Santa’s Other Side

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“I hate Christmas!” Those words from the Grinch echo though my head as I open my eyes and see the cold, sterile surroundings of my hospital room. Why not hate it? If there was no Christmas, then there would be no Black Friday, and I would have not ended up in here.

“Excuse me, Miss Cat, but there is someone here to see you.” Quickly the nurse steps back to allow my visitor to enter.

As I look toward the door I see a middle aged man enter my room. “I am sorry, did she call you Miss Cat?”

“Yes, that is what I am called. Either Miss Cat, or Nurse Cat. Usually I am on the children’s floor, but this year some crazed person decided to cut me off in an effort to get to the lowest price at Wal-Mart. Without even stopping to see what damage they had caused, they cut me off to the point that I was forced into a pillar in front of the door so forcefully that I was sent in here.”

Looking at my many bandages and casts he shakes his head regretfully. “I take it that you would like the person that caused your accident to be put on Santa’s Naughty List?”

I have to smile at that. “That would be very nice, but I have no idea who he is. He just drove off.”

“What would you do if you were to meet him again?”

I shake my head resignedly. “I probably would just ask him why? Was it really worth it? Was it worth putting me in the hospital to get that little bit of a discount on that flat screen TV? I just am angry that my Christmas has been ruined. Usually I help out on the kid’s floor extra time during this time of year because that way the other nurses can have extra time with their families. I always felt bad that those kids have to be in here during this time of year, so usually I try to bring a little Christmas Spirit to each of the rooms. This year, I don’t know who will.” Unbeknown to me there are tears running down my face, but I can’t feel them because of the bruising from hitting the steering wheel.

“You don’t have to worry, the kids will be taken care of.”

I look at this man I suddenly I realize that I have no idea who he is, but I am very drawn to him. He is quite tall, middle aged, and has the most surprisingly white hair and beard.

“Who are you? Do I know you?”

“Let’s just say that I am a concerned citizen who heard about the accident and I came to see if there was anything that I could do for you. Obviously your first thought is the children. I understand that. Is there anything that I can do for you personally though?”

I have to chuckle. “If you could get me out of here before Christmas, that would be great.”

“Why, do you have some hot date for Christmas this year?”

I sigh. I never have hot dates. For some reason it seems that I can’t get a guy to look twice at me, but that’s okay. I have plenty of other stuff that I am interested in. “No. I just have to play Mrs Claus the Saturday before Christmas to read to some kids. I enjoy doing that, but if I am laid up, then I won’t be able to.”

Looking out the window, he doesn’t even turn around to ask me his next question. “Would it be worth a kiss to get you out of here in time for that engagement?”

“Sir, if you could get me out of here in time for that, I’d marry you! When the Dr. came in to give me the bad news that I’ll be laid up through the New Year, even if it isn’t in here, I must say I got a bit depressed.”

With a smile on his face he comes over to my bedside. “Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s just start with the kiss.” Before I know what he is planning he leans in and kisses my lips. Surprisingly a feeling like I have never felt before jolts through me and I wish I could pull him closer. When he stands back up, I find that I have no pain in the leg that hit my gear shift and broke my knee cap.

“Miss Cat, I’ll find a Dr. to come and check you over. In the mean time, lay back and relax. I think your supper is coming right now anyway.” With that this mystery man walks out the door just as a young man comes in carrying a tray of food like I have never seen delivered to anyone in this hospital. Without saying anything they nod to each other and proceed on their bahis siteleri way.

By the time I realize I did not get his name he is already out the door. Shortly after supper one of the doctors comes in with a portable x-ray machine and takes a quick picture of my kneecap. When he sees the results he is stunned. “Miss Cat, I don’t have a clue what is going on, but Mr Nicholas told me to double check this one x-ray. I am glad that I did. I am so sorry. Your cast on your leg can come off at once.” Before I realize it, the team has come and removed my cast from my leg. Looking at my face the doctor shakes his head. “Miss Cat, I don’t know what is going on here, but your bruising is gone from your face.”

Taking the mirror that he hands to me I am surprised to find that it is indeed gone. The only mark on my face is a bit of what looks like a tiny glitter star on my cheek. I am surprised that the bruising has left this quickly, but in light of what happened with my knee, nothing should surprise me. I look again and I don’t even see the cut on my forehead that the doctor thought was going to need stitches from where my head hit the steering wheel.

I am surprised to find that when the doctor leaves I am in fact quite tired and before I know it I find myself drifting off to sleep. It seems only moments later when a sound wakes me up, but at first I can’t quite identify it. With only the light from the hallway I can’t see anything that could have made it until a small hand places an envelope on my tray table. Reaching out with my good hand I notice that for some reason there is not the pain that I expected to feel in my other one. I open the envelope and find a letter written in gold ink on cream colored stationary.

Catherine (no one calls me that. What is going on?)

I am so sorry that our meeting had to be under such difficult circumstances. I would have wished it otherwise.

I know that when I left you this afternoon, you were very confused and have gotten more so as your healing has sped up beyond anyone’s imaginings or understandings. I am not unknown to some of the hospital staff, but I am glad that you have never heard the stories about me. I have the ability to heal some injuries, but unfortunately I do not have the power to heal diseases. In your case, My Dear, a simple kiss is all it took.

I would like to see you again.

When you walked out of Wal-Mart to your car I was not far behind you. I saw the person that caused your accident, and they will be included on the Naughty List for many years to come. Mainly because they did not stop to see how you were.

By now you may think that I am some crazy person, but in fact, I am not. I am Santa Claus. The hospital staff knows me only as Mr. Nicholas.

Please, My Sweet, I would like to get to know you very well. I hope that you do not mind, but I have taken the liberty to switch out your clothing that was in your closet with a burgundy velvet dress that you should wear when you go to see your kids today as Mrs Claus. You will be the best one yet. Please say that I may come to you and discuss the future together. I will be listening.


Kris Kringle

Okay, now I am completely freaked out; on the other hand though it might be kinda neat to actually get to know Santa. I look again at the letter. Could I really have a future with a man that I know nothing about? There was a magnetism there though. Finally, feeling very foolish, I whisper: “Santa, please come.” Almost immediately there is a quiet tap on my door and it slowly opens to let Mr. Nicholas in.

Coming directly over to my bedside he carefully sits down next to me. “Hello, Catherine. I was surprised that you answered so soon. Would you like to get out of here right now? I can make it happen.”

“There is only one thing that I need to know. Is this just a Christmas thing for you this year, or are we looking at something more?”

“My Sweet, we are definitely looking at something a lot more. We are talking very long term here. You never knew it, but I have always been near you. I can change my appearance at will, and I have always been near canlı bahis to you through your school years and beyond. I have fallen in love with you. I know that you have not always had it easy, and I so wanted to step in and make everything right, but I didn’t and because of it I can see that you have become an incredibly strong, but loving, person who hides from everyone. I would change that, starting tonight.”

“How would you change that?”

“If you would allow me, I will take off the rest of your casts and bandages, get you dressed, bring you to the hotel around the corner and make love to you. That will change you to someone who is healed of all the insecurities that I know that you battle with every day into a confident and amazing new Mrs. Claus. Then, in the morning, we will visit the children and give them the surprise of their lives. My elves have, tonight, decorated the entire children’s portion of the hospital. Every child has Christmas in their room. So, what do you say?”

After a brief moment I have to answer in the only possible way. “Yes.”

Running his hands a bit above me, he outlines my body and immediately I have no pain and the casts and bandages fall off. “Now, My Dear, why don’t we get you out of here. I have already taken care of the paperwork and everything.” Helping me up out of the bed he reaches out and pulls me up against a very hard, muscular body as he leans down to place a line of kisses down the side of my neck to my shoulder. Before I know what he is doing, I am standing before him in nothing more than my underpants as he has taken the hospital gown off of me. Standing behind me with my body pressed up against his has got to be one of the most erotic feelings that I have had in a long time. Taking his time, he runs his hands over my body and I can feel more than hear a groan way down deep inside of him. Finally he lets me go and I can see that it is an effort for him to do it. Helping me into my dress, that I have to admit is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life, he quickly reaches into the closet again and gets a burgundy and fur cape out as well. “My Dear, I hope that tonight is all that you ever dreamed it would be when you thought of your wedding night. We are going to meet a pastor in the chapel, get married and then we will be on to the hotel.” As he is talking I turn into his arms and I feel the strength that is there in them. Without even knowing what I am doing I reach up and start to unbutton his frightfully conservative business shirt until he stops me by bringing my hand to his lips and kissing every one of my fingers. I let him lead me out of the room and without paying attention to where we are going, I next find myself in an incredibly lavish hotel room with champagne waiting for us and candles everywhere. I vaguely recall being in front of the pastor and going through the wedding ceremony.

Taking me into his arms again he gently helps me out of my dress and I quickly help him out of his shirt. As I reach for his belt though, he stops me. “My Dear, please get in bed and I will join you momentarily. I would not have tonight turn from one of pleasure to one of fear, for you see, I am quite large and I would not have you be fearful.” I do as he asks and in just a moment I feel him get into bed with me. Quickly he brings my body to the breaking point and comes over the top of me. When I feel him positioning himself I know that I am in trouble. I wonder if he knows that I am still a virgin? Slowly I feel him press into me as I try to breathe normal, for even thought he has not reached my virginity, it is still slightly painful as he is so big. Suddenly he stops and I know what he feels…my barrier. “My Dear, I can do nothing to take away the pain of this, but I will be as quick as I can to get it done.” Pulling my face into his shoulder I feel him pull out a bit and forcefully then push through and rip my barrier apart. Without waiting for me to get accustomed to him, he immediately starts pounding into me until he is battering all the way inside. Pulling out he slams back in, but this time he holds still until I look up at him. “Are you okay?” I nod my head güvenilir bahis and try to breathe normal, but I can’t. I have always known that you can handle pain, but am I correct in that you like the pain?” Again I nod. Reaching down between us he finds my clit and pinches it. As the pressure increases I can feel him begin to slam into me again and suddenly I feel any control that I may have had slip from my grasp as fireworks go off behind my eyes and my whole body convulses with the most mind numbing orgasm I could ever imagine. When I realize that he is still hard inside of me I know that this is going to be a long night.

Pulling out, he repositions me on my hands and knees and proceeds to slap my ass. “You like that much pain, do you? Well, let’s see how much your ass can handle. I am going to spank you until you beg me to stop, and then I am going to ram this cock up into you and fuck you until the morning. When the sun rises I will cum in you so much that you will not know what to do. You will feel every bit of it hit you inside, and you will love it. Now, your ass is turning such a beautiful Christmas red that I find I cannot wait for you to beg.” Without warning he pulls back and grabs the tray of fruit that is on the table. Taking some of the biggest grapes I have ever seen he starts to shove them up into my pussy, then he takes a can of spray whipped cream and positions the tip inside of me and empties the entire can up into me around the grapes. When I feel his mouth at the entrance my body jerks away in surprise. “Oh no you don’t! I have ten grapes to get out of here and I am going to get every one.” Again he places his mouth there, but this time he holds on to my hips as he starts to suck out all the grapes and all the whipped cream. Every time I feel one pop out, he gives my ass a slap. I am writhing in frustration by the time the last one pops out and I feel him position that monster of a cock again at my entrance. “My Dear, the sun is coming up.” With that he presses into me one more time and I feel him erupt inside of me until I can feel myself start to fall forward and he grabs me around the waist to keep me in position. Whit the emptiness of him pulling out I fall forward into a dead faint. Unbeknown to me, he runs his hand across my ass and all the redness vanishes. Picking me up he carries my into the bathroom and runs a soothing bath for me to which he adds a measure of peppermint oil.

When I finally start to come around I feel him rubbing my scalp, and I find that to my surprise he is washing my hair. Feeling the rhythmic motion relaxes me again and I find myself reaching out to touch him. “My Sweet, I am so sorry for being so rough on you. Can you ever forgive me?”

“There is nothing to forgive. I like it rough. I am hoping that when you fuck my ass you will be just as rough and make me scream.” I hear him groan beside me and I turn to see a smile on his face.


Quickly he finishes up my hair and reaches out to get a red velvet robe that is lying there. When we are both dressed to our respective roles as Santa and Mrs. Claus we return to the hospital, but this time to the children’s ward. We spend the next four hours listening to the children and having fun with them as much as we can.

Before we leave Santa goes to another room and pulls out a huge bag. In it there is a gift for every child that we spoke with today and most of the time it is just what the child asked for. As we leave I see him whisper something to the nurse and then we get into the elevator. Instead of going down as I had thought we would, he presses the button for the roof. Upon exiting the elevator and the airlock I am not surprised to find his reindeer and sleigh there.

“Now is the time for a little experimenting, My Dear. We have a long ride ahead of us, so get ready to get fucked in many ways that you have heard of, and some that you haven’t.

By the time we landed at the North Pole I knew that I would never be found wanting when it comes to my husband. The first thing he did was shove a dildo up my ass as he fucked me over Canada and then he had me suck him off until we landed, with the dildo still up my ass.

Now I know why I was saving myself all these years: for my amazing husband. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and as much fun as I plan to have for the rest of eternity with my husband.

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