Samantha Ch. 2


It was now time to go for our dinner reservation. Samantha had now changed into a long skirt and tight top, her nipples almost showing through – teasing me. I led her to my car and opened the door for her. The seats are low down and as she climbed in, her skirt fell either side of her thighs, thanks to the long slit that ran up the front. This showed me her lovely legs that so soon before, were wrapped tightly round my waist. I closed the door behind her and then I got in and we drove off.

Needless to say that our conversation got very hot, very quickly – she told me how she could feel her hot pussy still tingling with being fucked hard and that she could also feel a trickle of cunt juice trying to escape. Samantha asked me if I’d like to taste it again and I eagerly reply ‘yes’. She parted her legs and I saw her hand disappear between her upper thighs. I tried to watch what she was doing whilst still driving along. She parted her legs further and I could then see one of her fingers drag from the underside of her hot cunt to her clit, gathering at least some of the excess juices onto it. She raised up her hand and offered it to me to taste. I eagerly lent forward, taking her finger into my mouth and I had an instant hard-on as I was reminded of her sweetness.

I told her exactly how much I wanted to fuck her there and then, but she told me to continue driving. How I could do that I’ve no idea, because she then lowered her head to my stomach and start caressing my cock through my pants. I heard her moan as she felt my cock harden and without another word, she unzipped my pants, allowing my cock to instantly flick itself upwards, releasing itself from both my boxers and my now un-belted pants. She teased me by slowly rubbing the length of my shaft, letting her tongue flick at the very end of my cock, eagerly awaiting that lovely pre-cum to appear. As I continued driving, trying desparately to keep in a straight line, sure enough, the pre-cum oozed out of my hard thick shaft and her mouth immediately engulfed tecavüz porno my cock, her tongue lapping slowly but forcefully at the lovely juice. However, she then left me with my cock pointing due north as I finally pulled into the restaurant car park.

After zipping myself back in again – against my will and albeit with a huge bulge in my pants, we went into the restaurant and were shown to our table by one of the waitresses. I’d specifically asked for the table in the corner – it was only candlelit, so very romantic and it was hidden slightly due to the tables being within booths. It was a lovely setting, enhanced due to the fact that the restaurant was quiet that particular night anyway. We ordered our meal and throughout the meal, she made serious fuck-me eyes at me – teasing me also by sucking on her fingers to clean them, rather than using the napkin.

The waitress cleared away our plates and we sat and chatted while finishing the wine. Samantha told me to close my eyes and as I did so, she dipped a couple of her fingers into the wine glass, then made a trail of alcohol slowly around my lips. My tongue ran its way round my lips, then enclosed around her fingers, sucking the wine off of them and taking them in and out of my mouth – just as she had done with my cock. She reached her hand across and start caressing my cock through the material of my pants again – her hand hidden under the table. It was not long before my cock was straining to be released, but instead of unzipping me, she climbed over and sat herself carefully down onto my lap, facing away from me – pushing the table away slightly to give herself a bit more room. She lifted up her skirt at the back so that her bare, underwear-less ass sat right on my cock. I placed my hands under her ass and pulled her cheeks apart – she moaned as she felt her pussy lips being stretched apart as well and then she ground that gorgeous cunt down onto my thick hard bulge. I could feel my cock grinding in between her now wet üvey anne porno cunt lips – one of my hands came round and started caressing her clit – pulling at it slightly after taking it between thumb and forefinger.

Samantha held onto the edge of the table as she pushed backwards and down hard onto me – my bulge entered the very start of her hot wet pussy – “ohhhhhh baby” she moaned, “I can tell that you want me sooooo badly”. I took a quick look around, but couldn’t see anyone – it was even more thrilling with it being in such a public place – the risk of being caught just added to the passion. One hand was still working her clit – the other now reached underneath her top at the front and caressed one of her very curvacious tits – playing with it’s nipple – pulling at it, making it erect. She reached around and lifted herself up slightly – I looked down and saw how much of a wet patch there was now on my pants, caused by her soaking pussy – it just turned me on even more…

She unbuckled the belt on my pants before unzipping them and released my long thick shaft. She pushed back against it, letting as much of it’s length as possible drag along the underside of her pussy – from asshole to cunt and back again. Neither of us could take anymore – I needed to feel her wonderful cunt squeeze at my cock, while she couldn’t wait for me to fill her up. I just marvelled in the way that she so expertly positioned the head of my cock at her pussy lips, only for her to then push back, impailing herself back onto it – slowly at first, but still forcefully. Samantha pulled at the tablecloth as she felt me fill her inch by inch – one of the glasses fell over but we were now beyond the point of not caring if we were found out – not hell nor high water would stop us now.

The rubbing of her clit was now very much to the rhythym of my cock plunging hard into her cunt. My hand still caressed at her tit – albeit rougher a touch than before. Her hips started swaying backwards and forwards üvey erkek kardeş porno faster and faster – my thick cock plunged hard and fast into her soaking wet pussy – juices running all down my shaft – goodness only knows what state my pants were in – but who the fuck cared at that point?! Harder, she ground herself back onto me – my hand then came back down from her tit and helped pull her hips back down towards me – my cock almost ripped her a deeper hole as we were fucking so hard and fast – her skirt the only thing that was really stopping us from showing all to anyone that passed by.

Samantha’s breath now heavy, gasping for air. I wa sweating, fucking up hard into her as much as I could – my balls slapped against the underside of her ass as we were now nearing our respective climaxes. Her head fell back onto my shoulder and she told me that she was cummmmmmming and that I’d to fuck her as hard as I ever had done before. Both of my hands were now on her hips, pulling and pushing you for all that I was worth… “Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss – I can now feel that hot cum starting to gush up from within my balls” I told her, my lips to her ear. Her cunt tightened at the perfect moment. She let out a long moan, followed by the sexiest way of saying “fuck” that I’d ever heard. She then let out a small sharp scream as an almighty orgasm ripped through her cunt and around her body – she felt my cock start to jerk and she tried to tighten her pussy further… all of a sudden, her cunt was drowned in hot white salty, creamy cummmmmmmmm. Time after time my cock jerked, shooting more cum hard and very deep into her wonderful cunt. A mixture of our juices leaked out of her pussy as we continued to grind around until every single drop of cum had been squeezed from my cock.

Samantha sank back down onto me and we composed ourselves – the napkins served as mopping up material for all of the cummmmmm that had been squeezed out of her lovely tight cunt. She slowly raised herself off of me and we gave each other a VERY satisfied look. All of a sudden, we heard a glass smash and we looked round to see that our waitress had been watching us all of this time – her panties were around her knees and her fingers were wet… she scurried off very embarassed – but we just looked forward to desert back at my place…