Sarah’s Journey Ch. 012

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012 Well that was a bit forward, Sarah!

With summer getting closer and bikini season coming at me like an out of control freight train I had to go and find a swimsuit!

Normally I would go back to the shop that I get my bras from, but while their swimwear looks great, is incredibly good quality, and extremely supportive for large breasts, it’s also priced accordingly. And with not needing to have any support for my now DD cup breasts I went to a different shop with a massive selection of swimwear, from conservative and tasteful to down right, how in the fuck is that legal!?

Authors Note: Also a great piece of information well worth the price of a $40 lap dance. Read chapter 11 and that last sentence will make sense.

The following week I reveled in the stares, whispers, gazes, and attention from my co-workers. As I was wearing a bra that once again fit properly and made my curves standout like those on a formula 1 race track. That week I conveniently wore my more summer time tops that were thin or ever so slightly see thru, but still business attire. Loving how they were all noticeable tighter on my now huge breasts, at least huge to me. And some of the guys at work and the gym apparently agreed as I was getting more attention at both. Hell even in the grocery store I got talked to by men in passing.

The following Friday I went to the swimwear shop that was recommended as I was letting the LA rush hour sort itself out. I entered and there was swimwear wall to wall floor to ceiling. The place definitely wasn’t as upscale as my bra vendor, but not as seedy as the adult toy store. I quickly noticed why as I looked as a few price tags. Some things were $40-$50 for more traditional items. With the prices dropping appropriately for the smaller-skimpier and obviously cheaply made ones. I even saw a 2 piece suit on the clearance rack for $.50, yes 50 cents. There wasn’t a lot to it like the others but it was Mt. Dew vomit green. Well there’s your problem.

I looked around and was excited because of the prices I could easily buy 10-20 swim suits if I wanted to. But being pragmatic I wanted to stay reasonable. I tried on a few and my breasts just bulged in all of them. Most though, the bottoms didn’t fit. Asking the employee there about that problem, she said they sometimes get switched by customers, feel free to mix and match sizes, just not colors or patterns.

With this I went and found properly fitting bottoms. I probably tried on 20 of them and eventually settled on 3. All of which were 2 piece suits.

One was bright blue and yellow with a moderate top that was adequately covering. The triangles were bright yellow with blue trim lines. They covered my breasts pretty well, but I still had plenty of cleavage and side boob showing to ensure they were definitely obvious yet just barely acceptable for the pool at the condo where there are little kids often. The bottoms were a full back and a very covering front so there was a guarantee of nothing showing.

The next was yellow with black accents. This one was smaller and the bottoms were a T-back with a small front cover that was high cut over my hips where they tied together. The front patch covered my pubic region appropriately. The top was much smaller that the first. In order to be legal I couldn’t show nipple or areola. So the triangles of the top were a bit bigger than my areolas, enough that I could easily walk and move around without them slipping out. I loved how they sat just on the front of my breasts over my nipples. There was a lot of boob showing though, you could definitely see the front of my breasts as the triangles of the top didn’t even start to extend around the sides, top, or bottom. It was almost like I was wearing pasties. The material was a bit stretchy and if tied tight enough it would stretch and get thinner giving a great outline of my nipples even if they weren’t hard. My nipples are pretty flat anyway but the stretching skin ensured they were even flatter, yet wider than they used to be. Areolas included I’d say they were about as big around as a 50 cent piece.

The last one though I definitely went all in with. It was a microkini, I had never heard of them and definitely had never seen one before. It was technically a 1 piece, but you’d never know it. There was barely 6 square inches of fabric in the whole thing. It had 2 tiny strings that were designed to be as invisible as possible that went over my shoulders. The extended down my front and connected 2 small ovals that were designed to just cover nipples. They did cover all of my nipples if I stretched them out where the fabric was flat, but it had a tendency to bunch up some with any movement and would let about ½” of nipple [areola included] show on both sides. The strings attached to the Uşak Escort bottoms of these tiny scraps of white cloth ran down to another white oval shaped piece that wasn’t much more covering than the top. I could pull it out to the sides and it would only cover my outer labia and about ½” to either side. I pubic mound was completely exposed and not covered at all. This would at least stay in place while I walked, but if I took too big of a step or opened my legs much more that needed to walk it would bunch right up and only be held apart by my pussy lips. And those weren’t that big. Beyond that if it did get to that point it didn’t take much to slip it over them, maybe opening a thigh slightly and walking much less standing up was definitely going to dislodge it. It would then end up neatly folded over right in the middle of my slit and looked almost like I had a piece of toilet paper that got left between my lips. There was a single string that held it as it went under and between my legs, then up my ass crack where it then split in to the two strings that connected to my shoulders. I liked the strings being stretchy on this one as they were fitting instead of normal materials that you have to tie just tight enough to be comfortable and it usually takes 3 tries.

I went to the counter and paid for all 3; $45, not bad I thought. They were sexy as hell and all 3 would easily pack up in a sandwich zip top bag. I got home while there was still 4-5 hours of sunlight left. So I had to tryout my new bikinis. I got into the blue and yellow one that was family friendly[ish] and headed down to the pool, eager to show off not only the results of my gym time but my bulging DD breasts that were definitely oversized for my frame. I walked out my front door, towel in hand. I thought it was stupid when I would see women, teen age girls mostly, at the pool in their small bikinis that they word intending to show off for the boys, then they would walk around with their towel wrapped around them under their arm pits. Why want to be seen only to either be in the water or covering your self armpits to knees with a towel? Even in high school that never made sense to me. I did it because I was flat as a board and embarrassed. Not only because of the boys and the zero attention I got from them, but of the girls that did have boobs and did get all the attention from the boys.

Walking to the pool I noticed how high and tight my breasts looked and had only the slightest bounce, jiggle and side to side motion. I was getting turned on by just watching them as I walked.

I arrived at the pool and let myself in the security gate. There were 4 other women there, as well as 4 kids. I can’t stand kids and only hoped they weren’t the screaming kind. As soon as the gate opened and I walked through all of the women turned and looked. All of them just froze and I could feel the stares through their sunglasses. I walked over to a lounge chair in the sun and laid on my towel. I was sitting up feeling how good the sun felt after months of cool weather that wasn’t pool weather. I noticed that 2 of the women sitting together were glancing over at me and whispering. The other 2 would look over at times, one of which definitely had a look of contempt toward me. The was definitely the slimmest and most attractive of the 4, until I walked in and I could tell she wasn’t happy about it at all.

The kids were playing in the pool until one of the 3 girls looked at me and gasped, then got her friends attention. All 3 of them were just staring with no concept of trying to not be noticed as kids do. The only boy there came up from under water and saw his friend staring and looked as well. His eyes got wide like dinner plates and he climbed out of the pool, ran to the slim woman and almost yelled “Mommy, look at hers! They’re huge!” With his mom as read as a stoplight she angrily packed up her stuff, and the boy along with 2 of the little girls and hurried out in a huff. The remaining little girl just giggled and played in the pool. While the other 2 women continued to chat and occasionally peek over. The 3rd had left and I didn’t notice.

A few minutes went by and I laid the lounge chair flat and turned over. WOW this felt different laying face down! I sleep on my back or side so I never really thought that through. It didn’t hurt but definitely I could feel my weight pressing down on my breasts. Nothing left like it was moving or like anything was wrong so I stayed. I could feel the outsides of my breasts being pushed out beyond my ribcage. This brought back my image of Jamie in the locker room walking away with her boobs jiggling and visible from behind.

I turned back over still laying flat. I noticed that my boobs stood up noticeably higher than they used to. I couldn’t Uşak Escort Bayan see the chairs on the other side of the pool because my view was blocked by my breasts. Only a thin view between them allowed me to see across the pool, and my feet. Although they did seem to be a really good sun shade for my face. I leaned the chair up slightly so I could see the pool area.

The other women left and I was left alone there for a bit until a guy I’d seen around the complex walked in and immediately fixated his stare on me. He stood there for a second seeming like he didn’t know what to do. I looked at him and smiled invitingly. In my head I was screaming for joy that a guy was looking me with lust in his eyes and it was obvious. He walked over and asked if I minded if he sat in the chair next to me. Of course I said yes.

“Hi my names Mike.” he half stammered struggling to look me in the eyes instead of the boobs that were tastefully spilling out of my top in every direction but the bottom.

“Sarah.” I replied with a smile.

We chatted for a bit, what do you do for work, how long have you been in LA, have you tried the taco shop down the street. General stuff. He raised his leg that was closest to me, I thought that a bit odd.

I sat up to get a drink from my water bottle and noticed why he raised his leg. He looked like he’d gotten about half hard. Just from looking at me! While most women might be upset I was ecstatic that I had that effect on a guy. To me it was a compliment. As I was looking down I smiled that smile women will do when they are just a bit embarrassed followed by that half choking laugh. He looked up at me eyes pausing at my breasts that were obviously heaving with every breath I took. The fact that I was intentionally breathing deeper than I needed to might have had something to do with it.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” he said with a bit of embarrassment as he squirmed a bit to try and conceal his now mildly obvious bulge. “It’s just that…” and he trailed off not sure what to say next and seeming like he’d wished he hadn’t started that sentence.

“It’s ok, no need to be embarrassed.” I said with a laugh as I drank my water. “If I’m being honest I take it as a compliment.”

He looked at me half in disbelief and amazement.

“Wait you’re not mad? Or going to tell me I’m a pervert?” he asked in a shocked tone.

Laughing, “No why would I? You haven’t done or said anything weird or creepy. I assume that your; condition, was a genuine reaction and not you trying to creep on me. After all you didn’t just walk over and whip it out in my face.”

“All good points.” he said with relief. “I’m glad you think of that as a compliment, besides there are times that, well lets say some thing generate that response and it’s involuntary and sort of unmanageable.”

“Hey if I didn’t want to be looked at I wouldn’t have this suit on much less have had these.”

“They’re not natural?” he said in what seemed genuine amazement.

Laughing again, “Oh no! I’m in no way built to have natural breasts like this much less have them stand up on their own in a suit like this with no support.” I saw his face twitch with a smile just a little when I said the word “breasts”, not sure what to think about that it seemed cute to me.

Me still sitting up and turned facing him on my chair he squirmed a bit again as he laid there, still trying to be polite.

“Would it help if I put on a towel?”

“Well maybe, they’d still be pretty obvious though. And I’d rather you not, as you’re not offended and regard this situation as complimentary. Then again the rude and creepy…” Again trailing off a bit.

I shrugged my shoulders causing my breasts to heave and then drop with a jiggle. “Well I wouldn’t be worried about it then, as long as you don’t start acting offensively.”

“Seriously, like don’t worry about…” he stopped that time not trailing off nervous about what to say next.

“…trying to prevent or conceal your situation?” I said finishing the sentence for him. “No, it doesn’t bother me, besides remember; compliment?” I half asked and stated.

He nervously looked at me for a few seconds as he shifted a couple of times, still with his leg up.

I just smiled and then turned my attention to the rest of him. He was fairly handsome, looked like he took care of himself but not like it was a gym rat. His legs were toned and his swim trunks were the loose board shorts kind but with much shorter legs that only covered down to the tops fo his thighs. He wasn’t what I would call hot, but definitely I would not say no. I just sat there in silence for a few minutes looking around and noticing his jet black hair that was carefully groomed.

He finally looked back at me after staring Escort Uşak away for a few seconds in quiet contemplation, and said “Ok.” in a hesitant unsure tone.

He sat up and turned toward me putting his feet on the warm cement across from mine. We sat there maybe a foot apart for a second grinning both of us trying not to laugh. Him still shifting a bit trying to get comfortable.

“So problems?” I asked playfully.

“Ummmm, sort of.” he answered as he shifted again. His bulge appearing confined and jumbled, I guess is how I’d call it.

“Well I wouldn’t be shy if I had to adjust my suit.”

“I just didn’t want you to think I was getting creepy and like I was going to do something inappropriate.”

Laughing again “Trust me it’s ok, would you like me to look away or walk away for a minute?”

“Not if you really don’t mind.”

“No not at all, I told you that.” I said with a wink.

He looked down and pulled his waste band out and went to adjust himself, not noticing that I was intently watching with my own condition going on. As soon as he lifted the material up to one side his penis sprang right up put of his waste band. For me that instant glance seemed like 10 seconds. He quickly pushed it back down and pointed it down the leg of his shorts. I could see his semi-erect cock now a bit well defined as he sighed in relief as he got it situated down the shot leg of his trunks.

“Oh shit I’m sorry.” he said quickly. “I didn’t mean for that to happen I promise.”

“Hey did I complain? I haven’t seen many penises aside from my ex’s. Trust me I DO NOT mind.”

He smiled unsure what to say. I adjusted my top sitting there, I reached inside the cup of my left breast noticing how snug it was and how my hand didn’t have much room. I picked up my breast that my hand was nowhere near able to cover even the front of it, and adjusted my top, then I did the same with the right. As I looked over to tell him that we have to adjust as well, I was fixated staring with his mouth open slight bit.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stare…” again not really sure how to finish that sentence.

I thought it was cute, and figured he wasn’t quite used to situations with this type of tension, as he looked maybe 22 years old.

“Well I didn’t apologize for noticing you adjusting, besides if I was concerned I would have turned around or asked you to. It’s not like I came out of my top and flashed anything; unlike someone else did.” I said with a smile. Clearly he was uncomfortable. But excited as well, as was apparent by his penis having been unpent and now having the space to further grow. As it had down his shorts leg, it was obviously thicker now and longer, as I watched it continue to expand and the head of it slowly start to emerge from his trunks that had the legs drawn up my him sitting up. I didn’t say anything as my own reaction was starting to become more obvious to me in the moistness I felt in my bikini bottoms.

We chatted for a few more minutes about general stuff. As I would occasionally bend down to pick up my phone and look at it. Being sure to leave it on the ground so I would have to bend over further exposing the huge amount of skin visible on the tops of my breasts. Also I would make sure to check to see if he’d grown any more hoping that he would continue further past this trunks leg, as he obviously hadn’t noticed. But it didn’t seem so. Still just the head was almost all exposed it looked like. About ¾” maybe was still poking out never wavering. This also further turned me on, I didn’t think that women were supposed to be visually stimulated like men. Apparently that was not the case with me. Not that I was complaining.

I politely said that I needed to head out and began packing up the few things I had brought with me.

“Do you have to go?” he asked.

“Yes I do, I need to get a little work done and a few other things.”

“Can I get your number?” he seemed a bit desperate to me. Definitely not an attractive trait.

“I’m sure I’ll see you hanging around now that it’s warming up and the pool is open.” I stood up almost dragging my breasts across his face. I didn’t know they stuck out that far, I really was starting to see what Jamie meant. “Oh I’m sorry I so did not mean to do that.” I said in genuine apology.

Looking up at me he said, “It’s not like I was complaining.”

“Good, besides you don’t look like you would complain all that much.” I said as I winked then bent down and gave the exposed tip of his penis a gently but firm squeeze between my thumb and forefinger.

He jumped a bit and just looked up in lustful shock as I turned and walked out the security gate of the pool. All the way back to my condo, I was in disbelief that I actually did that. I didn’t even think, it’s like I was drawn to it. Disbelief turning to shock I was really starting what the hell had come over me here in these last few months. I’d never acted like this, EVER! But I loved how exciting and erotic it felt! I had a bit of soul searching to do it seemed.

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