Santa’s Little Helper

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Nia was well known in the local area for being a total slut; she’d do anything with anyone for the price of 2 Bacardi Breezers and a bag of chips. So it was no surprise she was extremely popular when she went to University. By the time she was 19 she had sucked more cock and eaten more pussy than most porn stars do in their entire career! This event happened in last Christmas during the first day of the Christmas Holidays.

How do I know? Well I’m Vicky, her best friend and I too have experienced her voracious sexual appetite on more than one occasion!

We had been out all night on the town to celebrate the last day term, and for a laugh we had decided to go out dressed as schoolgirls. We had the usual outfits on, white blouse, short black skirt long knee socks and hair put into pigtails, needless to say we were very much the centre of attention in the pubs and clubs we had visited that evening, I’d lost count of the number of men (and some women) who had groped my tits and ass that evening. Anyway, the club shut about half 2 and we decided to go to the all night café next to the shopping precinct across the way.

We went in and the place was deserted as usual with just the seedy looking old guy at his usual table in the corner and the old man that runs the place.

We went in and sat at a table and the owner said hello to us and brought us a couple of coffees and a plate of toast. Nia said thanks and winked at him as he shuffled off back behind the counter. I enquired as to why she never seemed to pay him whenever we went in there, and she replied that she sucked his dick for him now and again for free stuff. This fella must be about70 and I thought that was pretty disgusting even for her, but she nonchalantly said that he was so old he usually came within a minute anyway, and she just swallowed it down, after all, young or old, spunk all tastes the same!

As we ate and drank, I looked across at the old tramp sitting in the corner, and could tell by the way his coat was flapping about beneath the table that he was playing with himself while watching us. I leaned across and told Nia and she turned round to see him playing with his shrivelled little dick, which he had now pulled out beneath the table.

Rather than lave the café, or complain like ay normal person would, she lifted up her shirt and pulled off her bra, exposing her bare tits to him shouting “Here mate, wank you’re little cock off over this!”

The next thing I knew I was being shaken awake by Nia, as I had fallen asleep in the café. I asked what time it was and she explained it was half 8 and we should go home.

We both got up and went to leave, and as we opened the door she turned round and blew a kiss to the owner.

As she turned back, she said to me that we would be alright for free stuff for a good couple of weeks as when I had fallen asleep she had let him shag her Urfa Escort to pass some time. I didn’t believe her at first but when she pulled her knickers from her pocket, I turned my nose up and grimaced as I realised she had indeed let the old man fuck her. By now it was nearly 9o’clock and the big shopping mall was getting ready to open up, so we decided to take a shortcut through to her house. When we got inside nothing was yet open apart from the Santa’s Grotto, which had been opened up for the kiddies for Christmas. As it was just before school time on a weekday, there was only a couple of kids waiting and through the inevitable “What d’ya want for Christmas, here you go now get out” mentality of shopping centre Santas, they would be dealt with pretty quickly so Nia said we should go and see him for a giggle.

I informed her we didn’t have any money to pay so we couldn’t, and she told me to go in first and she would deal with the young lad who was taking the entrance money. I went in and looked out of the window.

Sure enough, she was “paying” the young lad in her usual currency, as she had her hand down the front of his tights and was jerking him off as he felt up her tits.

I rolled my eyes and entered Santa’s room. There was the usual 50ish year old fat child-hating bloke with the usual crap red suit and unconvincing straggly white beard complete with obviously visible elastic strap. I giggled to myself as I thought how I used to believe in all this nonsense and went over to see “Santa”.

Out came his usual half-hearted request to go and sit on his knee and tell him what I wanted for Christmas. I thought now I was in there I may as well go along with it so I went and sat on the old geezers lap. As I plonked myself down on his lap, I felt him squirm underneath me and give a little sigh. Then came the old what do you want for Christmas line, and as I was about to answer with something stupid like a car or a million pounds, I felt something hard pressing into my soft thigh.

As I gave my reply (in the end I asked for a yacht) he placed his hand on my bare leg and rubbed it as he panted.

I leapt up of his lap and called him a pervert before storming out in a rage. Judging by the look on the elf’s flushed face and the little wet stain on his green leggings, Nia had finished “paying” and I explained how Santa had been getting a hardon and started touching me up when I went in there.

Nia smiled and said she would get her revenge on him for me, before unsnapping her bra beneath her blouse, handing it to me and storming in purposefully. I watched through the window as she entered and sat down on his lap, listening to the conversation intently. As she sat down, I could again see him becoming visibly aroused at the teenage girl sat on his knee. However, his face soon changed to a look of shock as he asked what she would like Urfa Escort Bayan for Christmas. Calm as anything, she looked straight at him and said “Well Santa, I would like a big fat hairy cock!” I giggled to myself as he sat there stunned before trying to regain some order to the proceedings by continuing his questioning asking if she had been a good girl. Again her reply caused me to laugh out loud as she replied “No Santa, I’ve been bad, really, really naughty”.

Santa looked at her and asked what she had done that had been so naughty. Nia simply replied with the truth, telling him that she had let loads of people grope her in the club and that she had wanked off his elf instead of paying. Santa sat stunned in his chair as she continued telling him how she had flashed her tits to the old tramp in the café.

Then she told him the worst part of all, saying how the girl who had just been in (me) had fallen asleep, so she let the owner fuck her cunt. Santa seemed to become angry, realising she was winding him up and told her to get out as she was full of shit. Nia simply got up off his knee and lifted up her short skirt revealing her bare fanny beneath.

“Look, that’s his cum” she said as she showed him the cum encrusted pubes beneath her skirt. Santa’s pants began to bulge as he stared at Nia’s pussy, a fact that Nia didn’t ignore.

Faking disgust she shrieked “Oh my god, Santa you’re disgusting getting a hardon over a sweet innocent little girl like me.” Santa took no notice and began to rub at the swelling in his red velvet pants. Nia was desperate to make him show her his cock, threatening to tell his boss if he didn’t how he had touched up her friend.

Santa begrudgingly unbuckled his belt and began to take down his pants. Nia stood with her hands on her hips; she had seen plenty of old men’s cocks and had found them without exception to be laughably small. She was going to make him show her how small his cock was and then she was going to laugh and humiliate him for being such a pathetic pervert. However, the joke was on her, as when Santa dropped his underpants, out sprang the biggest fattest cock she had ever seen (and she had seen plenty!) I was about 11 inches in length and fat as anything too, and she couldn’t help staring as it throbbed before her eyes.

“Happy now you little slut?” he moaned as his monster prick jutted out from beneath his long red jacket. Nia just stood looking at it, unable to believe that such a fat old man could own such a cock. Her pussy began to throb and she felt her juices start to flow, as she soon forgot about revenge and more about getting hold of Santa’s massive erection.

“Wow”, she sighed, “It’s just what I asked for!” as she took hold of it in both hands before planting a kiss right on the fat tip.

“Suck it like a lollipop”, said Santa as he pushed hr head down onto his Escort Urfa big dick, before Nia’s mouth opened and took 9 inches of it right down the back of her throat. Santa’s eyes were closed as her head bobbed up and down rapidly along Santa’s pulsing length. After around 5 minutes of oral satisfaction Santa opened his eyes and gently stroked her hair saying “Since you like fucking old men, how’s about doing me here in my grotto?” Nia was hardly going to turn down a monster that size, and was quickly bouncing up and down violently on his thick rigid pole. Luckily, although her cunt had never felt a cock quite that big, she had some dildos that size and as her pussy was pretty slack with all the cock it had taken over the years she was able to accommodate it easily, whereas it would probably have split my tight little cunt right open.

Santa opened her blouse and began sucking on her pert little titties as he thrust his dick deep into her twat.

The sight of that big cock pounding into my best friend’s cunt was driving me wild and I called the young elf over to where I was watching the horny couple fuck.

Without a word I yanked down the elf’s pants and stroked his soft cock with my hand. As I stroked it he reached between my legs and began to rub my pussy making it nice and wet. When I stroked him to full hardness I bent over the windowsill and told him to fuck me doggy-style so I could watch Nia get screwed by his boss. The happy little elf responded instantly by ramming his dick hard into me from behind, and although not quite a match for Santa’s massive weapon, was I fair size in itself and stretched my pussy lips to the limit.

As I yelled with pleasure, Nia looked up at me getting a good hard fucking for myself and she smiled as her first orgasm began to build inside her. As Santa grabbed her ass in his wrinkled hands she threw her head back and ground her pussy onto his groin as she released her gushing juices all over Santa’s balls and thighs. Watching her cum with such force had my own cunt burning with desire and soon my pussy was dripping with my own womanly cum as the elf banged away at my snatch. After around 10 minutes of hard fucking and 3 more hard orgasms each, the elf slapped my ass hard and pumped hot cum deep into my pussy making me cum a final time as I felt his thick meat pulsate inside my tight cunt walls.

Moments later, I heard Santa yell and peered through the window to see Santa furiously jerking his massive tool sending a long thick stream of cum splashing hard against her fleshy boobs, which rippled as the forceful ejaculation splattered across her chest. It must be true what they say about him only “coming” once a year, as gallons of the stuff poured out from his fat throbbing member, absolutely covering her tits with hot salty jism. As his dick softened, I entered the grotto and ran my tongue over Nia’s spunky tits.

Nia responded by sucking the elf’s cum out of my overflowing pussy as Santa grabbed a list from behind his chair. “I made a list, now I’m checking it twice,” he breathlessly panted as he watched us feast on slimy thick cum, “And I’d say you two are very, very nice!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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