Room at The Top of the Stairs Pt. 04-05

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Miss Strokewell studied her victim as he stood locked in a bent forward position in her headboard, his bare upturned bottom freshly spanked, his spent genitals hanging flaccidly in his thighs, his copious spend spattered on the smoothly worn wooden floorboards between his parted feet.

She stepped behind him and fondled and pinched his burning rumps between her cool fingertips, eliciting further whimpers of displeasure from the front of the constrictive device. Then she moved her fingers down and pulled and squeezed his dangling scrotum and balls, eliciting still more whimpers. “Ooh, Miss!” Keith grunted. What was she going to do to him next, he wondered?

“Well, sir,” she announced, “You’ve taken a good bare-bottomed spanking and you’ve had your erection very pleasantly relieved! What do you say to your Mistress for it?”

“Thank you, Miss Strokewell!” Keith whimpered. “Thank you for caning and paddling my bare bottom, Miss, and for relieving my big hard erection!”

“It’s been my pleasure to service you, sir!” came the reply, “But I’m not convinced that you’ll behave yourself any better in future! Do you intend to visit me again when you’re next in this part of town, sir?”

“Oh yes, Miss! I most certainly will, Miss!” Keith assured her. In fact he’d already decided to make another special trip to see her as soon as his budget could stand it.

“And are you likely to play with yourself again at my reception desk, and when following my pretty receptionist down the corridor to this special room? And to present her with a rampant, stiff, drooling, upstanding erection when she next inspects you for sexually transmitted diseases and underwear cleanliness?”

Keith thought about her question for a moment. He decided that honesty was the best policy.

“Yes, Miss! Most likely I will, Miss!” he replied, “I find it impossible not to play with myself and make a mess in my undies when I’m in your presence, Miss!”

“Yes, so I see! Well, sir, I’ll have you know that I expect my naughty boys to be better behaved than that! You need additional training, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss, I dare say I do!” came the whimper, “Does that mean taking more of the cane and the paddle across my bare bottom, Miss?”

“Yes, it may!” came the reply. “Naturally it will depend upon your performance and behaviour during your training! I’m going to let you out of the headboard now and you will strip off for me completely, please! I want to see you quite naked, please sir!”

“Yes, Miss!”

“Out you come now!”

Miss Strokewell unlocked and raised the stock’s headboard. Keith stood shakily, his top half dressed, his bottom half naked from the waist down, save his socks.

“Now strip!” came the order.

“Yes, Miss!”

Miss Strokewell watched as Keith stripped out of his remaining clothes and placed them on a chair. Now he stood naked before his young mistress. He took a moment out and lifted his pelvis and his flaccid genitalia to her as he reached back and cupped his abused rumps in his palms and gingerly began to squeeze and massage them. His poor, abused rumps had never felt so hot, tender and sensitive!

“Ooh Miss!” he whimpered, “My poor bottoms! Your cane and paddle have been very instructive and punishing with them, Miss!”

“Yes, they have!” Miss Strokewell agreed. As Keith cupped and squeezed, she watched as his dangling penis began to lift and stiffen. She tapped the rising organ with the spanking pad of her paddle.

“And what’s this, sir?” she asked. “You do enjoy having your bottom spanked by a young Miss, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss, I do!” came the whimper. What a submissive manslut he’d become, he thought, under just an hour of her direction!

She studied his upstanding erection and his dangling, swelling balls.

“You’re a depraved old thing, aren’t you?” she admonished him. “You’re erecting again, right before my eyes! After I’ve already given you a very thorough spanking and a very draining relief milking! One good spanking and relief milking should be all that you require in a single day! But instead you’ve become quite incorrigible, haven’t you?”

“Incorri what, Miss?”

“Incorrigible! It means that you’re impossible to control and correct! Well! I’m going to begin your special training with some canine work! Then you’ll body-worship me! And we’ll see how your stiffening cock and swelling balls look after that!”

“Yes, Miss!” came the whimper.

“Now you’ll get down on your hands and knees and I’ll fit you up in your canine training harness!”

“Yes, Miss!”

Keith dropped onto the floor on his hands and knees as if he were a big dog. He dipped his back, spread his knees wide, and lifted his underside. His erection stiffened beneath his belly. For ages he’d dreamed of being leashed and led as a dog by a pretty mistress, and now his opportunity had arrived.

He watched as Miss Strokewell stepped to an implement rack and took down an accoutrement formed of a pair of leather dog’s collars connected by a slender adjustable strap. şişli escort She stepped back to him with it and crouched beside him. She explained its workings to him as she fitted him up in it.

“This is your canine training harness, Keith sir!” she explained. “This larger dog’s collar fits about your neck – like so!” She fitted it in place and buckled it firmly. “And this smaller collar fits about the neck of your scrotum – like so!” She leaned to his rear and fitted the collar in place and buckled it firmly so that Keith’s two balls were caught by it as a single plump ball. “Finally, this slender adjustable connecting strap attaches between the two collars, thus up between your buttocks and above your spine to the back of your neck collar – so that when I cinch it tight – like so! – your balls and throat will be drawn inexorably together – like so!”

Miss Strokewell fitted the strap in place and then cinched it up tight and buckled it. “Nngh! Miss!” Keith grunted. She now had him in the most exquisite submissive doggy-like bondage-restraint! His necked scrotum – containing his two balls – was drawn up high between his buttocks – and his head and neck were also drawn high and back! He lifted his balls, dipped his back, and lifted his neck and head high in an effort to relieve the tension of the taut strap which now ran between his two collars! Meanwhile the upward pull on his scrotum, from behind, also caused his rampant erection to be pulled straight down to point directly to the floor between his widely splayed knees. He did indeed assume the posture of an alert, pert, submissive – and genitally very openly exposed and erect – canine!

Miss Strokewell stood and examined her handiwork. “Yes, you look suitably dog-like!” she said, “with your bottom and genitals displayed openly behind you! Now all you need is a neck leash! And I need my finest training whip!”

Keith watched as she took down a slender leather dog’s leash and a fine dressage whip. She stepped back to him and attached the end of the leash to a ring at the back of his neck collar. She took the leash’s handle in one hand and the handle of her whip in her other. She tapped his shoulder with rhe tip of her whip and spoke down to him. “Now, puppy pet, do you know how to heel?”

Keith shook his head. “No, Miss!”

“It means that you’ll stay by my ankles as I walk you! I shall instruct you using my whip at your bottom!”

“Yes, Miss!”

“Right then, off we go!”

Miss Strokewell stepped forward in her high heels with her submissive man-dog crawling along beside her. Keith crawled carefully, doing his best to stay by her ankles whilst also avoiding her mincing soles and heels at his fingers. But after only a few strides forward Keith felt the tip of her whip tap lightly but smartly at his behinds.

Then – Smack! The slender whip lashed across his rump! Ouch, groaned Keith! That thing stung!

“You’re not keeping up, puppy pet!” came the complaint. Then: Smack! – “You’re crawling too quickly!” – another complaint accompanied by another smarting lash of the needle-like implement! Then: Smack! – “Your doggy paws are getting underfoot!” – another complaint accompanied by yet another officious lash! She seemed quite intent to add any number of fine red whipmarks to his already hot, abused rumps. What a fussy, bossy, strict young woman she was, Keith thought!

She led him up and down the room. Then she stopped and examined his penis as it hung between his thighs. It hung as stiffly as ever.

She poked the big sausage with the tip of her whip.

“My goodness, Keith sir, just look at you!” she exclaimed. “You’re a randy pup, aren’t you? Even a walking session with my finest whip at your bottom doesn’t tame you! You hardly deserve it, do you? All that walking and correction – for what? For the remainder of your puppy walk you will trail behind me, where you will admire my muscular high heeled legs and my fat bare bottom as I lead you!”

“Yes, Miss!” Keith’s erection hardened. As much as he’d enjoyed his ‘puppy’s walk’, he’d desperately wanted to admire this woman’s bare bottom ever since she’d stepped into the room as his domina.

“Right then, here we go!”

Miss Strokewell stepped away from him. He trailed after her, his neck craning to observe her from toe to top. At floor level, he took in her high heeled boots. Then his eyes traveled upward to her muscular legs and, above them, to her fat bottom. Its two plump cheeks rubbed and wobbled obscenely as the stepped forward. Beneath them, in the tops of her thighs, he could see the the pouch of her sex and, in its middle, the slit of her pussy.

As she led him about the room, once again Keith engaged in his private fantasies of penetration – at first with his nose and tongue – followed by a penile frottage, a good deep fuck, and then a long, protracted ejaculation between the lips of her labia and then – remarkably – also deep in the cleft of her bottom. He’d make a fine mess at that backside of hers, he figured, that was for sure!

“Stay behind me! Eyes on my thighs and bottom!” Miss Strokewell called as she led her erect, fantasising puppy up and down the room. Finally she led him to a chair where she sat down before him.

Keith knelt before her on all fours.

“Now, puppy!” she spoke down to him, “I think that’s enough walking for you! Now you will lift yourself onto your knees before me so I can see that naughty doggy’s prick of yours!”

“Yes, Miss!”

Carefully Keith lifted himself upright as ordered. His harness was still in place and it forced him to maintain a dipped back and a very erect posture. The rearward pull on his scrotum now had the effect of pulling his erection downward into a horizontal position where it poked out lewdly before him directly towards the fronts of his mistress’s boots. Miss Strokewell stared down her nose at the rampant member. She stroked the shaft of her whip to and fro along its sides.

She shook her head and tut-tutted.

“Look at this naughty thing!” she exclaimed. “Next, I’m sure it will want to be relieved again! Perhaps a session of body worship will cure you of your illicit thoughts! Do you know how to air-worship your mistress, sir?”

Air-worship? Keith shook his head, “No, Miss!”

“It means that you’ll use your puppy’s tongue and snout to worship me from the soles of my boots all the way up to my nipples! But you will not touch me as you do so! Instead you shall naintain an air gap between the tip of your nose or tongue and my person! A millimeter or two will do! Do you understand, Keith sir?”

“Yes, Miss!” Keith whimpered. It all seemed very logical, he thought. This being his first visit to Miss Strokewell, he figured, she was not familiar or intimate with him. A form of submissive intimate servitude was required, but not one which allowed any truly intimate physical touching. A session of ‘air-worshiping’, as she called it – was just the ticket!

She sat back on her chair and lifted the two soles of her boots to his face. She tapped him on the shoulder with her whip.

“Start here!” she ordered, “and then work your way up to my breasts and nipples!”

“Yes, Miss!”

Keith took his nose and the tip of his lance-like tongue to the leather soles. He sniffed and traced his way over them. He was glad that he didn’t really need to lick them, yet this ‘air- worshiping’, as she called it, made him feel very submissive.

“That’s right, puppy pet,” she reminded him, “don’t forget those heels!” Keith worked his way up and down each of them. Now she spread her legs wide, providing Keith with a delightful view of her splayed bare bottom and pussy. “And now,” she ordered him, “you will work your way up the insides of my boots to my thighs and privates!”

“Yes, Miss!”

Keith worked his way along her boots and thighs to the fragrant underside of her bottom. He air-worshiped his way up the long, seemingly continuous crack of her plump buttocks and the soft fat labia of her pussy. Ah, the familiar but rare smell of pussy, he realised! And the fact that he was inspecting, at such close quarters like a big-snouted dog, the underside of her bottom!

Her fingers came to it and she parted its cheeks for him.

“Have a good look, you dirty thing!” she called. How very submissive and dog-like he felt as he carefully sniffed and explored! He bought his wanking hand to his erection where it began to pull, stroke and squeeze.

“Very good!” came the compliment again. “That’s enough down there! Now you will work your way up to my nipples!”

“Yes, Miss!”

Keith worked his way up the front of her cincher corset until he came to her plump breasts which hung over its edge. What huge, plump, well rounded melons they were! With the most exquisite nipples!

Keith sniffed and air-tongued his way over them. Knowing that his session of worship of her would soon end he lingered at them for longer than he should have.

“And now that will do!” came the order from above. “And now you will stand upright on your knees again and show me that naughty prick of yours!”

“Yes, Miss!” Keith lifted himself to his mistress as instructed. His erection protruded as stiffly as ever.

Miss Strokewell clucked her tongue as she studied it. “Yes, you’re quite incorrigible, aren’t you?” she concluded. “I think a few strokes of my training whip across your bare bottom might take it off you! You’ll press your nose to the floor and get your hinds up for it, please!”

“Yes, Miss!” Keith bowed forward as instructed, his nose pressed dutifully to the floor. Miss Strokewell stepped behind him and stood to one side. She tapped the slender filamentary shaft of her whip across his upturned rumps and then, with a well practiced flick of her wrist, she lashed them smartly.


“Ouch! Nngh! Miss!” Keith grunted. It felt as if he’d been whipped with a hot wire! “And there’s more to come!” came the voice, “I haven’t finished with you! You’ll take your mistress’s signature home with you!” “Yes, Miss!”

Shwick! The whip lashed Keith’s bottom again. “Nngh! Miss!” Keith grunted again. Then she stepped to a different position and – Shwick! – she lashed the fat rumps again. “Nngh! Miss!” came the grunt. Then she stepped to a different position again and – Shwick! – she lashed the big bottom again.

She studied the upturned buttocks. They now stood decorated with several raised, throbbing, crisscrossed weals. Keith’s bottom was on fire! What a strict young whip mistress she was, he thought!

“And now you will lift yourself upright on your knees and show me your naughty boy again!”

Keith lifted himself to kneel upright before her again. His hard, near-bursting erection continued to point lewdly forward.

“Well, Keith sir, I’m not releasing you from my treatment room with that big thing on you! You’d be a menace to society, and in particular to any big bottomed, big breasted female! instead I’m going to hand-relieve it for you! And whilst I do so, you will reflect on what happens to naughty boys who present to me with big persistent erections!”

“Yes, Miss!”

Keith watched as his mistress removed her gloves and collected a glass tub of a greasy pink salve.

“This is my special relief ointment!” she informed him, “Hold out your hands and I shall give you some! You will rub it into your buttocks, and reflect on the burning hot weals there – whilst I milk off your enormous erection with more of it at your front! You will reflect on the fact that a genital relief in my presence is always accompanied by the strictest punishments!”

“Yes, Miss!”

Keith held out his hands. Miss Strokewell applied some of the salve to his palms and fingertips. Then she took some onto her own fingers. Then, as Keith knelt upright before her and rubbed and squeezed his burning hot rumps, Miss Strokewell proceeded to massage his enormous erection to and fro.

“Nngh! Miss!” Keith grunted. His rumps had indeed been wealed by his most recent whipping and his mistress’s fingers on his cock felt exquisite! What an expert disciplinarian and masturbatrix she was, he thought! As his fingers squeezed and pulled at his hot rumps her fingers stroked methodically in and out along the full length of his erection, including his gasping, bulbous glans.

“I do hope you’re learning your lessons with me today, Keith sir!” came her voice as she worked his big dick. “Oh yes, Miss!” Keith grunted. She continued with her lecture: “You’ll notice that your harness, Keith sir, which continues to pull your balls back behind you, is also pulling back the flesh of your erection to make it even more sensitive and responsive to my masturbatory strokes! You will cum now, Keith sir, into my palm!”

“Yes, Miss!” Keith grunted. And to his surprise, as he studied his rampant prick moving to and fro in her petite fist, he began to ejaculate into her cupped palm.

“Nngh! Miss!” he grunted. Incredibly, he thought as he continued to squirt off under her rubbing, squeezing strokes, she seemed to exert the most unique power over hm! Here he was, very erect – and with his bottom freshly whipped – ejaculating into her palm at her command! Had he become her mindless, submissive, masturbatory punishment slut? He decided to consider the question more deeply when next he visited her again.

After his previous copious ejaculation with her he now came more feebly, but the sensation was nonetheless every bit as exquisite. He watched as he squirted off again and again. Her rhythm was consistent, methodical, and once again she didn’t stop too early, but instead kept stroking and squeezing until he was well finished. Keith grunted as she squeezed out the last of his hot, irritable goo. What an excellent relief she’d provided, he thought, with her teasing, squeezing fingers working at his cock whilst his own hands worked at his hot, oily, wealed, punished behinds! At last she withdrew her fist and examined its milky pool of spend.

“Oh yes, Keith sir, you’re a very spunky fellow, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Miss!” came the whimper. She held her spunk-filled palm up to him.

“And now you will clean up your mess with your tongue! And then swallow it down for me! And then when you visit me next you’ll receive additional special privileges!”

“Yes, Miss!” Keith didn’t bother to enquire as to what those additional special privileges might be. Extra time under her whip, cane and paddle? More time at the end of her leash as her puppy? A more intimate body worship? It didn’t matter; any of her exquisite domination scenarios would suffice. Keith lowered his tongue to the milky palm and licked it clean. He swallowed and then opened his empty mouth for her inspection.

Miss Strokewell observed approvingly.


Miss Strokewell removed Keith’s harness and left him to dress himself whilst she left the room to dress in her receptionist’s garb. Keith eased his trousers up over his very relaxed genitalia and swollen, sensitive bottom. Then she returned and led him, hobbling gingerly, down the corridor to the reception desk and front gate. There they found no fewer than three other randy, submissive, hopeful men, lined up one behind the other, on its other side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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