Sangitta Ch. 06

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Sangitta was the first to wake in the morning. She crawled out of the bed and went to the toilet and passed water and then she crawled back into bed with Julie. She gave Julie a nudge and forced her to wake up.

“Oi Julie it is time to wake up.” She said.

Wearily Julie opened her eyes and said.

“What time is it?”

“It is six thirty and you need to be awake- you owe me some sex.” Said Sangitta

“My parents are home now.” Julie said.

“I really do not care.” Sangitta retorted.

“Now go to the bathroom and pass water and make sure that you clean that pussy of yours and come back to bed.”

Julie was about to say something when she saw the look on Sangitta’s face and she could tell that she was serious. She climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. She did as she had been told to by Sangitta and then she came back to the bedroom. Sangitta had taken her nightie off and was now naked in bed.

Julie climbed into the bed and snuggled into Sangitta and lent up to try and kiss her when she got a slap around the face.

“What the fuck was that for?” Screamed Julie.

“You didn’t fuck me last night” Sangitta said.

“You had the audacity to fall asleep on me.”

“Listen here Julie you invited me back to your home to have sex and then you fell asleep. Do you know that I could not even masturbate because you were laid right across my pussy and you did not move all night? I was not impressed. This was the night I was meant to confirm that I was a lesbian and you spoiled it for me.”

“Perhaps I need to find someone else to take my lesbian virginity?” Sangitta said.

At these words Julie began to cry.

“What’s the matter Julie?” Sangitta sneered.

“I am getting up now to leave and you will have time to reflect on whether or not this is what you really want. I think you are just pretending and you are really a cock-sucker.”

With that Sangitta attempted to get out of the bed but she found Julie hanging onto her leg.

“Please do not go like this Sangitta I will make love to you even if I have to upset my parents.”

Sangitta was determined that she should learn a lesson so she stuck to her guns and proceeded to get dressed. Julie could only watch as she got dressed and thought that she had lost her forever. As she dressed Sangitta began to soften and just as she was about to leave she said.

“How much savings have you got Julie?”

“About two hundred pounds Mistress.”

“Good go to the bank today and meet me in town at about eleven o’clock. You are taking me to buy some clothes. I noticed your sexy lingerie and I need some and we shall see what else I want. If you are not there at eleven o’clock on the dot then we shall be over forever and I shall find someone else to make my lesbian virginity.”

“Yes Mistress.” Julie replied.

With that Sangitta Ankara escort left the bedroom and she could hear Julie crying behind the door. When she stepped out of Julie’s door she was met by Julie’s mother Anne.

“Good morning Mrs Mee.” Sangitta said.

“Good morning Sangitta and how are you today?”

“I am very well Mrs Mee and how are you?”

“Not so bad Sangitta but I am a bit hung-over. Had a bit too much to drink last night then my husband insisted on fucking me when we got home. It was at least aided by the sight of you and Julie last night. You looked very sexy together.”

“Did it turn you on Mrs Mess?”

Sangitta looked at Mrs Mee and she said.

“You turned me on Sangitta>”

“Are you a lesbian Mrs Mee?”

“I am bi-sexual Sangitta which means I sleep with both women and men.”

“I see.” Said Sangitta.

“You do know that Julie and I are lovers.” Said Sangitta.

“I knew that Julie was a lesbian but I did not know about you.”

“Would you like to go to the kitchen and have a cup of coffee?” Asked Sangitta.

“Yeah sure” Said Mrs Mee

Sangitta went downstairs and was followed by Mrs Mee. When they got downstairs Mrs Me went to the kitchen and put the kettle on. She came back into the front room and found Sangitta sat on the sofa smoking a cigarette. She reached for one herself and together they chatted. The kettle boiled and Mrs Mee went and poured out two cups of coffee. She brought them into the front room and placed them on them the table.

As she bent forward she felt Sangitta’s hand reach under her dressing and run up her legs and go for her arse. Sangitta ran her hands up the naked legs of Mrs Mee and found that she was naked underneath the dressing gown. She soon got to touch her arse and massaged it for a minute. Mrs Mee did not stop her. Finally she stood up and said.

“Your coffee is that one Sangitta.”

“Thank you Mrs Mee.”

“Oh please call me Anne.”

They were acting as if nothing had happened when Julie came downstairs. She looked absolutely shattered.

“Morning Mum.” She said.

“Morning Julie. Did you sleep well?”

“Very well Mum.”

“Yes you looked very snugged when I popped my head in last night.”

Julie blushed and disappeared to make herself a cup of coffee. All three woman sat around and chatted before Sangitta finished her coffee and announced.

“Right I have to love and leave you ladies. I have to go shopping with Julie later on and I need to go and get washed and changed.”

With that she bent and gave both ladies a kiss on the cheek.

Anne stood up and said.

“I will see you out.”

When they got to the door Anne stopped her and looked around to see that Julie was occupied and then she said.

“Can I have your mobile phone please?”

“Sangitta reached in her pocket Ankara escort bayan and took out her phone and handed it over to Anne. She watched as Anne put a number into it and handed it back to her.

“Text me later please?” She asked.

“Of course I will Anne.”

With that she was gone. She walked down the street with a happy look on her face. She now had both of them in the palm of her hand. She could not wait to take Julie shopping and she was going to have some fun texting Anne tonight

As she got home her mum was in the kitchen and she was making breakfast as per usual. Sangitta ate hers and chatted to her mother. Fortunately father had gone to work so she was able to talk to mum quite openly.

“So how was your night?” Her mother asked.

“You mean did I sleep with a man. I got kissed by a man and touched up and he took me to a bedroom and tried to have sex with me but it did nothing for me mum. I realised what I had to do. I took Julie outside and gave her kiss and it just felt right. I now know that I am a lesbian mum.”

“Okay darling. I will respect your decision but you will do what I asked. Next week I will tell your father and then we will find you a flat that you can move into and you can be the person that you want to be.”

“Thank you for your understanding mum and I will respect any decisions that you and father make for me because they will be best for the family.”

Sangitta finished her breakfast and was a little sad. She loved her father and mother and would be sad to leave the family home but she realised that it was for the best. She got up and kissed her mother and left the kitchen and went to her room. She stripped off her clothes and put her dressing gown on and went to the bathroom.

She started the shower running and when it was warm enough she dropped her dressing gown to the floor and stepped in. she let the warm water cascade over her naked body and then she began to think of the Mee’s. Could she really handle both of them at once?

As she thought about this she became aroused. Her nipples began to get erect and her pussy began to moisten. She felt the need to pay with herself. She began to caress her body. It was slick because of the water and she was soon highly aroused.

She took hold of her breasts and began to massage them lovingly. She had begun to know her body intimately and knew what she liked to do to herself and her breasts were definitely a favourite part of her body. She caressed her breasts for a good five minutes and then she took hold of her nipples and twisted them in her hand,

She twisted and pulled them and love the pain that she got. The thrill went right down to her pussy and she could feel herself getting very wet. She had to play with her pussy but she could not believe that she could not leave her breasts alone. She had 36D’s but she could Escort Ankara not get to kiss them which she was sad about.

She dropped her breasts onto her chest and moved her hand down to her pussy. She touched the outside lips of her pussy and she felt them puff up and she knew that she had to play with herself sooner rather than later.

She inserted a finger into her pussy and brought it back out and tasted herself. This was something she had only just learnt about herself and she loved how she tasted and she could not wait to taste Julie and see how she tasted.

She licked her finger clean and then she re-inserted the finger into her pussy. She needed to cumm. She had not been this aroused before. She inserted a second finger and began to move them in and out of her pussy. She began to leak juice and she let it drip into the bath and then she found her clit and began to rub it.

For several minutes she masturbated her pussy and rubbed her clit and then she felt the orgasm build inside of her. She was aware that her mother was still in the house so she had to bite her lip in order not to let out a scream as she began to orgasm. It ripped through her and her knees began to give way. She held onto the wall with her spare hand to steady herself and continued to finger herself through her orgasm. Soon it began to subside and Sangitta was able to remove her fingers from her pussy.

Shattered but happy she showered and then stepped out of the shower and towelled herself dry. She picked up the dressing gown and wrapped herself back up and walked out of the bathroom and walked out of the bathroom and into her bedroom.

She now knew that she had nothing to hide from her mother anymore so she decided to put on some western clothes today. She thought reasonably about this. She would be taking her clothes on and off all day so she decided that she should go for a dress. She picked out a little floral number and hung it on the front of her wardrobe.

She then went to her underwear drawer and took out a bra and a pair of knickers. She hated putting them on as they were so old and grey but that would be changing today. She put the underwear on and then she pulled on a pair of tights. She slipped her dress over her head and smoothed it down. She styled her hair and applied her make-up.

She was happy today and she was also feeling mischievous. She took her mobile phone and texted the number that Anne had given her. She had put it under the name Slutty Mum. Sangitta smiled to herself.

“I want you to wear no knickers today and masturbate every hour.”

She sat there and waited to see if she would get a reply. It was literally a minute later that her phone beeped and she read the reply.

“Yes Mistress.”

Sangitta texted back.

“Good Slutty Mum.”

Sangitta then went downstairs. She kissed her mum and said she was off to do some shopping. Her mum told her to have a good time. She had an agenda. She was setting off early so that she could see if Julie arrived at eleven o’clock as she was told.

Life was suddenly good for Sangitta.

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