Rob and Susie

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The summer over, Rob pulled into the Quinn family driveway in his new Mustang convertible, top down. He saw his friend and next-door neighbor, Susie Baker, sitting on her front porch swing.

He tooted his horn and waved at her. He had spent the last three months working for his Aunt Peggy at her home, a two hour drive away. They were both going to enter their freshman year at the local community college.

“Wow, nice car,” she hollered across the yard.

“Thanks, you’ll have to take a ride with me.”

Rob and Susie had been best friends since they were five years old, when the Bakers moved next to the Quinns in a quiet neighborhood in the small city in Illinois where they lived.

She had been very feminine, even as a child, wearing pretty dresses with petticoats underneath and Mary Jane shoes. Golden curls framed her pretty face and her eyes were as blue as the summer sky. She frequently enticed Rob to share a tea party with her or play “house.”

One day, they joined their younger siblings, Colleen and Nathan, in a mud puddle splashing contest, a pursuit that was completely out of character for Susie. Her mother, Betty, scooped them up, stripped off their filthy clothes, and threw the kids into the bathtub together. After their initial curiosity, they took their nudity for granted.

Susie took ballet lessons, which gave her beautiful shapely legs, but as she reached her late teen years she became too voluptuous to fit the ballet model. She took ballroom dancing lessons, too, and as there were more girls than boys in the class, she dragged a reluctant Rob with her to be her partner. He hated it at the time, but later he enjoyed the reputation of being an excellent dancer, and was much sought after at the school dances.

She was a straight A student, and often helped him with his homework. He would have flunked algebra if it hadn’t been for her help. They studied together most every evening, either at her house or at his.

They both enjoyed sports, especially soccer. In the summer they would ride their bikes to the park or down to the lake and go swimming. They confided everything to each other, even their deepest secrets.

When they reached puberty, Rob was the first person she told when she got her first period. And when she got her first bra, although he could tell by the outline of the strap that was visible through the back of her shirt.

He watched her breasts grow, from tiny buds, into the firm, round breasts she had today. She proudly told him every time she moved up to a larger bra size, from 32A, to 34B, to the 34C she wore now.

Rob shot up a foot. Already husky, he put on pounds of muscle mass. His voice deepened and his beard started to grow. He could tell, from observing the other guys in the locker room, that his penis was larger than average.

In high school, Susie, although she stood just 5’7″, was the star forward on the varsity basketball team. Rob, at 6 ‘2″ was a starting tight end on the football team, and would have won a scholarship if he hadn’t blown out his knee during the final game of the season.

The suffered the normal teen-aged angst, playing the dating game, falling in and out of love. They talked about their dates, where they went, what they did, but, until just recently had kept their sexual experiences, or lack of them, to themselves, respecting each other’s privacy. They talked about sex, but it was in the abstract, not personal.

Rob walked over to join Susie on her porch. “Hey, Slug.”

“Hey, Toad.” They had branded each other with the nicknames when they were children, and they had stuck over the years. She was wearing pink shorts and a tee shirt, with a pair of flip-flops on her feet. Her golden hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

“Gee, I haven’t seen you since the prom. How was your evening with Greg?” Susie’s date for the prom was Greg Reynolds, quarterback on the football team. She had entertained thoughts about how far she was willing to go with him after the dance.

“Not so hot. He got drunk with some of the guys and passed out cold, after puking all over himself. I had to call my Dad to pick me up.”

“How was your night with Sally? I heard rumors she was going to let you have something that night.”

“Well, I’ll tell you.” And he began the tale:

Rob and Sally parked a block away from her house after the prom, under the shade of the elm trees. She was the perennial virgin and had never let him touch her, she wouldn’t even French kiss. She had promised him a “surprise” after the prom, but he had no idea what it would be.

They started making out, as usual, and suddenly her tongue shyly entered his mouth. Then, without warning, she took his hand a placed it on her breast. He cupped it, and felt all around, marveling at her size and shape. Through the dress and her wired bra, he couldn’t feel a lot, and had to guess where her nipple might be. He started to slip his hand down the front of her dress, but she pulled it away and placed it back over her clothing.

Surprising bahis siteleri the shit out of him, she unzipped his pants and pulled out his swollen penis. She gasped, studying it carefully, noting the purple veins on his shaft and the large red head that looked almost angry. She wrapped her hand around it; it was hard, yet soft, and she felt the skin move as she stroked it.

She held her breath, and closing her eyes, bent over and took it in her mouth. She had bobbed her head up and down about three times, when he felt the rush overwhelm him and shot his whole load into her mouth.

Her teeth wounded the head of his cock as she jerked her head away. Her screams were muffled by the gagging and choking. She spit out all of his semen and then projectile vomited, all over her dress, her shoes, his pants, and the floor of his father’s car.

She jerked the car open, leapt out, and ran home as fast as she could, leaving her shoes behind on the sidewalk. She never spoke to him again.

Susie, unable to suppress it, threw her head back and laughed until her sides hurt. Although it wasn’t funny at the time, he laughed with her at the memory.

“So, then, are you still a virgin?” Rob asked.

“Yup, still am. How about you?”

“Well, not exactly.” He told her about his summer with Aunt Peggy, withholding nothing from his best friend. How she had seduced him, then he was very explicit about everything she taught him. “When she finished, she said I’d make some woman a wonderful lover,” he said, partly with pride, and partly with some trepidation about how she’d take his confession.

“Wow, your aunt. Well, cousins make it with each other all the time, so this is only a generation removed. Nothing like an older woman to teach you all about sex.” She wasn’t appalled at all. She was slightly titillated, and started to look at him in a whole light; an experienced man, not a back-seat fumbler.

“Come on, enough chatter, let’s go for a ride.” She climbed into the Mustang beside him and he backed out of the driveway. A Rod Stewart CD was playing on the stereo. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day.

They drove up into the hills outside of town, fragrant pines assaulted their nostrils. Susie pulled the rubber band off her ponytail and let her hair fly free in the wind.

Rob, for the first time in his life, noticed how pretty she was. She checked him out as well; he had a great tan, and after a summer of hard labor, the muscles rippled under his shirt.

They grinned at each other and sang “Maggie May” along with Rod. The both had good voices and harmonized well with the song, and with each other.

They drove around the lake and parked near a quiet cove. Rob opened the trunk and pulled out a blanket and a large wicker hamper. He spread the blanket on the grass and placed the basket on it.

“Oh, goody, a picnic! I’m really hungry.”

He opened the hamper and pulled out containers of fried chicken, potato salad, and a salad of field greens covered with a bleu cheese dressing. Then he dug out a bottle of Bordeaux and two long-stemmed glasses.

Uncorking the wine, he filled two glasses and handed one to Susie. Raising his glass he proposed a toast, “to life and the pursuit of happiness.” They clinked glasses and drank.

They polished off the food, and after three glasses apiece, the wine was gone. They were both feeling a bit of a buzz.

Rob stood up, “Lets go swimming, it’s a great day for it.”

“I don’t have a suit.”

“I don’t either. I guess we’ll have to go skinny-dipping.”

“I, uh, uh…”


“No, it’s just that I, uh, well, nobody’s ever seen me naked before.”

“I’ve seen you naked. In the bath tub.”

She elbowed him in the ribs, “Oh you Toad, we were five years old.”

“I dare you. I double dare you. I’ll even double dog dare you.” That was the ultimate challenge; once you got a double dog you couldn’t refuse.

“Well, okay, but you strip first.”

“We’ll do it together.” He pulled his tee shirt over his head. Tan. Well ripped. “Now it’s your turn.”

Her reluctance had suddenly turn intro titillation. She stripped off her shirt. She wore a lacy bra that left the upper part of her breasts spilling over the top. “Now drop your shorts.”

He undid the brass button on his cut-offs, unzipped them, and let them drop to the ground. It took all his willpower to keep from getting a hard-on, but he still, even soft, had quite a bulge in his briefs.

She unzipped, then dropped her pink shorts. Her lacy thong matched her bra. “Now what do we do? I’m wearing one more piece of clothing than you are.”

“I guess you’ll have to take them both off at the same time.” He pulled his briefs down and stood naked. She looked hard at his ample penis, feeling a tug in her belly and a tingle in her loins.

Blushing all over, she unhooked her bra and let her breasts spring free. Round. Full. Firm. Pink nipples. Then she pulled her panties down. She had a close-cropped landing strip on canlı bahis her mound, the rest had been shaved.

Rob stood back and admired her body. God, she was gorgeous. Long, toned legs. Perfect ass, beautiful uplifted breasts. Focusing on the slit between her lips, he felt his cock begin to swell, and quickly turned toward the water. “Race you to the float.”

They were both excellent swimmers and matched each other stroke for stroke. Rob had been swimming naked before, but it was a new experience for Susie; the water felt wonderful rushing over her breasts and swirling between her legs.

They reached the float in a dead heat, and pulled themselves out of the water. They basked in the warm sun, admiring each other’s body, then swam back and headed for home. When they got home, Susie leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “That was fun.”

That night, Rob couldn’t get her image out of his mind. She was his friend, but his thoughts led him a new direction, and he found his cock rock hard. He stroked himself off with the image of her body in his head.

Susie couldn’t get his image out of her head either. He was her friend, but maybe he could be more. Her fingers went between her legs and she rubbed herself furiously.

Classes at the community college had started, and every morning Rob picked Susie up and brought her home at the end of the day. One afternoon, he asked “How about dinner and a movie Friday night?”

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

“It’s not a date, it’s dinner and a movie.”

“Dinner and a movie is date.”

“Okay, I’m asking you out on a date. You can even pick the movie.”

“Sure, that sounds like fun,” she replied with a grin.

They went to one of the nicer restaurants in town, and ordered a chateaubriand for two and a bottle of merlot. “Wow, they didn’t even card us,” she said after the wine steward uncorked the bottle and gave him a taste to approve.

She picked a Sandra Bullock chick flick. Rob wouldn’t admit it, but he liked chick flicks. He also drooled over Sandra Bullock. They shared a tub of buttered popcorn. He put his arm around her, and she laid her head on his shoulder.

He walked her to her front door, then put his hands on her waist and drew her close to him. When he leaned toward her, she put a hand up in front of his mouth. “I never kiss a guy on the first date.”

“I guess we’ll have to have another one then.”

“Okay.” She raised up on her toes and gave him a quick peck on the lips, then raced into the house, stifling a giggle.”

On the next date she gave him a real kiss.

They ended their third date on the porch swing. Their kisses were deep, long, and filled with desire. His hand slipped off her shoulder and found her breast, massaging gently over her slippery silk blouse. Her hand went to his thigh, then over his throbbing erection.

“I want to make love with you, Rob. I want you to be my first. Not here, not now. Tomorrow night; my parents will be out of town.” She was really turned on by his exploits over the summer. She wanted her first time to be with an experienced lover, not some fumbling novice.

He carried the taste of her mouth home with him, and she with his. They both spent the rest of the evening living in an anticipatory dream-state.

He greeted her at the door with a dozen long stemmed pink roses. She wore a shimmering blue silk robe that matched the color of her eyes. Her golden blonde waist-length hair hung loose, brushed to a luxurious sheen. Taking him by the hand, she led him upstairs to her bedroom.

Candles lined the room, providing a soft, warm glow, a bottle of champagne was in a bucket of ice. Nora Jones poured out of the stereo. The bed was turned down, revealing red satin sheets. She put the flowers in a vase on her dresser, and handed the bottle to Rob. He popped the cork, poured two flutes, and they toasted, “To love.”

They came together, body to body, face to face.

His mouth skimmed over hers, gentle as air, erotic as sin. When her lips trembled apart, he slipped his tongue between them, teasing hers.

She fisted her hands in his hair and pulled him deep into passion. Both of them gasped, breaths ragged, a moan escaped from her throat.

He rained kisses all over her face, down the curve of her neck. He blew softly in her ear, then sucked the lobe into his mouth. The smell of her hair, like fresh strawberries, was intoxicating.

She quivered all over. “I’ve waited so long for this, for you.”

Unfastening her robe, she let it pool at her feet. Underneath it, she wore a lace see-through baby doll, in the same blue as her robe, with matching thong. It covered her breasts just above her nipples.

“God, you are so sexy.” He had seen her naked, days ago when they went skinny-dipping, but the hint of her body through the lace had his pulse throbbing. She blushed at the compliment, but she felt sexy, for the first time in her life.

“You’re pretty sexy yourself.” He had stripped down to a pair of silk briefs; güvenilir bahis his throbbing erection just peeking over the top. She ran her hands over both cheeks of his ass; the sensation through the silk was indescribable, sending waves of gooseflesh up his back and down both legs.

His lips, and his tongue, moved down her throat, across her chest, then to the tops of her breasts. His tongue dipped below the lace, searching for her nipples. She pulled the straps over her shoulders, baring her breasts.

She pulled locks of her hair forward, letting it spill over her, letting her breasts peek out from behind a golden veil. The image drove Rob crazy with desire; he fondled and massaged them with her hair.

His hungry mouth found her nipples. He feasted on her, sucking and laving her with his tongue. A moan escaped from her mouth, a growl caught in his throat as her hand reached under his briefs and caressed his throbbing cock.

He massaged her rounded ass cheeks, then stripped off her thong, stepping out of his shorts at the same time.

He led her over to the bed and she lay down gently. Standing over her, he was overwhelmed with the image before him. Her golden hair fanned out under her; her body against the red sheets, looked like it had been sculpted of white alabaster. “You are so beautiful.”

She reached out a hand and, grasping his penis, pulled him down beside her. Her touch had him quivering in anticipation. He hovered over her, bringing his lips down to meet hers again. Their tongues danced together, she nipped his lower lip with her teeth.

His mouth found her breasts again. When his hand cupped her vulva, she wriggled and moaned. When a finger slipped into her vagina, her body went rigid and she screamed, flooding his hand with her juices. It was the first orgasm that she hadn’t created with her own fingers


“Oh God, Rob, that was awesome.”

“We’re just getting started.”

He moved down to the foot of the bed, picked up her foot and placed it in his lap. Using his thumbs, he began massaging the soles of her feet. “Ahh, that feels soo good.”

Using the point of his thumb, he worked a variety of pressure points. One point made her scalp tingle, another sent waves up her spine, one more got her in the belly.

Putting both her feet in his lap, he traced slow thumb circles in the hollows just under the ankle bones, sending waves of pleasure up the legs and into her groin. He gently pinched the sides of her big toes, then rolled them between his fingers.

“Oh, God, that goes straight to my pussy.”

Her back arched and she trembled all over as another orgasm hit her. “Jesus, you can make me come just by playing with my feet.” He had downloaded a book on sexual reflexology and made Susie his guinea pig. It worked.

His hands made their way up her legs, stroking and massaging, paying special attention to the insides of her thighs. When he reached that place between her legs, his fingers stroked her mons while his thumbs caressed her puffy outer lips, opening and closing them rhythmically.

When he lowered his head to kiss her there, her sweet, musky scent assailed his nostrils. Her pheromones drove him wild with desire. He lifted her knees up to give him access, then spread her lips apart with his fingers.

Her lips were as straight and pink as the roses petals on her dresser. Her clit came out of its hood, hard and straight. When he looked at it closely, he thought he could see a pulse beat. “Wow, Suze, you have a beautiful pussy.”

He kissed it, licked it, sucked it. With the tip of his tongue he traced lazy circles around her clit, then took it his mouth and sucked. When he felt her approach her peak, he backed off and let her subside.

Then he started again. And again. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Then he took her over the edge; she fisted the sheets, her hips rose to meet his mouth. She shouted his name as her body was wracked. “I can’t stop coming,” she gasped.

Moving up, he found her mouth with his. She sucked on his tongue, tasting her own sweet musk. Kissing his way down her throat, he found a nipple again and drew it into his mouth. She shuddered yet again. “Fuck me now, please. I want to feel your hard cock inside my body. I’m ready for you.”

Rising above her, he held his erection in his hand and watched as the head disappeared between her lips. He felt her vagina stretch to accommodate his girth. Slowly, slowly, his cock moved inside her, until he felt a resistance; she was intact. He stopped moving. He’d never had a virgin before, and he was afraid of hurting her.

He backed out to her opening, then slowly moved in again. When he neared her maidenhead, she gripped his ass and pulled him down, thrusting her hips up at the same time.

Expecting pain, she felt only a pinch as he burst through and sank deep in her slippery wet cunt. When he bottomed out, she felt he had reached her heart. “You feel so good; you fill me up.”

She was so warm, so slippery, so tight. He was caught in a velvet vise. He moved in and out slowly at first, then overcome by his pure animal lust, he picked up the pace. She began to thrust her hips up to meet him, and they established a synchronous rhythm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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