Running into a High School Mistake


***This story will be written in several parts. Also, this fictional narrative has a slow start! If a fast paced story is more your style I suggest you don’t read this one! Thank you!***


“Excuse you! What are you doing?” I asked while I was rushing down the stairs to my old bedroom. My heart was racing as I saw his hands flipping the pages through my diary from high school. He didn’t even have the audacity to look guilty. He continued flipping through the pages until I ripped it out of his hand.

“I was just getting to the good part,” he said with a cocky grin. I wanted to smack it right off of him, I settled for a shove to the chest. I was disappointed when he hardly budged. Standing 5’11 with an incredibly fit body I should have known my smaller figure wasn’t going to have much of an effect on him.

I looked up to examine his face. He had matured since I last saw him. Brown eyes that you could get lost in, hair just long enough for you to get a handful between your fingers, just the right amount of facial hair, and hands that could please you for hours.

“You’ve got a lot to say about me in there,” he said laughing, “If you wanted to take me home, all you had to do was ask.” He was staring at me intently as he took a few steps closer to me. A hand reached out to touch my face, he brushed a strand of hair from eyes and placed it behind my ear. I could feel my heart racing as he dipped his head down towards mine. I closed my eyes as I nervously and impatiently waited for my lips to connect with his.

I felt a tongue lick me from my chin up to my eye. I opened my eyes and my dog was licking my face all over to wake me up so I could take him outside. Son of a bitch. I looked over at my alarm clock, I still had seven minutes until it went off.Jordan freaking Butler. Where the hell did that dream come from? Seven minutes until I had to get ready for my morning shift. That was more than enough time to get myself off, I was already on the edge from the anticipation of kissing Jordan again. Jesus, again. The last time we kissed was when we were juniors in high school. I’m 22 now, it’s been about five years and this guy still haunts me.

I picked up my phone and saw 4 messages from my friends in our group message. They were all working the morning shift with me, thank god. I needed a good distraction after that dream. After I took care of myself I hopped out of bed and into the shower replaying the dream in my head and thinking of the various different ways it could have ended. The hot water felt amazing running down ensest porno my body. My hand dipped in between my legs until my fingers reached my pussy again. I slipped two fingers and slowly started to increase my speed. My second hand grabbed my left breast paying extra attention to my tight and hard nipples. Again, it only took me five minutes to reach my climax. A small moan escaped my lips and I still found myself needing more.

Today I took some extra time with my hair and makeup. I knew I could convince my friends to go out and grab a drink with me, I needed to get laid. When I finished blow-drying, I pulled my shoulder length brown hair into a low bun leaving a few strands out in the front. When I was happy with my appearance I shut the light off. “Come here, boy!” I shouted to Max. “Time for a walk!”

Max already had his leash in his mouth and was waiting at the door. I laughed, I wasn’t sure how I lucked out with such an awesome dog. I took Max out for a quick run around the block, left him with some fresh food and water, and gave him a big ol’ kiss in between his eyes. “See you later boy, be good!”

I pulled into the parking lot and parked right next to my friends. Once I reapplied my lip gloss I grabbed my apron, book, and my fresh pack of pens.

My favorite part about working in a restaurant is that I get to work with all of my friends. I met some of my closest friends here, and my best friend Sarah from grade school just started last year.


“Liv!” we started at the same time.

I let her speak first, “You’re never going to guess who’s in your sectionnnnn” she sang.Please for the love of god don’t let my first guest be Brian, it’s too early for this. I had a regular who came in every week, he was around my age and always looked for ways to hit on me or ask me out.

Last week when I asked him if he’d be having dessert his response was, “Are you on the menu? Is it all you can eat?” I slapped his receipt on the table and didn’t return until he left me his usual $100 on a $20 check. In most cases I’d report him to my manager, he’s really good about taking care of his workers. However, I’m saving as much as I can so I can afford to take some time off to visit my sick grandmother at the end of summer so I try my hardest to ignore his shitty pick up lines.

“I don’t know if I have the patience for Brian today,” I started.

“Nope, not Brian,” Sarah said with a smile on her face. “I’ll let you figure it out for yourself.”

I clocked in, took a look at my section escort porno for the shift, and headed to my first table. “Hi, my name is Liv, have you been here before?” The guest lifted his head from the menu and smiled as soon as his eyes met mine. I however did not have the same reaction.

“Olivia Murphy!” Jordan said with a smile.Nope. No, no fucking way. I looked around the restaurant to see if maybe I was still dreaming. When I took a step back I bumped into another waitress carrying 4 glasses of freshly made strawberry margaritas. Nothing like starting a shift serving a guy you nearly had a wet dream about while covered in tequila.Fuck my life.


“Jeeze Liv, watch where you’re going!” my friend Emily said as she started to pick up the large pieces of glass on the floor.

“Sorry! Sorry!” I said to her and Jordan at the same time, “Give me a minute please, I’ll be right back”

I walked into the kitchen to see Sarah and my other friends burst into laughter. “Damn Liv, sorry. Maybe I should have warned you. Want me to take the table?” Sarah asked.

“No, just, shit-” I stammered. The dream had me all mixed up. Sarah walked towards me with a new shirt she grabbed from the back.

“Here,” she said as she pulled me to the back of the kitchen. I quickly stripped out of my tequila soaked shirt and put the new one over my head as I told her about my dream.

“Ahhh, and it all makes sense,” she started laughing again. “Well, buck up beautiful & head back out there.”

As I was headed back to the table my mind wandered back to one of my most embarrassing nights. Jordan and I had a bit of a history. We used to be neighbors. He was my first kiss. Football player, hockey player, and baseball player, all of the girls wanted him. He was a genuinely good person that everyone wanted to be around. It was the summer entering our junior year when it happened. We were at a mutual friend’s party. He was fresh out of a relationship and I was five tequila shots deep. When I was coming out of the bathroom he had been waiting in line to go in after me. The tequila shots had suddenly given me the confidence I didn’t know I had. I grabbed him by the shirt, pulled him towards me and shut the door. I nearly assaulted him with the first kiss. When he got over his shock, he picked me up by my waist and set me down on the counter. His mouth crushed into mine as he positioned his body in between my legs. His hand immediately started to move across my breasts and my body started to tense up.

“Jordan-” gizli çekim porno I started, as I gasped for air. “I’ve never..”

“I know” he said in a reassuring voice, “I know.” He brushed my hair behind my ear and planted a gentle kiss on my lips and then on my nose.” When my body still didn’t relax, he took a step back, grabbed me by my waist again, and slowly placed me on the floor. As he opened his mouth to say something I jumped at a banging on the door.

“EXCUSE ME, SOME OF US ACTUALLY HAVE TO USE THE BATHROOM!” a familiar shrilling voice shouted through the door. All of a sudden my confidence was gone.

“I should go…” I said, my cheeks flush with both heat and embarrassment.

“Liv, wait-” he began, but I had already opened the door and come face to face with his ex-girlfriend Jessica as I was adjusting my shirt back into place.Well, shit.

“Well what do we have here…” Jessica said in an amused tone, her friends beside her were already laughing. “Did Livvy lose her V-Card in the bathroom?” Her smile dropped as soon as she saw Jordan exit the bathroom behind me. She looked between the both of us until her eyes landed on mine with a look that could scare Satan.

“Really Jordan? It’s been one fucking day and you can’t keep it in your pants?” She seethed.

“Jesus Jess, let’s not pretend you didn’t hook up with several of my teammates while we were together,” he answered. “We’re not together, what I do with my spare time is no longer your concern.”

She had nothing to say back to him, he was right. She shifted her anger towards me. Before she could say anything I felt Jordan’s body move in front of mine. “Drop it Jess, you have no right.”

It didn’t stop her. “Tell your little slut she’s going to regret opening her legs for you.” I didn’t know it was possible for my face to turn any redder than it already was. Heat, embarrassment, and now anger. I took a step towards her not really planning my next move and when she dumped her drink on me.

“Jesus Jess! What the fuck is your problem!” Jordan shouted. He was trying to help but instead he made it much worse. Everyone’s attention was now on the three of us. I moved past him and immediately rushed for the door as she lit into him again.

Focusing back to the present, I approached the table again. When I returned someone else had joined the party. There was a beautiful blonde sitting across from Jordan that looked like she stepped right off of a freaking magazine shoot. Of fucking course. “Hi, sorry about that! What can I get you to drink?” I asked the girl, refusing to make eye contact with Jordan. She made it easy by ordering for the both of them. When I got back to the kitchen I passed the order to Sarah. “I’ll take you up on that offer now.” We switched sections and I avoided his area until he left.

*To be continued.