Satellite or Cable


After enduring the many rate hikes of my local cable company I decided to make a stand. Talking with them was frustrating as hell so I quit trying to get my point across and I cancelled my service. I did not know that in doing so I would have to deliver my receiver box to the service center in person, so that just fueled my bad attitude and validated my reason for cancellation. I talked with DTV and Dish Network about their services and went with Dish Network based on customer feedback. Way too much information here, so to summarize, ditched cable and got Dish Network.

Dish provided an email, including a picture of the person scheduled to do my install as well as a password to perform a background check on the installer. This information was sent out three days prior to give time to do research if I wanted. They also added a note that a customer service rep could be assigned to the install in addition to the serviceman. [In hindsight this might have been advantageous to me.] Dish also gave me a two hour window for the install with a thirty minute courtesy call prior to his arrival, not the blanket 6 hour window and no heads up that would waste a whole day for an hour of labor. Once again, TMI.

My serviceman, Gillante, was a six-four, slender built man originally from the Dominican Republic. He was not super dark skinned but had the facial features of the race. He had worked on his speech to hide his Caribbean accent and he did very well with it. Knocking on my door then backing off my porch was also reassuring to me. He had been working all day but his appearance was still very well kept. He took the time to fully explain the process. He came in my house and reviewed the placement for the receivers in each room. I also saw he made landmark notes out windows for his mental compass. He was very intelligent and skilled at his job.

As he walked around the perimeter of my house looking at his options for placement of the satellite dish, I took this time to admire him and ponder his options. Stopping in my driveway he explained where he would drill the holes, how and where to mount the satellite dish, and where cable would be run. I decided to take that as innuendo, and told him that he might have one more hole to drill, mount and cable before he left. I think it caught him off guard because his response was not professional but from the hip. “You gonna strip my coax or add an adapter?” He was terribly embarrassed by his remark and walked to his truck without saying another word.

His physique was not that of huge bulk, but he possessed a fair amount of strength in his lean frame. The ladder he carried looked heavy and he wielded it with ease, it did not bang heavily against my house (could be a pun) nor did it seem cumbersome for him to maneuver around my bushes (oh, I kill myself!). I actually was amazed at how simple he made his task appear. Within fifteen or twenty minutes he had all the outside work completed. The detail work on the inside is what takes more time, he explained to me. I could not have agreed with him more….

Inside the house, I gave him a glass of water and he was back at it. He was not nervous in any way with having me watching him. He took the time to tell me his plans for each of the rooms. He explained he would be mounting a box in the wall instead of just a cover plate attached to the coax; he showed me how the stud finder worked, and his tool for cutting the box opening was very slick. He was not looking at me but I had my hand in my pants as he talked. Looking at him on his hands and knees I could see the outline of his very long “installation unit” next to his thigh. I finally had to stop him and have him look at me when I asked him my question.

“You are incredibly attractive and intelligent. Have you actually had sex with any customers on service calls?” I said.

A hesitant “Yes” was his reply.

I followed up, “How many customers have you had sex with?”

He responded, “Only two in the four years I have been working here. I have only been with six women in my 27 years of life.”

My response to him was equally as direct. “I know you are not a pervert, but you have to understand that I am. Today will olgun porno be your seventh woman, I am asking you for an upgrade and would like for you to finish this install in the nude, if you are ok with that?”

He was not looking at me directly but I could tell he was surprised by my request. I pulled my pants and underwear down to show him just how serious I was. He nodded and fumbled with his boot strings. I finished removing my clothing articles and sat on the couch to watch my show. I had one leg on the couch and I diddled my clit as he kicked off his boots and socks. He pulled his shirt-tail from his work pants and unbuttoned it.

His chest, shoulders and arms were sharply defined but not bulky. His muscles responded to every move he made and flexed for that perfect effect. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. I instantly noticed he was not wearing underwear. The base of his shaft was visible and he had no pubic hair. As he lowered his pants I got the pleasure to witness his length, easily 10 inches. His girth was not extraordinary, just average, which gave the impression it was thinner than it really was. After undressing he looked at me for instruction. I told him to do what he needed to do and I would be doing the same. He continued on his task and I watched his arms and shoulders flex as well as his cock dangle between his legs. He would stop and watch as I climaxed, but did not postpone his task.

After finishing in the living room he gathered his tool kit and followed me to my bedroom. I turned around several times to admire his body and give a deliberate look to his semi flaccid penis. At the doorway to my bedroom I stopped and bent over slightly; he maintained a distance from me. I motioned for him to come closer and felt his pelvis against my ass. I reached between my legs expecting to get the tip of his Johnson but grabbed shaft some three inches from the tip. I lifted it to my pussy and looked down at it poking from between my thighs as I played with it. I felt it stiffen as I rubbed it into my clit. Soon he took charge and his head was flicking my clit as his penis passed between my thighs. I gracefully climaxed and left a deposit on his shaft which he seemed surprised but pleased to see.

His kit doubled as a stool which he stood on as he worked close to the ceiling in my bedroom. He asked me if I would be willing to hand him tools as he asked for them. Standing on the stool, his cock was just below chest level to me. I made sure to run my face down its length while bending over to grab a tool, then repeated the process while standing up again. He showed great skill in running the cable from the dish outside up into my attic and down the wall without actually having to get into the attic. After he filled the holes you could not even tell it had been drilled. He cut the hole for the cable and it was right where he had intended it to go. I told him I could do magic as well and he was smiling as I positioned myself beneath him between his legs. Placing the head of his cock in my mouth, I grabbed his hips and lifted myself up, his penis sliding in my mouth and down my throat. Holding my breath I stuck my tongue out and licked his balls before lowering myself, taking a breath and repeating the trick. He groaned to show his appreciation.

My face stayed between his legs as he finished his task with this room. He stood up slowly savoring the pleasure my mouth provided, then he started to program the remote. Once again his ability to get the DVD, TV and receiver working from the single remote seemed too easy. A quick tutorial of the system and how it operates was all that was required to finish the install. He programmed the remote in the living room and returned for his tools. As he packed them up I fondled his length and told him what a great job he had performed. He stood up and I continued my sucking and stroking of him. I removed my mouth and lightly stroked the sides of his now fully erect penis. I looked up at him and with my big eyes, and with my innocent school girl voice I half whispered, “Are you going to fuck me?” I was rubbing his head on my cheek as he softly said, “Yes.”

I held my porno mouth open with my tongue on my lower teeth, narrowed my eyes and bit my lower lip with a low mmmmmm reverberating from my throat. I stood up and moved over to lay on the bed. I wrapped my arms around my knees as I pulled them to my breasts. Looking in the mirror to my right I could see my glistening wet pubic mound, open lips and protruding clit. Without using his hands he placed his cock head at my opening and lowered himself into slowly. My eyes rolled back in my head as I felt the length of him enter me. Two more slow full strokes and my screams were all the evidence I needed to show him how I was feeling. After my orgasm he quickened his pace, his hips making a distinct slap against me as his weight pressed me into the mattress. Every thrust forced the air from my lungs causing a grunt that became more high-pitched as I reach ecstasy yet again.

After this orgasm he bent over me and placed my arms around his neck. He picked me up in one single motion, my legs extended up his chest. Now impaled on his pole he worked my hips side to side. So intense was my orgasm that I lost grip from around his neck and fell back on the bed. He held my hips in the air as he furiously pounded my snatch adding to the pleasure. Looking at his shaft my cum had been churned into a creamy foam that now coated his dick. My clit looked like an inch long penis. His long thumb could reach it while still supporting my hips and he pressed down on my clit as I added to his foamy coating. His sweaty chest was testament to work ethic in providing me the best experience possible.

He told me he liked looking at my spread vagina, my meaty lips pulling back with his cock as he slid out of me. He watched intently as he slowly pulled out then buried himself deep inside me. He was fascinated by this and I had no intentions of stopping him. His long slow strokes soon had me cumming again, my juices running out of me. He pulled out of me and bent down to eat me when the phone rang. He told me to answer it. I was laughing when I showed him the ID on the phone. It was Dish Network.

I moved back into position and twisted my left nipple as I talked with customer service. They were just checking up on the install as it should have been completed by now. Gillante was sucking my clit and his wide tongue was hitting me just right. I kept most if my composure as I told the woman he was not quite finished yet. There had been some tricky areas as my house was fairly old. It was very hard to concentrate on the phone call. I told the woman that I had absolutely no complaints and that Gillante was handling himself very professionally. I also made mention that he was dreamy to look at as well. The lady laughed and agreed with me. She asked if there was anything she could do for me and at that very moment I came really hard. Through my breathing I said I was fine and that Gillante seemed to be in control.

He once again buried his dick deep inside me and I turned the phone away from me so my breathing would not be as noticeable. She was telling me all the benefits that came with Dish and I wanted so badly to tell her what I already knew about cumming with Dish. She gave me their 800 number, which I did not bother to record. She apologized for him not being finished and I was cumming again when I told her I would rather have him take his time a get me done right. The lady laughed at this and told me to have a good afternoon. I assured her I was. I clicked the off button and threw the phone on the floor.

“Now it is time to fuck!” I yelled at him.

I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards me. I actually did not move him at all; he allowed me to pull him. With him on top of me I wrapped my legs around him and tilted my pelvis up. I told him I wanted it HARD! He did not seem upset by that one bit; his hips lifted and fell, driving his erection deeper. My screams were not stopping any time soon. I was also marveling about how long he was lasting. A couple more orgasms and I told him I wanted it from behind. On my hands and knees he did not enter slowly. His hands around my waist, he was lifting my knees off the bed with each Porno 64 thrust. Less than a minute into this position and I was cumming, my orgasm lasted for an easy five minutes.

Exhausted, I collapsed. Covered in sweat, I brushed the hair stuck to my face back. He was still inside me moving slowly. Looking at him over my right shoulder I asked him what he wanted. He was watching his shaft disappear again, but he looked at me and smiled. After another several quick thrusts he helped me to my feet.

He led me to the living room, with all the windows open it gave a good view in three directions. Gillante stood in the center of the room waggling his junk. His Caribbean accent was showing as he told me he loved to be watched. Now he was speaking my language. On my knees in front of him I started my deep throating again, my cum mixed with his pre-cum was a nice blend of sweet and salty. I sucked and stroked him roughly. I stopped to milk the large drops of pre-cum from his penis and licked it off. Tugging at his ballsack with his dick against my cheek I asked him if he really wanted to be seen? He was grunting so I knew he was getting closer. He nodded his head. Holding his dick behind me I led him through the kitchen and out the backdoor and off the steps into the driveway.

At 5:30pm in April the sun was still several hours from setting. Grabbing a stool from inside the garage I placed it in the middle of the driveway. A few cars had been driving up the street; it was that time of night. I fingered my clit as I asked him what he wanted. He was jerking his cock with full slow strokes. He turned me so my back was to the house giving a good profile to the street. “Get down,” he whispered. I crouched down and watched as he jerked himself. I started speaking all sort of nasty vulgarity to him as my assistance. His grunts got deeper and he threw his head back as spurt after spurt of semen flew on my face and breasts. I counted nineteen of them, all thick and white-filled. When he finished, his penis had gone soft and was dangling between his legs. I looked up at him with my cum-covered face, licking it from my lips. He smiled down at me between his deep breaths. Just to give him the full experience of what he asked for I walked to the end of the driveway before returning to the house.

I used the mirror in the living room to wipe and lick the cum from my face and chest. Gillante grabbed his tool kit from the bed room and started sorting his clothes to get dressed. I noticed in that he had stopped moving and I turned to look at him. He was watching me and jerking his penis, it was mostly hard again. I motioned with my head towards the backdoor and he followed me. On the back steps I grabbed the railing and spread my legs. I reached around him and took his cock, this time guiding it up my ass. Looking at him over my shoulder I told him to stand still. I fucked him so hard with my ass and the puddles of fluids at his feet proved it. He had nowhere close the same stamina as before and he told me he was going to cum again. I pounded him harder as he shot his load deep in my ass. Removing his flaccid penis from my ass I crouched down and licked him clean.

We returned to the living room where Gillante got dressed and tried his best to get into serviceman mode to summarize what he had completed with the install and give me another overview of the remote. I signed his paperwork and walked him to the front door. He started to walk away but turned around, I laughed and asked him if he had time for one more blowjob? He smiled as he reached for his zipper. It took about ten minutes of deep throating him in the doorway before he filled my throat with cum. I stood up and he fingered my ass and pussy for a couple more orgasms for me. The last thing he did before zipping up was to use his soft penis to rub my clit and get his head covered in my cum. He zipped it up wet.

So strong was this experience that I still use it to masturbate. It was over three and a half years ago that I got my service installed. About a year after I had Dish remove the dish from my roof. Gillante was sent to fix it. We enjoyed a laugh and reminisced about his previous visit; he had since been married. All my sexual advances towards him were graciously declined. Signing the paperwork at the doorway I grabbed his hand and masturbated myself with it on top of my sweatpants, he could have stopped it but did not. That was the last time I saw him.