Rude Awakenings

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I am roused from a deep sleep by a knock at the door. I sit up half awake listening for more, not sure if I dreamt the sound. No knocking, but rather the sound of keys in a lock; I hold my breath, wondering who could be coming through my door. I am expecting no one and alone for the night I had hoped for a sound sleep.

I grab my phone and start downstairs to investigate. Through the panes of glass in my front door I can make out a tall shadow and I jump as my phone buzzes in my hand. It is a text message, number withheld and simply reads, “I am here. Let me in.”

I swallow hard to dispel the ball of nerves gathered in my throat and my hands tremble as I call out, “Who’s there?” I am trying to sound calm but not sure that I do. The shadow on the other side of the door stills, its dark face fully facing me — I know its eyes cannot see me but still I feel their stare. My nipples harden against my silk night dress in the cool night air and I become very aware that it is all I have on. I decide to open the door, keeping the safety chain on and if I don’t like what is on the other side, I will slam it and phone the police. So I check that the chain is in place and gently turn the door lock. Once again I demand, “Who’s there?” more loudly than I intend but firmer than before. My front door misses hitting me by inches as it is pushed fully open by the shadow, which is now solid flesh and in my home.

It is a man, tall and clad in black leather. He still says nothing but takes my phone from me, quite gently in contrast to his entrance. My body flushes with adrenaline, in a battle between fight or flee, but before it can decide his eyes meet mine and I become transfixed. He kisses me, deeply and urgently, his fingers caress my nipples and he closes the door. As I hear the latch close, I snap out of his spell briefly and ataköy escort my eyes widen with fear. He holds a finger to his lips (a silent hush) and his eyes gleam as he gently but firmly pulls both my hands behind my back and moves me into the living room in front of him.

I feel him bind my hands with a soft fabric, I can’t see it but it feels silky, he ties it so that my hands hang a few inches apart but that I cannot unfasten them. He strokes my back with his fingertips and moves my long hair so that he can kiss and lick my neck, shivers run up and down my spine and I am intoxicated by his touch.

He slips the straps of my night dress from each shoulder, exposing my breasts as it falls down to my waist. He turns and sits me on the sofa. Now facing me, his mouth devours each of my nipples in turn before his hot tongue traces lines in the surrounding flesh and the small valley between. Then he moves down to my navel and alternately kisses and licks my abdomen — as if controlled by his mouth, my hips begin to sway side to side, my body no longer under my control.

He pulls my knees apart and runs his hands between my thighs until he finds the small cleft of skin that guards the entrance to my now wet pussy. The skin yields to his fingers as he slides them in and out of me, my breathing quickens, I can’t remember the last time I felt so utterly turned on. He now rather than simply not speaking, cannot speak, as his tongue has gone to accompany his fingers, licking at my swollen clit, while his digits deftly move inside me. I cry out in pleasure and he abruptly stops me with a hard slap to my bottom, my skin immediately tattooed with a red hand print. I stop crying out and instead bite down hard on my lip, which starts bleeding.

After what seems like an eternity, he faces me again ataköy escort bayan – he is smiling, not a happy smile but more the smile of a child being naughty. He unzips his leather trousers and feeds me the very stiff erection he has been nurturing, as I am unable to use my hands I try to show my appreciation for his efforts using just my tongue and lips. His hands grab my hair and move my head into the rhythm he wants and I swallow him deep into my throat. His cock tastes salty and hot and I find myself wanting more, I want to feel him inside me, I want him to cum in my mouth, I want it any way he wants to give it. God help me.

My lips and tongue dance up and down his hard cock, my saliva dripping down to his balls. Unable to cup his balls with my hand, I instead slide my mouth down to them, taking each one in, in turn. He allows me this small indulgence and as no hand corrects me, I carry on. When I am sure each ball feels equally teased, I lick my way back to the tip of his prick and my lips and tongue once again start to lick, like flames in a fire. He takes a deep, quick inhale and his hands are in my hair again, but this time, pulling me up onto my feet.

He turns me away from him and unties my hands, he pulls them to my front and reties them there. The thing binding my hands is in fact a blue silk tie, soft to the touch but too strong for me to pull apart.

He bends me over the sofa and strokes the cheeks of my bum, then again he slips his fingers inside me, they feel so good and I fill with desire for him to fuck me. He must be feeling the same, because he ploughs his great cock into me, hard. I swallow down a moan of pleasure as he repeatedly thrusts behind me, drawing out slowly before slamming back in. He speeds up and I feel like I will explode with ecstasy. I can feel escort ataköy his engorged member throbbing and he pulls out of me.

He lays me on my side, spreading my legs apart using his firm thigh which rests by my clit. He enters me again, each stroke making his thick thigh rub me closer to orgasm. He grabs my breasts and squeezes them in time with each push, now becoming more erratic and just as I cum, he crams his whole length in and emits a deep sigh. I can feel his warm juice in my pussy and I roll my hips while pushing against the dying twitches of his climax. He strokes my hair and redresses me, I am so tired and content. I close my eyes and drift into a deep, sound sleep.

When I wake up it is dawn and the sun is tentatively peeking from behind my curtains. There is a blue silk tie fastened round my thigh and a still hot coffee beside me, I laugh to myself, thinking, “What, no Milk Tray?” There is no sign of the mesmerizing and silent texter and I begin to think I have dreamt the whole thing – until I try to move and my hips creak, my thighs ache, my knees tremble and a dribble of sticky fluid runs from between my thighs. To the empty house I say, “Better get a new door chain, eh?”

I shower and get dressed for work, all the time daydreaming of the previous night. I struggle to focus on the journey in and promise myself another coffee or three when I finally get to the office.

I try to stand in the smoking area to have my routine pre chaos cigarette, but find I have to lean against the wall for support as my legs still lack their full strength. My boss, Jack comes over to join me. He looks amazing every morning but today there is something missing from his usually impeccable appearance.

He smiles at me and bids me good morning; a wave of heat rushes through me from my chest to my thighs. I take a deep breath of my cigarette and hold the missing item up to his face.

“You forgot this, Jack.”

Jack smiles again, this time the familiar naughty child smile. He takes his blue silk tie from me and tucks it under his shirt collar.

“Thank you, Kim. Did you sleep well?”

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