. It made her happy seeing and getting to know all of these different people from all over America.

Lou and Irv both had joints out in seconds and were laughing about having to wait for the women to finish their extended joint break and then being too stoned to function for fifteen minutes after although Lou said: “If we got busy Molly would have been ok but she would have made me handle the money.”

Irv laughed and said, “Hailey would have been good for all but the money too.”

“I don’t know how much they smoked but there are three new roaches in the ashtray Irv and only one of them is Molly’s rolling style. I can tell hers from twenty feet now, after smoking a few dozen she has rolled at least.”

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