Second Girl Ch. 01


“So did you ever have a virgin?” asked Nancy.

Sean shook his head. “I don’t talk about that stuff.”

“I didn’t ask about a person, I mean, use another name or something! I asked if you had a virgin before.”

“My second girlfriend was a virgin. I thought I was hot shit because I’d had my first girlfriend.”

“Did it take a long time?”

“Not really, she was ready. She got to know me and took the plunge. But she wanted to do anal to spare her cherry for a while.”

“I thought that was just a male fantasy. Did she really do that?”

“My fantasy was to do anal! Virgin or not, if you see what I mean. But she did, in a way, yes.” Sean looked into Nancy’s face a second. “You want a story, don’t you?”

“Is that so bad? Tell me one, with all the juice, I want to hear it.”

“All right. I’ll call her Heather. She was sweet as hell.”

“You wanted her bad, I bet,” Nancy said. “Tell me the whole thing.”

“Having, uh, Charlie, that’s what I’ll call the first one–“


“I don’t want to give real names. Having Charlie made me a lot less desperate. The beginning is dull. I’ll start with the beach.

– – – – –

Friday before lunch I met Heather for a date. I was curious, and the phat little brunette pussy was still important, but losing my virginity had made me more patient.

Her new bathing suit let me see a few millimeters of it on either side of the strip of black cloth. I swapped head for toe on the beach blanket and nudged her knees slightly with one hand, so she’d give me a view into there, and relaxed.

“You’re so sweet, Heather,” I told her. No response, except she was paying attention. I went on. “The black bathing suit looks real good on you.”

“You like the black?”

“It’s so crisp, the black on your skin tone, and it’s simple.” I was surveying. Shaved, I supposed; but there were actually some hairs I could see poking out on either side, from the area around her anus. That was hot, and my cock lifted its head. “But it wouldn’t be anything but cloth except that you’re inside it. You’re just beautiful.”

“You’re right about the pure black suit thing; I had to look a lot of places to find plain black.”

“It really does the trick,” I said. I shifted a little to allow my hard-on more room. “You look good enough to eat!”

Her eyes narrowed and she tilted her head. “You ever done that before?” she asked. “Eat a girl, I mean?” She snaked a hand into my baggies up the pantleg and fondled it.

“I’d like to,” I said, not answering her question. She was sliding the skin up and down my cock. “A lot! You’re so fine.”

She looked out at the water, I guess considering the problem. “If I… this is a one-piece; I’d be completely naked if anyone came by.” My heart went boing! to hear that, I had to clamp down on a smile of triumph.

“Couldn’t I just push the thing to one side?” I asked her earnestly.

“Yeah!” She gave my cock a last squeeze and stood up, putting her suntan stuff and all that back in her bag. I pulled on my sandals, asking her where she wanted to go. She told me behind the dune line in the tall stuff, and asked me to roll up the blanket and lug it along.

We walked along, scanning the treeline, then found a place and spread the blanket.

“Thanks, babe,” I told her, “You’re great to let me do this.”

“Do what?”

It took me a second, but I got it. “I’m gonna push the cloth away and kiss your pussy; I’m gonna lick it until you glow like a firefly! I’m gonna fuck you with my tongue! Fuck you with my fingers and suck your pussy until you can’t take any more!”

“Oh yeah!” she said. “Eat my pussy, babe, I’ll make it worth your while!”

“Let me kiss you first, you look very, very good.” We kissed and she got very wet. She pumped on my cock under my pants right away; that was Heather– she loved to do that. After a little while, I moved down.

“So pretty and smooth!” I kissed it. I kissed it again like a mouth, then french-kissed it, and she was whimpering already. This was going to be fun. I wanted to make her scream out loud, and I went right to work, doing everything I’d said I was going to do, with narration!

“Ahh, you taste so fine; I love the taste of your pussy; I want to lick you; I love watching your pussy get fucked!”

I didn’t have a condom, or I bet she’d have fucked. She pulled the top of the suit down to squeeze her tits, she pushed at my head, she was panting!

I carried on like it was our plan for me to eat her until Christmas right here on the dunes. I wasn’t going anywhere! She announced her comes, which was cool; by her count there were only two, but she told me to stop. I looked up.

“Just stop.” She opened her arms for a hug, with her tits still bare, and I slid up and took her in my arms. She told me I tasted like pussy, so I licked my lips to get a laugh.

We just cuddled a while, then she lay her head on my chest, having me lie flat. I toyed with her deep-brown hair.

“Let me get the bag,” I said, reaching out. “Is it gonna break anything in Anadolu Yakası Escort here if I use it as a pillow?”

“No, it’ll be fine… God, you were great! Nobody ever… You’re good at that!”

“Why, thank you, Miss.”

“How… are you sure you never ate a girl before?”

– – – – –

“She knew you were lying,” Nancy told him.

“I hadn’t lied, then, but I did.”

– – – – –

“None of the girls I went out with ever let me before,” I lied. And I’d had to pay attention, too. Some of the stuff Charlie liked really well made Heather pull away a little. She squirmed when I lapped her asshole, for example. But I was going to keep trying for that, because I had a plan to buttfuck little Heather. Often.

– – – – –

“Wait a minute,” Nancy broke in. “You lied to her?”

“I told you, I don’t talk about my girlfriends. I had no call to turn Charlie in! The only reason you’re getting this story is, you don’t have any names.”

“I see. Let’s swap around, I want to suck. Use your fingers, keep talking. This is a great story.”

– – – – –

“Rest a bit,” I said in a soothing tone, massaging her shoulder and her back, “then we can go again, if you want to. I can eat you forever.”

“Really? But you’re all hard!”

“Well sure. You can get me hard every time!” Her back was pretty tense, I figured she was scared to suck me. “But relax. This is nice, right here, and I’d love to lick you again.” I laughed. “I may be good, but I want to practice, practice, practice!”

She laughed a little, but she was still worried, I thought. I rubbed her back and spoke about nothing in particular, just talking.

“Hey, Heather, let me see your tits some more. Roll over, let me play with them.”

“Nope!” She sat up and put her arms through the straps again. She looked me square in the face. “Look, Sean. I want to do you now, but if you ever tell anybody I’ll hate you for ever and poison your coke, okay, so don’t.”

“Word of honor.”

“Okay.” She took a breath and let it out. Her head turned to regard the bulge at my crotch. She just hung there.

“Just start with kisses,” I suggested. “Take your time and get into it slow. You can’t really do anything wrong, except for biting. I’d help you, but I don’t know much about it!”

She said a wordless thank you with just a quick glance, then scooted down. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband, but she put her hand on mine to stop me, and did it herself, kissing down my belly as she went. Then the cock, really sticking up hard, popped loose and slapped her face, and she licked it, considered, licked more, checked my eyes, and sucked in the tip. She looked good like that.

She closed her eyes and slid down, came off and licked her lips. Then it was full tilt. She was good, strong, hot! I began to lose a lot of the control and patience; soon she had me gasping.

I could feel it coming, you know?

– – – – –

“How in the hell would I know?” Nancy retorted.

“Oh, yeah.”

– – – – –

Well, there’s a real open feeling in your head, like the world taking a deep breath. There’s a tickle right at the tip and an extra pull on the skin–

– – – – –

“Pull on the skin? Like this?”

“No, I guess the tickle and the pull are both because the head sorta flares, and that pulls more skin from the base of the cock. I just now realized that.”

– – – – –

So anyway, there’s the pull and a tingle down in deep at the root of the balls– quit laughing! Anyway, you can tell! You know it’s coming, but all I could say was something like, “Oh Jesus, Heather!”

It made her check my face. Her brows pulled together, she increased the pace.

“Watch out, my God!” I babbled, but she never lost a beat.

She ate it, coming back afterwards as more came out, to get that too. I opened my arms and we kissed a bit. I told her she tasted like cum, which made her open her eyes. Then she licked her lips the way I had done earlier, and we both laughed.

I suggested, “We’ll have to try sixty-nine next time.” She nodded. “Did you like it?” I asked her, although I knew the answer. I wanted her to admit it to herself.

“Did you?” she countered.

“Couldn’t you tell? It was the best. You’re the best!”

“Mmm.” She snuggled into the hollow of my shoulder. “Actually, I loved it,” she confessed in a low voice. “I want lots of practice, too. I can’t believe I wasted all that cum when I was jacking you off! I should have been eating it!”

– – – – –

“By me, she’s still a virgin,” Nancy said.

“Oh, we felt the same. But that was key, her sucking me, just the same,” Sean replied.

– – – – –

Our relationship with each other was loose and easy, so we talked a while, picked up and went back down on the real beach, and talked some more; and on the way out of there we stopped for a couple of burgers and a float and talked some more.

Heather and I confided in each other about anything at all. A boyfriend isn’t much use if you can’t talk with him; anyone will Pendik Escort fuck you, but a reliable confidant is a precious thing. I’m not going to tell you what she was saying either.

Heather liked active things to do, so we planned to climb Chick Hill Tuesday morning together. I told her to make sandwiches for the day pack, and I’d bring some rope and some ‘biners and we could do a short rappel on the north face once we got up there. She wanted to learn the knots, and I’d just bought some fabulous kern-mantle, more than enough for Chick Hill’s short drop. I had a thin quilt, too, for use as our bed.

I got her home by about four, and took a few condoms for the day pack Tuesday. Better to have them than not, I figured.

– – – – –

“Well, I guess. Could be bears or something; you want to be prepared, like a boy scout should.”

“You just keep sucking, I got a lot more story. Bears.”

– – – – –

We locked the bikes together around a tree and put everything in one pack. Heather approved of the quilt, which made me salivate. I now knew she was going to let me lick her again.

I loved following her up the trail, watching her ass in the shorts, but she got me to go first. I caught glimpses of her behind me, checking out my buns. Heather’s horny today, I reflected.

I made athletic moves before her on the trail, to turn her on; I was helpful with the slippery part. I stopped and complemented her; she looked so sweet and nice, she made me happy to be near her. I was thinking it anyway, but I said it to turn her on.

– – – – –

“You’re giving away all your best lies,” teased Nancy.

“Not lies at all. But I admit, telling her was a tactic all the way.”

– – – – –

We paused after the steep part, when there came a break in the trees and you could sit looking out a long way, and sipped companionably at our juice bottles, flashing glances at each other. I kissed her and stroked her cheek. I nuzzled her neck and touched her thighs. We put away the bottles and moved on again, another notch turned on.

We talked little and seldom, but loaded each glance with heat. A trio of guys passed us, going down, and we never saw another person on the hill all day. The smells of the woods were horny as always. I love that smell.

The trail comes to a shoulder on the southwest before circling and climbing to the crest at the top of the north rock face. Chick Hill is not a mountain hike, but a workout for a couple of hours, entirely non-serious. At the shoulder we stopped again and drank. Man. I love that lip thing, Nancy. Wo.

“I want to kick my shoes off for a few minutes,” she said.

“Let me lay the quilt out first, it’s flat here, and we can get barefoot without getting pitchy from the pine needles.”

“Good idea.” She hauled the quilt out, which wasn’t the way I’d planned it. Sure enough, the condoms spilled out and caught her eye. “What– oh my God, Sean, what were you thinking? Jesus!”

“Stay cool, Heather, I’m just being careful–“

“Fuck you! Let’s go back down right now! What the hell did you think I was gonna do, you perv!”

“Heather! Stop! You stop right now.” It worked. That blew my mind, I didn’t think it would. “We’ve started doing things and I wanted to be ready. I got these yesterday on the way home.

“I’m sorry to shock you, I meant to just keep them around without saying anything, but you found them.” I spread my hands. “But you’re the first person I ever thought I would want to use them with, and I wanted to be safe and careful. Please don’t get upset, we won’t do anything that would make you unhappy later.”

She still said nothing.

“Heather, you know me. I’m not a rapist or anything. I’ve never done this, and I may be doing it wrong, but I couldn’t just let things happen.” Still nothing. “It’s your turn now. Say something.”

“These are the first you ever had?”

“Yeah. It was weird asking for them– “

– – – – –

“Now this is a lie!” Nancy said. “Never done this!”

“Once I said the first one to protect Charlie, I was stuck with my story… it’s a small town, everyone knew I’d gone out with Charlie. Charlie broke up with me for no reason except she moved to Colorado. I had nothing against her.”

– – – – –

Anyway, “it was weird asking for them,” I lied, “but they give them away free and they were very matter-of-fact about them.”

“Jesus, Sean.” She puffed out air and sat down on the quilt. “I guess I should have thought it through a little. I guess I should be on the pill now. I’m not, you know.”

“No, of course I–“

“I’ve been pretty, well, blithe, I guess. I didn’t let myself think about it.” She unlaced her boots, and removed them while she talked. I’m sorry, I guess I should be saying thank you. I’ll go to the Parenthood people too, right off, and see if I can get the pill from them. It’s stupid not to, even if we never do it. I don’t know why I didn’t face it.”

I sat down and undid my boots too, and listened respectfully as she talked. We stripped off our socks and Kurtköy Escort opened our shirts to the breeze, sitting barefoot on the quilt, fifty feet from the main trail on a lichen covered rock with a view out over the ponds and woods.

You can see the main road from there with trucks the size of grasshoppers winding along it. The sunlight fell on us in patches through the beech leaves and pine branches. “Thanks for understanding, Heather,” I said, or something lame like that.

“Can I see those?”

“Sure, here.”

She took one and looked it over. “Do you know how to use them?”

“Yep. I thought I already did, but the woman in the Planned Parenthood gave me the quick course anyhow. You wanna hear how it goes?”

She did, so I laid it out for her like the woman in the office had done. She looked at it a while longer and then handed it back to me. I was feeling like the gradually built sensuous charge of the climb had been shot in the ass; I figured I was back to someplace near the bottom, but she flashed me a smirk then, and reached an arm over my shoulder. We kissed and she seemed pretty well there for it.

I saluted her neck and touched her thighs, and she was actually writhing a little. I bent down and kissed her thighs then, stroking them with fingertips, kissing and nibbling with my lips. She played her hands over my shoulder and the back of my head. I nuzzled into the crotch of the cotton shorts. I kissed her there before returning to her thighs, then came up for her mouth again. The woodsy smells seemed to help set the rutting mood.

She wanted to try the sixty-nine we’d promised ourselves on the dunes behind the beach. Her nipples were up, she clutched my cock and slid the skin on it a little painfully while I took her shorts and panties off. She waited for me to start kissing her pussy before she’d put her lips on it, though.

– – – – –

“Well you lie all the time, it’s no wonder she waited!”

“Yeah, yeah. Why do I tell you anything?”

– – – – –

I licked and kissed her, then pushed fingers deep inside. I was sucking when suddenly her hot mouth took me halfway in and her tongue swirled around it. I let her know how good it was, calling– her name. Then, plunging in, suckling her clit, I encouraged her to abandon it to me.

“Give me this cunt, I want to lick it!”

“Oh!” she said, and sucked me deep.

“Open it for me, I can taste it, give it to me,” I went on. She loved the talk and sucked me more, but I had to tell her to ease up, she was sucking too hard. No, not you. That’s exactly right…

She took two loads in her mouth and I believe I gave her two, because after my second one I turned about and just got between her legs and licked her until she had me stop. I licked her anus a lot and worked it with my fingers. Thinking about sliding it into her ass got me hard again. When she had me stop– her second come– I stood and took her head in one palm, guiding her mouth to me.

“Open your mouth! And suck me! I’m going to fuck your hot mouth and give you more cum!” I kept up a stream of dirty talk. “You love the taste of cum, don’t you? Lick it underneath, push your nose into the hair! Smell it! Yeah, lick my balls, rub them on your face! Oh yes, now open, and suck…” I talked and fucked her sweet face, coming a third time onto her tongue and having her kiss me with cum in her mouth. Then we rested, stroking each other.

“That was wonderful, Sean. How did you learn that?”

“You taught me that, I know you love it when I talk.”

“I mean eating me.”

“You taught me that, too.” Stop it, Nancy– she did; it’s a feedback system, you learn how again from each new woman.

We got dressed and went to the very top of Chick Hill, only another eighty yards once you hit the shoulder. From there you can see quite a length of the river, or, actually, if you can identify them, you see several towns along it, so that you can tell where it is, even if the water is mostly invisible. A good view, but not tall. We saw a king snake and some birds, even a hunting eagle, and on the way down a rabbit.

On our bikes as we neared her place, she stopped me for a long kiss. Heather had an announcement.

“I want to wait until the pill but after that, I want to try it for real, Sean. I’ve been frustrated and waiting, too. But I feel like I can trust you. Okay?”

“I can wait. You’re so sweet. It’ll be fabulous.”

We didn’t just go different directions so simply, but eventually I was biking home, half hard, thinking lustfully about having my virgin girlfriend in a month or so.

I had a date with Heather and her best friend Judy and Judy’s boyfriend Doug Mattson. So like it’s that date now. Here’s the anal thing.

“I’ve got them, and I have to be on them a month, but then–!” Heather was excited, and I let her know I was, too.

“Plus,” she said, “I got some condoms while I was there. Guess why!”

“I think I get it,” I replied, “This is fantastic, are you sure?” I searched her face.

She squeezed my bicep and leaned on my shoulder a second. Looking up, she asked, “You want to do it?”

“Yeah! Are you free tomorrow morning?”

“Well, yes, I guess I am. I’m supposed to watch the baby for about four hours and I was going to work on my French. But if you come over, why, I’ll work on my Greek!”