Romeo and Juliet (retold)


Romeo and Juliet (retold): What really happened at the Capulet’s party.

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All characters are at least 18 years old.

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A young girl sat on the ornate stone bench on her balcony watching the comings and goings below. She sighed grumpily and slumped her head into her hands. Her nurse busied herself tidying the room and turning down the bed sheets ready for her charge to retire for the evening whilst trying to ignore her obvious and increasingly audible sighs.

“I don’t understand it. I’m being punished, mother must be offended again, though I know not what offence I’ve caused.”

“Juliet, I will not comment on your mother’s motives and you must not question them either. But I will say she is not being unkind my lady. I believe the party is not the place for a young impressionable girl. You are barely days into your eighteenth year Juliet. I expect your mother will not keep you waiting long, your debut will be a very special occasion, with Princes and suitors and a dance too. It will be a magical affair not like this corruption of moral purity tonight. Be patient Juliet, your day will come and your mother will have you by her side.”

Juliet’s interest was suddenly aroused, she pressed her nurse further on this news. “Oh, nurse. I expect you are right. I’d much prefer a party all of my own. So…exactly what morals are being corrupted tonight?”

The nurse gasped and threw her hands in the air, “oh. Shame Juliet. I’ve said too much, I will not speak of it more and you will confine your thoughts to this Latin text until bedtime. I won’t think on it…” The nurse mumbled as her cheeks flushed red and she hurried from the room flustered. Juliet covered a snigger with her hand. When alone Juliet once more turned her attention to the activities below. She stared avidly as staff upon staff brought crate upon crate of flowers, decorations and fine foods into the house.

“If I can just find a way, I cannot be left out. I won’t be left out. Oh, how to conceal oneself when I’m plain as day a Capulet in this Capulet home. I’m not letting my mother ruin this night. But oh! If only nurse hadn’t been so embarrassed, what is it that made her blush so! What dance perhaps can there be that my eyes must be shielded from? Or is it humour, so course that my ears must be muted? Surely nothing she hadn’t heard from her kinsmen, her cousins don’t keep their thoughts clean even in my audience.”

Juliet’s frustration grew as she paced up and down fidgeting with her hair. She slumped down again by the window and resumed her sighing but wasn’t kept waiting long before an unexpected opportunity presented itself.

Juliet jumped to her feet and smiled with glee at the latest arrival. A rail was wheeled towards the house, it was covered in elaborate dresses and sitting on top was rows of ornate and jeweled masks. “Oh, why did nurse not say, she kept it from me, a masqued ball. Perfect. But, oh, how?” As if the gods were listening Juliet’s prayers were being answered before her eyes. The servant rolling the rack of costumes was suddenly called away to help with a heavier load from the cart that just pulled up.

The rail stood against the wall, unchecked, unmonitored. Juliet did not hesitate, she darted from her room, careful to check the hall was clear before heading to the back staircase leading to the servants’ and trademans’ entrance beneath her bedroom. Juliet ducked instinctively as she heard her cousins voices parade past but managed to evade them. As soon as she made it to the staircase she ran down the spiral stairs dodging the busy and flustered servants.

Juliet was given no notice, the staff were used to the young nymph dashing in and out, playing in the kitchens, evading her nurse or winding up her mother. Juliet dashed speedily out to the entrance and skilfully crept along the outside wall ducking behind the rail hidden by the elaborate costumes.

Eagerly she fingered the materials hoping for something she could conceal and steal but would hide her at the party. To her delight her nimble fingers pulled out a glistening gown, it’s short length and fitted bodice would be perfect on her slender frame. She caressed the shimmering satin gown and brushed it along her cheek, shuddering slightly as she did. Attached to the gown was a a delicate translucent pair of wings matched with a small opaque sequinned veil draped from a silver diadem. Juliet gathered it up, fearful of crumpling the fine gown.

With a youthful sprint Juliet darted back into the house, up the stairs and shot across the hall and into her room quickly but quietly closing the door behind her. Juliet’s heart pounded, her breathing was fast with excitement. Spreading out the gown on her bed, Juliet punched the air with satisfying glee. “I’ll not be kept closeted Mother. Not anymore, and you’ll never know.”

Later that evening, Juliet watched from her balcony as a long line gorukle escort of patrons filed across the courtyard to the grand entrance. This was her chance. Juliet slunk back into her room. She removed her blouse and skirt and carefully lifted the gown onto her shoulders. She let the material fall and fastened the claps at the back as well as she could. The moved to the mirror and straightened herself.

She was used to wearing no support as her chest had failed to blossom. Her dark coloured panties however were obvious beneath the shimmering white gown. Not hesitating Juliet pulled them down and kicked them off. Her delicate gown moved freely in the breeze and Juliet was satisfied she could get away with wearing no undergarments.

Finally she lifted her wings into place across her back and placed the diadem fixing it into her hair and draped the silk veil across her face. ‘Perfect’ she thought.

Silently as before Juliet moved quickly across the empty corridor and down towards the back staircase. Once at the bottom, the noise from so many people and rush of the servants gave excellent cover. Juliet could hear the music playing from the ballroom calling to her. Not able to enter with the other guests after all she did not possess a ticket to get past the guards, but she hoped the service door to the ballroom would not be guarded and headed to the rear of the kitchen.

It was more and more obvious that Juliet stuck out from the servants who busied around her, repeatedly knocking her wings. “Should I just go in?” She pondered worried that having come so far she could be caught out at any moment.

Just as Juliet’s confidence was about to fail her she turned to see from across the kitchen a parade of costumed guests. A line of girls were being moved through the servants entrance into the house by a guard. “Be brave, you can do this Juliet” she reassured herself as she ran to catch up with the end of the line of girls.

Just as she hoped, the girls were escorted directly to the ballroom, a side entrance opened and the girls were beckoned to enter. Once inside Juliet wanted to slip away in the other direction but the line of girls were directed into a possession around ballroom. Juliet tried to keep up as the girls followed their escort. She watched in wonder as the guests cooed and clapped as they walked on by.

At last the parade finished the guard directed them to stand in line against the far wall. Juliet began to follow slowly and just as a guest obscured the view of the escorting guard she stole away into the crowd. She stopped to take breathe and gazed across the ballroom. Reams and reams of decorations draped from the chandeliers across the ceiling like a multi-coloured canopy. Juliet watched as the crowds gathered.

From across the hall she saw her mother, dressed in a golden ball gown and wearing an elaborate jewel studded headdress but scarcely covered her face. Juliet smirked at her mother’s gaudy taste but watched as she expertly played the crowd, gathering women to her side as she went. Now all the women stood aside from the men in the room who seemed to be waving as if they were leaving. Juliet looked in alarm as her mother with open arms beckoned all the women through the doors that lead them through into her own drawing room.

Alarm rose up inside her as she realised that soon just the men would be left in the ballroom. Juliet thought she could break for the other side of the room and join the last few women to leave but the crowd of men grew dense and her chance of joining them in time was slim. Juliet had never felt so vulnerable.

Suddenly as Juliet began to move off a hand grabbed her. “Where do you think you are going. Don’t get ideas above yourself. Remember who you are and get back in line” Juliet gasped at the gruff and angry guard who had seized her. Juliet looked back and saw that the girls she had entered with were still in line along the wall of the ballroom.

Juliet froze, there was no way to escape, panic started to rise inside her, what was going to happen, why were the girls in a line not joining the women. The guard shoved her hard against the wall knocking her into the girl at the end of the line. “Sorry” Juliet spluttered but the other girl turned her back, her expression hidden behind her mask.

Juliet looked on as a woman approached them, she did not recognise her, she wasn’t from the household staff. Juliet thought maybe she could explain the mistake, she was meant to be with the others, a cousin perhaps, friend of Lady Capulet.

But before she could begin the woman spoke “you all look fabulous my dears, I’m pleased you like the costumes I chose, they all look good on you. Now, for those of you who are new, I will remind you all of the rules. Listen carefully, break the rules and my friend here will break something in you” she gestured to the security guard standing close to Juliet whose hand was resting threateningly on his dagger.

Juliet’s mind raced, how could this happen altıparmak eskort bayan at a Capulet party, how can these girls not be free? The woman spoke on “do not remove your masks. Do not give out your real name. Never speak of tonight again. You will be paid at the end of the night.” All the girls nodded their approval. “Good, oh, and you won’t be needing these again tonight.” The woman reached around the first girl unfastening her costume letting it fall to her feet. The girl wore no undergarments, she stood nude being inspected. Juliet swallowed hard, the fear and panic now rising to her throat.

Each girl was undressed one by one, the woman nodding her approval. It was Juliet’s turn, the woman reached around and undid the clasp allowing the satin gown to fall. Juliet resisted the urge to cover her nakedness with arms and hands hoping her identity won’t be exposed now.

The woman tutted, looking her up and down disappointedly. “Uh. Stay at the end. You can be last. Dreadful meagre offerings, who will want to pay for you? I dare say someone with a taste for a woman who didn’t blossom will take pity.” Juliet forced back the tears. She looked back at the other girls who all stared back. Juliet could see just how different she was. Girls with breasts wider and fuller than her entire waist. Women with broad curves and wide hips.

Colours of bronze, black, coffee and tan glistened in the light, their sex covered in a canopy of forest, thick and black. Juliet looked down. She couldn’t have stuck out more, her slender frame gave no contour with hips as thin as her waist and her skin a creamy white.

Juliet saw her cold tiny nipples stand out from her chest only making the absence of any breast more obvious. Her pale crotch showed off the curved recesses of her sex, she moved her finger over her mound to reassure her of the wisps of fine soft golden hair barely noticeable over her white skin.

“Well, I tell you my dear, you can keep your wings on and we’ll pretend you are a novelty to finish with. It may get some laughs or hopefully a sympathy bid.”

A hush fell over the ballroom. The guests moved forward to the stage area where the orchestra placed the instruments on their seat and left leaving a group of officials who were beckoning the guests closer. At that moment Lord Capulet took the stage to polite applause. His officials stood close by.

As Capulet spoke, thanking the crowd, two young guests, Romeo and Mercucio, made their way through the crowd to get a clearer view. Capulet continued to explain the upcoming event met with approval from the all male audience.

“Listen, Romeo, no Montague has ever witnessed this.”

“So what, it’s no secret. It’s just the annual charity auction. We know about the work, Verona’s biggest charity, helping er…kids I think. I’m sure he’s just doing it to make him seem less corrupt, but helps cancel out the more dishonest family business. But that’s it right?”

“We’re about to find out.” Applause seemed to signal the auction was starting. Capulet had given way to an auctioneer who beckoned off stage to bring something forward, the Montague boys craned their necks to see. Both boys gasped as a beautiful naked women was paraded on stage, the audience cooed and whooped at the voluptuous beauty before them. Bids were taken immediately and Capulet and his officials smiled approvingly.

“They are buying the women!” Romeo uttered in disbelief “for charity! I don’t understand.”

“I agree cousin, it is not that at all. I think I know what this is.”

They watched on as girl after girl was paraded and auctioned, the sums of money grew larger as their lust compels them. As the prizes were escorted off stage and delivered to the highest bidder they were quickly followed by one of Capulet’s men holding a ledger eager to relieve them of the pledge. On stage Capulet consulted his officials who scribed the takings.

Mercucio leaned over to Romeo and spoke softly to his ear. “Don’t you see, the money isn’t really going to the charity. The auction is fake. Our family has long suspected the charity was not as it seemed, we were right, you see?”

“Er, no” Romeo looked confused and shook his head.

“The girls are the reward for those that bid, right?” Romeo nodded. “But the money is not going to any good cause, Capulet is cleaning the money. That’s how he operates, the family business is finances. He’s laundering all the corrupt businesses from Verona and abroad. The charity is a front, the winning bidder gets the privilege of having illicit money laundered through the Capulet business. It’s really quite clever.”

“Hey, you need to tell my father” Romeo nodded again unable to take his eyes off the stage, “so that red head, oh, did you see the tall exotic one?”

The boys watched as each girl was sold and delivered to the lustful crowd. Some girls were pawed at and examined like a prize winning animal. The more gentlemanly of the nilüfer eskort bayan buyers took their prize to the dance floor and promenaded their beauty like a trophy. A few girls were immediately escorted to the dark corners of the room out of sight.

“Look there Mercucio, do you see?” Romeo strained to see over the heads of the crowd as the next girl was brought up to the stage.

The auctioneer’s face fell as he looked over the last of the girls. “Well, my lords, see here we have an angel. God smiles on you tonight and sends us this beauty direct from heaven itself.” A few laughs rose from the audience as the auctioneer did a mock bow and kissed her hand. He glanced over to Capulet who was nodding his approval, “my lords, a bid!”

Juliet was moved next to Capulet. Juliet began to shake fearing her father would recognise his daughter immediately. His arm reached around her shoulders and Juliet gave a shiver, her father’s comforting embrace gave her instant calm, protected by her daddy, the closeness she craved from him as a little girl, she felt just maybe things were going to be okay.

“You need to relax. Why so scared? Capulet whispered to her. Then to Juliet’s horror his hand reached down along her back, his palm flat against her skin. Juliet gulped hard as he reached across her cheeks squeezing gently as he went. “It will be much easier if you relax, remember what we are paying you for, I want your buyer to be pleased. Let me help you get ready” his hand reached under her, his fingers parting her thighs. With a gentle touch he cupped his hand as his fingers traced the recesses of her lips.

Juliet froze, her mind raced over a thousand thoughts but too fast to hold onto one long enough to take her mind away.

Romeo’s breathing quickened, his eyes wide and mouth agape as he looked on. He pulled the arm of a passing waiter, and urgently asked “What lady is that, which doth enrich the hand of yonder knight?” The servant did not even glance to the stage but immediately replied “I know not, sir.” and pulled away from into the crowd.

“O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night Like a rich jewel. Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear! The measure done, I’ll watch her place of stand, and, touching hers, make blessed my rude hand.”


“Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”

“ROMEO? For heaven’s sake, stop it. I promised you, I’d get you laid tonight. I haven’t forgotten but you can’t have her. It needs to be discreet, but don’t worry. Romeo? Romeo? What are you doing cousin? Stop, don’t do it!”

“THREE THOUSAND” Before Mercucio could restrain him Romeo’s hand was in the air and suddenly all eyes were on him. Mercucio gave him a thunderous look.

He whispered so the other guests could not hear “You fool. You’re going to get us both killed.”

The auctioneer skillfully controlled the bids but this did not deter Romeo. Five, Six, then eight thousand had been bid.

“TEN THOUSAND” Romeo yelled, louder than was necessary but determination gripped him.

The auctioneer quickly looked to Capulet who was whispering to the officials on the stage giving a discreet nod of approval.

“And SOLD. My Lords, this concludes tonight’s business. You’ll be pleased we have raised in excess of three hundred thousand, thanks to your kind generosity Verona will have new schools.”

A smattering of approval rose and the crowd applauded as the band took up the instruments on the stage and began to play once more. Juliet was escorted from the stage to her new buyer.

Juliet’s hand is placed into Romeo’s both stand still, silent and frozen. Mercucio urges Romeo “look, the officials with the ledger, they approach, they are looking to collect. Good sir, we must move. Now.”

At that moment the band began to play and Mercucio taking their arms ushers them quickly behind another group of guests who formed to watch the dancing, hidden for now. The officials look round the crowd searching for the couple unable to advance.

Romeo summoned enough courage to speak. “With my unworthiest hand in your holy shrine, let me say this” Romeo coughed a little, “My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.”

Juliet was suddenly taken aback “Oh good pilgrim, I see, poetry, how nice. Um, you do wrong your hand too much, let me see…Which mannerly devotion shows in this; for saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch, and palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss.

Romeo’s cheeks flushed, he was not used to hearing poetry said back to him and was suddenly stuck.

“Er…have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?” He said confused.

Juliet laughed, “Of course they do, lips that they must use in prayer.”

“O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do” Romeo implored.

Mercucio tutted, “oh very subtle cousin.” He moved around the pair scanning the crowd, ready to retreat. Mercucio, stopped in alarm, across the room pointing directly at them was Tibalt and his kinsmen. Tibalt’s mask was removed and he talked animatedly to his cousins. Mercucio starred in horror, to see Romeo now with his helmet off was lifting away Juliet’s veil.