Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 12

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Chapter 12. Rob. (July 1997)

I was on my way to a Travelodge near C, where I had a meeting next day. It was around eight in the evening when I picked up the hitchhiker on his way to a folk festival, also on the outskirts of C. Long haired and with a substantial backpack which included a tent, Rob grumbled about the uncharitable disposition of all the other motorists who had ignored him, saying he’d be late at the campsite and would still have the hassle of erecting his tent and finding somewhere to eat.

Tall and slim I fancied the handsome 22 year old as soon as he climbed into the car and so suggested to Rob that if he’d like to share my room at the Travelodge I could drop him off at the campsite in the morning.

“I’ll also take you for a meal after we’ve checked in if you like.” I added, hoping to clinch it.

“That would be great, thanks a lot!”

By a quirk of fate I’d booked a double room, all the singles being taken, but found myself wondering what they’d think when I turned up with a gorgeous young guy many years my junior! Well they could think whatever they wanted; I was far enough away from home to be unconcerned about gossip. However, I left Rob in the car while I went to check in and collect my key.

When we entered the room I noticed Rob smile when he saw the double bed. He had been completely unfazed by my suggestion of him sharing the room, as if it was an everyday occurrence!

“How hungry are you, shall we get to know one another a little better Urfa Escort before going for a meal?” I asked.

“I’m hungry for two things at the moment.” Rob smiled, undoing his jeans. “Food comes a poor second to sex.”

“My thoughts exactly.” I too began undressing.

The lovemaking was urgent; we both knew they’d by time for refinement later. Rob fucked me vigorously, his lips pressed to mine; tongue probing my mouth, and when he came it seemed to last for ever as jet after jet spurted into me.

After a shared shower we went for the meal. Then it was back to the Travelodge for more lovemaking.

While Rob undressed I went to the loo. A naked Rob came in while I was wiping myself and saying he needed a pee asked me to hold his cock for him. Happy to oblige I took Rob’s cock in my hand and directed the thick stream of pee flowing from it into the toilet bowl.

“I needed that,” he said, the flow slowing to a trickle before ceasing altogether.

I knelt and licked the end of Rob’s cock before taking it into my mouth, excited by the taste of his pee as a few final drops trickled down my throat.

Back in the bedroom he undressed me, taking his time and stroking my flesh as each bit was revealed. When I was naked Rob laid me on the bed and holding my legs wide apart pressed his lips to my cunt. I was writhing and moaning my pleasure while his tongue licked me there. Sucking and nibbling my clitoris Rob brought me to a wild and noisy orgasm.

He moved Urfa Escort Bayan on top and slowly, gently but firmly, his manhood entered me. It felt exquisite as Rob’s cock drove deeper inside me. With less urgency than earlier Rob fucked me steadily, his cock driving deep with every thrust. I clung to him, fingernails digging into his flesh as I writhed beneath the grunting Rob, wishing it would never end. Of course it did end but I experienced another glorious orgasm almost simultaneously with Rob’s semen jetting into me.

Waking in the morning and finding the gorgeous young man lying beside me was lovely and when my exploring hand found an erect cock things got even better. Rob was still asleep and I slowly rubbed my cunt while holding his cock. It wasn’t long before he awoke and his hand displaced mine between my thighs. While I played with Rob’s cock and balls he fingered my cunt. We would both have been happy to stay in bed all day I think but work, for me at least, beckoned.

Throwing the quilt aside I sat astride Rob to lower myself onto his waiting erection, uttering a happy cry to feel it sinking deep inside again. Moving up and down I quickly had his full length buried inside myself. It felt lovely!

I began to ride his upward thrusting cock, keeping him slow and controlled, not wanting it to be over too soon. Rob held my bouncing breasts in his hands, grunting and beginning to lose control of himself. The bed was creaking loudly as we fucked wildly now, Escort Urfa the sweat running down my body. Suddenly the orgasm hit me and I arched backwards, Rob’s fingers rubbing my clit as his cock drove in and out of my cunt. Then his cock jerked and spurted deep inside me.

After a shower I drove him to his campsite. During the drive Rob told me he would be attending another festival in six weeks time and as it was only in the next county to where I live how about getting together again? I hadn’t told him the actual village where I live, just the nearest town to it, ever mindful of the need for discretion. I now wrote my phone number down for him telling Rob to give me a ring nearer the time.

Well, to cut a long story short, when the time came hubby collected Rob from the station on Friday so that he could stay the weekend with us while attending the festival. The mornings were spent in wild and rampant lovemaking after which hubby drove Rob to the festival site, returning for him late evening. Rob seemed completely unconcerned about making love to me under the watchful eye of my husband and if he thought it an odd arrangement didn’t mention the fact.

For hubby though it was a unique and exciting event, few guys being permitted to stay overnight with us. Of course Rob displaced hubby in the marital bed for the three nights he stayed with us, J sleeping in a spare room. Only when he returned from dropping Rob off at the station on the Monday morning did hubby tell me just how exciting he’d found it to have his place in the marital bed usurped by the handsome, well endowed and virile young guy, Rob fucking me eleven times altogether. Hubby admitted to lying in bed at night masturbating while listening to us fucking in the next room!

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