Saturday in the Park

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After all the crap you have had to deal with in regards to your soon to be ex, you decide to take a walk in the park to just let your mind wander. As you walk around you notice that there aren’t too many people there and are grateful, so you can just be alone. As you cut through a grassy area you notice someone lying down. As you get closer you realize that it is a woman.

But what really catches your eye is the fact that she is wearing a skirt and the slight breeze keeps lifting up the hem to tease you. As you get closer you realize she is wearing pantyhose and that she has taken her heels off and seems to be asleep. As her skirt continues to flutter, you are mesmerized by the sight and can’t help but stare at this beauty. As you look to verify she is asleep you see her auburn curls covering her face and can really only see her red lips.

As you eyes drift back down to her legs you also notice that she has bright red nail polish on. All of this causes a distinct stirring in your groin and you subconsciously drop your hand to your crotch. Just then a rather large gust blows, lifting her skirt to reveal that she is not wearing any panties. This new information snaps you out of your sexual daydream and you decide you either need to leave before you are caught or you need to somehow meet this sexy woman.

Just then you hear the snap of a branch and look around to see a couple of guys headed your way. They don’t look like thugs, but they certainly don’t look very reputable. You decide to help out this angel on the grass and quickly sit down next to her. As the two men get closer you gently put your hand on her hip so Uşak Escort as to hold down her skirt, thereby not allowing these guys the same view you had earlier.

As they pass you, they give you knowing looks and nods and keep walking. You figure you have averted a situation and are about to get up when you hear her ask if she can help you. You jump a little, having not realized she is awake and start to stutter your response. She merely sits up, puts a finger to your lips to silence you and then leans in and gives you a quick kiss.

As she stares into your eyes, she tells you that she had felt her skirt fluttering and was hoping she wasn’t giving too much of a show and was about to get up when you sat down next to her and placed your hand on her hip. When she heard the other two passersby, she decided to pretend she was still sleeping.

You regain your composure and tell her that you were just trying to be chivalric. She smiles at you and asks how she might repay her gallant knight. You just stare at her wide eyed as she leans in again and this time gives you a more sensual, lingering kiss. As she breaks the kiss, she begins to stand up, slip into her heels and grabs your hand to pull you up with her. Once you are both standing she leads you by the hand to the public bathrooms.

Once there she quickly looks around and then pulls you into the family bathroom. Once inside she locks the door and turns to face you. As you stare at this beauty, she begins to unbutton her blouse revealing a lacy bra that just barely contains her beautiful breasts. She then unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the Uşak Escort Bayan ground and steps out of it.

Standing there in her heels, pantyhose and bra she looks at you seductively and asks if this is a better view. All you can do is stare numbly and nod, she then reaches behind her and undoes the clasp on her bra and drops it to the pile of clothes. As she wiggles her finger at you to come closer you can’t help but notice the pertness of her nipples.

As you approach her, she grabs your head and pulls your mouth to her nipples and tells you to suck. You eagerly do so and can hear her moan her satisfaction. As you switch between her two luscious orbs, she is unbuckling your pants and pulling them and your underwear down. As soon as your cock springs free she begins to rub it and run her fingernails up and down it, which causes you to moan in turn.

You then reach down with one of your hands and begin to rub her pussy thru her pantyhose which causes her to push her hips forward. You drop to your knees and begin to lick and try to suck on her pussy lips through her pantyhose. She then pulls down her pantyhose and leans against the sink while bending at the waist to present her wonderful ass and very wet pussy to you.

You lose no time in spreading her ass cheeks and licking from the top of her crack all the way down to her engorged lips and slit. As you probe her slit with your tongue you can feel her pushing back to try to get more of you inside of her. She then tells you to take her. You don’t need to be asked twice and immediately stand up and begin rubbing the tip of your cock along Escort Uşak her slit making it wet.

As she moans, in a guttural voice she begs you to take her and to take her now. You stop your teasing and slid your cock into her hungry pussy, not stopping until her ass is resting against your thighs.

As you hold her hips and just let her feel your cock inside of her, you flex your kegel muscles, which causes your cock to twitch, which in turn causes her to coo and wiggle her ass to try to get even more of you inside her. You then begin to withdraw, very slowly until only the tip is inside of her and then begin to slide your cock in and out of her.

You keep up a nice steady rhythm until she is moaning and begging you to fuck her harder. Not wanting to disappoint this woman, you pick up your pace and begin slamming into her. Before long she starts to let out a very loud moan and you can feel her entire body shake as her orgasm washes over her.

Two seconds later you feel your cock start to expand as you prepare to fill her with your cum and so you slam your cock all the way into her and flood her love canal with your seed. As your cock begins to soften you slowly pull out and allow her to stand up. As she stands she pulls up her pantyhose and then leans down and begins to lick and suck on your cock.

Once she is finished cleaning it for you she stands up and begins to retrieve her clothes, and she tells you that she is very thankful for your kindness and that she plans on “cumming” to the park more often and that she hopes to see you again. Before she slips out of the family bathroom, she grabs your hand and jots a phone number on it and tells you to give her a call. As the door shuts and you begin to pull your clothes up, you begin humming the song “Saturday in the Park”, by Chicago and can’t wait to see this mystery lady again.

The End or to be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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