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The drive to my house was so fast it almost seemed like a dream. The events of the last couple of hours replayed through my mind over and over; an erotic film playing in the theatre of my mind. Time and again I watched Nikki strip for me, tempt me, seduce me, awaken a sexual animal in me. And now I was going to finally feel her body envelop me. I didn’t care what I needed to do to make this happen. All I cared about was feeling that supple, curvy body pressed against me, riding me, taking me in; satisfying every lustful desire that was rocketing through my brain.

Nikki was following behind me in her car, having no trouble keeping up as I drove down the winding roads to the house I shared with my ice princess trophy wife. I think what drove me so wild about Nikki was that Nikki was everything my wife was not. I looked back into the rear view mirror to see the enticing sight that was pulling in behind me as I parked in the driveway. Nikki had shed the sweater as soon as we left the office, leaving her wearing just a thin red camisole. Although I couldn’t see clearly enough in the mirror, I was almost certain that her nipples were hard and poking through the thin material. She got out of the car and leaned over to adjust her tight, form fitting skirt. Her breasts practically spilled out of her cami as she pulled on the fabric hugging her hips and thighs. She then stood up and slowly adjusted her prodigious bust, squeezing them together as she licked her lips, knowing that I was enjoying the show in my rear view mirror.

Nikki stood by the driver’s side door as I got out of the car. She looked up into my eyes and I could see the fiery passion smoldering behind them. I could feel my shaft swelling from just being so close to her, hearing her breathing as she stepped closer to me. Finally, she looked at the house and started to walk toward the door. I hurried along to the door and unlocked it just as she reached it. She looked at me and smiled. “Thank you.”

As soon as I closed the door, Nikki grabbed me and tuzla escort pushed me against the door, her desire getting the better of her as we groped each other, yearning for each other’s touch. Her tongue slipped between my lips and toyed with mine as I reached beneath her hemline and slid the tight skirt up over her ass, revealing her garter belt and a tiny pair of panties. I luxuriated in the feel of the satin under my fingers as I pulled her against me, my swollen shaft grinding against her clit through my slacks and her panties. I could feel her body trembling against me as I looked down, her breasts shuddering in her skimpy camisole. She broke away from our embrace and looked at me with unadulterated desire in her eyes. “Remember our agreement. I will fuck you senseless, but only in your bed where you’ve been denied what you really need.” She licked her lips as she spoke to me, her desire clearly visible. “Where is your bedroom?”

I hurriedly led the way up the stairs, barely able to walk due to the throbbing erection that I was currently sporting. Finally, we reached the bedroom. A black satin bedspread lay on the mattress, a few pillows at the head of the bed. I walked in, holding Nikki’s hand and leading her to the bed. She turned to face me and, without saying a word, unzipped her skirt; bending over to guide it to the floor, her breasts finally spilling free of her camisole as she stood up, her nipples perfectly erect as only the very bottom still remained inside the silky material. She pinched them as she eyed me, loving the sight of my cock swollen and throbbing against my slacks, precum beginning to seep through the fabric as I stared at her in sexually charged disbelief.

“You’ve given me what I want. Now you can take what you want.” Without hesitation I moved toward her and began to suck and lick those delicious breasts that I had only dreamt of before. Her flesh tasted sweet in my mouth with just a hint of saltiness from the sweat that had been produced during our earlier encounter by the door. We fell tuzla escort bayan to the bed and rolled around like inexperienced teenagers, our hands exploring each other’s bodies as we gave in to our basest instincts and desires. I moaned lustfully every time her hand or thigh rubbed in between my legs until finally she could take it no more and quickly undid my belt and zipper. I shrugged my slacks off as I continue to kiss her soft and pouting lips, my tongue exploring her mouth as I struggled with my briefs until I finally gave up and tore them from my body, my cock rigid and aching for release and satisfaction.

Nikki pulled herself away from me and licked her lips, clearly enjoying the sight before her. Even though her panties were black, it was obvious from the darker color of the wet spot that she had been aching for release as well. She pulled the camisole over her head, her breasts bouncing as she completely revealed them. She then bent over and slipped her stockings off, quickly followed by her garter and panties. She stood before me completely nude, her pussy dripping wet, her nipples swollen and sensitive. “Is this what you’ve been wanting? Is this what you’ve been staring at?”

I nodded quickly, almost unable to speak. “Yes, please, fuck me. Give me what I need. Give me my fantasy.” She needed no further encouragement as she practically leapt for the bed. She straddled me and positioned her pussy lips just over my swollen shaft, waiting for a moment, luxuriating in the feel of pure desire that now filled the room. Then, just as suddenly, she threw her head back and impaled herself on my shaft, both of us practically screaming at the feel of our bodies becoming one. I thrust up to meet her, over and over again. My groin ground against her as I reached and felt what I had been fantasizing about for so long.

Her tits felt amazing in my hands. Heavy, pendulous, it felt like bolts of desire were shooting through me as I rolled her nipples between my fingers. She moaned softly as I pinched them, escort tuzla continuing to thrust upward as she rode me, each movement making her breasts shake in my hands. I moaned in spite of myself, giving in to her raw sexuality in a way that I hadn’t in many years. This wasn’t the mere satisfaction of a need. This was the fulfillment of a deep and abiding desire; a desire that was awoken in me anew every time I ogled her lustful and sexually charged body.

Nikki moaned even more loudly now, her thrusts more insistent as I could feel her pussy beginning to clutch at me. Then, all of a sudden, she stopped. She pressed her body against me, hard, pushing me down into the mattress. I pushed back up, my cock throbbing in her pussy, trying to figure out what she was doing. She looked down at me, the sexual fire in her eyes burning through me. She clenched her pussy around my shaft again and again, each time making my body shudder as my eyes rolled into the back of my head from ecstasy. In return, I flexed my muscles, my cock shifting and shuddering within her, the head of my cock rubbing against her g spot as she struggled not to scream out and give in. As each second passed it seemed like an hour, our desire growing as we tried to restrain ourselves.

Finally, she clenched as I flexed at the exact same moment and we could no longer contain our desire. I thrust upward powerfully, causing her to moan loudly and start riding me harder and faster than before. We began to fuck wildly, erratically, losing all sense of rhythm, just grinding and plunging, aching for release. I began to moan loudly and beg for release as I felt her pussy tighten around me. Her body tensed as a wave of orgasms flooded through her body. I couldn’t bear it anymore. “Nikki! Nikki! Oh fuck, Nikki! Yes, yes!” Then suddenly, I screamed, a primal scream that revealed the animalistic nature of my lust. Hot sticky cum shot out of me and filled her tight and clenching pussy, dripping out of her and down her thigh. She flexed her muscles and drew every last drop out of me. I licked my lips and collapsed back on the bed, completely spent. She looked at me with an air of satisfaction. Then, finally, the scene was broken with the sound of the bedroom door opening slowly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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