Rue de Rivoli

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I race through the streets of Paris to be with you. My cock aches. I have been too long away at dreary meetings with corpulent German businessmen in Frankfurt, while your delicate and warm body awaits me in our flat in the rue de Rivoli. And now, finally, I park my Mercedes and look up to see you in the window, diaphanous night gown blowing gently in the cool breeze off the Seine. The mischievous wind gives me a tantalizing glimpse of your precious bush and then takes it way as quickly to torment my erect cock that has been hardened for you so desperately from the Belgian border.

Now I am breathing hard in anticipation of your scent and touch. After an impatient ascent in the old, slow, creaky elevator, I emerge and turn to the door of our apartment. The hall lights extinguish themselves as I see your body darkly, backlighted in the doorway. You are nude and I can see a faint but encouragingly shiny dampness on your pussy lips for which you spread you legs slightly to show me that you have anticipated me too.

My strong arms sweep you off your feet and grasp you close to me. You wrap your legs around me and mark the silk of my suit with the wetness of your pussy at the big bulge at my crotch, just as women have marked their men for a million years, to signal their territory with their hormonal excretions.

A single candle glows from the bedroom. We hug and feel each other in the gloom of the foyer. I push the mound of my erect cock against your belly so your uterus can feel it, as I bury my face in your flowing hair and kiss your neck. One hand is on your upper back to press your breasts against me, while the other feels your buttocks to remind my libido of the feel of their silky softness with your rippling muscles underneath.

“God, I needed you.”

“And I you. I’ve been hard for days.”

My mouth probes yours. We mingle wetness and tongues. I gently kiss your eyelids. I probe your ear with my hard tongue to promise greater and larger versions of penetrating pleasures later.

I pin you against the wall and drop to my knees, spreading your legs. You thrust your mound towards my mouth. How many times have I sucked you against a wall and yet it never loses the attraction of my first iteration of your aromatic juices whose taste I treasure so much and whose fragrance brings my cock to its full rigidity.

I put my mouth fully over your vulva. The tip of my tongue trifles with your erect clit and then slides back through the trough of your pussy to the back of the rim of your vagina. Then back again to your clit.

I lick your inner pussy lips. I threaten penetration of your vagina, but then retreat to licking your clit. I am drunk with the scent of your sex. My huge cock presses against my clothing. I cease bluffing and slide my tongue slowly into your vagina. My hands, which have been cupping your buttocks, move slightly. You feel the pressure of a finger on your ass hole just as my tongue slides into your honey pot. In and out. In and out.

I shift my mouth to the ring of pussy around your vagina while my tongue is inserted. I proceed to suck the rim of your vagina while my tongue slides in and out of your soaked tunnel. I massage your ass hole. You shudder and gasp with your first of climax of the long night ahead.

I can no longer contain my lust for you. I rise to whisper in your ear, “Kiss my penis, my love.”

Now you lower yourself to your knees and open my pants. You disentangle my cock and it leaps out, a soldier at full attention to your service. You admire its size Trabzon Escort (almost 8 inches by 2 inches) and its esthetics (dusky purple head shiny with heavy tumescence purple veins vining its shaft) as you gently caress its length to test its firmness.

You reach inside my pants and remove my ball bags and drape them down the outside of my pants. Hefting them, you notice they are heavy with sperm, unrelieved by ejaculation after a week of abstinence from our daily exchange of orgasms.

My cock head emits a drop of precum . Your gentle lips moistly lick the drop of male nectar from my instrument, and then open to grasp my cock head in your mouth as your hands stroke the shaft of my rod. Your other hand holds my ball bags as they jerk in cadence to your movement. A twitch of my balls reveals my approach to ejaculation. And you feel my load of cum move up my shaft.

It is not time. The night is young. You cease your stroking and remove my cock from your mouth. Your tongue moves to my shaved nude ball bags. Probably the second most exquisite sensation in the world for a male is a woman licking his ball bags, especially if they are resilient with a full burden of sperm.

Again you torture me to the brink of climax.

“Let’s lay together,” you whisper.

We walk toward the candle and the soft snowy sheets of our love nest. I disrobe, while you lay on the sheets on your tummy with your legs spread so that I can just make out your erect inner pussy lips pushing out from your engorged outer labia. You shave your legs and pussy but not your armpits. You put your arms above your head revealing small patches of female fur under to further saturate my view of pubic decoration in the wavering candlelight. Cum pushes its way up my stem.

I turn you on your back. My strategy is erotic massage and more orgasms for you. I place one knee between your legs and massage your back, to relax those knots of erotic stress. My hands glide up and down your back and onto your buttocks, to knead them and send small signals of movement to your pussy.

Then I sit on your back, facing your feet. I carefully massage each foot, taking special care to stimulate each toe with its own share of attention. Then I give your calves and thighs deep massage. I now use a little oil on your skin to enhance its natural golden color. My hands glide up and down your thighs, and just barely and for the briefest moment, touch your pussy lips and tease them with the barest trace of droplets of oil.

Once more I massage your upper back. This time I turn around and place my knees on either side of your ass and lay my penis and balls on the cleavage between you buttocks while I rub your back, coming closer and closer to the sides of your breasts with each thrust of my hands up your back. My cock and ball bags shift slightly with each massage movement and gently caress your ass cleavage.

Finally, I turn you over onto your back, to begin with your belly. I again straddle you, this time with my ball bags hanging down against your pussy lips as I part your legs to give my big bull-like balls enough room. At the same time, I lay my huge rock hard cock on your abdomen while I stroke the soft contours of your stomach to love your belly. I gently massage your uterus, to hint at the massage that my long cock will give it later from the inside.

My hands continue up to your breasts, which feel gentle caressing on their sides and underside. Your erect nipples and aureoles are saved for later. But you feel my chest hair against Trabzon Escort Bayan the tips of your hard nipples as I bend over you to experience your long, wet, soft, engulfing mouth kisses.

Your eyes are closed and all of your lips are swollen with desire…

There is nothing in the entire universe more beautiful than the human female body. Poets can rapture about the rose, or a sunset, or the kiss, but none holds a candle to a woman’s beauty. While the whole of a female has unparalleled attraction, her three erogenous zones instinctively hold special interest for a male: her mind, her nipples and her pussy. I allow myself now to drink of pleasure from one of those cups of sexual power that is a special treat for me. I lick the dark halos around your nipples. They taste sweet. Your already hard nipples swell as my tongue moves around them. At last, my mouth begins to suckle your gorgeous and tender points of sexual identity. Simultaneously, my cock, past pre-cum, begins to flow semen. As droplets appear I move over you to deposit my sperm on your nipples to lubricate them. When the gentle flow of pre-ejaculate semen begins, I place your hand around my penis to masturbate it, to keep the gentle flow running from my spurt hole. Your fingers barely go around his girth.

I lick each tit from her base to the nipple. Again and again until every square centimeter of breast skin has been electrified with my wet tongue. My lips move to your right nipple. I purse my lips to suck her into my mouth, my lips resting gently on the aureole. My tongue toys with the tip of your hard nipple, telegraphing erotic messages to your pussy, reinforcing the primal signals from my swollen ball bags hanging heavy against your pussy lips. First the right nipple. Then the left nipple. Then back again.

We are both breathing hard. As I shift my weight slightly with each nipple switch, my cock rolls slightly against your belly. I grunt with pleasure.

Now, I pull my balls back from your crotch and move down to probe your navel with my tongue. I nibble my way from the top of your bush across your naval hollow and up to the valley of your breasts. Again … this time licking my way from your uterus to the cleft at the base of your throat. Then I simply lick your navel. Gently. Wetly. Again and again. We are both panting with desire. Our skin glistens with the wetness of sexual arousal. You rotate your mound against my chest as my tongue probes your navel. I love to explore the three dimensional valley of a woman’s naval and discover that little rose bud of pleasure hiding blushingly in her depths.

I release your navel to move my lips to your cunnie. It eagerly rises to my mouth as you pull my head to her with a shiver. She can hardly wait to again trade liquid with my mouth. I lick her very slowly. My tongue moves from your ass hole, up across the mouth of your erect vagina, along your lips and pushes back the hood of your clit to suckle on her. Then I lay my tongue like a blanket over your clit and vulva so that the tip can penetrate your love hole, which the end of my tongue fucks in its own little way. That jiggles your clit. I move my mouth so that it is fully open now and again covers your entire cunnie. My tongue now plunges into and out of your hot, wet vagina. You are moaning with ecstasy. You are saying, “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

Just before you have an orgasm, I stop tongue fucking you. Whimpering, you grasp at my head trying to pull it back to your dripping cunt. But I am strong. Instead, Escort Trabzon I insert just my shiny, swollen cock head, nothing more, into your vagina. We both masturbate ourselves, while my cock head tries to hold back the semen flow. You come for the first time. I don’t, but the flow of my semen is momentarily heavy. I pull my cock out and hose the semen on your entire pussy area to lubricate it. Why? For my cock. I place my rigid cock in your hand and you use it to masturbate your vulva by sliding its head up and down in your sex slot, along your cunt lips and over your clitoris. This causes more cum to flow out which increases the lubricity and stimulation.

You are about to come again, so I now put my mouth back on your cunnie to give you mind shattering cunnilingus. I suck your pussy lips into my mouth and while they are held in my mouth by my suction, I massage them with my tongue. You come again, this time stronger than before, bucking against my mouth sucked against your soaked pussy.

You float down from that universe of climax; I gently embrace you while you languidly shiver with echoes of ecstasy. Finally you open your eyes and refocus on me and the candlelight and my male scent of rut and shaft of hardness.

As I hold you in my arms, I feel your nipples pressing with unquenched excitement into my chest. Your are ready again for love.

I turn you face down. Your head is against the pillow. Your knees are against your tits. Your ass is up in the air, fully displaying the charms of your slippery, wet cunt to me. I am on my knees behind you. I slide my cock completely into your vagina.

The entrance to your honey pot is tight around my cock. I pull my rod almost all the way out on each stroke so that the ridge around my cock head distends your vagina rim with each thrust out and back in. My balls are banging against your love mound. The big veins on my shaft massage your tumescent vagina walls with each thrust. You pull back her hood and masturbate your clit while I fuck you. With each thrust, my ball bags slosh with sperm against your masturbating fingers. Fully submerged into you, the spurt hole of my shiny swollen cock head massages the opening of your womb. My sperm bags pump out occasional small squirts of semen, which are forced directly into your womb. You come again with a massive orgasm. Shuddering, gasping and screaming with lust and ecstasy.

I too am on the verge of coming. I withdraw my cock before I do. It’s hard as a rock. You lick the sides of it. I cum with a loud grunt.

My cock squirts massive, long streams of cum. The first stream splatters off the wall. I tense my cock, to hold back the streams, so I can move to hose some semen into your vagina. I quickly fill your love hole. The intense visual impact on me of cum running out of your vagina increases the strength of my orgasm and my cock continues to squirts ropes of sticky cum across your belly and onto your breasts and face. Your nipples are dripping with semen.

I give your clit the final tribute. The last couple of hard squirts from my penis are placed dead against her. The hormones in my cum will penetrate under your clit hood and will be absorbed to increase its health, size and vigor (and your horniness).

We lay like two nested spoons, spent by our self-consuming fire, just like the candle on the table whose diminished wick finally drowns itself in a puddle of hot wax and goes out, leaving us bathed in a soft glow from the lonely street lights reflecting from the winter- dormant trees across the rue de Rivoli in the Jardin de Tuilleries. As we drift to sleep, the great clock on the façade of the old d’Orsay train station on the far bank of the Seine takes up responsibility for beating the age of the universe in a way much more regular than our primitive convulsions of love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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