Secrets of Beta Beta Beta


NOTE: This is for adults, but you knew that.

Josh walked into the auditorium, a little intimidated. Here it was, his first day at college–and his first class was so big, it met in the school theatre! So many freshman and sophomores took Introduction to Psychology that Josh had to walk upstairs to the balcony to find a seat.

He settled himself into a chair in the first row of the balcony, so he could get a good look at every female student on the theatre’s main floor. It was time for a fresh start, he thought. Last year… senior year of high school? He’d started fooling around with a beautiful round-faced and round-bodied girl named Adele. She the kind of light brown hair that some girls insist on calling dark blonde, cut in a short, Katie Couric-style bob… big full lips that kissed wonderfully, and looked as if they could do so much more… and a plush round body, topped by two of the biggest and softest breasts Josh had ever seen in his life. Probably the biggest he’d seen. DEFINITELY the biggest he’d ever FELT.

Josh started grinning from ear to ear at the very memory of Adele, and the knowing way she showed off her cleavage…especially to boys that she knew would appreciate it. And Josh appreciated it. A lot! Josh and Adele had some hot makeout sessions at parties. She loved to tongue-kiss, and always sighed with pleasure whenever Josh caressed the rounded outsides of her breasts, and even when he poked his fingers into her cleavage.

Problem was, the other guys. The next day, one of Josh’s best friends said, “Jesus, what were you doing with that fat pig? You could do better.”

Better? What could be better? Josh never thought of Adele as fat. She was full-figured, healthy, robust, and sexy. But that comment got him to thinking. Maybe Adele WAS a little… hefty. Full-bodied. Oh, hell, by some standards, she was fat! But those WEREN’T Josh’s standards. He liked her–especially her boobs. Despite Adele’s overall girth, she was so terrifically top heavy that whenever she walked into a room, every guy–whether he admitted it or not–said “Shit! Will you LOOK at those TITS?” With boobs like that, what’s a little fat between friends? But you tend to see things differently in high school. What your friends think matters to you. The shrinks call it “peer pressure”.

Right now, Josh called it “stupid”. Incredibly, unbelievably, ridiculously stupid!

After that, Josh stopped seeing Adele. He didn’t even have the gumption to break up with her. He just stopped talking to her. Even LOOKING at her. He could see in her eyes that she was hurt. But right or wrong, that’s what he did.

NOW, here at the big-city university, he could start fresh! Not only was he away from the judgmental eyes of his buddies… he was in the presence of a plethora of female flesh of all shapes and sizes. Especially the sizes he liked best. Big all around, but with enormous, point-out-at-you breasts. Breasts that had a mind of their own. Breasts that seemed to behave independently of the big, confident women who wore them.

Breasts that he’d give his right testicle to touch.

From his perch in the balcony, he saw them. He knew, even though the women attached to them had her back to him. These medicine balls were so large and lovely, Josh had no trouble detecting their presence on either side of the girl’s body FROM BEHIND. When she turned to take her seat, Josh was struck dumb by the sight of her in profile. The laws of gravity seemed to have been repealed for those breasts to be held aloft like that–and to lead their owner wherever THEY wanted her to go. Josh forced himself from their rhythmic bouncings to glance at the girl’s face. She had long, dark-brown curls that framed her angelic, always-smiling face. Her cheeks gave a hint of the extra heft she carried, and her broad smile forced her brown eyes into almost Asian-looking slits. Her smile showed glittering white teeth, with just a hint of the overbite Josh always found sexy. She wore slacks that were so tight, Josh wondered if they might be dancer’s tights, and a leotard top that exposed the soft, plush surface area that comprised the tops of her breasts. Barely hanging from her shoulders was a man’s-style short-sleeve print shirt that left no doubt that this girl wanted all male eyes to focus on the luxurious real estate she was showing off up front! Her middle was round and soft, and although not a wasp-waist, it provided just enough dramatic contrast from her flaring hips and enormous tits. Unlike many larger women, this girl knew that what she had was what a lot of fellows like–so she carried it around on high heels that kept it all in constant and appetizing motion.

Josh grabbed his book-bag and made his way down to the first floor. He had to find some way to sit closer to… to be in the presence of… to maybe TALK TO all that!

A combination of adrenaline and blood rushing toward his cock gave Josh a confidence he’d never known. He elbowed his way into the row where the girl was sitting and plopped himself down beside her. Up close, she was even more intoxicating. She smelled of an exotic perfume, and Josh was sure that doeda the scent was emanating from her proudly exposed cleavage. She turned and smiled at him. When she caught him looking down her shirt, she giggled–not unkindly–and drew in her breath in order to push her chest out. Josh was sure that spittle was forming at the sides of his mouth, and was threatening to spill out any second. He audibly slurped it in and spoke.

“Hi,” he said, extending his hand. “I’m Josh.”

She shook his hand firmly. “My name’s Lynn,” she said. Josh was transfixed at the way the movement of her arm shaking his hand set those lush breasts in motion.

The professor took to the podium and began his lecture. Josh tore his eyes from their task of gazing into Lynn’s and turned toward the stage. In less than forty seconds, he felt Lynn’s hand on his thigh. On the innermost part of the uppermost part of his thigh.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said in a sexy whisper, “and go to my house.” A soft yet pointed tongue swirled around Josh’s outer ear. He tried not to jump up and whoop.

The two students did their best to unobtrusively worm their way to the back of the auditorium and sneak out. As they exited, Josh found himself hanging back a few steps in order to watch her lovely behind undulating with every step. She called to him, coquettishly. “Come next to me. The view’s better down my shirt!”

Josh ran to her side, grinning from ear to ear. “Are you new here?” Lynn asked.

“Yes,” said Josh. “A freshman.”

“New blood,” smiled Lynn, putting particular emphasis on the word ‘blood’ as she lowered her eyes toward his crotch.

“You like girls like me,” said Lynn, in a way that made Josh wonder if it was a statement or a question.

“I like you,” he answered.

“I could tell,” she giggled. “Then I know you’ll love my sisters. And they’ll like you.”

“Sisters?” said Josh, confused.

“Sorority sisters,” explained Lynn. “I belong to a very special sorority–and I want you to meet everybody!”

“Oh, I kinda hoped it would be just you and me,” moaned Josh.

“This is better,” said Lynn. “I should tell you–this isn’t like any other sorority house. It’s underground.”

“Underground?” said Josh. “You mean it’s–like, not part of the Greek system? It’s unofficial?”

“Oh, no, nothing like that,” said Lynn, turning her delightful upper body toward Josh. “I just mean it’s–underground!” She motioned to a staircase whose entrance rose from the concrete and opened the door. “Here, let me get a few steps ahead of you,” suggested Lynn. “That way you can watch ’em bounce the whole way down!”

He liked the way this girl thought. They proceeded down the staircase until they came to another door labeled “BBB”. Lynn hurried inside. Josh chased after her, shutting the door behind him.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” said an unfamiliar voice.

Josh turned. Lynn was nowhere in sight. A woman in her late thirties or early forties was smiling at him. She had strawberry blonde hair, a sprinkling of freckles, a friendly smile… and a lush build very much like Lynn’s. She wore boots, white slacks and a white fringed vest–without the usual accompanying blouse. The way it was buttoned, her oversized breasts bulged over the vest at the tops and sides…even the bottom! For some reason, she had a white cowboy hat pushed back on her head. She took a step toward Josh, anticipating his question. “Lynn will be back. I have a few questions for you first…Josh, is it?” Her manner was not threatening… it was gracious… even welcoming.

Josh blinked. “Yes, Josh. Who are you?” he asked.

“No, not now,” said the rounded strawberry blonde. “You have to answer these questions first.”

“Wait a minute, I–” Josh started to protest. The older woman strode toward him and pushed him into a chair, surrounding his youthful face with her experienced and enormous breasts. He stopped.

She smiled. “First of all!” she chirped. “Here are two pictures. Don’t say anything. I want to observe your reactions.” Josh nodded.

The woman showed him a provocatively dressed fashion model. Sleek, thin… and flat as a board. Josh just looked, as he’d been instructed. The cheerful woman in the cowboy hat lowered her eyes, just as Lynn had done… and smiled. She flipped over to another photo. This one showed a full-bodied young girl with round hips and prominent breasts, wearing tight jeans and an abbreviated halter. Josh smiled, almost imperceptibly. So did the woman, when she saw the stirring between his legs.

“Excellent,” she said, and then she laid the two photographs on the table and added another. From her three-ring binder, she added a photo of a typical, “slim and stacked”, silicone-enhanced stripper.

Josh scanned all three. Without even waiting for instructions, he went right past the slim girl with the improbably bloated chest, and instead picked up the photo of the pleasingly plump young thing, who by now he was sure was deliberately tempting him with her good-enough-to-eat boobs.

“Exactly,” said the older woman, eagerly scribbling notes. “One more picture. eş değiştirmeli porno No words. Just reactions. I’ll put these away so you’re not distracted.” Josh didn’t want to give up the photo he was getting a closer look at, but the woman dressed in the wild, wild west motif insisted.

“Here!” she said, pulling another photo from her binder and plopping it down on the table.

This showed a broad-beamed platinum blonde with her back to the camera. She was kneeling, totally naked, and her head was turned partway toward the camera…seemingly to observe Josh’s reactions from the Kodak paper. On either side of her head… were her breasts. She was lifting them skyward, and pushing them back, as if to offer them to a lover standing behind her. Their size was so colossal, this maneuver was easy for her. Her nipples were so pink and pointed, they only added to the illusion of reaching out to the viewer… in this case, to Josh. Josh reached for his crotch without even thinking. He was touching, fingering, rubbing… he couldn’t keep his hands off himself after seeing this incredibly provocative pose by this extraordinarily-built young woman.

“Perfect!” proclaimed the substantial strawberry blonde in the cowboy hat. “Welcome. I’m the housemother here, and you are just what we need here at Beta Beta Beta.” She offered her hand in welcome and congratulations.

Josh reluctantly interrupted his digital stimulation to shake the suddenly even more friendly woman’s hand. “Beta Beta Beta? BBB, huh? What’s that stand for?” he wanted to know.

“Big, AND Big Breasted,” explained the housemother, adjusting her vest so that her cleavage spilled over even more to illustrate her point. Josh grinned. “My favorite kind,” he said, and the housemother nodded. “We know. I’m Elsie.”

Josh snickered. “Elsie?” Josh kind of snorted. “Forgive me. But…the name, and the cowgirl kind of outfit… it just makes me think of…”

Elsie strode toward him, bouncing her delicious breasts with every step. She stopped when their size and heft practically trapped Josh’s face between them. “Elsie the cow, right?” she challenged. “From the milk cartons?”

Josh’s answer was muffled by fringed vest and breast flesh. “Um-hm.”

Slowly Elsie smiled in triumph. “Well, then,” she said, lifting his face from its fragrant and fleshy resting place….


Josh waited about one-fourteenth of a second before he began enthusiastically covering the considerable surface area of Elsie’s boobs with his mouth and tongue. “You’ll get to ‘ride ’em’ later, cowboy,” chided Elsie, stepping back. “Let me tell you a little more about Beta Beta Beta.”

“Okay,” said Josh, with a small moan of horny disappointment.

“The Big and Big Breasted Sorority was founded by my mother,” explained Elsie, showing Josh a picture of the top heavy matriarch. She wore a short miniskirt and a painfully tight fuzzy sweater that showed off her monstrous boobs to great advantage. “That’s her. Yes, SHE was built like a brick shithouse, too,” laughed Elsie, reading Josh’s thoughts. “But she was shunned by boys and girls alike during her college days. It was another of the times that society thought thin was in.”

“Well, we know better!” called Josh.

“A few of you do,” agreed Elsie. “That’s why we send girls like Lynn out at the beginning of every school year. As bait. She finds guys like you and I screen ’em. You passed, of course. With flying colors!”

“I’m glad,” said Josh.

“When Mother died, she left a fund for this sorority house. She said big girls have just as much right to a good education as anyone. And they have even more right to lots of sex. Since most boys think of them as fat, they walk around hornier than you could possibly imagine. Who can study in a state like that?”

“And is this where I fit in?” asked Josh, fingering his crotch once again.

“Yes, it is,” said Elsie. “Give me your pants. That’s one of the house rules. Boys must surrender their pants to me when they enter, and come to me for them when they head back out.”

“Fine by me,” said Josh, peeling off his jeans.

“Oh, I think Lynn and I did very well,” said Elsie warmly as Josh revealed his package. “Lynn will take you around in a minute. There’s one more thing I need your word on, Josh.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“My girls don’t have time for silly schoolgirl romances,” she said, soberly. “What they need is lots of raw, uninhibited sex. Can you do that for my girls?”

Josh was thunderstruck. He wondered if saliva was running down his chin. He couldn’t speak. He just nodded a silent ‘yes’.

“Splendid!” laughed Elsie, as she lifted her left breast from her vest to let Josh have a little nipple-taste. “That’s an appetizer. I’ll see YOU later. Here’s Lynn.”

The watermelon-breasted and almond-eyed Lynn came back into the room. Her eyes widened when she checked out Josh below the waist. “Nice, isn’t it?” asked Elsie, picking up Josh’s jeans and leaving the room. “Have fun.”

“I’m glad you passed,” said Lynn pleasantly, once Elsie was gone.

“Uh, genç porno yeah,” said Josh. “Me, too! Are we going to your room now?”

“No,” said Lynn, leading Josh out of the stark receiving room. “You’ll get used to some of our house rules. We don’t go to our rooms, because we like to share!”

Josh realized that they were carrying on the entire conversation without looking each other in the eye. Josh focused on Lynn’s enticing cleavage and bouncing boob-tops, and Lynn never once looked away from Josh’s rapidly hardening cock.

“C’mon,” she said, with a wicked smile. She reached out her hand to indicate where they were going. She nearly grabbed the head of his cock to lead the way, but at the last minute her hand dropped away absent-mindedly. Josh eagerly walked beside her through the hallways. “Umm–do we do what you what?” Josh wanted to know. “Or what I want?”

“Never mind that,” said Lynn, leading him into a plush carpeted lounge. It was the kind of room that usually centered around a TV, but there was none here. “Just do what comes naturally, and we’ll be fine.” Lynn sat down facing Josh while he remained standing. This put his bouncing cock in between her chin and her protruding boobs. Lynn looked up. “Just where does it want to go just now?” she teased.

“My god…it’s seeing that yummy space between your titties that you’re showing off in that tight top,” he said, slowly and deliberately, “and it’s just wondering if there’s room in there between them.”

“So, let’s find out!” chirped Lynn, and she grabbed Josh’s cock head and began wedging it into her cleavage. Josh started hunching his hips as Lynn reached for her boobs with both hands to caress his cock. “You know, this is going to stain that leotard something awful,” Josh muttered. Lynn smiled. “I like to think of it as decoration,” she whispered, licking her lips.

A fresh-faced and full-bodied black girl poked her head into the lounge. “Lynn! You found one?” she asked, with moist excitement in her voice.

“I sure did,” said Lynn, grunting a bit as she used her lush assets to massage her man’s cock. “Josh, this is Katarina–we call her Kat.”

“Hi, Kat,” said Josh. She walked all the way into the room. She had that same solid but tit-dominated build. The kind of girl the term “broad” was invented for! Well, BBB, he figured. Big and Big Breasted, like Elsie had said. Kat wore the thinnest of white t-shirts, held up by thin straps. Those straps were working pretty hard to hold in her tits, which were capped by prominent dark-brown nipples. The way they contrasted with the more coffee-and-cream shade of the rest of the breasts could be seen easily through the fabric. “Ooh! Tit-fucking,” exclaimed Kat, almost making Josh come with her use of the word. “I’m next,” she said as she began fingering those nipples to almost painful hardness.

“I don’t know, Kat,” said Lynn, shaking her head. “He feels like he’s gonna last a pretty damn long time in there!”

“That’s okay, I can warm up,” she said, pulling a long hard rubber faux cock out of her lower regions. Josh hadn’t noticed until that moment that Kat was wearing only her thin top and pair of high heels. She was as bottomless as he was! Comely Kat took the slick sex toy and prodded her own dusky cleavage just the way Josh was doing Lynn’s.

The casually horny atmosphere proved too much for Josh. He knew he was about to climax. “Whoa! Here it comes,” he warned. Lynn just leaned forward in anticipation. His blasts soaked her black leotard to a shiny finish. He pulled his long, still-hard cock out of Lynn’s confining cleavage. Kat and Lynn both looked hungrily at a string of gooey come making its way from the end of Josh’s cock to the place Lynn’s two friendly boobs squashed themselves together. Kat finally reached over and directed the excess into her mouth with her index finger. She passed her dildo on to Lynn and moved into place in Lynn’s chair. Josh smiled and lowered his cock into the next girl’s cleavage. “Ready to ruin your top?” he asked. Kat looked him in the eye and growled. “I am so ready, baby!”

Josh started humping into Kat’s shirt as she cheered him on. Where Lynn had been mostly smiling and silent, Kat was vociferous and vocal. “Look at that!” she gushed. “It practically gets lost in there!” Kat pushed her luxurious breasts more tightly around Josh’s cock. “It does,” agreed Lynn, watching intently, “and it’s not like his cock is exactly small, either!” Lynn shot Josh a wink. “Go, baby, go,” called Kat. “Wanna come in between ’em, or maybe pull out and spray the tops?” she asked, hospitably.

“Yeah, spray,” huffed Josh. “I’ll lick Kat’s cans clean!” Lynn announced, cheerfully.

All at once, Josh yanked his engorged cock from the pleasure prison of Kat’s cleavage. He waved it about, and anointed the black girl with a white-hot load all over her bronze breasts. True to her word, Lynn licked off every drop, wiping her chin. Josh stepped back, surveying his two full-figured partners. Lynn’s shirt was soaked with his spew, and Kat was rubbing a few sticky remnants of his come into the silky brown surface of her exposed breasts. Seeing the wet results of his horniness all over the girls’ tits made his cock stand right up all over again. Lynn and Kat turned their eyes away from each others’ bustlines to survey Josh’s cock, bouncing enthusiastically and stabbing at the air once more. They shared a mischievous look.