Rockin’ with the Rhythm


I arrived at the hotel two hours early to find my host had put me up in the penthouse suite for the next four days. If anything could be said for him it was this guy had class. Needing to relax after being on the train for 2 days I decided to soak in the spacious garden tub for a bit before getting ready for tonight’s festivities.

The tub was absolutely gorgeous, like a bed carved from the most beautiful deep blue marble granite I had ever seen, complete with jets, bubblers, and neck rests. It had three faucets that jutted out of the wall at different levels allowing the water to cascade gracefully into the tub. On each end of the massive oval shaped bowl was a deluxe model shower head. Neck rests were carved under each shower head as if the tub had been designed with two bathers in mind.

Just as I was beginning to relax I thought I heard a rustle out in the adjoining bedroom. Deciding it was my overactive imagination I slid the wireless ear buds connected to my MP3 player, hit play with the remote, and settled into the bath attempting again to relax with the music stylings of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Relaxing once again just thinking what could be better than this; my thoughts were answered with a soft sensual bite on my exposed neck. Had it not felt absolutely amazing I may have screamed. But knowing that nibble anywhere I just moaned as I tilted my head to the side allowing my intruder full access to his goal. “Hello Jeremy my love.” Taking the hint he bit down a bit harder. I love the way this guy reads my mind. Barely able to think of anything due to the sensations surging through me I felt a strong yet tender hand caress my neck before it traveled down to fondle my voluptuous chest.

It is amazing that this big tough guy can be so sensual yet still firm. I dug my nails into the bare flesh of his back and my eyes sprung open. “You’re naked, and not in here with me?” I splashed him with bubbles and water as I moved out of his reach giving him no choice but to join me. Grinning evilly I sat on the edge of the tub opposite him and slid my hands down my wet, sudsy body; one hand stopping to cup my large left breast as the other continued lower to find my already swollen, throbbing clit.

“Mmmm… baby I missed you!” I began to move with the rhythm of the sweet jazz still sounding in my ears, as my hands danced up and down my body. Knowing I was being watched so closely had always been a huge turn on for me, but, as I watched his massive form step into the tub and grab his already rock hard cock my arousal grew. There is something very sexy about a man that isn’t afraid to stroke himself with pleasure in front of his lover. That coupled with my love for being an exhibitionist was sending me closer and closer 4 k porno to the edge of ecstasy.

Obviously sensing my arousal Jeremy moved in closer to me and released the clip that was holding my hair up then ran his fingers through my long mane smoothing it out of the twist it had been spun into.

“Hello sugar!” he finally replied. “You’re early I see…good.” I purred as he wound my hair around his hand slowly. I trembled with anticipation from his slow calculated advances. He lowered his head towards my ear. I whimpered as he tightened his grip on my hair and snapped my head sharply to the left exposing the right side of my neck. Starting at the base of my neck, he ran his slick wet tongue up along the throbbing artery. I was sure he could feel my blood racing and my heart pounding. Reaching my earlobe he sucked it into his warm wet mouth and removed the ear bud from my right ear. Still holding my head in place despite my squirming he bit down hard. My back arched involuntarily, I froze. As my earlobe was released from its vice grip Jeremy reached fro the tiny remote to my MP3 player. Glancing over the play list he smirked as he frantically pressed the button to advance the songs. After what seemed like forever he rested the remote on the edge of the tub, placed the right ear bud in his own ear, and then lowered himself into the sudsy water. He pulled me down into the water with him, positioning me so my back was to him and his legs slid along either side of me in the exquisite tub. Picking up the remote he pressed play then began to slowly smooth the water over my flesh allowing it to cascade down my shoulders and over my supple breasts. Getting lost in the actions I almost didn’t recognize the song as “I melt” by Rascal Flatts. Wrapping his arms around my body he cupped each of my breasts in his own hands. He pressed his full succulent lips against my open ear and whispered sensually…”I missed you doll…” As he continued to wash and caress me with one hand the other arm wrapped firmly around my torso holding me tight to him allowing his rock hard shaft to throb against my ass. I squirmed back against him letting the water aide me in stroking his turgid member.

The song had finished leading way to sweet instrumental bluegrass which serenaded our actions. As the music changed tempos so did my lover. Obviously satisfied with how clean we were he stood up and pulled me up with him. Helping me out of the tub he wrapped me in a soft oversized towel then led me by the hand to the bench in front of the large vanity and mirror. Picking up my hairbrush he proceeded to brush out my long red and blonde locks as I gazed at him lovingly in the mirror. After a few moments he swept my hair to the side, sucked, kissed, 7 dak porno licked then finally after the anticipation had almost taken over my body he bit at my neck once again. Moaning contently into my ear he whispered…”I’ve needed the opportunity to touch you…I’ve missed the way you feel.”

Grinning mischievously I spun around on the bench and took his thick, hard, bouncing member in my soft gentle hand as I locked my gaze with his. “Mmmmm… I love the way you respond to my touch baby.” Keeping my eyes fixed firmly on his expression I tenderly stroked his now throbbing cock. Smiling playfully I said…” I think I owe you something.” In one swift fluid motion I had his dick down my warm wet throat to the hilt, his full twitching balls resting on my chin. I froze there still watching his response while my throat spasm and stretched to accommodate his immense shaft.

He moaned carnally as his hand rushed to grab my hair for comfort as much as for control. “Fuck baby…warn me before you do that princess. I almost exploded from that surprise…But since you’ve already started…” His words trailed off as he used my hair to hold my head where he wanted it then resumed what I had started by fucking my mouth with long, slow, deeply, penetrating strokes. I brought my left hand up to follow my mouth up and down his massive cock and my right hand up to massage his heavy, throbbing sack. After a while as I felt his balls start to tighten up against him he said…”Damn girl…If you don’t quit I’ll let you have it…” But before I could finish him off he tightened the hold on my hair, pulled me from his throbbing member and directed me to the floor on all fours. Getting behind me he traced my tight puckered asshole with an index finger he had just stuck in his mouth to lube up a bit. I jumped slightly as he pressed into my tight hole allowing a moan to escape my lips. I thrust my anxious ass back against his slippery probing digit. Not letting it penetrate me further he moved with me “Ah Ah…not yet sugar…easy darlin’…I’m calling the shots.” He ran one finger from the base of my neck and traced my spine all the way down my back as he eased the long boney finger straight into my puckered hole. As my back arched in response he slammed his large rigid cock deep into my wet quivering cunt, slapping my clit with his full heavy balls.

“Oh my fucking God Jer…” I was unable to finish yelling at him, he was done playing with me it was time to take what he wanted. Grabbing my full hips he pounded his cock roughly in and out of my shuddering, soaking wet pussy coaxing it to gush and squirt my sweet hot sex juice all over his cock, balls, legs and the floor beneath us with loud sloshing noises.

My moans turned to alman porno screams when he leaned in and said loudly as close to my ear as he could get without changing his pace or force. “That’s it baby girl coat daddy in cum…give it to me princess.” I lifted myself to kneeling forcing him to pound up into me. Changing his hold on me he wrapped his arms around my body grabbing one of my full leaking tits in each hand squeezing, pinching, and milking them roughly as he mercilessly sped up the harsh invasion of my swollen raw cunt, matching the fast beat of the music in our ears.

Just as I was close to loosing consciousness due to the fact that I was holding my breath – afraid the feelings would change if I moved at all. “Fuck girl…cum with me.” On cue I erupted in hot thick jets of sweet wet cum sending him over the edge of ecstasy, forcing him to unload every fucking drop of delicious seed deep within me.

My entire body trembled from the mix of adrenaline, excitement, and now cum coursing through it. We froze until we had both finished spasming, quivering, and throbbing. Letting his semi-flaccid member drop from within me he stood up as I collapsed to the floor with exhaustion.

Walking over to the tub he warmed up the water, freshened the bubbles then helping my tired body off the floor eased me into the tub and scrubbed my lovingly with a nearby wash cloth paying close attention to my tender raw pussy and sensitive breasts. Lifting me out of the tub and wrapping me in a fresh towel, he pulled me into his embrace and kissed me sweetly wrapping me protectively in his arms. I rested my head on his strong shoulders with a sensual tender kiss he rested his head for a moment against my forehead. I seemed to melt into him as I closed my eyes taking in the sensations. We stayed close for quite a while neither of us wanting to move from the warmth.

The music still playing in our ears startled us both as it switched to Big and Rich’s “Save a horse ride a cowboy.” My eyes popped open meeting his as a playful seductive smile played across his lips. “Lover?…” I cocked an eyebrow at him quizzically.

“Close your eyes!” he demanded. When I had done as he instructed he wrapped an arm around my knees and hiked me over his shoulder roughly. Carrying me into the adjoining bedroom he laid me on the bed harshly so my head was hanging over the edge. He knelt down, kissed me hard with my head upside down and bit my lower lip hard. Standing he jerked his cock hard in front of my face grinning “Open up your pretty little mouth princess…” But before I could comply he forcibly parted my lips and slammed his cock down my throat, then leaned over and roughly tore my legs apart. Cupping my ass in his hands he pulled my swollen sex to his lips, licking and sucking hungrily at my clit before sinking two fingers effortlessly into my raw wet snatch. “Good girl…you’re ready for more…”

I turned my head to the side letting his cock slip from my suckling lips so I could reply…”Aren’t I always baby?”