School Aide Ch. 03


I let her guide me.

Slowly we make our way.

To her bedroom.

The window curtains are drawn here too, so that the light is the dim glow cast through them. Candles are lit on the two night stands and her dresser.

She leads me toward the bed. Each step raising the heat within.

Her hand lets go of mine, and she turns to face me.

She slowly begins to pull up on her dress.

I stand transfixed.


Is this real?

Is my idea of the perfect woman about to reveal herself to me.


The hem raises, and her gorgeous legs are suddenly uncovered.


Thighs bare themselves.

My breath quickens.

Suddenly the juncture comes into view.

The soft whiteness of bare skin.

The pewter colored tufts of glistening blades, dew bedecked and shiny.

Lips pouty, swollen, and unfolding like petals on a flower.

Giving way to the softness of her flat stomach. Her small insie, an eye in the center of all that softness.

Stomach giving way to the swell of her ribs.

Her ribs giving way to the swell of her twin mounds. Each capped with a hard, swollen, dark pink nub, framed by two perfect pink circles that act as targets for those two sexy points.

Suddenly my face was covered. ısparta escort I inhaled, trying to ingrain her scent. The scent that permeates the thin material that had so recently covered her lusciousness, flung over my head.

And suddenly my vision cleared, as she rips off my head covering. Depriving me of enjoying the fragrance of her freshly washed and lotioned skin. But now teasing other senses as there before me she stood.

In all of her glory.

She beckoned me to draw closer.

I held her in my arms, my fingers absorbing the softness of her satiny smooth skin. The ridges of her shoulder blades, the ripples of her spine, the swelling softness of her flairing hips and supple firm ….

Her hands pulling up on the back of my shirt, hands caressing my naked skin.

Our lips parted and united. Tongues busily exploring.

Her breasts pressed tightly against me, her thigh pressing me….

She slowly slips my shirt over my head, and then I watch as she slowly sinks downward.

She is kneeling before me. Her face even with my midsection. Is she softly blowing her warm breath on me? My knees tremble. My cock strains to be free.

Her fingers unbuckle my belt.

And then undo my button.

My zipper echoes as she slowly, teasingly kastamonu escort draws it downward, being ever careful of the swelling member just beneath.

At last the zipper clears the peak, and slides easily down.

Her fingers slip in between my skives and me.

And she begins to tug on them.

My hard engorged member offers resistance.

Slowly she is able to expose me inch by inch.

My cock suddenly springs forth, free of its entrapment.

Only to be entrapped once again.

My knees do give now, and she braces me. Her hands wrap themselves around me as her fingers grip my buns, pulling me toward her, leaning against her.

As her mouth comforts me.

I close my eyes and my head rolls back.

The warmth of her mouth just arouses me further.

Her mouth continues to imprison me as she lowers my jeans and skives, until they suddenly freefall to my ankles.

She urges me to kick them free as her face moves back and forth, washing wave after wave of pleasure over me. A pleasure not even comprehended in my dreams.

Her lips slip backwards as my cock pops out of her warm mouth.

I am in awe.

I look down, and the vision before me makes my glistening pulsating cock jump.

Her eyes sparkle in their kayseri escort merriment. Her nose rubbing my cock, becoming shiny and wet.

Her breasts, pointed downward, two rounded orbs, topped by those two hard pink nubs.

Her ass jutting backwards, heart shaped.

God, I want to savor her. To suck and nibble on those two swollen tips. To kiss, lick and taste the two halves of her heart shaped ass. To savor the essence of her womanhood. To pay homage to all that she would offer.

She stands and leads me to the edge of the bed before pushing me backward.

And she lands next to me.

Her fingers immediately find their mark, and wrap themselves around my hard still glistening cock like a glove.

I feel the soft swells of her breasts press against me as her lips find mine.

Her fingers moving to the same rhythm of her tongue in my mouth.

I feel the steady beat of her heart.

And then slowly I feel her lips moving downward.

She kisses my chin, and I inhale the scent of her shampooed hair.

And I feel her lips gently suck on first on nipple and then the other, and a current shoots down through me.

Her tongue laps at my belly button, and I feel a jolt surge downward.

Her chin grazes my pubic hair.

My eyes close, and time seems to stand still.

Lower her chin slips, until I feel it graze my cock.

Her lips lapping and licking at my hairs.

My cock a stiff spear standing straight upward, enclosed in her softly sliding fingers.

And then….

To Be Continued…