Rough Times


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I sat there staring at you as you watched a TV show. You were wearing a tank top that left nothing to the imagination. Your big breasts were pressed hard against the fabric and were quite evident in the low cut garment. Your nipples were apparent. Your legs were almost fully exposed as the short denim skirt rode high up on your tan thighs. Your legs were pulled up under you as you sat in the chair with me looking at your hot legs. Black spiked heels adorned your feet. I marveled at how exciting you looked as I was getting more and more aroused just by the sight of you.

You looked over at me and asked what I was looking at. I told you that your sexy body was making me hard. You smiled at me and turned your attention back to the show. I reached down and unzipped my pants and slowly pulled out my cock, which was growing fat. As I got it all the way out I asked you to look over at me. You looked surprised but were smiling as I began to stroke it as you watched. After awhile, I told you to pull up your skirt for me and stroke your pussy. You said you liked watching me jerk off as you began to lower your hand to your cunt.

“Put a finger inside your panties and do your pussy,” I said.

You began as your eyes followed my hand. “Are you wet,” I asked as you began to spread your legs to allow deeper fingering.

“Yes, I’m getting very wet,” you replied as I started to hear the sound of the juice building between your cunt lips. I told you to take your skirt and panties off and to spread yourself wider with your legs over the arms of the chair. You shed the clothing and returned to your cunt stroking.

“Use 2 fingers so I can watch your cunt open up some more,” I said. You began to slowly fuck yourself with two fingers, going deep into your totally exposed opening.

“Get your fingers nice and wet, then lick them and tell me how you taste,” I said.

You pulled out your glistening fingers and started to suck them and lick them as if you were sucking a cock.

“Is it good,” I asked. You nodded your head and liseli porno continued to lick the cunt juices.

“Pull your legs back and finger your cunt again,” I demanded. You slid your ass close to the edge of the chair as your legs were pulled back and spread very wide.

“Do you want my cock in your mouth while you jerk yourself off,” I asked. You moved your head up and down and said,

“I want your cock in my mouth.”

I got up and stepped out of my pants and shorts and walked to you. You reached for my cock, but I stopped your hand. Instead, I stepped to the side and reached down to touch your pussy.

“It’s so wet and juicy,” I said.

“Do you want your ass spanked as you masturbate,” I said. Again you nodded as I dropped down beside you and touched your ass. I watched your fingers sliding into your hot cunt.

“You want me to spank you,” I asked.

“Yes, spank my ass” was your reply as my hand hit you. You cried out softly as I asked if you wanted more. You nodded as my hand smacked your ass again, making it sting. Your fingers were engulfed in hot cunt liquid from the erotic blows. Then I hit you again and again before I pulled your fingers out of your pussy and replaced them with my tongue. You reached for my head and held it as my mouth devoured you. I put 2 fingers in you and they began to fuck you and stretch you wider.

“Yes, like that, do it hard. Eat my cunt,” you breathed.

My hand moved deep inside you and began to hit the outside of your pussy and make contact with your swollen clit with each stroke. The sound of the cunt spanking increased your moaning.

“I like it when you spank my clit,” you whispered heavily as my fingers went at you.

Again I went down on you and licked your cunt and clit. My fingers stayed inside you while my face was all over your wetness. Your taste was on my lips and mouth.

“Eat my cunt,” you cried, as my lips moved its full length. I returned to the hard fingering as my face rose to your clit, allowing the fingers more room to work. Your ass mobil porno moved against my hand and mouth and kept you fully stimulated and aroused. I pulled my mouth off your pussy and went to up to your mouth for a deep kiss. You licked juice from my tongue and lips as we continued the kiss. You were hungry for the taste that covered my face. My fingers kept up the rhythmic attack on your pussy while you sucked the erotic flavor of your sex from my tongue.

As I broke the kiss, I pulled back from the chair and withdrew my fingers from you. I stood up and then returned to the couch where I had been. I took two pillows off the ends and put them on the floor between my legs as I sat down and kept my legs spread.

“Suck my cock,” I said. I watched you place those black high heels on the floor, and then move to the space between my legs. Your knees dropped as you kneeled on the pillows. I told you to take off your top and bra so I could see your tits as you went down on me. You pulled the garments off exposing very erect nipples. I took the hard flesh between my fingers and began to pinch and pull at them. Your hand reached up to take my cock and I watched as the swollen head went into your mouth. You began to stroke it, and lick it and rub it all over your beautiful, lust-filled face. One of my hands left your nipple to pull your hair back and out of the way.

“Go down on me.” I used my grip on your hair to force more of my hardness between your lips. My cock fucked your mouth as I pushed your head down.

“You’re such a hot Cunt” I said as you pulled my cock up and tongued your way down my hard shaft. You started to lick my balls and then the tender area just below them. You sucked me and licked me until I told you to go down on me again. Your hot wet mouth descended onto me and I watched you take me so deep. Your tongue was magic as I watched you blow me.

After some time, I told you to get up and sit on my cock but you didn’t want to stop sucking and licking me. I pulled your hair hard, forcing you to release my cock öğrenci porno from your lips. I pulled you to a standing position with your cunt over my hardon. Your hands took my cock, placed it at your hot fuck slit and lowered yourself onto it. Once I was fully inside you, you began to fuck me hard. Your pussy was riding my dick. Your ass hammered at me as the wetness smacked loudly from between us filling the room with the sounds of sex. Each hand held your ass in a powerful grip.

Suddenly, I pulled you off me and pushed you back to your knees. My cock glistened in front of you. You immediately started to blow me again. I watched you slide your mouth down the hard shaft. I held you hair tight in one hand and rubbed my wet cock all over your face and lips with the other. I pulled your mouth down on me and fucked it.

You came up for air saying, “Sucking your cock makes me so hot,” you moaned while rubbing it all over your lips and face.

I pushed you to the floor on your back and got down beside you. My mouth was on your cunt and I inserted 2 fingers into you. Your mouth was back on me as we got into a 69 position. You were so wet and juicy as I licked your extended clit and finger fucked you from this position. My cock was fucking your mouth from above as your lips tightened around the hardness. You moaned and then gasped that you were going to cum as I increased the cunt pounding and clit sucking. Your pussy started to twitch and spasm. Your orgasm rolled through you and your sucking increased as the waves of your hot erotic release swept you away. My cock began to throb and expand and my cum filled your mouth. My orgasm joined yours and we both emptied our juices into each other’s hungry sucking mouths. The sensations held us for what seemed like hours as our juices continued to flow.

At last, the sensations subsided and we slowly released each others wet sex from our mouths. My head rested on your wet thigh and my cock slid down to your neck and into the valley between your breasts. I watched a small pool of fluid flow out onto your skin. Our faces were covered with sex juice and your lips glistened erotically from it. We rolled onto our backs and tried to catch our breath as your hand reached down to hold my wet cock. I knew my sexy Cunt wanted me to fuck her from the way her hand was squeezing and stroking my cock.