Roomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 05


“What’s that out in the water?”


“Right out there,” came the first voice.

“I don’t see anything,” chimed in a third person. This time the voice was female.

“Out THERE.” The first voice was exasperated now. “Two dark objects.”

“Yes, well, maybe,” came yet another voice, this one also female and sounding quite dubious.

Normally these would have been a set of perfectly innocuous comments, certainly not ones that would make Pam MaGuire try to remain completely motionless except for the hand that grasped Kim McCall’s outstretched one. The two girls both stopped breathing. After all, they both had the same thought. The nearly invisible persons seemed to be looking at THEM.

Of course it was dark, well after sunset. And the group of unknown people probably couldn’t see very well. But when you are two college coeds who happen to be skinny-dipping in the ocean and you realize that an unknown group of people may have just caught you, you tend to remain very, very still and hope those people will go away.

Even under the circumstances Pam had to smother a giggle. When the two of them had talked about this that morning, getting caught had been the last thing on their minds…

(Earlier that same day)

The two girls sat on the steps of the wooden stairway leading down to the beach. The unpainted wood was silvery from exposure to the elements. Pam picked idly at the wood while Kim hugged her knees up under her chin and stared out at the horizon.

Pam smiled and slipped a little closer to her roommate. She whispered in Kim’s ear. “Thinking about George?”

The black-haired cheerleader jumped, and then laughed. “Maybe a little bit. But you can’t tell me that you were sorry to see Dennis or that you didn’t have a good time last night. Even if it wasn’t exactly what we had planned.” Pam smiled and nodded her agreement and Pam continued. “Mostly I was thinking more about how much fun this two weeks has been and how sorry I will be to see it end.”

Pam agreed. It had been great. They had swam in the ocean and sunbathed, partied and made love both to each other and to new friends and old ones. They both sported dark tans, uninterrupted by much in the way of tan lines. Pam’s brown hair was streaked with the sunlight while Kim’s remained defiantly black.

The house they had shared with eight other friends was half vacant now. Four of the other students had already left. Only David and his girlfriend Beth remained along with the two roommates. Pam was going to take Kim into the nearby city tomorrow so she could catch a flight to her home in Canada. After that the taller Southern girl would drive home other parent’s place in Georgia.

Pam slid an arm around her shorter friend and hugged her. “Well, think of it this way. We have wonderful memories, it won’t be that long till we meet again in the fall and,” her green eyes twinkled, “We still have tonight.”

Kim grinned at her friend and leaned against her. A hand dropped between them and Pam stiffened as fingertips danced up the inside of her thigh. “We do indeed,” whispered the dark-haired cheerleader to her best friend.

The day slowly slipped away. The girls went over the house again, making sure it was sparkling clean. The next morning they would wash the bed lines and hang them out. Dave and Beth promised to make the beds before they dropped off the house key.

Finally the night arrived. Pleading tiredness, David and Beth retired early to their bedroom. Pam and Kim relaxed in the small living room, reading and softly recalling the pleasant evenings the entire group had spent in here. Pam had already carefully packed the recording Kim had made of all the songs in the musical “Once Upon a Mattress”, from the spring theatre production that Pam had stared in that the entire group had sung and danced to the first night they were in the house.

Finally silvery light began to flood through the front windows and the girls grinned at each other. canlı bahis the moon was up. Slipping out the front door, they retrieved the blankets and towels previously stashed in the back seat of Pam’s old Dodge Dart. They had their swim suits on under their shorts and tops, but Pam had already conceived an idea about those and had a wicked little grin on her face as the duo trotted down the steps they had sat on that morning.

Prior recon had led them to discover their present destination. A little crook of the shoreline had produced a hollow in the sand dunes. Just yards away from the high tide line, the snug hollow was out of the wind and protected from casual observation even during the day. The girls spreead the beach blanket they had brought and arranged the towels for their after swim drying off.

Kim pulled off her t-shirt and unfastened her jean shorts. She kicked them off, leaving her clad only in a blac bikini. The nearby rustling let her know her roommate was probably now in her equally skimpy red outfit. She turned and blinked.

Pam was out of her clothes. She was out of ALL her clothes. The moonlight shone on her tanned body, completely nude. White teeth gleamed as she grinned.

“What are you doing?” whispered Kim, even as Pam stepped up to her.

“We’re alone,” the taller girl said softly. Her hands slipped behind Kim’s back and undid the ties she found there. “No one here on the beach but us.” She pulled the black top down Kim’s arms and tossed it onto her other clothing. “Come on, let’s go skinny-dipping.” The young athlete knelt and, as she had many times before with other bits of clothing, eased the tiny bottoms down her friend and lover’s legs. Springing to her feet, Pam grabbed Kim’s hand. “Come on!”

The two girls ran down to the water’s edge. Foam swirled around their feet. Kim protested. “Its too cold!.”

“As if that little outfit was going to keep you warm,” Scoffed the other girl. She waded further into the water. “It will be fine once you get in.”Suiting her words, Pam dove into the next breaker as it rolled towards the shore.

Kim set her teeth and waded out. As promised though, she found the water was warmer than the air temperature. Pam surfaced and rolled onto her back, swimming lazily parallel to the sand. Kim got her own wicked grin. With just her head showing, she waited till the other girl came by and pounced on her, ducking her into the salty sea water.

Pam came up sputtering. “You! You are going to pay for that!”

“You have to catch me,” taunted Kim. She splashed through the water with her roommate in hot pursuit. Pam’s longer legs carried her faster through the water. Kim headed away from the beach, wading into deeper water. Both girls laughed merrily.

Just when Pam was about to catch her friend, Kim suddenly looked shoreward and gasped.

“Oh God.”


“Shhhhhh. Can’t you hear?”

Pam strained her ears for a moment and then realized what Kim was whispering about. Voices floated along the beach, coming closer. The girls looked wildly around. Realizing that there was no time to dash back to the shore and certainly no place to hide behind in the water, they lowered themselves into the water until just their heads were above water. They bobbed lightly with the incoming waves and tried to stifle their breathing.

A group of indistinct shapes approached. Both girls in the water stopped breathing when one slowed and turned towards them. The conversation started about what could be in the water. For what seemed like at least an hour, but probably wasn’t more than 30 seconds, the two girls remained as quiet as possible. Then the voice taht had first brought the group’s attention to the surf spoke.

“I guess it doesn’t matter. Let’s go.” The shapes resummed their movement down the beach. Finally they passed around a curve of the shoreline and faded away. The two girls ran up the beach and into the dunes, finding their blanket and clothes intact. 3d slot oyunları The moment they looked at each other and heaved a shared sigh of relief they were caught by a giggle fit.

The giggles turned into laughter. Soon the two young women were clutching each other, trying to calm down after their narrow escape.

Slowly the laughter died away, but the coeds made no attempt to release each other. Instead, hands began to move, each girl exploring the other. There was no part of each other’s bodies the two lovers were not familiar with, but the gentle touches still thrilled each other, much as they had the first night the pair had discovered their attraction.

Shifting positions, they knelt facing each other. Four hardening nipples brushed back and forth. Pam ran her fingers through wet black hair, cupping the face before her as her lips met Kim’s. The other girl returned the kiss, mouth opening to admit the questing tongue. Her own hands ran up her roommate’s sides and settled onto the small, athletic breasts.

Pam moaned deeply into her friend’s mouth and dropped her right hand to Kim’s flat stomach. Her fingers crept down over the swell of her friend’s mound to cup the damp black curls. Now it was Kim’s turn to match Pam’s moans.

Tongues slid over and around each other in their now familiar dance. Kim rolled hard pink nipples and Pam curled a finger between the cheerleader’s labia and dipped inside the wet pussy. The kisses became wilder. Each movement of Pam’s finger triggered a tightening of Kim’s fingers until she was pinching and pulling the runner’s nipples. Both girls were already shaking. Then Kim’s arms went around Pam and the duo tumbled sideways to the blanket and the soft sand under it.

The coeds rolled back and forth with Kim finally ending up on top of her brunette friend. Her mouth had replaced her fingers on Pam’s right breast, her thigh thrust between the long legs that were spread under her. Pam’s hands ran down the smooth back above her and settled on the tight butt, pulling the Canadian girl hard down on top of her. The two bodies strained together. Kim closed her teeth on Pam’s nipple and tugged. The other girl gasped, her fingers digging into Kim’s ass.

Kim bit on the hard nubbin, then suddenly released it and flung her smaller body up, once more locking her mouth to the other girl’s. Pam wrapped her long runner’s legs around Kim, bucking up with her hips as the black-haired girl ground almost savagely against her friend. The black triangle between one girl’s legs rolled against the brown one of the other. Juices flowed, mingling one with the other. Unhooded clits dueled, scraping one to the other and sliding along open wet slits.

Pam arched, her fingers raking the smoothness of Kim’s ass. Kim’s cries were muffled by the wild kisses the two girls exchanged, their lips plucking and tongues darting. A flood of nectar coated the two young women, running into each other where they were mashed together and down firm thighs.

No words were exchanged when the shudders slowed. Instead, Kim rose on her hands and knees to straddle her roommate. She then turned her body and lowered herself back onto Pam. She began to lick her friend’s inner thighs, lapping up the wetness there that tasted of them both.

The girl on the bottom responded immediately. Her tongue parted the swollen, dripping lips abover her, dragging back and forth in Kim’s open slit. The scent was intoxicating, the mingling of their woman’s juices combined with the heat of their bodies nearly made Pam’s head swim. She plunged on, licking and curling her tongue inside her friend, savoring the wonderful taste of her lover combined with her own cum.

The second shared orgasm for the pair arrived nearly as fast as the first. The two girls were so familiar with each other, their moods, their bodies, the subtle signals that let the other one know that they were approaching the brink. Kim buried her face into Pam’s klasik slot pussy and drove her tongue down into her. Pam wrapped her arms around Kim’s waist and pulled, using her own tongue as a spear to penetrate her roommate’s body and hold it open. They drank from each other, as they had so many times before, and loved it this time just as much as they had the first.

They ended up back in each other’s arms after the aftershocks faded, snuggling. arms and legs intertwined. Breathing slowed to near normal levels. Each could feel the other’s heart calm down. They relaxed, content to hold each other until Kim shivered.

“The breeze is picking up.”

“It is,” agreed Pam, who sat up, untangling herself from her friend. Once more Kim enjoyed the moonlight shinning on the body beside her, a body that showed the dampness of exertion as well as the shared girl nectars. “Listen, you can hear it in the trees up by the shore road.”

Kim sat up herself, reaching for discarded clothing. “Not that I don’t love the sound of that, but I’m getting COLD.”

Pam laughed deep in her throat. She sprang to her feet and lifted her arms, letting the silvery light dance over her for a long moment. Then she suddenly dropped to her hands and knees, searching for her own abandoned apparel. “Holy cow, it IS cold.”

“I hate to go up to the house but I guess we’re going to have to.”

“Fear not, fair maiden,” said Pam as she rummaged through the gear she had brought, meanwhile pulling her clothes on. Triumphantly she displayed another blanket, this one braod and thick. “I think if we get very, VERY close we can double this over us and be snug.”

“Well,” teased Kim. “I suupose I could get close to you. But you have to promise not to take advantage of me.”

Pam hugged her roommate. “Its a deal.”

Hurriedly the two girls scooped sand under the first blanket to make a pillow. They laid down together again, covering themselves with the second blanket. Kim nestled her head on Pam’s shoulder.


“Much.” Kim yawned, a signal that Pam matched almost immediately. “You’re right, the wind in the trees sounds spooky, but also somehow very comforting. Especially now that its nice and warm here.”

The sun peeked over the horizon the next morning, shinning across the water and the sand. Eventually it rose far enough to clear the dune hiding the two snuggled forms. Pam blinked, and then stretched. Kim sat up. Not for the first time did the brunette think how adorably bed-headed her friend and lover was first thing in the morning.

In contrast to last night, this morning air was still. The rustle of the trees by the road was replaced by the soft crashing on the waves on the incoming tide The girls wrapped the top blanket around as they sat up and watched the sun rise the rest of the way.

“This has been so lovely. I wish it wasn’t ending.” remarked Kim wistfully.

“I know.” Pam wrapped an arm around her roommate’s shoulders. Both were silent for a minute, then Pam continued. “Is it all slipping away from us Kim? These last two years have been wonderful.”

Kim looked at the other girl. “Its not ending. We still have one more year of school ahead of us.”

The girl athlete shook herself. “Of course we do. And it will be the best year ever for us both.” She stood up and helped her friend to her feet. They gathered their stuff together and shared a kiss. “Now then, I need to get you to the airport in the city and then I need to start for home.”

The two girls climbed the steps. Both lingered for just a moment. Then Pam started up the trail towards the house. Kim looked over the ocean one more time, then at her roommate, friend and lover.

“I wonder, will we ever see anything like this together again?” She shook her head as though to clear it and broke into a trot to catch up.

In fact although the two girls didn’t know it, they would indeed be together on a beach again one day far in the future and a multitude of things would have changed.

(The End)

(Thanks as always to my dear friend, editor and mother of the bride, Marian, who somehow manages to find time to go over my stories. Since I never leave well enough alone, any and all mistakes are solely my responsibility.)