Sandler Finishing School Ch. 02

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“Welcome to Sandler Finishing School, Miss Kennedy”

I looked away, panting, embarrassed. I pulled my legs together to hide myself and shuffled up in my seat. Pleasure was still pulsing between my legs and flowing through my body as I breathed deeply, mortified at how I reacted. Professor Goodwin didn’t seem to care. She walked around her desk and pulled a familiar looking orange jumpsuit out throwing it to me. I didn’t have time to even move my arms as it crumpled into me and I grabbed it, covering my body from view. Professor Goodwin stared at me for a second and then picked up her phone and punched in a few numbers. I heard it ring for a second and then a masculine voice, barely audible spoke something on the other end.

“Professor Hartman it’s Goodwin. Can you send Scorsha through? I want her to show a new girl around.” Her eyes never left mine as she spoke through the phone. Another barely audible reply as Professor Goodwin smiled.
“Perfect. She’ll be ready by then. Thank you Hartman.” She put the phone down, looking me up and down.

“Get dressed, someone is coming to show you to your dorm room and explain the rules of Sandler Finishing House. Do exactly as she says, she’s the First Girl of Saint Peter’s House and she has the same privileges as your teachers. If she has to come to me because of something you’ve done, you’ll regret it for a long time. Do you understand, Abigail?”

“Yes, Professor” I replied, heart pounding painfully in my chest. Some of the students had the same authority as the teachers? Why in the Heaven’s did that sound so ominous? Professor Goodwin was still watching me.

“I thought I told you to get dressed?” she asked softly and I jumped slightly in my seat.

“Sorry Professor” I said quickly and jumped up, quickly unrolling the new jumpsuit and pushing my legs through the trouser. It was quite a struggle to pull it up over my shoulder and squeeze my arms in but it was better then having the two guards, still quietly watching behind me, force me into it just as they forced me out of it. As I reached down to zip myself up I felt a sticky residue on my fingers and felt embarrassment flare through me again. I was still wet and a small wet patch was very visible through the horrible orange fabric on my crotch. For only a second I thought about asking for a new jumpsuit but after a quick glance into Professor Goodwin’s dark eyes convinced me that it would do me no good. I pulled the zip right up and crossed my arms around my stomach feeling miserable as I stared down at my bare feet. Would it do me any good to ask for shoes?

Professor Goodwin stepped in front of me and held something out in her hand. I automatically shrank back from her hand and had to control myself from not stepping backwards.

“Put this on. From now on you’re not ever to take this collar off. Ever.” she told me, her voice light as she held up the plain black leather collar. A metallic ring hung on the front of it with a small tag. Professor Goodwin gave me a predatory smile as she showed me what the tag said.

Abigail Kennedy.

She turned it with her long fingers so that I could see the other side.


I could feel tears threatening again as she leaned in close, her hands going round the back of my neck as the leather collar was put on. Deftly she fastened it and stepped back, a fingernail pinging of the tag before her hand shot down and grabbed between my legs. My hands clenched as I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes. She caressed my pussy, feeling the dampness on the fabric of my crotch before removing her hand and sitting on the edge of her desk.

A loud knock on the door jolted me and I opened my eyes and stared fearfully at the door on my left.

“Come in, Scorsha,” Professor Goodwin called. The door opened and a girl walked into the room. I could only stare. What in the Heavens was she wearing? The girl was taller then me, with nice curvy hips. oral seks porno Her breasts pushed against the white shirt she was wearing. Her golden blonde hair was short, only just reaching her neck and curling outwards at the tips. But what caught my attention was her eyes. Cold, icy blue. Clear and deep like the ocean. Her uniform looked like something from a fashion magazine. A black top, somewhat like a fabric corset but with straps going over her shoulders and only half covering her breasts was layered on top of her crisp white shirt, a dark red tie dangling in front of it. The short plaid skirt was the same colour as the tie and looked to be barely covering her ass. The skirts shortness was empathized by the thigh length stockings she was wearing, coming up to her upper thigh, only an inch or two below her skirt. I couldn’t help myself as my mouth gaped open as she studied me, her eyes moving up and down my body, cataloging me. I saw her smirk when she noticed the dark stain on my crotch and I flushed in shame.

“I’m here as requested Professor Goodwin.” she said with an American twang. Was this school in America? Professor Goodwin stood up and walked over to the girl. They were roughly the same height but Professor Goodwin had the advantage in her heels.

“Take Miss Kennedy to the house dorms please and show her around. You’ll have to explain the rules to her too.” She said and reached between her legs lifting her skirt. I stood frozen, watching with disbelief as Scorsha didn’t even flinch as Professor Goodwin lifted her skirt revealing a pair of lacey black panties. As Goodwin leaned in close to inspect them I caught a glimpse of something… It looked like… A pink vibrator? I could just see a peek of it, quivering from inside of her and held in place by her underwear. I caught a glimpse of shiny juices on the inside of her thighs before Professor Goodwin dropped her skirt back into position and pulled a chain leash out of her pocket and shoved it in Scorsha’s waiting hand. No…they couldn’t….

Scorsha grinned at me as she calmly walked up and reached out, pulling me forward by my collar before clipping it on. She looked down at the name tag on it and smiled.

“Come with me then Abigail!” she said as she gave the leash a small tug and pulled me out of the office and into the school grounds.

Students were wandering across the grounds, crisscrossing in front of us as they moved to classes or to their dorms. I gave a shudder at all the girls wearing those immodest uniforms. Worse then that were the guys. There were men on the grounds and not just guards. Students. Their uniform was a more normal shirt, tie and trousers but they all wore the same black leather collar as me. I could feel their eyes on me, judging me. Every time someone caught my eye they would look me up and down, noticing the stain on my crotch. I quickly had to look away each time before I saw the smirk. This school was confusing. Everywhere I looked something awful was happening – in the main building we had stood and watched tall redhead girl being held against the wall as one of the guards removed her panties and shoved them in her mouth before raping her. Scorsha seemed to take delight in telling me that the girl had probably not answered the guard back. I stood, horrified as the guard came inside of her and then let her fall, zipping himself up and walking away as she sobbed on the ground. When we passed through the grounds, passed the eating hall towards the dorms I saw 3 girls bending a short boy over on all fours. Two of them were holding him down while the other pulled his trousers down and was spanking him with a paddle of some type. No matter how he shouted or struggled he couldn’t free himself. Scorsha seemed to enjoy watching this, pulling me closer to them and calling out to the girl handing out the paddling.

“Teagan! What’s he done now?” She laughed. Teagan’s head came up and she grinned back at my captor.

“We playboy porno caught him jerking off to Amy being punished over there!” she called over with a toss of her head further down the path. We both turned to look over and I was shocked to see two girls. One sitting with her legs wide open, her hand painfully gripping the others hair as she forced her head between her legs. The other girl didn’t look to be even resisting. Not that she could have with her hands handcuffed behind her back like that. What in the Heavens?!

“Why is she being punished?” I whispered, a tremor in my voice. Scorsha glared at me and with a flick of her wrist whipped the chain across my buttocks. I yelped and jumped, much to the other girls amusement. Scorsha gave me another glare.

“You talk when I say you can talk. Otherwise you’ll end up like her. Got it?” she threatened. I lowered my eyes, tears close as I nodded miserably. Scorsha gave my leash another tug as she led me past the horrible scene and up the stone steps towards the school dorms. A small crowd was gathered outside the main doors, maybe 10 people, clustered around something. All I could see was a large flag pole from over the heads of all the people. Scorsha smirked to herself at this and then glanced at me.

“Let’s go see what the fuss is about shall we?” She said nastily as she pulled me off balance with another tug and made her way through the crowd.
When we made it to the front with much pushing and shoving, I froze. Tied to the pole was a girl. Tall, lanky with incredibly long blonde hair, she was beautiful. Even in her predicament I couldn’t help feeling myself get turned on, my body betraying me. Tears dripped steadily from her green eyes, mixing with the saliva dripping from her chin, a black ball gag holding her mouth wide open. She was tied to the pole, her arms behind her back and at an angle so that her head was tipped forward. Her hair streamed past her face until one of the watching boys stepped forward and pulled her hair back to give everyone a better view. A better view of the vibrating cock held inside of her. I could see its wide girth, pushing past her short blonde pubic hair, damp with her juices as it loudly vibrated inside of her. She gave out another moan, her head flopping forward as she closed her eyes. She was sitting on some sort of stone mound, her legs wide apart like she was riding a saddle, her feet secured by rope to keep her from kicking out.

I couldn’t believe it. What in the Heavens had she done to deserve this? Tears and drool ran from her chin and dripped onto her small chest. Her hair, so sleek and shiny was stuck to it, matted where it made contact. Her eyes opened again, her eyes wide as she threw her head back and groaned loudly through her gag. Her body shifted on the phallus, grinding itself against it, as she moaned again and again. A shudder ran through her body and she cried one last time before her head flopped forward once more and fresh tears spilled. Had she just came?

“This is horrible” I whispered forgetting myself for a second. I felt the chain over my bum again and yelped in shock. A couple of heads turned and looked at me, but everyone was too interested in this poor girls torture.

“She made me look bad.” Scorsha snarled at me, real anger in her voice as she pulled me close. “Lost us House points. I won’t have someone making this House look bad. Noone. Understand?” I looked her in the eye, horrified at the acid in her voice.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked. “Why aren’t you helping these people?”
Anger flowed across her features as she pulled me closer to her. She stared down at me with those icy eyes.

“What did you say?” She hissed. I could feel tears coming. I couldn’t take this. I felt one slip out and burn down my cheek.

“Why?” I whispered croakily.

Scorsha laughed and pushed me away. She looked around the crowd to see more people watching pornhub porno us. Looking back at me she grinned.

“You want to help her?” she asked, flipping her head to point towards the bound girl. I held my breath, afraid to answer.

“I said, do you want to help her?” She demanded louder. My bowed my head, tears spilling from me in shame.

“Yes” I whispered.

“Then you can take her place instead!” She declared pulling me forward. I screamed out as she grabbed my hair, pulling me around. I reached out to try and grab her but someone already had my wrist, pulling it down and holding it behind my back. Hands grabbed me from behind as I struggled, grabbing my legs and tripping me over. I kicked and struggled but there were too many people, all eager to please the Head Girl. Hands grabbed me, pawing at my breasts, my ass, pulling my zip down. I cried out for help but that just made them laugh as they pulled my jumpsuit off me and I was pulled to my feet and pushed towards the pole. Someone had already taken the blonde girl off the mound, she stood huddling in on herself, misery etched on her face as she forced herself to watch me be forced against the pole and tied to it. My hands were tied behind my back and my legs were forced apart. Scorsha stepped forward, a glint of victory in her eye as she held my leash and smiled down at me. She leaned down and picked my jumpsuit off the ground where it had been discarded by one of the students. She threw it at the blonde girl who caught it and held it to herself to cover her nakedness.

“You hold onto that, Leanne” she told her with a nasty grin. “It’s the least you can do for her taking your place”. The girl was still crying but she nodded before staring down at her bare feet in shame. Scorsha turned her attention back to me.

“Please…please don’t do this.” I begged, brokenly. I feel the edge of the vibrating phallus touching the lips of my pussy as I shivered in fear. I couldn’t help myself and looked down at it, Leanne’s juices still sticky on it. Scorsha stepped forward and held out the black ball gag. I could see shiny drool still coating it. They were going to force this one me. My mind couldn’t process this, the horror of it overwhelming.

“Please, please, please” I cried, tears dripping down my face as she smiled and slowly forced the gag past my clenched teeth and into my mouth. I could taste Leanne’s saliva and cried harder. Fastening it behind my head Scorsha stepped back and smiled.

“You did want to help her” she said and with a suddenness that shocked me, pushed me down onto the cock.

It filled me, the vibrations stirring my insides to goo in an instant as I screamed behind the gag. The watchers stared with an avid curiosity as I threw back my head and screamed again and again. I wanted to struggle, to fight, anything to get away from this but I could barely move. The cock was deep inside me, filling me completely, waves of pleasure pumping through my traitorous body. How could it do this to me? I didn’t want this, but my body did. It craved for it. My head flopped forward, my hair covering my face as tears dripping down my cheeks. Another wave of pleasure and I cried out again, drool slipping past the gag and slicking my chest. I was mortified, how could my own body do this to me? I tried to lift myself from the phallus but I could barely control my legs. A shudder ran through me, and then another. Please no. Not this. I closed my eyes tight, denying this moment, denying this feeling. Please no. I can’t cum. Don’t cum. Don’t. Can’t. Please no.

But I did.

With a shriek I felt it forced out of me, my juices pouring between my thighs as it escaped my pussy. Another wave of saliva flowed past the gag, running down my chin and dripping onto my chest as a fresh batch of tears dripped from my eyes. Brokenly I squinted through them to Scorsha watching me, wonder and lust in her eyes.

“Beautiful!” she declared loudly as the others grinned and whispered to themselves. She came forward and crouched next to me.

“Let’s see how many times you can cum in half an hour shall we?” she asked with a smile before turning and walking away with a sultry grace, the small crowd slowly following. Leaving me alone, wallowing in my misery.