Seducing the Neighbor Girl Ch. 02


The day after my shower with Paige I went to work and my head was not right at all. Part of my distraction was the realization that I had a gorgeous new girlfriend. Mostly though, it was the fact that my girlfriend was a high school girl. Should I bail out now before this ship ran aground? I did not want to and that was the rub. I actually wanted a relationship with her, not just to fuck around. The age gap would not mean much in ten years but right now it was bigger than the Grand Canyon. 18 to 25 is a huge jump. Was she expecting me to give her my class ring? Is that what the shirts meant? Fuck me.

Brad came by to distract me in my office cube.

“Paul, what happen between you Reba? Heidi says she is pining for you worse than ever.”

“Really I thought I rejected her and I wasn’t nice about it.”

“How so? I think she wants to date you now.”

“I shut her out hard for not being…” I almost said ‘For not being like Paige’. For not turning me on the way Paige did. For not being as sexy as Paige.

“Being what?”

“For not being someone I could fall in love with.”

“You think too much. What’s so bad about hooking up and seeing where it goes? It worked for Heidi. She got me.” Brad was grinning. Good for him. “What did you two do after the club? She seems to be stuck on you.”

“Ask Reba. Fuck if I know.”

“Reba wouldn’t say.”

“How’s Heidi?” I just wanted to get the conversation off Reba.

“Good. Have you called Reba lately?”


“She wants another go around.”

“I’m okay. Thanks.”

“Just a heads up. She says she is going to call you. She has something special planned to impress you.”

“I’m really not interested.” Brad cocked up an eyebrow. “I just don’t like her this much. Better to end it now, before someone gets hurt.” like Paige.

“Your loss, but you should really stop thinking so much.”


The rest of the week went well. I successfully dodged Reba. I talked to Paige on the phone just before bed the nights she did not stop by. She stopped by the back door fully clothed Tuesday and Wednesday just to hang out, eat dinner, feel each other up, play video games and chat for a bit. We kissed deeply when she arrived and left. We were enjoying each other’s company.

Wednesday I asked. “Have you lost interest in your tan?”

“Well, I have a confession.” She looked down very embarrassed. She reiterated, “There’s something I need to tell you.” she paused again. What kind of grand secret was she going to unveil? It was all very dramatic. “I hate to sunbath.”

I roared in laughter.

“It’s not funny; I was torturing myself for you. I just wanted to come over and it seemed like a good way to get your attention.”

I couldn’t stop chortling, so I tried to mask it as fake crying and feigned depression, “No more ‘booby shows’?” I stuck out my bottom lip in a pout to further express my deep sadness.

“I never said that. You’re such a baby” she lifted her shirt and showed me her bra encased ‘girls’. “There, happy?”

“They üvey kız kardeş porno were less captive last I remember. Happy and roaming free.”

Off went her shirt and she threw her bra at me. This time she seemed very comfortable with my looking. “Ahem” she reached across the table and pull at my sleeve. I took my shirt off too. I led her to the sofa where we sat stoking each other’s chests kissing. Later she went home after a long kiss goodnight or two or maybe thirty.

Before she left we made special dinner date plans for Friday. Her parents would be away all weekend so there would be plenty of time to get ourselves into trouble.

On Friday Paige arrived while I was still cooking. She was gorgeous in a striking way. Her little black dress showed lots of cleavage, black shear stockings, six inch black heels. But what had me most shocked was her hair. She had cut it shorter into a bob style. Before she had been a perky ponytailed high school girl, now she was a strikingly beautiful brunette woman.

She smiled unsure. “Do you like?”

I stood with my mouth hanging open, trying unsuccessfully to find my words.

“That bad?” But she was smiling at the effect she was having on me.

“So bad I’m going to tear your dress off and ravage you. I love your hair.”

Having made the entrance she desired, Paige turned and silently went to work helping to make the room ready for dining. I started to put the food on plates.

While she was setting the table the phone rang, but I let it go to voicemail. It was Reba, for the hundredth time. “Hey baby, it’s Reba. I wanted to see if I could come over. You know, just a friendly visit. I’m wearing extra mascara for you to ruin… Call me.”

Paige was iced over and hot enough to blow like Vesuvius all at once. I walked up from behind, wrapped my arms around her, and reassured, “I will never, ever call her back.”

“If I ever see that cock sucking cum dumpster over here I swear I will stab her in the eyes.” Paige turned and looked at me. “And you! Aww! I’m so mad at you for touching that ugly, syphilitic whore, tart, skank, troll…”

I kissed Paige to shut her up. She tried to push me away but I stayed lip locked. After a minute she stopped trying to escape my lips.

When we parted I said, “You’re so cute when you cuss.”

“Fuck you.” She said cutely. She poked me hard in the chest with her finger. “You are still in big trouble mister. You are way out on thin ice right now. I think a spanking may be required later.”

“I get to spank you?”

“Be careful or you’ll wake up tied to the bed.”

I went back to finish plating our meal. Then we sat down next to each other to eat.

“This is sooo good.” She seemed surprised again.

“It is not that good.”

“Yes it is.”

We ate in silence. Then while we cleared the table, she asked out of nowhere “How do you ruin a girl’s mascara?”

“Make her cry. I don’t know. What are you talking about?” Where xnxx porno did this come from?

“I’m asking YOU how YOU ruined that cock sucking whore’s mascara.”

“I have noticed that you seem to be very fixated on her performing fellatio. Are you always going to be this jealous?”

Paige started to tear up, “It’s just that I’m pissed that she got to you first. You were the first one to give me an orgasm, the first to eat me out and you received my first blow job. But for you there was like an army of blow job queens in there ahead of me.” Her tears were flowing now. “I’m just the next girl queued up on her knees.”

“Are you a virgin?”

“No, but still.”

“Listen it was hardly an army. You are overestimating my history by a wide margin. Besides there are a lot of other things you can be my first doing. You are my first high school girl.”

“Lame. What else is on the menu of Mr. D firsts for me to choose from?” She sniffled.

“You are my first squirter.” I tried.

“I’m still embarrassed. I don’t know how to feel about that yet.” She had stopped crying.

“Titty fuck.”

“Oh, I’ve done that one. I have one up on you.” She seemed happier, but the thought of some high school loser with his little prick between her tits pissed me off. I kind of understood where this whole Reba obsession was coming from.

“I haven’t done anal.” I offered hopefully.

“And it’s going to stay that way.”

“The first girl I am going to sleep with that I’m falling madly for?” I confessed.

Paige stared at me blankly for a long moment. Had I said too much? Finally she said, “God, you’re a sap.” She stood up, grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the bedroom.

“Where are you taking me?” I grinned like a nerd about to get laid, because I was.

“I am going to cross that one off your list. It was so horrible that I don’t want to take a chance that you say it again.”


“Shut up and kiss me before you ruin the moment beyond repair.”

I kissed her hard but she broke the kiss. She pulled urgently at my clothes. I helped her remove them. For the first time I was naked while she was still fully clothed. She stepped in and grabbed my hard on. She stood on tip toe to kiss me.

I put my arms around her and told her “You are overdressed.”

“Not for this.” She sat on the bed and pulled me towards her.

She immediately went to work sucking on me. She used the same technique as last time. Alternating between bobbing her head on the top half and sucking while she pumped. She was very enthusiastic. It was quite good for anyone let alone someone of her rookie status. She used her other hand to play with my balls.

My view was excellent. Her tits looked great in her dress. She looked so elegant with her dark hair. It added to the effect while I watched her mouth working me.

Pretty soon I was ready to cum so I warned her. She kept sucking but looked up into my eyes. Then the most erotic thing happened. I came in her mouth while zenci porno looking in her eyes. It was so intense. So exciting. So wonderful. I was in love.

After she finished swallowing my large load and licking up the residue Paige stood up and spun her back towards me. “Unzip me.”

I ran the zipper down and pushed the dress straps off her shoulders. I leaned down and kissed the tops of her shoulders and the back of her neck. She purred nicely and ran her fingers through my hair.

She stepped away two paces and faced me holding the dress up by clutching it to the front of her breasts. “Close your eyes.” She ordered. I closed them and waited for about two seconds. “Okay, you can open them.” The dress was pooled on the floor by her feet. She was a goddess, sexy and classy at once. Strapless black satin bra, matching black satin briefs, garter belt and thigh high stockings and still wearing the heels.

I walked up to her and began to run hands all over her body. “God you are soft.”

“I better be. I waxed everything below my eyebrows.”


“Yeah, but worth the look in your eyes right now.”

That was when something switched in my brain and I needed to have her.

I scooped her up in my arms and threw her into the middle of the bed. She squealed in delight. I dove into her. I was rough and I tore her panties away. I licked and sucked at her mound. There was nothing tender about the way I attacked her clit with my tongue. I pushed two fingers into her tight, wet slit. Paige’s whole body was rolling side to side and she was grunting and panting. She started to cum on my hand. I got on my knees between her legs and drove my cock home in her slippery tight folds. She screamed. I grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head and I pumped into her wildly. We where both getting a little sweaty. She kept screaming again and again. It wasn’t long before I came into her. As I pumped stream after stream of cum into her, she came with me. We laid there on top of the covers panting.

When I got my senses back I said, “I’m sorry, I wanted our first time to be tender and loving but I lost control.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing. I’m not complaining.”

She was still in her bra, garter belt and stockings (although one boob had sprung free of the bra from the pounding I gave her). She had one shoe on but the other was lost somewhere. “Seeing you like this made me crazy with lust.”

“Then I’m dressing like this every night.”

“But, I wanted our first time to be memorable.”

“And it was. You know, we can still do tender and loving.” Paige peeled her remaining clothes off her sweaty body.

Then a revelation hit me. “Paige?”

“Yes Paul.”

“Um, are you on the pill or anything?”

Paige started laughing, “That’s a bit late to ask.”

“I know, but now I’m wondering.”

“What would you do if I said no?”

“Nothing. Maybe do it again since it’s too late already.”

“Well, the answer is yes, I am on the pill. At least one of us is responsible enough to protect us from your lack of judgment. Now get over here and show me that tender and loving thing you wanted to do so badly.”

We got under the covers, I laid on top of her and moved slowly in and out as we kissed. Later we fell asleep in each other’s arms.