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Pheonix and her boyfriend of 3 years had just recently broken up and the apartment they had been sharing was completely in his name. She had some money but not enough to get an apartment and keep it along with all of the other bills she had. She had seen the ad up on the bulletin board at work, so she decided to call the number on the bottom.

A couple days later she was trying to finish up a project for her boss, when she got a phone call from the person looking for a roommate. The woman seemed very pleasant and her voice seemed to have a sultry quality to it. She wanted to meet for lunch at the café near her apartment to have a sort-of interview.

Pheonix’s stomach rumbled reminding her it was half past 11 so she quickly agreed. She left the office a little earlier than normal explaining to her boss it was about a place to stay. Luckily her boss understood her situation and didn’t ask any more questions.

Pheonix is dressed in a fitted red tunic with brown leggings and two-inch heels that complemented her leggings. She has mid-back length wavy auburn hair with blonde highlights. She has a modest 36-B bust with matching hips, a 25-inch waist and is about 5’4″. Her amber colored eyes stand out above her romanesque nose and full lips.

On her way down in the elevator, Pheonix wondered what this potential roommate would be like. She was hoping that the woman wasn’t overly emotional or prudish. She couldn’t stand people like that. She walked across the street and stepped into the café, she asked the man at the podium if a woman named Jamesy had came in.

“She said she was expecting someone, right this way,” he led the way to a table in a quiet corner in the sunlight. A pretty woman with shoulder-length curly chocolate brown hair sat reading a book. Jamesy pushes her silver glasses back up on her nose and pulls her longer bangs out of her face as she looks up. “Please, sit down,” she says with that sultry voice from over the phone.

Pheonix takes a seat and introduces her self. “I’m Pheonix Sierrian, we spoke over the phone about the ad for a roommate. Thank you for taking the time to have lunch with me to talk more about it.”

She waves her hand, as if pushing the thought away, “It is my pleasure, I’ve been wanting a roommate for a while and no one seemed to fit what I wanted, but from what you’ve told me so far I think you will work out just fine.”

Pheonix is a little taken aback by how quickly the pseudo interview was over. “T-thanks, when did you want me to move in?”

“How bahis siteleri soon can you get your things moved in?”

“Oh, by tonight, if that’s alright with you?”

Jamesy smiles, “The sooner the better! It’ll be nice to have some female company in the house”

Pheonix wondered what that meant, but decided not to ask. They finished their meals and she took off back to work. She was glad that work wasn’t very far from the café because she could have talked with the woman for hours. She finished up her uneventful day at work and ran over to her mom’s house to get the boxes of her things. Loading all of them up in her car, she makes her way over to the apartment.

She pulls into the apartment parking lot and finds a space close to the apartment she is moving into. She grabs the first of 4 boxes and makes her way up to the top floor of the building. She knocks on the door. Jamesy answers in a large t-shirt and boxers, her slim legs exposed and her blue-green eyes shining.

“Here, let me help!” she grabs the box and moves into the apartment. She walks to a door across from the front door and bumps it open with her hip. “Here is where your room is, there’s a queen-sized bed and a dresser for your things.”

“Thanks,” Pheonix replies, eyes traveling up and down Jamesy’s body while her back was turned. It had been quite a while since she’d had sex and she had already come to grips with the fact that she is bi. Jamesy must be about the same size she is, maybe a 34 instead. Her pert bottom and perky breasts appealing to Pheonix’s body.

They got everything moved in and set up before it got dark. They both flopped down on the bed lying next to each other. Pheonix sighs deeply, and Jamesy looks over, brow furrowed, “What’s the matter?”

“Oh, nothing really important, it’s been about a month since my boyfriend and I broke up over the fact that I like girls as well as boys.” She shrugs.

Jamesy turns onto her stomach and looks Pheonix in the eye, “I don’t see how that should have been such a big deal. That doesn’t bother my man, he actually likes it.”

“Yeah, but does he have a problem with you being with women too?”

She shakes her head, “Nope. Sometimes I wonder if he doesn’t encourage it.”

All the while she has moved a little closer to Pheonix and now has her hand on her hip. Pheonix is hesitant, but lifts her head up anyway. Turquoise eyes stare into amber ones and then suddenly close as lips meet. A small shock runs through Pheonix’s body as Jamesy’s petite bonus kodu frame moves part way over hers. A leg in between hers, and she lifts a hand up to touch the back of the brunette’s head as she opens her lips, inviting in a tongue.

She pushes hers gently into the smaller woman’s mouth, massaging and touching. Sucking on her bottom lip, she feels the leg move further up, thigh meeting with her crotch. Her body shudders and involuntarily she feels her hips tilt up with pent up lust.

Jamesy breaks the kiss and moves down to her neck, then to her ear, nipping and sucking the whole way there. She bites Pheonix’s earlobe and grinds her own crotch into Pheonix’s leg. The breath from her nose tantalizing her ear. Pheonix runs her hands down Jamesy’s back and down to the hem of her large t-shirt, gently she tugs it up and finally off and over the other’s head. The woman straddles Pheonix’s lap after coaxing her into sitting up.

Perky breasts sit at mouth level to Pheonix, and she follows the urge to take one pink nipple into her mouth, gently sucking and nipping, taking as much of the breast into her mouth as she could. Then she does the same to the other side. She can feel in between her legs becoming hot and moist.

Jamesy reaches down and pulls the tunic off of Pheonix’s body and then runs her hands down her sides to the tops of the brown leggings. Slipping her thumbs into the waist band she tugs them down as well. Pheonix is laying flat on the bed now dressed only in her little black thong. She reaches a hand out and grabs a breast, moves the nipple to her mouth and then moves her hand down to Jamesy’s belly button.

She pokes a finger in and moves it around evoking a gasp and giggle from the woman on top. She reaches her hand, palm side down into the boxers. Fingers encounter smooth skin beneath and then a sudden hot wetness in the form of a slit. Gently she probes the slit with her middle finger gently teasing the clitoris. She can feel her own wetness dripping down her anus, creating a puddle on the bed. She teases Jamesy a bit more by running her fingers on either side of her labia. She can feel the woman above her shudder with enjoyment.

She moves back up the beginning of her slit and ever so slowly moves her middle and ring finger down it and slips in gently into the other woman’s cunt. A moan issues from the other woman’s mouth as well as her own. This pussy was so wet and ready for anything. She moves her fingers in and out, following the line of her pubic yeni slotlar 2024 bone as she had done on her self many times. Finding the g-spot she teases it. Slowly moving around it and then focusing just on it.

She rolls the other woman over onto her back and continues to pleasure the woman she had met not even 8 hours ago. She pulls her hand out of the woman’s shorts and reaches up to pull them down. As she tosses them on the floor, Jamesy sits up and puts her hands on Pheonix’s hips and grabs a hold of the thong, she pulls up, pulling the string up and tight in Pheonix’s pussy and ass. Pheonix moans and pulls down her panties, revealing a bald pussy as well.

Jamesy looks at her and says, “Lie down on your back with a pillow under your butt.” She does so and can feel Jamesy’s small hands running up and down her smooth legs. Warm air caresses her labia, and a tongue teases just by her clit.

Jamesy runs the tip of her tongue over her clit and then back up widely, tasting the other woman’s sex. She dips her tongue deeper for a better taste, tongue moving in an out of her vagina and then back up to suck on the clit. She laps her way down going past the pussy to her ass, she laps up the juices from there and her tongue probes her anus.

“Get your ass-end over here,” Pheonix demands in a hoarse voice. Jamesy gladly obliges and positions herself right above the other woman’s mouth. Pheonix tips her head up and tucks the pillow under it, propping herself up. She can smell the woman’s cunt and savors it.

She drives her tongue deep into her pussy as the other woman gives her a fantastic rim job while sticking her fingers into her pussy. Pheonix can feel her breathing become heavier and she sucks on the other woman’s clit while playing with her pussy and ass. Her hips start to buck and she moans loudly as the other woman shoves her face into her pussy fingers on her clit, tongue in her pussy, then she switches fingers and mouth and sucks hard on clit and bangs away at her g-spot.

Pheonix’s head tilts back as she’s driven toward what feels like her best climax in months, “Oh, my god! Don’t stop, oh please don’t stop! Do me, do me you dirty bitch!” She plunges her face back into the other woman’s pussy, licking and sucking hard, fingers grinding in the woman’s cunt. She can feel herself pulse in time with this woman as they both came hard. Woman cum squirts out and into her mouth, and she licks up every last drop of it.

Gently she probes the woman’s anus with her tongue and feels her shudder. Jamesy rolls off of Pheonix and lies next to her. They lick their own juices off of each others faces, and kiss deeply again. Pheonix looks at her new roommate with half lidded eyes, and Jamesy says, “Yup, I think you’re going to work out just fine,” She giggles.