Sara’s Awakening


Sara was tired and fed up. It had been a long day at the office and all she wanted was to get on the plane and get home as soon as possible, home being London as she was currently in Paris.

She was hoping to be home on time tonight so that she could enjoy a little alone time. Lately this has not been possible for her. Working in the Investor Relations world takes up a lot of time and patience, considering it is a mans world, so to speak, and that she had to work extra hard in proving herself to her peers.

Sara manages to get out of the office on time, the private limo driver is downstairs waiting for her to drive her to Charles de Gaulle airport where the company’s private Lear jet is waiting for her.

The driver, Philippe, helps Sara with her bags into the limo and appreciatively scans her body as she steps past him getting into the back. He catches the slightest hint of perfume, intoxicating and extremely sexy, and inhales, filling his lungs with her scent, thinking to himself if she would smell like that all over.

Philippe cuts through the rush hour traffic in Paris, rushing towards the airport, while Sara throws herself a drink and sits back to relax, watching Paris fly past in her window. Such a beautiful city, Sara thinks to herself, mercilessly ruthless yet charming and romantic. Every girl loves Paris, she loves Paris but unfortunately Sara didn’t have anyone to share romantic moments with her.

Every now and then Philippe would steal a glance at Sara in his rear-view mirror. Sara is an attractive woman, in her mid thirties, big beautiful breasts, voluptuous, curvy body, thick blonde wavy hair down to the middle of her back with emerald green eyes. Today Sara was wearing a black knee length pencil skirt, high waisted with a broad belt clinched in at the waist, with a white tight fitting, plunging neckline blouse. Sara always dressed like a vixen, she loved the style of the pin up models of the 40’s he was thick, so deliciously thick and long. She licked her lips a little and slowly lowered her mouth onto his cock, flicking her tongue over the head, tasting his pre-cum, which tasted deliciously salty and musky, just the way she liked it. Philippe made a guttural sound in the back of his throat and tilted his head back and arched his back a little, pushing his torso towards her, revelling in the immense feeling of pleasure this creature was giving him.

Sara proceeded to insert his hard dick into her mouth, holding him at the thick base, just by his balls. He was porno indir shaven, which she liked very much, and his sack was soft like velvet, smooth to the touch. She continued to take him into her mouth and slowly started to suck his magnificent tasting cock. At the same time her hand moved to her breast, pulling the blouse and bra aside, feeling her hard nipple under the fabric. She moaned, sucking him harder and deeper into her mouth, taking his cock deep into her throat. Philippe started to move faster and more deliberate, pumping Sara’s delicious red lipstick covered mouth. He could smell her perfume, Chanel Allure, heavy, intoxicating, cock hardening good.

He let her suck him some more and then told her to suck his balls, which she gladly did, first taking the one and rolling it around in her mouth gently with her tongue only to release it and take the other one and do the same, applying suction. This made Philippe’s cockhead swell even more and make more pre-cum ooze out of the little eye. Sara went back to his cockhead and lightly nipped the tip, pushing her tongue into the little hole lapping up the pre-cum, moaning at the pleasure of having a hard dick in her mouth.

She was very wet by now; she could feel her panties getting soaked. She moved up slightly and moved her skirt up over her ass so that she was sitting on the leather with her now soaking pussy. Her hand left her nipple and moved down toward the crotch of her soaking panties and inserted one finger and flicked her clit. It was hard and swollen and so very very wet. She moaned and started rubbing her cleft, coating her outer lips with her juice. Philippe looked down at what she was doing, and moaned at the sight. He pulled out of her mouth with almost a popping sound due to the vacuum Sara was creating while sucking him and lowered himself onto the back seat, pushing Sara deeper into the limo. It wasn’t a stretch limo, but one of those big town cars, with just enough space to have sex on the back seat without getting any bumps on your head.

Sara lay back, pulling her legs up and parting them slightly, inviting Philippe to look at her, which he did. He lowered himself between her legs and cupped her mound, feeling her wetness, groaning at the sensation. He started to rub her, every now and then squeezing her pussy lips together, this made Sara moan and arched her back slightly. He pushed the gusset of her panties aside to look at her pussy, which was beautiful. Like a pink flower, with pink rokettube inner petals and slightly darker pink outer petals and in the center a hard little button that he wanted to suck on. She was unbelievable smooth, she had shaved everything off and the feeling of her pussy was like touching velvet, deliciously soft.

He dipped his finger in her juices, coating it and spreading it over her clit, making her gasp and then inserted his first finger into her tight hole. Sara moaned even louder now, and was playing with her nipples, tweaking them that they stood upright, hard and proud. He started to finger fuck her, slowly at first, and then faster making Sara moan louder, he bent down and started to suck on her clit, he felt her pussy twitch around his finger and inserted finger number two, all the while working her pussy with his mouth. He wanted to feel her have a clitoral orgasm, he wanted to tasted her cum on his tongue, lap it up and suck it dry. His other hand had moved to his enormously hard and thick cock and started stroking it, coating the shaft with his pre-cum. He worried at her clit, and this drove her over the edge, she came, hard and fast into his mouth, clenching his head between her thighs, her body trembling from the spasms, her breath ragged and slowly she relaxed her legs. She felt so good, and this is just what Philippe was waiting for.

He got into the car, closed the door and pulled her on top of him, facing him. He made her straddle him, pushing her panties completely to the side so that he could watch how she lowered herself onto his now aching cock. Slowly, inch for inch he made her lower herself and then with one sudden thrust he was completely inside her. Sara yelped a little at his girth, but after a few seconds relaxed and started to moved on his cock, sliding the shaft in and out of her insatiably wet slit. Philippe started fucking her, pounding her from below, making her moan and squeal a bit, he buried his face in-between her tits and slowly moved his head back and forth, catching first her one nipple in his mouth, working it into a hard little point and sucking it outwards and then the other.

Her nipples was the colour of cappuccino brown, hard little nubbins, her areola was big her breasts heavy, more than two handfuls each and definitely natural. Philippe marvelled in this woman’s feminism and soaked it up. Sara lent forward now really working his cock, riding him hard, talking dirty into his ear, telling him to fuck her hard to seks filmi stuff her pussy, push it in deeper, licking and nibbling his earlobe. Philippe starts to mutter in French, but Sara doesn’t understand, but loved the sounds of the words whispered in her ear and closes her eyes and tilts her head back.

Sara is close to her orgasm as sitting in this position, Philippe is pounding her G-Spot, she can feel her orgasm starting in the pit of her loins, her stomach muscles leaping like being on a swing being pushed too high making it flip, her pussy starts to clench over his cock, milking him, wanting his cock to fill her up with his sperm.

Philippe growls and starts to pound her harder and faster, making Sara insane, and she cums, hard, wave after wave of pleasure hitting her, with a shout of obscenities. Philippe is almost there, and he pulls out of her now dripping wet pussy and pushes her back and makes her take his cock into her mouth while he strokes it furiously and he cums, spraying her face and mouth with his cum, pulse after pulse of sticky white cum. It dribbles past her lips onto her chest where it slowly trails down to in-between her breasts. She licks his cock clean, milking it still for the last little bit of cum which makes him dick spasm, his balls shrunk back into his body from coming and looks down at Sara and smiles.

Sara smiles back, cleaning up the last little bit of cum on her lips and rubbing what is left on her breasts into her skin. He bends down to kiss her, long and deep, tasting himself on her, pulling her towards him, crushing her beautiful bosom into his chest.

Reluctantly they pull away from each other, only to panic at the time flown by; Philippe dashes back to the driver seat, while Sara fixes herself up in the back. They get to the private jet about 15 minutes late, but not too late to cause any concern. Philippe gets out of the car and gets Sara’s luggage and hands it to the pilot and goes back to help her out of the car. When she steps out, her knees buckle slightly and he catches her, smelling her hair and perfume and he intentionally buries his head into her neck, nuzzling her just below the ear. Sara smiles and giggles and pulls back looking intensely into his beautiful blue eyes and says that she can’t wait till she’s back in Paris for business and would like to know if he would like to continue this in her hotel room next time she’s there. He replies with a smile and a nod and tells her he will wait for her at the airport the next time she flies in. Sara smiles, from ear to ear and nods and walks off to the plane, thinking that she might not need that quiet time after all, but the bottle of Red wine will still suffice to bring her down from the euphoria she was feeling after the escapade in the car.