Robert Lost His Virginity

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I am an 18 years old with a very horny virgin seven inches dick. My name is Robert. I do not have the experience of fucking a woman. I do not know how a ripped woman looks when she is naked. I have seen photographs of naked women in websites but never have seen them in reality. Rebecca is a dream girl for me as well as for my friends. She is an astounding 19 years old girl, 5 foot 4 inches tall, blue eyed blonde, with the firmest 36 C breasts, long legs and a big well shaped rounded ass. I fantasize Rebecca every night.

She probably knows how my friends and I myself lust for her.

We along with Rebecca went to Bombay in an excursion arranged by our college. We stayed in a hotel there.

One night Rebecca came to the TV room of the hotel and started to check out some videos, bending over provocatively and making little talk with me. She wore a semi-transparent small summer dress.

Rebecca asked me;

– Robert would you like to watch something for grown up?

– What do you mean to say?

– I mean to say that do you like to see porn movie?

I was surprised to hear from her such a vulgar talk and could not reply.

She stared at me and with a naughty smile told, “Ok think about my proposal and if you agree please come to my room. I shall be waiting there for you”.

She left the TV room.

I got a big hard-on hearing her and without replying her I moved to my room to jerk off myself. I got naked striping off dresses. Thinking of Rebecca’s awesome tits and ass, I started masturbating my dick sitting on my bed when Rebecca walked in. I forgot to lock the door of my room.

– Robert! What are you doing?

She caught me literally and perhaps knew exactly what I was doing. I was embarrassed very much and tried to hide my big boner under the blanket.

– Rebecca I…I …I was just….

– I know… I know Robert… That’s Ok. It’s very natural for a boy your age.

I murmured;

– What, what do you mean Rebecca?

– Masturbation is an important element for your sexual development in your age. Now I just need to be sure whether you are sexually as well as physically healthy. Now don’t lie to me. Are you jerking off for me?

– Er… uhm, y-yes. I jerk off for you every night Rebecca … you are so… hot… I was just…

– Oh really? How nice! Don’t be ashamed, I like that you jerk off for me!

– Really?

– Yes! I even put this summer dress thinking it would give you and your friends something to jerk off about! Go ahead and continue what you were doing and tell me what do you think when you jerk off for me.

I was embarrassed but could not help stealing a few strokes at my dick with my hand.

– My friends tell me what a great ass you have, and how they would like to fuck it. I got this image in my mind now… I am sorry… you are so sexy!

– Oh no, no! Don’t be ashamed. You and your friends are just lovable teenagers full of hormones. I am really happy that you want me like them. Do your friends jerk off for me too?

– Yes Rebecca.

– Oh my! I shall have to have a talk to those boys too. Do not stop masturbating. Now tell me what you think about me?

– I think of your ass and boobs.

– Why you think about my ass and boobs only? Why you do not think of my pussy?

– Because I have never seen your pussy.

– Ok my boy, I shall show my pussy. I have to tell you some thing Robert. Did you fuck any girl any time or you are still virgin?

– I never fucked any girl. I am still virgin.

Rebecca smiled;

– I would give you a real nice first fuck! Let me take look at your cock first.

Rebecca moved aggressively to me and pulled the blanket hiding my boner.

A purr of delight was emerged from her throat;

– Oh my God Robert! Your cock is so huge! Oh dear! Where have you been hiding this thing?

Rebecca kneeled in front of me, grabbed my erect cock and with a surprised voice said;

– Let me pump it for you. What a big monster you have here Robert! Your cock is so beautiful!

She grabbed my hard cock in her palm and began to stroke it forward and back slowly and teasingly.

She grazed at my balls lightly with her fingernails.

She placed her palm below the sac of my balls and tried to feel the weight.

– Oh Robert! Your pair of balls appears too heavy. It must be more than half a pound.

She cupped my sack in her hand and rolled my balls around between her fingers with a slight but constant pressure.

– Robert let me test your horny cock.

Rebecca lowered her mouth, parted her lips and extended her tongue to meet my manhood.

I felt her hot breath on my now throbbing shaft.

Her tongue swirled around my cock and she engulfed it in her mouth.

– Uhmmmmm! I can’t even get my mouth around the whole thing!

I groaned with pleasure;

– Oh Rebecca! Oh my god!

– Do you like my sucking on your cock baby?

– Oh yeah! This is awesome!

– Would you like to fuck your Rebecca with that big monster?

– Yes, yes, please. Can I try it up your butt Sakarya Escort right now?

Rebecca stopped sucking and looking at my eye told;

-You want to fuck me at my butt with this monster. Why you don’t want to fuck me in my pussy?

– Rebecca I shall do whatever you want.

– Good, very good. I shall teach you how to fuck a woman in her pussy and ass hole in different postures after I finish sucking your cock.

Rebecca again took my erect cock in her mouth and began to suck it violently.

My sexual excitement reached to a peak and my cock started to throb in her mouth.

– Oh Rebecca, I am almost cumming!

Rebecca stopped sucking and said;

– Not yet my boy. I have to measure your dick for record keeping. Do not do anything, stay right here and I will be right back.

She went to her room, swinging her great ass under a half opened summer dress, tits bouncing, and came back with a tape measurer. She kneeled in front of me again, grabbed my cock by the base and licked it from the root upto the crown to make sure it was fully erect.

She then measured length of my erect cock.

-Oh my God! Your cock is eight inches long … it is so thick around too …

She stuffed my cock back in her mouth and pumped her head a few times more to make it even harder. Then she measured my girth again.

– Oh God, five inches around! Really fantastic!

– Now let me have the taste of your sperm.

My heart began to race, knowing what she will do next.

Once more, she extended her tongue and its tip flicked lightly across the slit atop the crown of my cock.

Licking her lips once again, she lowered her head over my cock, captured the crown between her lips and bobbed her head up and down in a slow pace.

My massive swollen pole was throbbing in rhythm with my heartbeat.

She did not stayed in one spot doing just one thing.

She sucked the top… licked the shaft… licked the balls … keeping on changing the pattern.

Her tongue swirled around my cock as she continuously engulfed and pumped my rigid manhood with her mouth.

I groaned with pleasure.

She started to suck me anew… slowly… fucking my cock with her mouth.

She took the entire length of my erect cock into her mouth and pulled her head away slowly, sucking it all the way.

I gasped at the unexpected suction that the tight embrace her lips created.

I heard those wet, sucking sounds that her mouth made when the seal formed by her lips was broken.

She changed her movement along my cock by placing noisy kisses along its length.

Rebecca increased the intensity of her kisses, ending them by sucking my shaft deep into her mouth and pulling back until only the tip remained trapped by her lips.

She spent more time with her tongue and lips on my swelled crown and balls.

She began to suck faster pumping my cock as if she was milking a cow.

From her throat came out sounds which resembled no human speech. It was as if she had transformed into an animal.

Lost in her own world, her head bobbed up and down, her small mouth stretched by my massive erection.

Her hand once again started to stroke the base of my cock with the movement of her head on my shaft sending spasms of delight through my body.

I gasped for air now, watching her hairbrush across my thighs during her up and down movement on my prick.

The sight of my cock before my eyes wetted by Rebecca’s sweet saliva and repeatedly disappearing and reappearing from her mouth during her each forward and backward motion increased the intensity of a pressure that has centered in my shaft and balls.

I needed to cum, but I wanted to enjoy fully the pleasure that centered within my excited erect penis.

I started to moan loudly;

– Oh yes that feels so good… Rebecca you are taking me in a pleasure zone…

Sensing my pending release, she suddenly gripped my hips with her hands, pressed her nails into the hot flesh of my buttocks and pulled me upward for better positioning my cock in her mouth.

She furiously worked on my shaft, forcefully pushing her mouth onto my cock reaching the opening to her throat and sucking it all the way up and down.

One of her hand moved to my balls, kneading them almost painfully, while the other griped the base.

My scrotum tightened …

I grabbed her head with my both hands, as I felt my cum being forced up through my shaft.

She sank her head down, engulfing me to the base.

She sucked my cock so deep that my nuts slapped against her chin.

A sharp gasp and extended groan signaled my release.

– Ahhh!!!

My body was trembling with excitement. Rebecca was driving me steadily towards orgasm.

I pulled her hair back and told her I was going to come.

After a few more minutes of her torturous sucking, licking and fingering, I could not stand anymore.

Rebecca just jammed my cock right back into her mouth.

My excited cock started to spasm into her mouth and I exploded in a rush Sakarya Escort Bayan of massive warm cum right down her throat like a fire hose, moaning and groaning excitedly the whole time.

The thick and hot seed splashed repeatedly from my pulsating hard cock deposited into her warm and waiting mouth and she involuntarily swallowed every drop of it.

I watched the flood of my semen spilled out of her mouth and run down her chin.

Rebecca began to move along my length and sucked it again. I sensed the movement of more cum from the tip of my cock as she continued to nourish me with her mouth.

She kept licking and sucking my cock until it was limp.

She finally pulled out it of her mouth.

I was amazed when she used my sagged limped penis like a lipstick, applying the drops of man-juice across her lips and cheeks. What a woman, I thought.

Rebecca looked at me and said;

– Robert you had so much cum for me! Very nice start for a virgin. This is your first cum into a woman’s mouth. Your teen cum tastes so sweet! I am now going to show you how to fuck good in my pussy and ass holes with your big cock.

-Rebecca, please show me your naked body. I am eager see it. I have never seen any young girl’s naked body.

– I shall show you each part of my naked body step by step. I shall show you my ass and boobs first.

– Why your ass and boobs first?

– I noticed the way you all look at me. Every time when I go by, I can just feel your eyes looking at my ass and boobs. And when we are talking, you can’t take your eyes off my tits and boobs.

She knelt with her back facing me and pulled up her dress up to her waist to show off her great hot ass.

– Is this for which you boys jerk off regularly?

I was spell bound to see her bare ass and whispered:

– Oh my god! Your ass is so beautiful so fleshy so round! It is very attractive!

– Do you like my ass baby?

– Yes! It is so beautiful, so bulged, so well shaped, so awesome. I love it!

Moving her hands all over her big and firm buns and swinging her hips like a pro stripper, Rebecca started to put up a show for me.

She raised herself on her knees and got her ass high up. She opened her legs wider. Her pussy and asshole were now fully visible. What a beauty!

She then stood up and opened the front of her shirt and exposed her awesome breasts! Her breasts were perfectly round at the base, coming to sky seeking peaks at the nipples. Her breasts were quite large with nipples jutted out at least a half of an inch from large brown areolas.

What a gorgeous sexy and beautiful pair of boobs!

She removed her shirt and skirt. She became completely naked.

Her long blonde hair, her perky breasts, her flat belly, her smooth legs, her clean shaved bulged pubic mound, her swelled puffed up vaginal vulvae, her thin pussy inner lips and most of all her big black beautiful eyes that always made my heart melt, all those things were here in front of me.

My heart nearly stopped at the incredible sight before me.

– Oh God. Rebecca, you have a sexy tight figure, appealing large pair of well shaped boobs and lovely pussy. Your bulged pubic mound and your swelled puffy vaginal vulvae are very sexy. Your pussy looks as smooth and delicate as that of a newborn baby. What an absolute beauty. You look so beautiful… so sexy… so classic…! Your beauty is heart throbbing of every guy.

I enjoyed her naked body, her sensually attractive lips, large full grown breasts, flat board stomach, deep naval, ups and downs of curved groin, slim thighs, long legs, tight but full ass, lovely face framed by long length black hair, and of course large lipped succulent clean shaved vagina.

Rebecca moved close to me, leaned her face over to mine and started to kiss furiously on my lips.

We gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment.

– You are even lovelier than I imagined. My sweet Rebecca, you have a beautiful body! Making love with you will be like making love with an Angel!

– Thank you Robert.

She wrapped her arms around me pulling me more close to her.

We embraced creasing each other’s naked bodies for a couple of minutes without any word.

I could feel the warmth of her developed breasts against my chest. Her breasts were soft like a lump of molten butter.

My hands cupped her firm and round pair of bare breasts and pulled them up.

I bent forward and my face landed on her bare breasts … in the middle.

I kissed the soft skin of her breasts lovingly for a long time.

I licked her large and dark nipples and sucked them the way I liked it.

I pinched the nipples between my lips, bite with my teeth and tugged gently.

Rebecca was excited as I was.

She breathed deeply and moaned softly the whole time swaying her hips.

Her nipples were shrunken, standing out quite proudly. Rebecca whispered;

– My sweet darling you have a very nice touch. I find now you behave like an adult. How you learn this?

– Rebecca, No body Escort Sakarya taught me. You do not know how long I wanted to touch you like this.

The pace of my breathing was quickened.

I again returned to her full breasts and covered them with my kisses.

Her body shivered again and again.

My heart was pounding like a jackhammer.

Rebecca then laid on my bed on her back and spread her legs wide apart in air.

– Look at me Robert. Look at my pussy.

I could see her nicely shaved pussy, her beautiful cunt lips and her cute pink clit.

– Rebecca really your pussy is very attractive, very sexy and very appealing. I am sure this will be a very interesting night for me.

– Robert do you like it? Come here and let me teach you how to eat it.

I sat in front of her on my knees and she immediately grabbed my head and guided my face to her pussy.

-Pull my pussy lips wide apart with your fingers and look inside.

I obeyed Rebecca’s directive.

– What you see Robert?

– I see your pink pussy fleshy walls?

– Nothing else?

– Yes, I see a small pink flesh button just like a small marble just at the top of your opening.

– What is that? Do you know?

– Yes that is your clitoris.

– How you came to know? You told that you never seen a naked woman before.

– I have seen in the porn pictures.

– Oh good. Lick my outer and inner lips of my pussy with your tongue.

I began kissing her pussy…. She was wet as hell and her pussy smelled wonderful.

– Now snaking your tongue, lick around my pussy crack.

My tongue licked up and down the length of her dripping pussy crack.

– Do you know which part of woman’s pussy is most sensitive?

– Yes, Clitoris.

– Do you know what to do next or I should guide you?

– I know. You need not guide me.

– How you came to know?

– I read in pornographic book.

– Ok good. Proceed.

I started licking and burrowing my tongue through the inner slices of her pussy lips.

She moaned and her hips gyrated all the time as my mouth teased her pussy.

Splitting the lips of her clean shaved hairless pussy, I made my way up to her hard, throbbing clitoris and swirled my tongue around it, rapidly.

As soon as the tip of my tongue snapped across her clit, Rebecca became excited and made an audible gasp swaying her hips.

I continued to tongue fuck her, my face pressed tight against her young pussy.

The salty and slimy juice of her pleasure that flowed into my mouth gradually became more profuse.

– I find you a good pussy sucker. It appears that you know much about sex.

– Yes, of course theoretically.

– Very good, very good. Now it is the time to practice that. Lubricate your fingers with the mixture of my juice and your saliva flowing from my pussy. Stick your finger on my ass hole. Yes, yes right there! Oh yeah, do not stop licking my pussy! Now push your finger all the way up my ass hole. Oh! Yes, yes!

I stuffed my finger all the way in her ass and Rebecca was going crazy. She started to moan loudly.

– Lick my clit harder now, you little punk! Fuck your Rebecca’s butt hole with your finger. Now, put another finger in. Oh Yeah! All the way. Oh Shit! Yeah! Double finger my butt hole and lick my clit harder! Yeah!

I paused for a little to see what Rebecca does. She gasped;

– Oh god, don’t stop, I-I’m really close, j-just a little more, I’m almost there, o-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h God I’m c-u-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-i-i-i-n-n-n-g!!!

Her hips started turning up almost involuntarily.

When I finally bit down softly on her clit, her pussy mussels trembled again and again and she came in a flow of warm juices through her pussy hole arching back her hips into the air.

My mouth got flooded with a shower Rebecca’s love-juice.

I could taste a semi-sweet musky warm liquid as I sucked the juices out of her cunt.

She was completely lost in her own pleasure and. grabbed my head and held it tightly against her spamming vagina.

It lasted for about twenty seconds. I kept pumping my two fingers in her ass hole and licking her clit until her orgasm subsided and she became quite. She looked at me with the most loving eyes and whispered;

– Oh, that was so good!

Rebecca reached for my already hardening cock.

She then held my erect cock in her palm and made a few stroke along the length of my shaft. Once she was satisfied with my hardness, she told me to lie down on my back on the cushioned armless bench.

As I did so, she started kissing me to raise my heat.

– Robert, I am now going to ride on you. I am sure you shall enjoy it.

She then straddled me across my waist, came to sit over my crotch and gradually lowered her body pointing her pussy to the crown my willing erect cock.

– Robert, grip my waist with both of your hands and steadily guided me to position me atop your cock. See how I manage your monster cock in my tight pussy.

I obeyed Rebecca and holding her waist I helped her to lower down her butt to place her pussy on the crown of my erect cock.

Rebecca gradually lowered her hips until the head of my cock touched her warm pussy lips.

She paused a while, then further lowered and the crown of my large pole just entered into the opening of her tunnel of love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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