Room Mates Pt. 08

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Big Dicks

Normally a crowded Piccadilly line carriage would have been his idea of hell, but with Sammie pressed against him, her arms wrapped around his waist as he held on to the hanging handle, the constant motion rocking them against each other in all the best places, well, Jake thought he’d found his new happy place.

Obviously he’d prefer they were naked, horizontal and alone but looking down at her and knowing that he’d been the one to put the sparkle in her eyes was more than enough. For now.

The tube stopped and Jake held Sammie tighter as people pushed out onto the platform as more commuters climbed in. Sammie shifted and sighed, the sound giving him serious déjà vu.

“You okay Baby?”

Sammie’s mouth lifted in a tiny smile and she leant up to whisper in his ear, her breath against his skin the sexiest thing in the world,

“I’m okay Jake. Just a little uncomfortable.”

Instantly Jake relaxed his grip on her and tried to step back, giving her space but Sammie just laughed and stepped back into his embrace,

“Not that kind of uncomfortable Jake!”

“Then what…? Ohhhhh!”

He grinned as Sammie surreptitiously rubbed her breasts against his chest, her teeth nipping her bottom lip as she pressed against his erection. A quick glance around him told Jake that no-one was paying them any attention and the subtle undulation of her body was too tempting to stop.

“You might want to stop teasing me Sammie. We are in a public place after all. Wouldn’t want you to get arrested for public indecency!”

Sammie rolled her eyes,

“Please! I’m not the one with a rocket in my pocket!”

He laughed, “And who exactly is responsible for giving me the rocket in the first place?!”

Bending to press a kiss just beneath her ear Jake inhaled the remains of her perfume,

“My cock is this hard because less than an hour ago I had my tongue deep inside of your body baby and he’s jealous. Is it really my fault that you turn me on so much I can’t control myself?”

She laughed and slid her hands down to squeeze his arse, covered by his suit jacket. Jake muffled his sigh with a cough and shook his head indulgently at her,

“Sammie!!! Don’t start something we can’t finish!!!”

Sammie huffed and settled her hands on his waist. Pouting she pressed her lips to his in a brief kiss before pulling him down, his ear against her mouth,

“Don’t say no to me Jake. I don’t fucking like it!”

Holding hands as they exited the tube station Jake felt lighter than he had in months. All the stress and heartache seemed to disappear when he was with Sammie and as she led him off in the direction of home, Jake was happy just to follow her. In this instance into the local chip shop.

In an ideal world he would have taken her to a fancy restaurant for their first meal out together, somewhere Michelin stared and with discreet corners where they could feed each other aphrodisiacs and he could drink wine from her lips. A can of Coke and a bag of chips dripping in salt and vinegar beneath the retina scorching strip lights wasn’t even close.

But when Sammie closed her eyes in pleasure as she ate, carefully selecting the biggest chip before offering it to him and then playfully popping it into her mouth just as he was about to take it, it may not have been fancy but it sure was fun.

Sammie handed him the remains as she took a gulp of her drink,

“You finish them Jake, I’m full!”

“You don’t know the meaning of the word full Sammie. Not yet anyway!”

Jake waggled his brows for comic effect and Sammie laughed, an inelegant but totally adorable snort emanating from her lips,

“Yeah yeah Jake, I’m beginning to think you are just full of empty promises!”

“Oh you do, do you? Wait till we get home baby… you’ll see just how huge my promises can be.”

Scrunching the chip bag into a bag and throwing it away Jake took her hand as Sammie drained the last of the can and let out the most audacious belch. Instantly she went into spasms of laughter which in turn became snorts.

“Now that’s sexy Sammie!”

She playfully punched him as they left the takeaway and still laughing, headed down the street,

“I’m sorry Jake but it’s only right you get to know the real me! I belch, I snort when I laugh. It’s all just the miracle of me!”

Jake pulled her into a doorway and kissed her, her laughter evaporating as his tongue stroked hers “I know you Sammie. I’ve always known you. And now I’m hoping to get to know you even better… some may say intimately!”

Sammie stuck her tongue out at him and Jake sucked it between his lips, making her tremble. He ran his hands up to cup her breasts and rubbed her hardening nipples with his thumbs. She gazed up at him through heavily lidded eyes and grinned,

“So güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri now that’s you’re in control it’s okay to start something we can’t finish but when it’s my idea you tell me no?! “

Jake blinked at her as Sammie brazenly reached out to stroke his erection,

“Does someone have a Christian Grey complex I should know about?”

Jake recognised the name but all of his brain cells were focused on the gentle friction of her hand over his cock and as she brushed her knuckles over his balls he could barely remember his own name let alone someone else’s.

“Sammie… Baby, please… let’s take this somewhere more private?”

“So you’re not saying no Jake?”

“Definitely not baby!”

“And I can do whatever I want to you?”

“God Sammie I hope so!”

Laughing Sammie dragged him out of the doorway and home which was great, because at that point he had no idea where the hell he lived.

Sammie paused outside their front door and pulled him down for a kiss. A deep drugging kiss full of tongue and promise. Jake really liked this side of her, the demanding confident Sammie who took what she wanted. He really hoped she’d take more… and soon.

“Christ Sammie, if you keep that up I’m liable to take you up against the wall!”

She raked her fingers through his hair and pulled gently,

“You promised me you’d take it slow Jake. Or do you have no control at all?”

He almost growled as she massaged his head and tried to rein himself in.

“I have control Sammie. Just not much right now. And I did promise to go slow but you aren’t helping… at all!”

Sammie released his head and winked at him,

“Just making sure you’re still interested Jake!”

He choked and reached out to pull her into for another kiss, just one more taste before they went to their separate bedrooms.

“Baby… Rosie is away this weekend so I have two whole days and three full nights to show you the high intensity level of my… interest.”

Jake playfully thrust out his groin a la Magic Mike and was less than delighted when Sammie’s face fell,

“God! Was it that bad? Should I give up my dreams of becoming a Chippendale? Sammie?”

“Shit.. poor Rosie!”

“What? What about Rosie? What’s happened?”

Sammie shook her head,

“Nothing Jake. Honestly, she’s fine. She just had a really bad date and she’s a bit vulnerable. I got so caught up in you… us… that I forget… God, I am such a shitty friend! I should have come straight home…”

Jake hugged her, pressing a kiss to her forehead and scowling,

“First… you are amazing. You are a great friend, to me, to Rosie, to everyone. Second, and this is selfish, but I am really fucking glad you put yourself first for a change because I loved what happened in that changing room and I will be wanking over the memories of eating you out for years, “

Sammie blushed and rolled her eyes as he nodded, “And third, we’re here now and if my take no prisoners sister needs me to kick the shit out of anyone then I’m happy to help.”

Sammie blinked up at him, her eyes misty with unshed tears,

“So baby, how’s about we sort out Rosie’s dating nightmare and countdown the minutes until she’s out of here for the weekend. I’m sure you can think of ways to entertain me!”

Sammie sniffed and shook her head,

“Not quite Jake, You see Rosie is going to a Wedding Anniversary party down in Cornwall for the weekend…”

“So… Two days, three nights? More orgasms than we can count?”

Jake’s high hopes were completely dashed as Sammie sagged against the wall and he could have sworn his erection deflated as she spoke,

“It’s my parent’s party.”

Somewhere amid the sobbing and swearing Jake worked out that the bad date guy had been back in touch requesting a repeat performance. Based on the language eschewing from Rosie’s mouth and the look of horror on Sammie’s face that was unlikely to ever happen.

Lurking on the peripheries, Jake filled the kettle then decided wine was probably a better option, filling two glasses and setting them before the girls.

Rosie was already squiffy and practically snatched the glass up, draining it in seconds,

“What a total dick!!!! What makes him think I’d go back again? Fucking slick big pricked dick!”

Sammie rubbed her back as Rosie slurred out her tirade and shrugged at Jake as if to say, “Go on, get outta here!” Jake took his leave and headed toward his room, sad to leave Sammie but immensely grateful to get away from a Rosie scorned,

“And you!!! Jake!! Maybe you can explain it to me because I really don’t fucking understand!”

Jake stood stock still, hoping he’d misheard.

“Come on big brother… you’re the expert on the fuck them güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and run approach… I need you to tell me what you get out of it! Do you actually give a shit about the woman or is it all just about getting your dick wet? How many women do you need to fuck before it gets boring? You’ve had enough… I’ve heard you!”

Jake winced at Rosie’s words. His sister had always been a lousy drunk but even he could tell she was justified in her anger tonight.

But he wasn’t the man to answer her questions, at least not in front of Sammie. He headed for his room hoping Rosie would think he hadn’t heard her,

“Honestly Samurai. ALL men are pricks! Even my lovely brother whose bedroom door should be a revolving one seeing as how many sluts he’s had in there since he got back! A different whore every night and I bet he doesn’t even know their bloody names… and we’re the ones who get the bad rep…”

Jake shut his door and silenced his sister’s tirade. Flopping on his bed he loosened his tie and felt the tension wrack his body. Not five minutes ago he was wrapped around Sammie, hard, hot, hopeful.

Now… he felt his chances with her dissipating faster than Usain Bolt running the 100 metres. He’d wanted to argue that he wasn’t a man whore, that the women had each meant something to him, but at his core, Jake had to admit that they didn’t. And like Mellissa/Marissa, names were unimportant as he only wanted what they had to offer him in bed.

Men WERE pricks sometimes but Jake had had his reasons for screwing around and none of his bed mates had complained… well not until he kicked them out, however politely. It was all just mutual pleasure with no strings and that was all he’d wanted. Until now.

Until Sammie walked back into his life. Screwing his eyes shut, he stripped for bed and heard the muffled tones of Rosie still ranting in the kitchen, Sammie steadfastly by her side. He felt sick. They’d barely even begun and Jake knew he’d already lost her.

Waking up abruptly, Jake felt a warm hand press against his chest,

“It’s okay Jake. It’s only me.”

Groping for the light, he stared at Sammie as she shielded her eyes and checked the clock. 3am.

“I’m sorry for waking you Jake but I just wanted to see if you were okay…”

Pulling the duvet back Jake pulled her into his arms and settled her into his body. Sleep blinkered him and his body ached to claim her but he was lucid enough to hold back.

He lay rigid until Sammie relaxed in his hold, wrapping her arm around his waist and hooking her leg over his thigh, aligning their bodies perfectly. He sighed and pulled her flush against him, burying his face in her neck.

Sammie ran her hands gently through his hair,

“I know that not all men are the same Jake. I just wanted you to know that I know that. “

Jake inhaled her, the scent of her calming his fears. Shampoo, soap, toothpaste and Sammie.

He mumbled into her neck and she pulled back, staring down at him as he reluctantly lifted his face from her skin,

“Pardon Jake? I think I missed that.”

Her shy grin made him brave, if he was going to lose her it would be because of him and not his sister’s ire against men.

“Not all men are pricks Sammie… but we are all capable…”

He gazed at her as she stroked his hair, her eyes inscrutable in the lamplight,

“She’s right. Rosie. I have been a dick. I tried to fuck my hurt away although there weren’t the numbers of women involved that she made out… I’m not proud… but you need to know that you’re different. We’re different… You make me care Sammie and if you want to run away I’ll understand completely…”

Sammie lifted her leg higher over his and pressed closer still, her mouth brushing his,

“Does this look like running Jake?”

He smiled and kissed her, an innocent meeting of lip against lip. Soft. Calming. Much like Sammie herself. He held her, hoping to burn the memory of her touch into his brain.

“Talk to me Jake. Not as your lover but as your friend. Let me in.”

Jake stared into her beautiful eyes, so guileless and hopeful. He’d never told anyone, hadn’t wanted to voice it out loud but here, now… He couldn’t stop himself.

He told her all about Olivia, his university girlfriend. He admitted that even back then, they’d been mostly about sex but Jake had been besotted by her, her beauty, her determination to be a successful actress, her intensity.

Over the three years they’d slept together despite each having relationships that withered. They’d always ended up together and Jake had thought it was love. After graduation, he’d suggested living together but Olivia shot him down, wanting her independence and working as a waitress as she auditioned relentlessly. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Jake supported her financially as he progressed in his career in IT and Olivia started booking gigs as nameless Girl in trashy tv soaps.

The sex was great and Jake believed himself to be in love with her. So when she landed a role in an American soap Jake didn’t pause in offering to relocate with her. Olivia gratefully threw herself at him and told him she loved him and that was all the encouragement he needed.

As Sammie stroked his back, Jake told her about his time in LA, that the working hours were crazy for him and worse for her. Between the soap and auditions they rarely saw each other and when they did, sex was an infrequent visitor. But he loved her. He wanted her, wanted anything she was willing to give him.

And after three gruelling years, she finally came through… and gave him an STD. Sammie winced as Jake explained the fallout, how Olivia had accused him of cheating on her and almost destroyed their flat in the process. How after hours of crying and screaming she admitted that whilst she loved him, she had never been in love with him and that when he’d offered to move with her she’d been happy, scared to take the leap alone.

Sammie felt the wetness of Jake’s tears against her skin as he spoke, how he realised that whilst in his mind they were soul mates, to Olivia they were fuck buddies and may be not even that. Jake had thought himself in love but the truth… Love didn’t equal sex and sex sure as shit didn’t mean love. Up until his diagnosis Jake had been primed to propose, wanting to make Olivia confident in his love. Hoping she’d open up and love him back.

He’d told her this, shown her the ring and Olivia slipped it on her finger, admiring the shimmering diamond before setting it back in the box.

“You’re lovely Jake but I’m not the girl you used to know. I need more than you can give me. But I’ll always care about you.”

Jake flew home the next day, shattered, bitter and on a mission. Unwilling to admit his stupidity he moved in with his sister and entered into a spiral of drinking and sex hoping somehow to make up for lost time. Rosie had been right in calling him a whore but in his defence, Jake wasn’t looking for forever. He’d believed he’d had it and realised too late that he had nothing. Olivia had just used him for financial gain, companionship and a friendly face and left him bruised and embarrassed.

So he fucked around, he never made promises and he was always upfront about the dalliance going nowhere. Maybe he was a bad person but he’d tried to be honest… hadn’t he?

Clinging to Sammie, Jake swallowed, his mouth dry and scratchy. Gulping, he almost missed her words as she brushed her lips against his cheek,

“She was a fucking idiot to let you go Jake. An absolute, stupid, brain dead fucking moron!”

Jake choked a laugh and gazed up at Sammie, her face resolute. Smiling for the first time in forever, he shifted in the bed to face her, their bodies no longer in alignment yet closer than ever.

“And you… Richard was a lucky fucker to land you baby. And an even bigger wanker to let you go.”

Sammie kissed him, a gentle shy kiss which warmed his heart,

“I hope her acting career ends up in the toilet!”

Jake chuffed out a laugh and rolled Sammie onto her back, pressing her into the mattress with his weight,

“Now now baby… you are better than that! If things had worked out for either of us, we wouldn’t be here now. And I quite like the view!”

He leant down and kissed her, groaning as Sammie wrapped her thighs around his hips. She groaned as Jake ground against her, rubbing his erection against her spread lips and her breathing hitched as she dug her nails into his neck, pulling him down to her mouth.

Sammie invaded his mouth with her tongue, laving his with firm and playful pressure and Jake considered just ripping her panties from her body and burying himself deep. But looking down at her, he knew that Sammie was worth everything he had and as much as he wanted to take her… he had to prove he wanted more than just sex.

Withdrawing he turned her and wrapped himself around her back , kissing her neck as she murmured her confusion,

“Just sleep Sammie. Sleep with me. Wake up in my arms. Let me show you that you mean more to me than just a quick fuck… okay?”

Jake thought he heard her mumble “I’m good with a quick fuck!” and playfully slapped her arse.

Sammie laughed and pulled his hand to her lips, kissing the knuckle before settling it over her breast.

“I’ll sleep with you Jake Edwards but I hope you’ll respect me in the morning!”

Jake squeezed, his fingers grazing her nipples,

“Sammie, not only will I respect you always but if you ask me nicely I may even come to you parent’s anniversary party.”

Sammie turned and grazed his cheek with her lips,

“You’ll really come?”

Jake kissed her, rocking his cock into the crevice of her bottom,

“Of course Sammie… and unless fate conspires against me again, so will you!”

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