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Cock Riding

My First Cock (and I’ve only ever had three)

My first cock was way back in the days when hormones were raging through my body. My friends were the same. We didn’t talk or think about anything other than boys. We all had ‘boyfriends’, now I’ve put that in single quotes because they only qualified because they were boys and they were friends. As to being boyfriends, they were all pretty useless. Mine was called Kevin. Vicky’s was Donald, Josie’s, Andrew and Angela’s, Malcolm. We mainly saw them at weekends or during holidays because we were at the Senior Grammar College and they weren’t.

At morning break every Monday we’d meet in a quiet corner and exchange all the gory details. How far the boys had tried to get, how far we’d let them get and what we’d done to encourage them. Without fail the answer to the first question was ‘nowhere’. The second answer was ‘anywhere they might have tried’. We were pretty desperate and the third answer was invariably a combination of; flashed knickers, unbuttoned a couple of buttons on the blouse or showed the top of the bra’. Overall result? Bugger all! Despite all being legally old enough to fuck and on the pill we were not getting any cock! We were not happy bunnies.

“Hey! Sand.”

I hated being called Sand but my friends always did, so I put up with it.

“Saw Kev this morning, looked totally knackered. What did you do with him this weekend,” said Angela with a dirty grin.

“I should be so lucky! We played Chess, that is C-H-E-S-S. If we’d replaced the last ‘S’ with a ‘T’ and it had been mine I’d have been happy but no, we played Chess. I wouldn’t mind but he’s useless. I always beat him hollow. So, we’re sitting at the dining room table. He’s trying to decide what he’s gonna do with his Queen. I’m thinking ‘sod that old bit of wood try making a move on me, for heaven’s sake’. He’s not a mind reader.

His Mum stuck her head round the door to say she was going to the shops and wouldn’t be long. I watched her walk down the path and thought, ‘now’s my chance’. I reached my bare foot forward and stroked it down his leg. Silly idiot jumped like a frightened rabbit. He even apologised for having his leg in the way! I got up, undid one more button so the top of my bra and the swellings of the top of my tits were showing and walked round to his side of the table. ‘Kevin, kiss me!’ I said. He went pale, I swear it. I offered him my lips and he pecked me on the cheek. I told him that wasn’t good enough, that he needed to stand up and do it properly. He managed that, standing up that is. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed his mouth on mine. About as romantic as kissing a frog, that wasn’t ever going to turn into a handsome prince.

I hurrumped and stormed over to the easy chair in the corner undoing another couple of buttons on the way. My bra was nicely visible, cleavage ‘n’ all. I sat, facing him and rested my left ankle on my right knee. He had a perfect view, straight up my skirt to my white knickers. Stupid idiot looked, blanched white and turned back to the bloody chess board! I was livid.

“Kevin!” I said loudly.

He looked at me, still looking terrified.

“Sandra, would you like a drink? Orange squash or lemon barley water?”

“Lemon barley, please Kevin,” I replied politely, “then I really must go.”

He scuttled out of the room as fast as his little legs would carry him. I did my buttons up, made sure my skirt was tidy and looked at the chess board. My next move was Mate, he could move one piece and delay it by one move but he was a gonna anyway. I knocked my King over and wandered into the kitchen…”

“Why did you knock your King over Sand?” asked a bemused Josie.

“Because it signalled she had resigned, ended the game but I think she was probably saying that she’d given up, eh Sand?” explained Vicky knowledgeably.

“Exactly. Kevin’s history. It’s over. Anybody else, I mean anybody, makes a pitch and I’ll accept! What was your weekend like Ange?”

“I forgot to put my bra on when I went round to see Malcolm. He noticed but didn’t look. He kept stealing glances and I’m thinking, ‘God Man! I’m showing you my tits. Bloody well do something with them!’ he didn’t. Josie? Your report?”

“Well I think Andrew’s Mum knows I’m as safe as houses with him. She let me go up to his bedroom. I thought ‘hey-ho things are looking up’. Andy was laying on the bed so I joined him hoping for a bit of a grope or a cuddle at least. He was reading a comic, ignoring me so I tickled him. He tickled me back and we rolled on the bed tickling each other’s ribs. I’m thinking ‘this is fun, things are picking up’ so I turned a little and his hand brushed against my tit. The bugger froze! I was ready for it, like yeah, touch my tits! But he stopped and moved away a little. Then he looked down. My skirt was up around my waist almost. Everything on display, little white panties, the lot, nearly to my belly button. It actually felt very nice, being exposed like that and I made no attempt to cover myself. I needn’t have worried. Avcılar Escort The idiot covered me up himself. ‘Wadjado that for?’ I demanded. He looked frightened to death. ‘because you were… I didn’t…’. Grrr. ‘If I’d wanted to be covered I’d have done it myself!’ I told him. Y’know, he made no attempt to pull my skirt up again. How dumb can he be? I grabbed a comic for myself and left as soon as I’d read it. He never even attempted to touch me! I’m through with boys. I’m with you Sand, first one to ask is accepted.”

“If you’re though with boys how come the first one gets accepted?” teased Vicky.

“Coz if he’s a boy I won’t hear him,” snapped back Josie.

“I didn’t do too bad with Don, this weekend,” laughed Vicky, “but I’m with you Josie. I think the Mum’s know we’re unlikely to get into trouble with our current boyfriends. Remember years back, in biology. Mrs. Agnew warned us that most boys don’t develop as quick as girls. Maybe they’re not ready for proper girlfriends yet and their Mum’s know it. Having said that Don’s getting better, a lot better, really good in fact.

Mum and Dad went shopping on Saturday and said Donald could come round if I liked. They probably thought he’s not developed enough as well. We sat on the sofa, watching telly. Me in the corner and he actually sat quite close. He tried to put his arm under my back and I wriggled a bit to make it easier. My skirt rode up. I didn’t put it back. He reached down and I thought he was going to straighten it up but he didn’t, put his hand on my leg, calm as you like. I wriggled down a bit more, accidental like, and my skirt rode up a bit more. His hand followed and stroked the top of my thigh from my knee to the hem of my skirt and down again and up again. It felt good. Very nice, I reached down surreptitiously, and eased my skirt up to just below my panties and he stroked up and down the top of my thigh, right up to my panties. He didn’t rush at all. I suspect he thought I hadn’t noticed so he kept doing it, very gently.

He moved his hand from the top of my thigh to the inside. He couldn’t help but notice I’d noticed. I moved my other leg as far out of the way as possible, opening up for him, and slid down so that I was almost laying beside him. He kissed me, very tenderly and I kissed back eagerly. At last! He started kissing me all over my face, my ears, my neck then he bent his head down and tried to kiss my chest, as far down as my buttons would allow. I told him to stop, for a minute. He looked quite upset but cheered up when I undid all my buttons. His hand was right up at the top of my legs and I couldn’t keep still, honestly, it felt great and I just wanted to feel his hands and his lips all over me. His mouth kissed me everywhere I had bare skin and that included my legs, all the way up to my panties. It was lovely, really really lovely. I asked him to stop again and took my blouse and bra off. The look on his face was wonderful. He went back to kissing me, everywhere and exploring my tits with his mouth. I was in heaven! I was very tempted to take my panties off as well. I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded but I thought it might be a bit too far, first time.

I wasn’t absolutely sure when Mum and Dad would be back so I got dressed much sooner than I needed, as it turned out. We kissed and cuddled and I felt his cock under his trousers. It felt quite hard and after a while he asked me to stop, for a bit. Just after that I saw Dad drive onto the driveway so we got ourselves tidied up and sat, watching the telly. I’ll not be looking for a replacement for Don just yet. Mum didn’t find what she was looking for in town so they’re going into the city next Saturday… for the whole day!”

=== === ===

School had finished for the day. I was heading home when I heard a voice calling my name.

“Sandra, Sandra, holdonaminute!”

I turned. Brian was jogging towards me. Brian is a year older than me. Quite tall. A nice lad, that’s what my Mum says. He lives about a hundred yards further down our street. We’re not friends as such but know each other and chat from time to time. I agreed with Mum, he was nice. Lots of boys in his year were right toe-rags but Brian and his friends were all nice, and polite. One of his friends was Don’s older brother, as it happened.

“Hi Brian, how’s it going?”

“Thanks for waiting, just finished an hours PE and I’m knackered. Couldn’t have run much longer.”

I laughed at that. He wasn’t even breathing heavy.

“I’m fine, couldn’t be better actually, ’bout you?” he panted in mock exhaustion.

“Pissed off? That cover it?” I asked with a grin.

“Wanna talk ’bout it?”

“Nope, but I wouldn’t object if you wanted to walk home with me. We’re going the same way anyway.”

That seemed to cheer him up and that cheered me up. Like I said, he was nice. Never going to be a heart throb but there was even less chance of me being a silver screen siren.

About a hundred and fifty yards along the way our route home offered three options. Avcılar Escort bayan To the left I could do the sensible thing and follow the road around the curve then left at the ‘T’ junction followed by a right and second left. It was simple and straight forward and boring. The second option was straight across the diagonal of the field. It wasn’t a straight line, picking it’s way between the trees and bushes and skirting the lake in the middle but it was much nicer, pretty and there were wild flowers, in season, and always some form of wildlife to enjoy, my preferred route under normal circumstances. The third was more circuitous, taking a path to the right of the field which eventually led to a wood. By taking the right sequence of paths through the wood I could end up less than fifty yards from my back gate.

Brian and I reached that point.

“What time do you need to be home,” he asked casually.

“Doesn’t really matter, I’m a latch-key-kid,”

I confirmed the statement by pulling my door key up and out of my blouse where it hung from a yellow ribbon around my neck.

Brian took it in his hand.

“‘s nice and warm,” he observed.

“Been in a nice warm place all day,” I grinned.

“What time does your Mum get home?”

Well he knew enough about me to know there was only Mum and me at home.

“Six o’clock.

“So you need to be home by… a quarter to?” he suggested.

I laughed, and inwardly I felt much happier already. I’m being chatted up! I told myself delightedly.

“If I’m going to pretend to have come straight home from school I need time to change out of my uniform, spread my school books over the dining room table and get started on making the evening meal.” I told him happily.

“I’d like to help with that,” he said simply.

“What, prepare the evening meal?”

“No, change out of your school uniform.”

Now you just cannot go around telling a girl with raging hormones that you want to undress her. It’s not fair and you shouldn’t expect a sensible nor a coherent response either. I didn’t say a word, just looked up, straight into his eyes and smiled a happy smile.

“So, straight across the field then,” he said smiling back.

That would have been my initial choice.

“No, let’s go through the woods, we can get to the back gate to my place without being seen, with luck.”

Brian didn’t argue. We didn’t dawdle and I was closing the back door on us within twenty minutes.

“You alright sneaking out the backdoor later?”

He was so I told him to leave his shoes and follow me. I led him up to the back bedroom, my bedroom. The nets blurred anybody’s view of inside the room and the woods blocked the longer view.

“You want to take my clothes off?”


“What do I get in return?”

“You can take mine off.” he grinned, wickedly.

“I don’t need to take my bra or panties off to change out of my uniform.”

“OK, I won’t let you take my bra and panties off either,” he chuckled.

“Daft Bugger!” I laughed.

“If you take your bra and panties off can I take my underpants off or do I have to wait for you to take them off for me?” he grinned.

I had to laugh at that as well.

“We’ll see what happens if we get there, probably not today, it’s my first time at any of this. Nobody has ever seen me wearing just my bra and panties. Don’t rush, please. I’m as eager as you but I’m very nervous and you mustn’t tell anybody, promise?”

“I’ll be gentle, promise and if you don’t like anything just say and I’ll stop, I promise and nobody will ever hear a word about what we do together, Scouts Honour.”

“You’re a Scout?” I asked with a laugh. I did like him, a lot.

“I am, actually. Venture Scout. Dib. Dib. Dib. Right the way through from Beavers” he saluted neatly.

Then he took me into his arms and kissed me like I have dreamt of being kissed for a very long time. I kissed back equally fervently. He just held me close to him and smothered me with so many kisses I was breathless.

“Turn,” he said, “stand with your back to me.” he suggested.

“Why?” I asked but nonetheless did as I was told.

My full length mirror was straight in front of me. It made a very nice picture, me, stood there standing with my new boyfriend behind me, holding me in his arms.

“Why do you want to look at me in the mirror?”

“So you won’t get embarrassed. I won’t be looking at you but the reflection of your glorious beauty.

“But it’ll still be me,” I assured him.

He reached under my arms and undid the buttons on my blazer. He slid it gently off my shoulders and hung it tidily on the back of the chair.

“Won’t be you, can’t be. I’ll prove it. Raise your left hand and wave to the girl in the mirror.”

I did, quite excitedly. Brian was fun!

“There,” he said triumphantly, “‘s’not you. You waved with your left hand but she waved back with her right. Stands to reason, she can’t be you.”

He nibbled Escort avcılar my ear. I turned into his arms and we kissed some more.

“OK, you’ve convinced me. So we’re both going to watch you undress that girl in the mirror, right?”

“Absolutely, but you’ll have to tell me if she wants to stop, OK?”

“How will I know that?” I laughed.

“Oh, that’s simple. She’s telepathic. You’ll know everything she’s thinking and feeling, thing to remember is, she’ll know everything you’re thinking and feeling.”


“Yes Sandra?”

“You’re mad!” I told him happily.

He wrapped his arms around my waist bent his head to my shoulder and kissed my neck, tenderly then carefully worked his lips up to my ear. It felt utterly divine, my knees almost turned to jelly.

“Is that a problem?”

I turned into his arms again and we kissed some more. We’ll never get my clothes off at this rate, I remember thinking and also remembered that I’d asked him not to rush me.

“Not one I can’t live with,” I assured him.

I turned my back to him and waited for his first move. We both watched as his hands undid my blouse buttons very slowly. I was tingling with excitement. A voyeur? It clearly wasn’t me in the mirror because I didn’t feel in the least bit nervous. I felt just like the other girl looked, happy and excited. My blouse hung loose. It wasn’t a tight fit at the best of times. It hardly gaped at all.



The blouse was still tucked into my uniform skirt, as required. Brian started to pull it out, bit by bit, careful not to expose any flesh. As he pulled I could feel the material sliding against my bare skin. I watched in the mirror as it came loose. I wanted him to speed up and I wanted it to last as long as possible. It was soon free of the restricting waist band of my skirt. Brian slipped his fingers into the gap and eased it wider. My bare tummy came into view. With the gap wide enough for a hand he rested his on my bare tummy, one above the other. He stroked my tummy, very lovingly. I tilted my head back to rest on his shoulder and watched as the gap became wider, his hands explored my naked flesh and my white bra came into view. It was in the way! It shouldn’t be in the way! My head screamed at itself.

“May I touch?”


His big hands glided over the harsh material of my bra, it felt wonderful but it could feel a lot better. I reached behind my back intent on undoing and removing the horrible obstruction.

“Oh no you don’t young lady. We made a deal and a deal’s a deal.” he chastised.


“Tomorrow, we can make a different deal.”

“You’re coming back tomorrow?”

“Don’t you need to change out of your uniform on Tuesdays?

“I do! Yes I do! Will you help me? Pretty please?”

I was getting as daft as he was. He slid my blouse off my shoulders and placed it on the bed. Back behind me he started to play with my long hair, gathering it up he held it in a pony tail. He held it high on my head.

“I like it when you walk to school with your hair in a pony tail, when it seems to come from the top of your head,” he said softly, breathing warm breath into my ear.

It sent shivers of delight down my spine.

“You watch my hair bouncing when I walk to school?”

“Well put like that it sounds a bit pervy but yes, you’re one of the prettiest girls in the college, of course I look at you. What kind of idiot wouldn’t? I’m lucky. Living in the same street I can easily time my walk to school to be a bit after you.”

One of the prettiest girls in the college? Me? Nobody has ever said anything like that to me before. I snuggled back into his arms.

“You going to take my skirt off now?”

“I’m not wearing your skirt!” came back immediately.

“Daft bugger!” I repeated, “I’ll do it myself if you’re not careful.”

He unbuttoned and unzipped holding the waist band so that it didn’t just slide off my hips and land on the carpet in a heap.

“Looks like the beauty in the mirror is ready for this. How about you?”


He didn’t drop my skirt, he lowered it. Crouching down behind me. He kissed all the way down my spine until he reached my panties. By then my skirt was around my ankles. I was shaking with pleasure. He kissed my bottom. Leaving my skirt on the floor he started to stroke up the outside of my legs, still kissing my bottom and the tops of my thighs.

He turned me round to face him and continued kissing my panties. His lips reached my pussy. I held my breath. If he was expecting me to ask him to stop he was going to be disappointed. He stopped with his lips on my panties right at the apex of my slightly parted legs. My head was back and my eyes closed. I was savouring every second. He stopped kissing my pussy. I looked down. He was looking up. I smiled. He smiled and returned his mouth to my panties, exactly where my pussy hid. I trembled with excitement, widened my stance to ensure I didn’t loose my balance and closed my eyes again. I could feel his tongue now, pushing hard against my pussy lips. He was driving me wild with desire, lust. As with the bra I wanted the panties out of the way so that he could play and tease my pussy properly. I’d never felt anything quite so exciting, so delicious. So naughty!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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