School Days


*This is the first erotic story I’ve ever written (2005) Not police related 🙁


Studying in this small community college was starting to get really old, really fast. I expected to be preparing for a fun and exciting career as a massage therapist. Where was I? Kneeling in front of a lifeless mannequin, staring at me with its plastic eyes; waiting for my lips to breathe artificial life into its unresponsive and unfeeling body.

Resume writing in the morning, CPR in the afternoon. Two of the dullest classes ever to be listed on the schedule. The person making my lesson plan must have been having a really bad day and felt like passing it on. I came to school to learn my field. I want to massage someone. Particularly Reed.

Reed was the sexiest guy I’d ever seen. The first time I met him, I knew I wanted the gorgeous admissions rep. Cropped light brown hair flecked with premature gray strands, piercing blue eyes that seemed to penetrate me whenever we had the chance to pass in the hall. He had a large physique about 210 lbs I guessed but was by no means fat. He was solid and strong, broad in all the right places.

I’d heard that he was involved with someone and I really didn’t care. If only Reed knew how hot I was for him. How much I wanted to taste him. If only he were here in front of me instead of this lifeless doll. Reed, lying on the floor, naked, with his cock, hard and throbbing, waiting for me to put my wet lips on his huge…

“Lisa! The man is dying, do something,” my instructor’s voice penetrated my fantasy bringing me back to reality. Sighing, I inhaled deeply, ready to give my first rescue breath when there was a light knock and the classroom door opened. Who walks in? Reed! My heart jumped to my throat at the sight of him and I could feel my pussy start to damped. He was so fucking hot. He glanced at me kneeling on the floor before speaking quietly to the instructor.

I looked toward Kayla, the first friend I’d made since starting classes. She winked at me knowingly. I told her how much I wanted to fuck him. I looked back to Reed. His expression was unreadable as he stole quick looks at me, while listening to the teacher. He watched as I got up from the floor to sit back at my desk.

“Lisa,” he said, catching my attention. His voice was so deep and powerful. “I need to speak to you for a minute.” I nodded and walked up to him. He was such a magnetic force. I couldn’t stand it. I followed him out into the hallway and as I was closing the door behind me, Kayla mouthed the words, “make your move.” I smiled but deep down, I was nervous. Reed didn’t look like he was in the mood for games.

As I followed him down the hall, I couldn’t help but admire the rear altyazı porno view. I wanted to reach out and touch his firm ass. Unexpectedly, he stopped and turned to face me. I smacked right into him and as I did, I caught a scent of his sexy cologne. Reed grabbed my shoulders and held me at arms length, a thoughtful look on his face.

“You needed to see me?” I asked to cover up my embarrassment. He released me and cleared his throat.

“I need to speak to you privately.” This was a very serious Reed. “In here.” He led me into an empty massage room and locked the door behind him. The dim light did little to illuminate the tiny room. There we stood, a massage table between us. I could feel the sexual electricity pouring off of him. He seemed to be pissed. That much was obvious. With me? Why? Unless… Oh shit. I thought to myself.

Reed sighed and shook his head as if coming to a decision. He looked straight into my eyes. “I’ve heard something and I need it cleared up right now.”

I swallowed hard. He must have heard that I wanted to fuck him. I kept quiet as he continued. How was I going to explain this? Obviously he wasn’t happy with the idea.

“Lisa, I’m going to come right to the point. I’ve heard that you’re interested in getting together with me. Is that right?”

There was a moment of silence. I first thought to laugh and make up some lie saying that what he’d heard was ridiculous, but I knew he would see the truth. I found my courage.

Finally I blurted out, “It’s true Reed. I’ve wanted you since the first day I saw you in your office. The first day you took me on a tour of the campus. I never wanted you to know how I felt. I know you’re in a relationship and not interested.”

I walked past him and placed my hand on the doorknob. I had to get out of the room and away from this humiliating situation. “I know I’ve made you uncomfortable,” I added. “I’ll stay away from you from now on.”

I paused as he said behind me, “You’re right you know. You’ve made me very uncomfortable and I expect you to fix this.” Reed’s voice was rough and husky. A jolt of sexual tension shot through me as he took my hand from the doorknob and placed it on the huge bulge in his pants. “See?” he looked deep into my eyes. “Very uncomfortable.”

He pulled me close to him and in my excitement I gripped his cock tighter. He growled and kissed me hard and deep, my mouth opening for his thick, wet tongue. I gently sucked his lower lip and then slid across his cheekbone to nip his earlobe. His hands roughly lifted my scrubs and pushed down my bra exposing my D cup tits. He lowered his head and gently bit a nipple.

“Harder Reed… Fuck…Harder…” I whispered. amatör porno The walls were so thin. We had to be quiet or anyone passing by would be able to hear us. The thought thrilled me more and more as Reed bit harder and licked where he bit. Then he switched to the other. His hands roamed down my back to cup my ass. I groaned with pleasure as he lifted me up against the cock straining in his slacks.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I slid to my knees, his crotch even with my face. I looked up into his eyes as he watched me mouth his cock through the material. His hips jerked toward me as if begging for release. Slowly, I undid his button and unzipped his fly. I pushed him back on to the massage table, slipping his pants and boxers down to his knees.

His cock stood stiff and straight in the air. I started to run my tongue along the pulsing head, then down the veined shaft to the hairy base that tickled my nose. He was so long and thick, I was surprised I didn’t gag as I sucked him deeply down my throat. I moved his cock in and out of my mouth like a piston until he flexed his hips and let out a deep moan.

“Stop! Stop now!” he whispered through clenched teeth as he grabbed my hair and pulled me off. I sat back and rubbed my hand across my mouth, looking into his eyes. There was a glistening sheen of sweat on his forehead and a big smile on his face.

He kissed me on the mouth. “Damn Lisa. I almost came.”

I smiled an evil smile. “Isn’t that the point?”

Reed grabbed me behind the head, his fingers caressing my hair. “I’m not cumming without you, sweetheart.” I was surprised at the endearment. He rose from the table and leaned me forward against the edge, my forearms resting on the black vinyl top. Sliding my uniform pants down my legs and off my feet, he ran his hands up my smooth thighs and into my slit, feeling my wetness.

Taking his cock in his hand, he pushed the head against the opening of my sopping hole from behind. He rammed deeply into me, holding me firmly around the waist. I bit my lip to keep from crying out as his stiff cock fucked me hard and fast, my ass slapping his abs as his balls smacked my sensitive clit again and again. I closed my eyes wanting to make the pleasure last as long as possible. Reed sensed that I was holding back and reached down to flick my clit.

That did it. I couldn’t wait any longer and I exploded, coating his cock with my thick juices. Breathing hard, I stood up and rubbed myself against him, his hard cock still deep inside me. His hands came around and caressed my tits as he kissed my neck. His warm breath made me quiver.

“Do you like it up the ass?” he whispered in my ear.

“Oh yessss!” animasyon porno I hissed. “Please Reed.”

“Finally!” he said as he pulled out of my dripping snatch. Grabbing some massage cream off of a nearby shelf, he dipped his fingers into the jar. He gently slid two into my tight little asshole. The sensations caused me to squirm. He was moving so slowly in and out stretching me for his large prick. Too slowly. I groaned and slammed myself against him in frustration, driving his fingers deeper. He moved them back and forth, up and down.

“You do like that, don’t you?” he teased as he slid in another finger. Three fingers in my tight hole, he took his other hand and whacked me hard on the ass. The loud crack echoed off the walls. I groaned and bucked harder and faster against his hand. “You’ve been such a naughty little girl.” He laughed deep in his throat.

I felt his hand slip lower down my thigh to the opening of my pussy. He slid two and then three fingers into my hot cunt and started to double fuck me with his hands. I leaned against the table, my ass and pussy on fire. It felt so good. He ducked beneath me and began to tongue my clit.

“Oh god Reed, stop. Please. I can’t take it anymore.”

He didn’t let up. He continued to finger fuck me while licking and sucking my clit and hitting my g-spot in just the right place. I came again, my body bucking wildly against his mouth. He drank in my juices and waited until I could breathe normally and the last vibration left my body. I was weak and my legs could no longer support me. Reed lifted me onto the massage table and laid me on my stomach. He slicked his hard cock with more of the massage cream and rammed into my ass, fucking into me hard and deep.

My tight hole gripped his cock, taking every fantastic inch. I knew I was going to be raw later but right now I didn’t care. I slammed myself back against him. I loved the feeling of his hard cock in my ass. I couldn’t believe it but I was going to come again. The man was amazing. I started to buck and my ass tightened around his cock with my orgasm. Fucking in and out of me faster and faster, Reed held onto me tightly and, moaning deep in his throat, let himself go, his warm spunk filling my canal.

He collapsed on top of me, our heavy breathing the only sound in the tiny room. I had finally achieved my greatest wish: to have mind numbing sex with this totally unbelievable man. Sighing in total satisfaction, he raised up off of me. I stood up and began to put my uniform back on. His big hands grabbed me by the waist and pulled me onto the table. He lightly kissed my lips.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

I knew our relationship ended here. “Reed, I don’t want to make your life more complicated then I already have and I know…”

Reed put his fingers against my lips to silence me. I could taste myself and shivered. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “You don’t know everything. I want you in my life, Lisa. We belong together.”