Sandra Ch. 02


Admiring her flawless body in the mirror she remembered the previous evening and said out loud, “You are a slut girl” then giggled.

Today was the day after Sandra’s 19th birthday and she was still in her first year at university but had already gained a reputation of looking like an angel but fucking like a devil. As she thought about last nights 19 man gang bang to celebrate her birthday Sandra felt herself getting turned on. She ran her fingers over her nipples causing them to harden to her touch, pinching them slightly before running them down her body to her shaved pussy. Running her fingers between her pussy lips Sandra felt her moistness and opening her legs slightly allowed a finger to slip inside.

Just as her finger slipped inside the door to the bathroom opened and in walked a small petite girl with short bobbed red hair. Sally roomed just down the corridor from Sandra and was an out and out lesbian who had the hots for Sandra. Saying nothing Sally watched as Sandra touched her full breast and Sally sighed wistfully as she thought of her own 32As under her gown. Sally became breathless and started to get damp as she watched Sandra slid her finger deeper into her own pussy.

Sally had tried to talk Sandra into bed on more than one occasion but had always nicely but firmly been declined. They were still friends and Sally had developed a huge crush on Sandra over the six months they had known each other. Their eyes met in the mirror and instead of stopping as Sally expected Sandra continued to finger herself. “Happy Birthday Sandra” Sally croaked, her mouth dry from excitement. “Thanks” Sandra purred in reply and continued to finger herself, “want to give me a birthday present?”

Sally slipped the robe from her shoulders and moved across the room to Sandra. Sally stood behind Sandra and stroked her back as she kissed the nape of Sandra’s neck. Reaching round she cupped Sandra’s breast and whispered in her ear, “My fingers and tongue would do that better you know.”

Sally turned Sandra slowly round and pushed her against the wall. She moved her hand over the top of Uzun porno Sandra’s and their fingers intermingled as the touched Sandra’s pussy. Sandra moved her hands away allowing Sally full access to her pussy. Sally’s finger slid easily into Sandra’s soaking pussy and as Sally gentled pumped with her finger their lips met. Their tongues entwined before Sally broke the kiss and began to work her way down giving gentle little kisses over Sandra’s breasts and tummy.

As Sally knelt between Sandra’s legs she inhaled deeply smelling the beautiful smell of aroused pussy. Sally thought she had died and gone to heaven as her tongue snaked out and dipped into Sandra’s pussy for the first time. Lapping at her juices Sally savoured the taste as Sandra’s juices flowed into her mouth. Lifting one of Sandra’s legs over her shoulder Sally began to work on Sandra’s pussy in earnest. Her tongue rasped across Sandra’s erect clit and by now had pushed 2 fingers up into Sandra’s body.

With steady fucking movements Sally began to curl her fingers in search of Sandra’s g-spot. Hearing Sandra moan was music to Sally’s ears as she hit the spot. “Fucking hell” escaped from Sandra’s mouth before twisting her fingers tightly in Sally’s hair. Sally knew Sandra was close to cumming and keeping the movement of her fingers steady she nibbled and flicked at Sandra’s clit.

Sandra started moaning then began to scream as the orgasm ripped through her. Sally pulled her fingers out quickly and clamped her mouth over Sandra’s pussy so she could drink her juices as they flowed out.

Sally stood and held Sandra tight as she trembled in her arms with the after effects of the orgasm. “Have you still got that strapon in your room?” Sandra murmured, as she rubbed her pussy against Sally’s leg. “Oh come on,” cooed Sandra, “you are always telling me how big it is and what a savage fucker you are.”

Saying nothing Sally led Sandra by the hand and down the corridor to Sally’s room. Both girls were stark naked but said nothing as they passed the other girls in the corridor. Finding Sally’s room Sandra Öğrenci porno leapt onto the bed on all fours as Sally retrieved the strapon from the cupboard. Fumbling with the buckles Sally fastened the 7-inch strapon tightly and turned to lock the door. “No” Sandra murmured, “prop it open, the other girls might like the show”

“You sure?” Sally asked then shrugged and blocked the door wide open before moving behind Sandra’s upturned ass. “You really are quite the slut aren’t you” Sally asked in a low voice. “Yes,” replied Sandra. “Well let’s see how loudly you scream with this in you” Sally replied as she held the strapon by the base and positioned it against Sandra’s open pussy.

Sandra yelped and howled with pleasure as Sally thrust the strapon deeply into her willing pussy until all 7 inches were buried in. Grabbing Sandra’s hips Sally began to thrust in and out pulling the dildo almost out before driving back in. Sandra’s head was buried in the bed as she braced herself against the savage assault.

“Well well” a voice from the doorway said, “what a pretty sight this is.” Sandra looked up to see Beth’s body in the doorway. Beth was a butch dyke lesbian who had now left university but still visited the dorms with whichever girl she was currently seeing. Sandra gulped as she saw what Beth had dangling by its harness in her hand. The dildo part of the strapon must have been at least 10 inches and as thick as Sandra’s wrist.

“Do her ass while I put this on” Beth barked as she began to buckle up. Before the words had time to register in Sandra’s brain she felt Sally pull out of her pussy and push against her tight anal opening. Relaxing with the pressure Sally pushed the whole 7 inches up Sandra’s ass. Sandra moaned with wanton lust as she felt her ass being invaded.

Sally rolled over still embedded in Sandra’s ass and wrapped her arms round her. This was obviously something Sally had done before by the practised way she did it. Sandra looked up as Beth loomed over her watching how Sally’s strapon was buried to the hilt in Sandra’s ass. “You ready for this girl?” Beth asked with a leer as she held the thick monster in both hands. Sandra nodded as Beth moved onto the bed. “Gonna fuck your bitch pussy with this, then your slutty ass.” Sandra shivered but more from lust than fear.

With that Beth drove the dildo deep into Sandra’s willing pussy. Sandra squealed with delight as she felt the dildo bury into her and the dildo in her ass made her tight, intensifying the feelings. Beth fucked in and out of Sandra as Sally held the dildo firm in Sandra’s ass. “Gonna make you my bitch” Beth grunted as she forced the dildo in and out making Sandra yelp with pleasure. Every so often Beth would lean forward and twist one of Sandra’s nipples viciously causing her to moan with pleasure.

Beth pulled out of Sandra and stood with the dildo glistening with Sandra’s pussy juices and then leant and pulled her by her hair upright causing the dildo Sally had buried in her ass to come out with a plop. Pushing Sandra before her Beth forced her into the corridor where the other girls were hanging around half watching and half trying to look the other way.

The plastic cock waved obscenely at Beth’s groin as she held Sandra by her hair and shouted for all to hear, “This is my bitch now” and then pushed Sandra forward so that she grasped the handrail that ran the length on the corridor. Kicking Sandra’s ankles apart Beth grasped the dildo by the hilt and pushed savagely into Sandra’s willing ass. Lifting Sandra’s head by the hair as she fucked Beth instructed Sandra, “Tell them all you are my bitch” and punctuated each word with savage thrusts into Sandra’s ass.

“I am your bitch” Sandra gasped as Beth fucked her, “Yours to do with as you wish, to fuck all and everyone at your command.” Then bracing herself against the handrail Sandra pushed back and forward fucking the dildo that invaded her ass. “I am a slut,” Sandra screamed at the top of her voice, loving the feeling of being in Beth’s total control.

Beth slowed her fucking before pulling Sandra’s head backward close to her own face. Kissing her savagely Beth whispered in her ear “Tonight all my sisters will fuck you, some will fist you, all in public, how do you like that slut?” Sandra came again on the dildo as she nodded in eager obedience realising that she had found her true self.