Roomers Ch. 03

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While finally I had to depart. My friend Rick’s son was returning home and I needed to move on. There wasn’t much in the area I was looking for but came across this AirBnB place. It turned out to be relatively expensive for a small room with lousy weak wifi, a messy shared bathroom with four others in the basement of basically a boarding house. The owner didn’t even live there. The place was kinda taken care of his Chinese niece who greeted me at the door.

Initially, I was taken aback. She was about four foot eight with no body to speak of. Her hair was a short pageboy cut. She wore black horn rimmed glasses over her dark brown eyes. Very androgynistic looking but with a cutish face. I offered my hand. “Hi. I’m Jer.”

“Hi. My name is Joy.” She said in a heavy accented, almost broken English. “Sorry. My English is not good. Do you speak Cantonese?

“No. Sorry. I’m not Chinese.” I told her.

Joy showed me to my stark, Spartan looking room. There was a queen sized bed on a box spring with no legs, a folding chair, a table with a roll of toilet paper on it, and a small square area table. There was no dresser or anything to put clothes away. The closet was big but only had two hangers in it.

Since I had pre-paid a month for the room, I decided to make the best of it. I bought and brought some things like small tables to unpack my clothes onto, a few more hangers, a lamp and a radio. I could make this work for the term.

It was easier to get back into a routine than I thought it would be. I did meet a few of the other lodgers, but there were others that I had not yet seen. There was a common living room area. There was no TV but had a few couches; both were old and had not much cushioning. I selected the two seat sofa facing the big picture window so the bright light coming in wouldn’t reflect off my tablet as I read the paper.

As became my habit while at Rick’s place, I read my daily dose of Literotica. Wearing some sweat pants and a sweat shirt, I relaxed with my legs up on the couch. As I read an interesting submission about a guy who grew up loving to wear women’s lingerie and being outed by his girlfriend. The inevitable reaction of an erection formed a large tent in my loose fitting bottoms. Just then Joy came around sweeping up the wooden floor. She turned to me and said. “Morning.”

“Good morning, Joy.” I answered.

Joy’s mouth dropped open a bit as I watched her stare at my erection inside my sweats. She quickly tried to recover and continued on sweeping. I smiled to myself. One of the other male residents walked in so I had to shift a bit to hide my excitement.

Next morning was a bit warmer. I just put on my tee and those loose fitting shorts I had on when Emma and I fucked at Rick’s place. I took my morning position on the couch to read my paper and Literotica then waited for Joy to come by. I had adjusted my shorts enough to just hide the tip of my semi-erect erection. Right on time, Joy came around to sweep up the room again.

“Mor…” Barely made it out of her mouth. She was blatantly staring up my leg hole. “Ahem… Morning.”

“Oh!” I feinted surprise. “Good morning, Joy. How is your morning going so far?”

I tried to strike up a longer conversation. All the while, I could see she was staring at my increasing hardness. I could feel it creep from out of hiding but it was not yet at full strength. I continued to ask her inane questions about anything I could think of just to keep her staring at me. Our social coitus was abruptly interrupted by the appearance of one of the other renters. A female.

The woman was a new guest. She was much taller than Joy. In fact, while I’m only five-seven, she was taller than me by at least a couple more inches. She had fair complexion with moderately long, curly ginger hair. Her body was much more curvy than Joy’s with a nice set of breasts and pleasantly shaped hips and butt. Dressed in tight shorts, I noted her legs were smooth, shapely and long.

I had fixed myself before Ms. Ginger saw anything.

I looked over at Joy who also noted me looking at the new guest and I could tell Joy immediately thought of her as a rival.

“Good morning.” Ms. Ginger smiled.

“Morning.” I replied back. I saw she was wearing a McGill Sakarya Escort University tee shirt. “Are you from Montreal?”

“Yes, I’m doing my Masters at McGill. There are a number of seminars being held here this week.” She held out her hand. “I’m Shaena.”

“Jer.” I took her hand in mine. “I’m originally from Montreal too.”

After a brief conversations, Shaena asked. “Sorry if I am interrupting but would you mind if I sat up here too?”

“Of course not.” I replied as Joy quietly moved off.

Shaena took the couch opposite of me and was busy on her phone. I pretended to continue my Literotica reading but watched as she shifted around. I knew the large picture window behind her was causing glare on her device.

She looked up at me. “Would you mind sharing your seat? The light behind is making it difficult to read anything on my phone.”

“Sorry, yes of course I’ll share.” I told her. “This is why I sat on this side to avoid the same problem you’re having.”

I pulled my feet in to give Shaena space. Initially she sat facing the window but unconsciously or maybe consciously turned and brought her feet up on the couch as well. We were now facing each other and pretended to be busy. Suddenly I felt her toes touch mine. When I didn’t react… well actually I did. I slipped my toes beneath hers.

Shaena rubbed the top of her right foot against my leg. My third leg started to react. She pressed her left foot against my groin and tickled me with her painted sparkly toes. Her tight short shorts produced a deep camel toe that I cautiously moved my foot towards. She bit her lower lip and pressed her foot into me hard as my big toe touched her crack.

Her continuing rubbing pushed the leg of my shorts and allowed my hard erection to be exposed. Her bare foot now in direct contact stroked my underside. I tried to get my foot inside her shorts but the leg hole was too tight. Shaena pulled it open and gave me access. Her lips glistened with wetness as I ran my toe up and down her slit.

Shaena’s eyes were shut tight; her mouth was gaped open; her head was tilted back. I heard a small moan come from her. I knew she was close.

“Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!” Footsteps coming from downstairs.

We immediately ceased our footsie play and covered up. Shaena quietly mouthed to me. “Fuck! I was so close.”

Our interrupter milled about. Shaena looked at her phone and got up. “Shit! I got to get going to my seminar. Maybe we can talk (wink) later.”

I shook my head positively as she smiled and went downstairs. After I finished my reading a while later, I went downstairs as well just a Shaena was leaving. Her hair and make-up was nicely done. She was neatly dressed in a red blouse and slim, tight, dark blue jeans. Her spike, high heels matched her top. Face to face as much as we could be, she was a good six inches taller than I was.

“Off to your seminar?” I asked and added. “Have a great day.”

“Yes. Thanks.” Shaena nodded and then did something unexpected. She leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. “I will definitely see you later.”

From around the corner, I spied Joy spying on us. I chuckled to myself and went back to my room. I had some stuff to do on my PC including producing my next Literortica story. Even writing my own stuff gets me hard. I had a huge tent inside my sweat pants.

“Hello.” I heard coming from the open doorway. I turned to see it was Joy. While she would normally wear baggy tees and sweats, she was dressed in a crop top and small tight shorts. She really had no shape to talk about but the small bumps where her breasts were seem to have nice sized nipples protruding from them. “Okay to come in?”

Without waiting for me to reply, Joy stepped in and closed the door behind her. She pulled off her top and pushed down her bottoms and confirmed she was indeed a girl. I rose from my chair but Joy immediately pushed me back onto my bed. She had me naked in two ticks.

Joy jumped on top of me. She ran her cunt along my cock. Her wet slit looked tiny compared to my dick. She took hold of me and positioned it before lowering her ass. “Wow! She’s tight!”

Joy took her time to ride me. Her hot hole squeezed me harder and harder. Then her pace Sakarya Escort Bayan picked up until she started slamming her ass into me. I couldn’t hold on much more.

“Joy! You’re going to make me cum.” I grunted. “I’m going to cum!”

“Yeah! Yeah!” Joy thrashed about. “Cum… Cum…!”

I started to shoot my load and flooded her womb with my cream. “Ooo… fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

When she was done, Joy simply got off of me and got dress before she abruptly left.

“What the fuck?” I muttered to myself. “Just a fast fuck and flee?”

I wiped off our slim from my wilting dick and got dressed to go out. I needed to run a number of errands that day. I finished ninety percent of them and decided to stop for a beer at my new local.

It was quiet with just a few regular patrons. Shannon was serving.

Shannon was a pretty, dark haired, Irish/Scottish mix with luscious plump lips and a nice rack. She always reminded me of Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones and recently Solo: A Star Wars Story. Or Emilia reminded me of Shannon as she never failed to remind me of.

Shannon and I had this flirty thing going on for a while when she worked a different bar but since I was married, she had been reluctant to go further. I had told Shannon of my separation and that I had moved out.

“So how is this place?” Shannon asked me of the room I was staying at.

“Noisy people talking way too loud; lousy internet/wifi connection; messy bathroom…” I complained. “I think the worst is the bathroom. Not the owner’s fault but someone just leave it a wet mess like they are taking a shower outside the shower stall. I need to find a new place for sure.”

“Any luck?” Shannon questioned.

“I’ve been looking but haven’t found anything suitable in the area.” I confessed. “No one will rent a private apartment on a monthly basis and after this place, I’m much pickier about rooms for rent.”

“Hmmm…” Responded Shannon. You could see her thinking out something. “I can ask around too if you like.”

I got back later to my Spartan room. It was too early to go to sleep so I watched some videos on my PC and enjoyed some Scotch I had brought with me. For the most part, I leave my door open to get some air circulation. I heard someone step down the stairs. I turned to see Shaena had returned and was in the room opposite of mine.

“Oh! Hi Jer!” She smiled at me.

“Hi Shaena. Welcome back. How was your conference?” I asked.

“Seminar.” She opened her door. “It was okay, but really long. I could use a drink.”

“Scotch?” I offered.

Her green eyes lit up as she nodded her head. “I’m just going to clean up a bit first and I’ll join you in a minute if that’s okay.”

“Sure! Take your time. I’m just watching some videos.”

A few minutes later, Shaena joined me. She was dress in some casual tight tee and her tight, shorty shorts. She looked a little more refreshed as I handed her a plastic cup with Macallan 18 year old in it. With no other chair in the room, she sat on my bed. Her pert nipples poke through her thin top and there was that camel toe between her legs again. She told me about her seminar and really I only understood half of it.

A few more drams of Mac and both of us were really relaxed. I joined her on the bed for a little lip-locking session. My hand soon uncontestedly discovered her firm breasts. I used my thumb to flip her nipple back and forth. Her hand found its way up under my shirt to my nipples which she began to pinch and twist. She tweaked my left one which was the more sensitive of the two. I moaned.

I pulled her top off and was stunned by the beauty of her breasts. Maybe a large B or a small C, they were a perfect matched set. My mouth was instantly drawn to them. I opened my mouth and sucked in as much as I could; slowly releasing it and biting her nipple. Repeat on other breast. She moaned.

I laid her down on her back and continued to mouth her. She let my hand slide inside her shorts. My finger slid up along her wet slit and found her hard clit. I used my fuck finger to diddle it. It was like switching on a flood light. She arched her back high and moaned. “Auuhhh…! Fuck! Yes!”

I wanted to continue and make her Escort Sakarya cum again but I was surprised when Shaena pushed me off. Her eyes were wild and wide with a hint of playful evilness in them. A sensuous smile crept across her lips as she pushed me onto my back.

Shaena stood up and shoved her shorts down around her ankles to step out of them. She had a small, neatly trimmed, soul patch just above her pussy. The ginger carpet matched the curtains. She grabbed the waist of my sweatpants and yanked them down. My hard cock sprung out and up. Her smile turned to an “O” as her head descended towards it. She pulled back the foreskin and took the knob in enough to swirl it about before spearing the pee hole with the tip of her tongue.

Her head slowly bobbed as Shaena took more and more of it into her mouth. She was all the way down. I could feel my cock down her throat. She tried to take more but I had nothing more to give. Then somehow she managed to stick her tongue out and lap my ball sack.

Shaena put her hands under my legs and lifted my knees up towards my head. My little concern quickly removed as stuck out this amazingly long tongue to start licking my asshole. It was an amazing feel, but when she made me watch her shape her tongue into a spear and pierce inside me my entire body convulsed and shuttered. She continued her assault until could take no more and had to push her back. One more convulsion as she withdrew it.

I had never experience such an intensely, sexual reaction without actually cumming.

Shaena, satisfied with the work that she had done, rose up and crawled over me as I laid there panting. Straddling my shoulders with her knees, she pushed her juicy cunt into my face. She was delicious. I lapped it up as much as I could. My tongue curled deep inside her; my face soaked as she came at least twice.

“Oh fuck! I can’t take anymore!” Shaena pushed herself downwards. She smiled at my shiny, wet face and kissed my lips. As she licked herself from my face, she cooed. “Wow!”

Shaena held my cheeks firmly with her palms, leaned forward and kissed me hard on my lips. Her tongue penetrated my mouth and sought out my tongue. She moved her ass down more until it bumped the tip of my dick. She moved her bum around until her cunt found my cock before plunging herself down. She was so hot, it felt like it was burning me. She held my wrists down while her slow and quick pace brought me to the edge but did not allow me to climax. Her feet were pressed over my thighs and did not allow me to thrust up. I was totally dominated by her.

In as much as I could try and struggle to cum, Shaena continued to edge me then pulled me back. I ached to be allowed to explode but she deprived me of this satisfaction. I lost count how many times she repeated this action of denial. She on the other hand had somehow allowed herself to cum multiple times.

Gibberish was the only thing coming from my mouth. My body was an ultra-filled, hydrogen zeppelin just ready to explode with a simple spark. Shaena’s eyes rolled back and lips gaped an open “O”. Her hips slammed down on me and created the unmistakeable, loud slapping sound of hard fucking. My mind screamed for freedom from my agonistic pleasure. This time, Shaena did not stop. Her hard, hip humping continued as she cried. “Oh Gawd! Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck!”

This time, there was no preventing the detonation as that spark blew bit contained inside me. I came… I came hard. “Aaaiieee… UUUHHH… UUUHHH… UUUHHHhhh…!”

My brain experienced visions of exploding Novas. Colours so vivid; so singular; so indescribable; so irreplicable by any earthly human. It was like being teleported through space.

I wasn’t sure how long it was but when I finally regained some sort of consciousness, I was naked and alone. My body spasmed as I tried to get into bed and exhausted, I fell asleep. My wild visions continued through the night until I awoke.

I looked at the clock on my phone. “10:45am.”

Suddenly I felt cold wetness from the sheets around my groin area. I peeled back my cover and found my crotch covered in a creamy white, sticky mess. I had experienced multiple wet dreams and had cum multiple times during the night and morning.

Physically and mentally exhausted, I managed to place my feet on the ground and sit on the edge of the bed. There was a note next to my phone. I picked it up and simply read it: “Thanks. S.”

I dashed to my door and opened it. The door of the room across was open and empty of any occupant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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