Robin and Alicia Ch. 01

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This is the story of Robin and Alicia, two girls who I first got to know in college, and who are now thirty-something moms. Nothing ever happened between us in college—the time and place where you would think the good ol’ sexual hijinks would take place—but I’ve been lucky enough to fuck them both in a few absurd situations since then. In fact, it’s gotten so off the wall—not to mention off the charts—that I don’t even know where it could go next. But for now, it’s best to start at the beginning.

They weren’t best friends with each other or anything in college, more like casual acquaintances. It was only afterwards that they built any real connection together, mostly as friends-of-friends at first, and then later on because of their geographic proximity.

Alicia has always been the brassy, sluttier one and Robin the more tightly-wound, quiet one. Alicia is short, maybe 5’4″, sort of a normal body—not fat, not skinny. She’s got dirty blonde hair, trending towards brown, cut a little severely at her jawline. In college she had a nice set of C cups that were low and heavy and not bad looking at all, but didn’t really stick out to the eye in an obvious way. She’s got a quick, big smile, and is pretty funny and outgoing. She’s a lot of fun to be around. She’s always handled herself in a sensual, touchy-feely fashion, and has a cute face with a stubby nose and big blue eyes. Her ass is decent but nothing to write home about. Basically, she’s not really hot in an overt way, it’s just that she gives off sexual vibes.

Robin is more introverted. She was especially quiet in college, and wore her shoulder-length straight blonde hair so that it hung in front of her face. She was taller, about 5’10”, and skinnier. She was more classically good-looking—cute rather than beautiful, just like Alicia, but with nice cheekbones and eyes, and better hair. She was also sporting C-cups, but they were perkier than Alicia’s and perhaps a bit smaller. She was an enthusiastic jogger and it was a damn fine sight to see her run along the road, her jugs bouncing around in her jog bra under her t-shirt. She also had a nice runner’s ass. She was pretty damn smart, and while she wasn’t much good at small talk, she was fun to chat with about the latest in biochemistry, if you like that kind of thing. I do, so I enjoyed hanging out, talking about RNA, and enjoying the presence of her tits while I was at it.

So when we were in college, both of them had boyfriends (Ted and Paul), sort of on-again off-again, who both also happened to be friends of mine, and while I definitely would have been happy to screw either of the girls, it was never really in the air. They were with my friends, and it wasn’t worth it to mess around with that. Alicia especially kept breaking up with Ted and fucking around five guys, then getting back together with him, so if I had really wanted it, I could have just bided my time, but I always knew they’d get back together, she’d taunt him about all the guys she’d fucked, and then it would be over between me and him.

Later on, both of the girls got married to those boyfriends, güvenilir bahis and it was, ironically enough, mostly after that happened that I fucked them. This is the story of how it all went down. Alicia came first.

It was only one year after college. My roommates and I were having a party our apartment, and all our friends were there. This included Alicia and Ted, as well as Robin and Paul, although they didn’t really figure into the equation at the time. They were all still just going out, not married yet. We were all getting pretty drunk, and I was definitely getting the eye from Alicia.

She and I had certainly flirted for about as long as we had known each other, even if it never came to anything. It was obvious that she was attracted to me, and of course as a guy I was attracted to anything that had breasts. So at this party, we were fooling around playing some game when she spilled some drink mixers on my shirt and shorts, which necessitated that I pull my shirt up a bit to clean it off, thus showing off my stomach. Being responsible for the spill, and drunk enough to act more than a little daring, she came over and gingerly pulled my pants away from my body to see how wet my underwear had gotten. She clearly got a sneak peek down inside them as well, and her excitement was peaked.

I could tell what was going on, and I took the opportunity to whisper in her ear: “Let’s go fuck in the bathroom!”

Not exactly subtle or anything, but I was wasted and I had been working on a theory about how to hook up: just ask and see what happens. I didn’t think anything would happen, it was at least partly a joke, but it was entertaining to flirt like it might be possible. Hell, she had a boyfriend and he was a friend of mine, but who gave a shit. All my previous temporizing went out the window.

And then she responded in an equally-quiet whisper, shocking me: “But, it would be too loud!”

Not, “My boyfriend is standing 10 feet away.” Not even, “We’re in the middle of a party.” Instead: “It would be too loud.”

Well, fuck.

“Hey, I can be quiet if you can!” I responded after a dazed few seconds.


And that was that.

We both quickly snuck into the bathroom; I went in first, then she followed a few seconds later.

As soon as we got in, we grabbed each other and kissed passionately. It was like we had these years of pent-up desire that we didn’t even realize had been building up. She whispered with a cute smile, “We have to do this quick! No time for fooling around!”

And with that, she grabbed the waistband of my shorts, and pulled them and my boxers right down. It was so quick, I didn’t even have time to get erect yet.

She held my flaccid dick in her hand and said, grinning again, “So, this is what you think of me? What, should I just walk out of here?”

But I was growing by the second, and soon she had quite enough incentive to stay. My eight inches were as thick as the toilet paper tubes stacked next to us. Her eyes glinted in a dirty smile and she knelt down.

“Alright,” she said, “I’m going to give him türkçe bahis a quick lube, then you’re going to put this fuckstick in my slit!”

With that, she swallowed my cock. She obviously had a lot of practice. Normally a chick doesn’t take me all the way until she’s had some time to work up to it, but Alicia just opened her throat and sucked me in. Her head bobbed up and down on my rod several times, and I had to grab the toilet to hold on. Then she just as abruptly pulled out, leaving my cock cold, away from the heat of her throat. I barely even had time to appreciate the look of her cute face defiled by my mouth-stretching wet cock!

“Ok, give me that sucker,” she said, and turned around and bent over the sink. I grabbed her grey corduroy skirt and pulled it up over her hips, then simply pulled her yellow cotton panties to the side. There it was—a nice hot slot for my cock. I lined up and slammed it in. I could tell she wanted it hard from the way she had sucked me, and I wasn’t going to disappoint.

I went in balls-deep in the first stroke. Even if my cock hadn’t been coated with her saliva, she was plenty wet, and didn’t exactly have the tightest cunt in the world either. You couldn’t exactly describe her cunt as lonely, sitting around the drawing room wanting for company. Hey, if she was going to fuck around, I may as well be a part of the equation! She muffled a quick cry, remembering that we had to keep quiet. After all, there was a whole party outside the door!

This was not fated to be some slow and smooth, technique-filled love-making. This was wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am fucking. I jackhammered my way into her as hard and fast as I could, her thighs smacking continuously into the sink from the force of my thrusts.

“Ug, ug, ug, uuuuugh,” she grunted. Her fingers were furiously frigging her clit with one hand and holding on to the soap dish with the other. I could tell she was reaching orgasm; her breath came more quickly and her knees started to buckle under her. I had to grab her by the hips to hold her up.

I looked down and loved the look of my cock disappearing into her red, wet pussy. It was so hot that we were fucking here in a bathroom, with a million people outside—with Ted just who-knows-how-many feet away, playing cards or some dumb shit! I can’t even describe the pure, amazing visceral feel of her sloppy cunt. It was like fucking a piece of meat, like having a thick raw steak wrapped around my cock. Guys always talk about tight pussies, but a great skilled sloppy pussy can be fantastic too.

I was coming close to a climax. “Uh…fuck, ugh…where…do you want me to come,” I grunted.

“Oooooohhhh….in my…fuck….uh…in my…fuck…in my face!” Her whole body was shaking. I can’t believe she even was able to some up with a response.

“I thought we were trying to be kind of …..uhgh….quick about this…ain’t that kind of …uhg…messy?”

“Just fuckin’ do it!”

Well shit, who am I to argue. I jerked out of her box and pulled her off the sink, pushing her down to her knees, her skirt still up around her waist.

“Just güvenilir bahis siteleri a second,” she said urgently, and she slipped her tight blue t-shirt over her head, then pulled down the cups of her bra, leaving the round globes of her tits bare for me to see for the first time, her small hard nipples bouncing up and down sexily from having the bra removed. “Alright, now!”

I was stroking my cock furiously, and seeing her revealed tits, as well as her mouth, which had a classic “come on my face” porn look if I’ve ever seen one (jaws wide open, tongue sticking out lasciviously, eyes looking up at me with a beatific, desperate gaze), was easily enough to push me over the edge, and I unleashed my orgasm all over her face and tits as she tweaked her nipples with her fingers. I’m a pretty good shooter, and I blasted out what had to be a good ten or fifteen shots all over her, leaving her face and chest a gooey mess. It was dripping off her eyelid, the tip and bride of her nose, her neck, her chin, and the points of her nipples. Her chest was like the mouth of the Amazon River, with all the tributaries coming together from all over her body to create one huge flood of cum.

I fell back against the sink and looked at my organic artwork—it was a Jackson Pollock of sperm on a pretty damn good-looking canvas. Coming on a woman’s face is a pretty degrading, but pretty intense pleasure. You’re debasing her as nothing more than a target for your sperm, privately marking her as your own cum depository, a relationship privy to no one but yourselves. It can be humiliating or glorifying to the girl, depending on how she sees the joy in that relationship.

Alicia clearly saw the joy in it, and laughed quietly and stood up.

“Thanks for the fuck,” she said in an almost business-like manner, “Time to wash up, I guess—can’t have Ted seeing this! Let’s see what I can do to make it disappear.” She lapped up a bit of the dripping cum off her face, then took her hand and wiped some more off, sucking it down.

“Mmm, I fucking love cum,” she said. She reached down and grabbed her tits, bringing them up to her mouth, and sucked off the cream from her nipples. Finally she grabbed a washcloth to clean up the rest. I was about to use it to clean off my cock when she bent over and serviced me like a car wash.

“No sense letting all that go to waste,” she said, as my cock shivered from the feeling of her tongue on its sensitive post-orgasmic skin. That task being completed, she said it was time for me to go. I walked out with a smile on my face, and she followed a minute later.

The rest of the party, I kept looking at her with deep-seated drunken desire, and had a pretty-much permanent hard-on in my shorts, which was not easy to keep hidden. She would give me quick little sexy glances, making little slutty gestures like sticking her finger in her mouth and licking it off, pretending she had to clean off some food. But overall we were both pretty good about not going over the top so as to keep Ted from guessing what happened; luckily he was drunk enough to stay oblivious. We managed to get out of the party without further incident. I moved away not long after, so I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of her pussy again for some time. But when I did, it blew the roof off of even this mind-blowing episode!

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