Roommates Ch. 03


Sally practically jumped Greg when he opened the door.

“Whoa!” He said catching her and staggering backwards.

“I missed you so much.” She said against his mouth as she rained kisses all over his face.

“Me too babe.” He said and put her down. “I’ll have to go away more often if this is the welcome back I’ll get.”

“Don’t even think about it.”

Greg dropped his bag and took off his coat. He turned to her and smiled.

“Now come here.”

He didn’t wait but pulled her into his arms and covered her mouth with his. He was taller than her and she had to stand on her tip toes to meet his lips. He held her close. Her aching breasts squashed against his muscled chest. His hands roamed her back, one finding it’s way down to her ass and pressing her against his bulging cock through his pants.

“Oh fuck baby, I missed you. I thought of nothing else but your tight, wet pussy all week.” He growled against her neck.

“Fuck me Greg. I need you so bad.” Sally cried as he nibbled on her sensitive neck. Her hands tangling in his short brown hair to hold him against her.

Greg wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the floor. Sally locked her legs around his waist as he carried her into the bedroom. He sat down on the bed with her still wrapped around him. His hands slid under the short skirt she was wearing.

“Commando?” He asked, lifting his head from hers.

“I wanted as little as possible between us.” She said with a smile.

“Oh baby.”

Greg leaned back on his arms and watched as Sally unbuttoned and then unzipped his jeans. She stuck her hand inside and freed his hard cock. Her hand circled it. Her thumb rubbed over the bulbous head. She brought her finger to her mouth and licked off the dot of pre-cum.

“Fuck Sally. Do you have any idea what you do bakire porno to me?”

He didn’t wait for an answer, instead he brought her mouth back to his. His hands slipped under her shirt and palmed her generous breasts. His thumb and forefinger pinched her hard nipples. She gasped into his mouth. The sensation making her pussy cream even more.

“Fuck me Greg. I can’t wait anymore.”

Sally pressed her knees to the bed and lifted herself over Greg’s rigid cock. She moved her hips back and forth, teasingly rubbing the head of his cock over her bare, wet pussy lips. Anointing it.

Greg groaned and grabbed her hips. Steadily he lower her on his cock. He watched her face as she took him deep into her tight hole. She was so fucking wet and tight. Greg knew he wasn’t going to last long. At least not this first time. He hadn’t lied when he said he thought of her pussy all week. He had come several times in his childhood room imaging Sally riding him like this.

“Take all of me Sal.”

Sally threw her head back as she impaled herself on him. She felt his hands at her hips, lifting her up and down. She caught his rhythm and started to grind against him. His hands went to her shirt and pulled it from her body. His hands and lips attacked her breasts. His tongue licking. His mouth sucking. His teeth pulling.

The pleasure shot straight to her cunt as her hips rocked frantically on him.

“Let’s roll baby.” He growled and rolled over with out dislodging himself from her. He pounded into her now. The sounds of their bodies slapping together filled the room.

“Yes Greg. Fuck me!”

Greg hooked his arms under her thighs and pulled out of her. He buried his face deep in her wet cunt. His tongue delving deep inside where his cock had just been. His nose rubbed over her brazzers swollen clit.

“Your smell. Your taste. You drive me fucking crazy.” He mumbled as he continued to eat her.

Sally laid back and ran her fingers through his hair. God! could he eat pussy. She almost preferred that to his cock. Almost. He took his time. His tongue flicking leisurely over her aching clit then stabbing back into her and wiggling inside her tight pussy.

“Yes Greg! Please!”

“You want to come baby? Tell me!”

“Yes! Please! Make me come Greg! I need to come!”

Greg let her thighs fall onto his shoulders as he used his hands to spread her pussy lips wide.

“Beautiful.” He said before stroking his tongue from her ass to her clit.

Sally moaned and tossed her head on the bed. She needed to come.

“Please.” She begged.

“That’s it baby. Beg me to fuck you. To make you come.”

“Please fuck me! Make me come!” She repeated, tossing her head on the bed.

With a growl, Greg buried his face again. His tongue flicked across her clit as he slid one thick, long finger deep inside her. He crooked it, feeling the spongy tissue inside her pussy.

“Yes.” Sally panted, her hips starting to buck.

“Grrrr.” Greg growled again, the sound vibrating off her sensitized skin.

He continued to finger fuck her as his tongue flicked and swirled. His teeth gently nibbled her clit. Pulling on it.

“OH FUCK!” Sally screamed, her hips coming off the bed as her orgasm tore through her.

Greg’s face remained buried deep, licking, sucking and swallowing all of her sweet cream.

“Did you enjoy that baby?” He asked, looking up from between her thighs. His face coated with her cunt cream.

“Yes! Oh Yes.” She practically purred.

Greg crawled back over her. His dede porno face level with hers. He kissed her lips, letting her taste herself on him. Her tongue came out and licked his chin, his lips, his nose.

He settled himself between her thighs again, his cock poised at her opening. Her pussy was still clenching as Greg plunged deep inside her.

Sally cried out. Her pussy clamped on his cock, holding it tight inside her.

“You are so fucking tight Sal. I’m going to make you come all over my cock.”

Greg pulled almost all the way out before ramming back into her. With each deep thrust, they both gasped. Sally could feel him pounding deep inside her. Deeper than he had ever gone. She wrapped her legs high around his hips. Her arms circled his waist, holding him close to her as he fucked her. His balls slapped against her ass. His pubic hair stimulated her swollen clit.

Once again, she could feel the tightening in her stomach. The building of yet another orgasm.

“Faster! Harder! Deeper!” She chanted in his ear.

Greg pulled away and knelt before her. His hands grabbed her hips and held her as he fucked into her. He watched as her breasts bounced with every thrust. One hand inched down and rubbed at her swollen clit.

She could feel her pussy start to clench on him.

“Fuck Sal. Yes! Yes baby!”

Greg threw his head back, plunged deep inside her and shouted out his release as he shot his hot load deep inside her milking pussy.

“YES!” Sally answered him, her back arching as another orgasm ripped through her.

For several seconds they stayed that way. Sally’s body shuddering and milking Greg’s exploding cock.

Finally he collapsed on her. His body was heavy but she welcomed the weight. Her arms caressed his back. An unwanted image of Tommy and Renee entered her mind. It had been just two days ago that she had been with them.

Guilt washed over her. She had to tell Greg. She was pretty sure the two girl thing would not upset him. But Tommy….?

“Greg, there’s something I have to tell you.”

To be continued…